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My Claimed Mate

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In Heaven and Hell, there was a system that divided all angels, demons, sinners, and saints. At the top of the chain were the Alphas, beings that took charge of their respective worlds. Alphas were considered to be extremely powerful and were natural-born leaders of their societies. 

Alphas were also noted to be quite possessive when someone had either threatened their turf or mate. It was best never to cross an Alpha, especially when they were in a rut. To do that would mean certain death to the poor soul. 

The second-in-command to the Alphas were known as the Betas, while Alphas were known to be dominant (considering their natural-born leader skills and being possessive as heck), a Beta could either be submissive or dominant depending on the situation. Betas were supposed to be powerful, but they were not powerful enough to take on an Alpha. 

Most Betas made up the sinner and saint population in Hell and Heaven, but there cases when a sinner or a saint could become an Alpha in death. Those Alphas were quite rare but were known to be robust and dangerous during their human life. And then there were the Omegas, the ones that were at the bottom of this little chain. 

Omegas were submissive, and while they were weak, all Omegas were wanted by the Alphas. Omegas could only mate with Alphas and have the Alphas’ pups. Though Alphas could mate with another Alpha, they would only have one pup. Betas were always paired with other Betas, considering that no Beta could ever satisfy an Alpha or an Omega. 

Alphas would always prefer Omegas, and Betas were known to have a difficult time conceiving and carrying a child. While Omegas could have many pups as they wished, some believed that Omegas should have a limit to bearing pups.

Others did not see a problem with Omegas many children, as long as their Alpha desired it. But there was another thing about Omegas that made them unique. 

Omegas were quite rare in Heaven and Hell, especially Hell. Birth of an Omega only happened every millennium or so. A long time ago, the first documented Omega in history was recorded. 

Sadly that Omega had passed away due to the first extermination brought on by the angels of Heaven. But not many knew that a second Omega had been born in Hell, in secret. 

And this is where our story begins with the second-born Omega and her future Alpha mate. 

The young princess of Hell sat in front of a semi-large vanity mirror of the shared bedroom that belonged to the princess, her girlfriend Vaggie, and the princess’s goat boys, Razzle and Dazzle. 

It had only been a few weeks since Charlie had ordered Alastor, the infamous Radio Demon, in helping her fulfill her dream and to satisfy his growing need for entertainment. 

Charlie’s dream was one she always had growing up here in Hell. She wanted to decrease the overpopulation, which caused the yearly exterminations from Heaven. To do that, Charlie knew the best way to stop these killings was to redeem the sinners and send them to Heaven. 

Knowing that they would have a beautiful life up there. And maybe, one day get the chance of reincarnation as a human once again on Earth. Though, the princess secretly hoped that they didn’t waste that second chance and end up back in Hell. 

Charlie was grateful for Alastor’s help in changing the hotel to make it look nice. He also brought sweet Niffty and tough Husk onto the team. Something that was much appreciated, sure Angel Dust could get a little annoying with his constant flirting with Alastor and Husk. 

But Charlie was glad that Alastor didn’t throw Angel Dust out of a window for those constant sexual innuendos of his while Husk just flatly ignored the spider-demon and his flirting attempts. 

The only one who hadn’t been on board with Alastor in helping with the hotel was Vaggie. The moth demon had advised Charlie that after this big social event, the one that Alastor just sprung upon them without warning, the Radio Demon would need to leave. Especially once new investors came forward too from this little event. 

Charlie was mixed about the situation, a part of her wanted to bring Alastor on as a full business partner while there was another part of her, one that Charlie always kept under lock and key. That part of her agreed with Vaggie that the Radio Demon needed to leave before it was too late. 

Before he realized her little secret, one that should never tell her girlfriend, not even her father knew about this secret, the little princess kept. 

Charlie was a young and beautiful woman, appearing to be somewhere in her twenties. She was quite tall for most girls her age, even though she was a demon. Being 6’1” also had its perks! For example, Charlie was taller than her father. Something that hurt Lucifer’s pride deeply and while she could tower over some other sinners and demons. 

Alastor beat her in the height level as Charlie realized that he was 7’1”. The princess had long and curly blonde colored hair with soft pale peach-colored highlights; though her hair was usually let down, those soft locks of hers was placed in an elegant bun style, something that Charlie only did when there was a special event going on. She also had rosy-red cheeks from her father while Vaggie was currently doing her makeup, which is going to be somewhat difficult considering that the princess had pale-ass colored skin. But Charlie trusted her girlfriend to make this work. 


Vaggie was already wearing the outfit that she would be wearing for tonight’s big event. It was a strapless, knee-length, and v-neck collar deep purple colored dress. She wore a pair of matching purple-colored high heels as her long, white hair with pink undertones was tied in a wavy, sideways ponytail. 

Vaggie’s black, light-yellow bordered and sclera light-pink right eye narrowed in complete and utter concentration for this makeup. Her left pink-cross-eye was still hiding by some of her that escaped the sideways ponytail. 

While Vaggie looked truly gorgeous in her dress, Charlie was stunning. She was wearing a black and red ballgown dress. The skirt of the dress reached the floor as the sleeves were somewhat puff and short. It did have some black lace in some places while in the back of the dress was the silk, red and somewhat-hidden corset. 

A while, Vaggie had opted not to wear gloves; Charlie’s gloves were silky, ebony-black that went to her elbow. The shoes that she wore were a pair of scarlet-red, small heeled dress-like. The boots also laced-up with matching red-ribbon up to her legs.

Vaggie had pointed out that the shoes reminded her of an old movie, one called Wizard of Oz, something which sparked curiosity from Charlie. The moth-demoness had kissed Charlie’s cheek and promised that the pair of them would watch the movie at some point. 

Tied around Charlie’s neck was a laced and ruffled black choker. It had an oval and red-gem attached to the choker. While Vaggie was focusing hard on her work, Charlie stared into the mirror as her doe-like, sclera-light yellow and black colored stared right back at her. 

Our young princess of Hell was quite nervous for tonight. She wanted this event to go well and hopefully undo the disaster interview with Katie Killjoy. Charlie desperately desired to show demons and sinners that redemption could be possible. She wanted to prove to her subjects and her father that her idea could work. 

I want to save our sinners from being killed with every angel extermination, the princess thought to herself. 

But this was not the only thing that she was nervous about, oh no. This familiar feeling of nervousness whenever she was near the handsome Radion Demon or with Alastor’s blood-red orbs on her. 

A slight shiver of pleasure ran up her spine as thankfully, Vaggie had missed that sign. The moth had finished the makeup on her girlfriend and started to put the items away. 

I can do this; Charlie thought to herself as she kept chanting. Vaggie’s phone buzzed as the moth turned, picked up her hellphone to see that Angel Dust just texted her. 

Vaggie groaned, “Looks like I’m being summoned, babe. Angel says he needs me, Razzle and Dazzle right now.” 

The moth-demoness placed her hellphone back down in its rightful place as she turned to Charlie, smiling softly. “You’ll be okay in coming down later on your own, right?” 

Charlie gave a short nod and smiled, “Yeah! Don’t worry about me! I’ll be fine!”

Vaggie leaned down and gave a goodbye-kiss on Charlie’s cheek as she left with Razzle and Dazzle. And soon, Charlie was left alone in the first penthouse suite of the hotel; the second one belonged to the infamous Radio Demon himself, who decided to move in after fixing the hotel up. 

Just thinking about him being so near caused Charlie’s inner Omega to whimper in pleasure. 

Maybe I should call Aunt Felira and ask her to double the medication to repress my heats, Charlie thought to herself. It had been simple to restrain her heat cycles around the other Alphas and Betas of Hell, heck her ex was an Alpha, and never made her Omega self whimper or whine before! 

Charlie frowned as she grumbled, “Stupid Alastor. Stupid Radio Demon. Why did he have to be frigging different?” 

It was because of his stupid Alpha scent that had awakened her Omega side. “Wonder if Aunt Felira had this problem with her sister, Tinlisa before. Hm, maybe I should ask her at some point,” the princess muttered as she couldn’t find any memory of the princess’s childhood of Felira mentioning her deceased Omega younger sister, Tinlisa. 

Charlie groaned as she glanced over at her hellphone, sitting on her nightstand and side of the bed. Maybe I should text Aunt Felira and ask her, she thought. The princess stood up from the stool and walked over to her nightstand, picking up the hellphone as she started to text her aunt. 

Hey Aunt Felira, I was wondering if you could double my medication to repress my heat cycles. I am going to need them since if you haven’t heard by now, Alastor, aka the Radio Demon himself, is helping me with my little redemption hotel idea. 

Also, I do have some questions on why Alastor’s Alpha scent is sending my Omega side in overdrive? Did this happen with Aunt Tinlisa? Because I want to know, considering that I have never gone Omega around Harold or Helsa before. 

Thanks, Auntie! I hope I am not bothering you at work! Please answer me back as soon as possible! Bye! 

Charlie smiled at the satisfying text message, and she quickly sent it as she placed the device back on the nightstand and looked at the clock on the wall. Her eyes widen in horror. “Oh shit, I should get going, or else I will be late!” she shouted as she ran out of the room, leaving behind the phone that would become extremely handy this night.