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Into the Fandom-Verse!

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Elizabeth opened the door to her room, and peered out into the empty hallway. She had enough of socializing for a long time, and she just wanted to get away and evaluate herself. After all, one didn’t just turn out alright after they had been surely dead.

Elizabeth snuck behind guards, and ducked when other residents of Brightmoon walked the halls. Then, she found herself in a garden. It was empty, and it suited Elizabeth well.

Crowley told stories about gardens. The man, er, demon had become a parental figure over the time they’ve spent together. Elizabeth never had a parental figure before. Before, she just clouded her judgement with ignorant and false truths. Elizabeth was smarter, now, and she was happy that she had someone who knew what he was doing watching over her.

A stone bench stood in the middle of the garden, and Elizabeth jumped over the numerous plants that were, well, planted in the ground. Then she sat down, and smoothed out her skirt.

“E-Excuse me…” A timid voice spoke up.

Elizabeth turned around and saw another girl who was more modernly dressed. She wore a large sweater and loose fitting jeans. Her hair was short, and her skin was pale. She also had a strange creature in her arms.

“Yes?” Elizabeth asked. She didn’t feel overwhelmed with this girl here.

“Can I...we sit here?” The girl asked.

Elizabeth scooted over, and pat the stone beside her. The girl smiled, and sat down next to Elizabeth. They watched the clouds together, and the creature the girl had was crawling on the stone, pointing out exciting things it found.

“What’s your name?” Elizabeth asked, not looking away from the orange colored sky before them.

“Daisy.” The girl answered, “My name is Daisy.”

Elizabeth knew a Daisy, but she was nothing like this one. And Daisy Fitzroy was dead. Elizabeth had killed her.

“I’m Elizabeth.” Elizabeth introduced, holding out her hand.

Daisy looked down at her hand, and flushed, “What do I do with it?”

“Hold it.” Elizabeth answered, “I sense that you probably haven’t held hands with anyone.” Elizabeth had, she held hands with her father, even though she hadn’t known he was her father at the time.

Daisy smiled softly, and they held hands as they watched the sunset. On Earth, the sunsets were beautiful. On Etheria, it was also beautiful. Elizabeth took her time in appreciating the beauty, both of the sun and of Daisy beside her.

It was a wonderful picture, one that would look absolutely amazing if painted. Elizabeth considered that she should save this moment, so she could paint it herself. In the end, Elizabeth decided that she should focus on Daisy, instead of what the painting would look like.

It ended up looking amazing, if you wanted to know.