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Fire & Steel

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The nights on Dragonstone were cold. The castle was damp. Which for a good reason, rhymed with dump. For that is what the last stronghold of the Valyrian Freehold was...a dump. Sure, the castle's architecture was marvelous. The fortress was nigh-impregnable to foreign assault. Thanks to the Dragonmont, the massive volcano upon which the castle was built, it was warm. Even with winter here. But...that is all. The castle was damp. The island was barren. Scarcely populated. An island with rich history, nothing more. It commanded the fealty of a few houses, whose total number of troops would be about 5000, give or take. All of whom were dead, because of that idiot, Stannis Baratheon. The cunt had gotten every one of them killed at the Battle of the Blackwater and at Winterfell. A pathetic man, she had hoped to have the pleasure of killing herself, alas the Boltons had gotten to him first. The man had chased her out of here, while she was still a babe, condemning her to exile. Her brother - to a slow descent into madness.

But Daenerys had to admit - without Robert's Rebellion she might have turned into some vapid pretty face, forced to marry some imbecilic lord or her brother, Viserys. She wouldn't have become a queen in her own right. A conqueror, a mother of dragons, a liberator. And now she stood close to achieving victory. Her allies were on their way here already. King's Landing will be mine soon. It is only a matter of time. Cersei Lannister will be dead and the throne will go to the one who actually owns it - ME.

She couldn't sleep, so she stood on the window, watching the stars. One particular star was turning brighter and brighter....and bigger. 

"What the....?"

The star was coming this way. In a blinding flash of light, the star was falling towards her. For a moment, she panicked. Was this the way my legend will end? A fallen star?

The star however did not hit the castle. Instead it passed just above it and struck itself in the skirts of the Dragonmont mountain. 

Daenerys quickly ran outside, accompanied by many in her service, to check on it.

"My Queen, it could be dangerous." Tyrion stated the obvious. 

"Move! I want to see it.", she shouted to her subjects and approached the crater. 

The crater was large. But not as large as it should be. Fortunately, the volcano was left sleeping, so they wouldn't have to leave in haste. 

She approached the smoking crater and what she saw shocked her. 

It was not a star. It was made of metal, shaped roughly like an egg. Its structure seemed remarkably intact. And there was part of it that was made of glass. Could something be inside? Does this prove the legend of the origin of dragon eggs? 

It was a tale, told to her by her Dothraki handmaids. It said that once upon a time, there were two moons, one of which cracked and released thousands of dragon eggs onto the world. Nonsense, of course. But There was something inside. Or rather someone. A woman. A young woman. Blonde hair, gentle features. She was pretty. Beautiful even. Dressed in strange clothing that bore a sigil unknown to her.

A maiden from the stars. 

The metal egg opened its glass part and the woman was revealed. She was in some sort of sleep, given that she was not woken by the screams of her men.

A maid from the stars.

Fell for the Khaleesi.

A sign of the Gods.

She payed them no mind. She simply walked towards the blonde woman.

"What shall we do with...this...woman?", asked Tyrion. "She could be dangerous. We do not even know what she is."

All of them were curious as to the answer to this question. And yet, Dany could see the fear in their faces as well. But when she looked upon the strange girl, she could only see a woman. All alone, in a strange land to her. She could almost see herself in her.

"Take her out of there and find her a bed chamber. Have a healer see if she is alright. And take this...metal egg inside as well."

"At once, Khaleesi." 

As they scurried off to fulfill her orders, she couldn't help but be curious as to the girl's nature. What was she? How did she come to be? Where did she come from? Another world perhaps? Maybe....She will have to wait, until the maiden from the stars woke up.

Kara woke up with a gasp. Krypton was gone. Where was she? This is not the escape pod. It looked....medieval. The room seemed spacious enough and she was laying on a soft bed. A woman entered through the door. Correction, a stunning woman entered through the doors. Her hair was silver, unlike anything Kara has ever seen. Otherwise, she looked Kryptonian, though she knew that many species across the Universe resembled Kryptonians.

"I am glad that you are finally awake. How are you feeling?", she asked Kara and sat on the bed beside her.

Kara did not understand her tongue, for obvious reasons, but she could feel concern in her voice. Damn language barriers.

"Yes, I suppose that you could have some difficulty communicating. Don't worry. I have a friend who is quite good with languages. Perhaps, she could help you learn ours.", she said, obviously understanding her current dilemma. " are not from around here, right?"

Kara shook her head, somehow understanding what she asked.

"You are from the stars.", she pointed towards the sky.

Kara nodded. This world seems too primitive to understand anything beyond that. 

"Where are my manners?! My name is Daenerys Targaryen. I am the rightful queen around here. Though I imagine that titles would confuse you. In fact, I am fighting a war currently. But don't worry, you are safe here."

War...great. The mimicking and gestures were funny, but she understood that part as well. She came upon a world at war. Still, if this world is as primitive as her glimpse at their architecture and understanding seems to be, then it should not be so scary. Still...Kal. She had to find her cousin. But how to ask? She had to learn the language first. Still, judging by her reaction of surprise so far, it seems that Kal can't have arrived yet, right? Maybe his rocket got delayed.

A woman with dark skin and black curly hair entered.

"This is Missandei. She is a dear friend of mine. She would help you with your adjustment. And will try to teach you some of my language. I will visit as often as I can."

"Kara.", she said. It might not be much, but a name is a name, regardless of languages. She pointed to herself. "Kara Zor-El."

"Welcome to Dragonstone island, lady Zor-El." Lady?

Her lessons were going quickly. It has been three days since she woke up in this strange new world. Kara was surprised at how easily she was learning. 19 languages. A woman, who used to be a slave, living in a primitive world, knows 19 languages. That is like 18 more than Kara knows. Still, her lessons went well. Surprisingly well. The Common tongue of the Andals, she called it. Apparently, the continent to the west, called Westeros, had it as its official language. To the East, they spoke many more languages. Kara was glad that this island looked towards the West.

"My name is Kara Zor-El. I come from the world Krypton.", she practiced her spelling.

"Very good, my lady. Very good.", Missandei was a great teacher. "You learn so quickly. From what I could gather, your language seems to be completely different from any I know, but you are learning remarkably fast."

Well, her people were very intelligent. Were. She could still remember the sight. Krypton cracking from the inside out with a green glow. And then exploding. Why did no one listen to uncle Jor-El?

"Krypton is gone.", she muttered without even realizing.

"I am so sorry. I know what it is like to leave your home, never to return. I was stolen from my home, the isle of Naath, when I was little more than a child. I know that it is not the same, are safe here."

"Has anyone else like me ever come here before? Recently?", she asked, happy that she finally knew enough of the common tongue to do so. "I am looking for my baby cousin, Kal."

"I am sorry, but I haven't heard of anything like that. But don't lose hope."

"Tell me more about her. The silver woman. Daenerys." For some reason, Kara couldn't get her out of her head. The pretty woman, who had taken her in.

"She is queen Daenerys of House Targaryen, First of her name. She is called Stormborn and the Unburnt. And the Mother of Dragons, for she hatched the first dragons in hundreds of years, inside her husband's burning funeral pyre.. A great leader, a woman, who liberated us from the people who had oppressed us. That is what she does. That is what she wants for Westeros."

"She sounds like an amazing person." 

"She is." Kara was truly impressed. They were seemingly the same age and yet that small woman had been doing all these things. "We follow her not because of her last name. We follow her because we chose her."

"Why else would you follow someone?" Kara asked, uncertain what the statement meant.

"In this world, Westeros especially, people inherit their parent's titles and lands and authority. From what I understand, most are undeserving of them."

"That is indeed odd. I know that there were worlds like that. When I was little, my father and I travelled to other nearby worlds. The world Daxam is ruled in the same way, but on Krypton people get power, only if they are good enough to wield it."

"Certainly sounds better.", she agreed. "What is that egg, with which you arrived?"

"The egg" these people have no word for 'pod' so she ought not be surprised "was built by my father. He and my uncle knew that our world was dying, yet no one listened, so they made sure that at least I and my baby cousin, Kal-El, would escape. The egg transported me away, to a safe place, here."

"You are safe here.", she repeated. "The queen protects her own."

"I am not her own. I am not even of this planet."

"You are sleeping in her castle, you lack for no food, she bid me to teach you her language and she clothed you. You are one of her own.", she pointed towards Kara's new clothing. Her travel clothes had been ruined from the voyage and Daenerys had made her new ones. They were in her colors - red and blue, and she had even sewn her family's crest on top of it. The 'S' of the House of El. It stands for 'hope'. And she will always have it.

She was flying. Kara was flying. The day before, she was watching the dragons. Massive creatures, apparently these were the only three left in the world. Each of them was monstrously large. Kara hadn't seen a larger lifeform and these ones she was told never stopped growing in size. And the three flying lizard-like creatures were only 8 years old. And they could live for more than 20 times that.

She had simply outstretched her hand towards them and then she heard the gasps behind her, as her feet left the ground. She was flying. Or more like floating. It felt like swimming, except she was in the sky. She had been practicing  and now could safely and easily fly.

"How could this be?", Daenerys asked.

"I have a theory. My world, back in its ancient times was known to be extremely dangerous due to all the powerful predators that roamed the planet-sized jungles that covered it. My ancestors couldn't have overcome them and establish a civilization without having an advantage like this. Back then Rao, our sun and god, must have been a young sun. Still yellow, instead of red.", she looked towards the sky. "Your sun is yellow."

"Incredible.", murmured the short person, called Tyrion Lannister. They had no people like that on Krypton, so she was always fascinated to look at him. "What else can you do?"

"I do not know. I guess I will have to find out."

Days more passed and she discovered just how many abilities she had. Flight, invulnerability, super strength and heat vision and more and more. It was just incredible. But now it was time for a break. She was back in her rooms. 

Daenerys had entered her bedroom. It felt strange for her to spend so much time around Kara, when she was fighting a war, but she did not complain. She liked her company.

They spoke of each other's childhoods and how they came to be where they are. 

"So, I guess we both are exiles. Of a sort."

"Indeed, it seems so."

"I still do not know what to do." Kara really did not know what to do. She had to find Kal, but where to look for. If he hasn't arrived yet, it means that she would have to wait. And waiting was hardly fun.

"You could stay with me, if you want to."

"I wouldn't want to intrude. You have already helped me so much."

"Nonsense, Kara. I am happy to help you."

"Even after I almost burned you with my eyes?"

"Fire cannot kill a dragon.", she simply replied.

"I guess not. I still can't believe all those abilities I have been developing."

"Take it from someone who knows firsthand, being not just different but powerful attracts enemies. You will always have to be on your guard."

"I know. I know.", she mildly grumbled. "Thank you for everything, my queen."

Instead of a simple reply, Daenerys kissed her on the cheek. "There is no need for formalities. You are my precious guest. I promise, I will keep you safe. Always." 

Daenerys gave her a warm hug, that made her forget her ills. She had hope once again. Daenerys oozed hope out of her very presence. 

She sank into the warm embrace.