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so that happened

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Tony Stark ✅ @iamironman
Is my intern talented or is he talented?
[pic-Peter's painting]
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   > slimey toad @toadisbabey
      oh my god

   > i coulda @droppedmycroissant

   > lizzie @whatislife
      im dying

   > i love spidey @spiderfan
      ok but why is that painting actually so good

   > avengers assemble @avengemedaddy
      ok so tony stark has an intern? coolcoolcool

      >>avengers assemble @avengemedaddy

   > steph! @cutielilsteph
      hes talented oml

   > intern guy @tonystarksintern

      Image result for aw fuck i cant believe youve done this gif

      >>Tony Stark ✅ @iamironman


intern guy

sometimes i hate my boss

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intern guy @tonystarkintern
is tony stark a dumbass or is he a dumbass?
[screenshot- peters gif and then tony's rt]
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   > avengers assemble @avengemedaddy
      ok so tony starks intern is amazing coolcoolcool

      >> avengers assemble @avengemedaddy

   > i love @thef_ingavengers
      oml lmaoo

   > beatrice! @bumblebea
      this is fucking gold, i already love this guy

   > Tony Stark ✅ @iamironman
       This is bullying

      >> intern guy @tonystarksintern
            yeah, but you love me anyways

         >>> Tony Stark ✅ @iamironman

   > spiderman!! @iloveyouspidey
       ok but who are you??

      >> intern guy @tonystarksintern
            im mr. starks personal intern unfortunately

         >>> Tony Stark ✅ @iamironman
                  Thats it kid, no ice cream when you come over tomorrow.

            >>>> intern guy @tonystarksintern
                       wait wait i take it back! i love working for mr. stark! hes the best boss ever!


intern guy ✅

ha ha losers i get ice cream tomorrow

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