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The day is a warm one, spring nearing summer with storm steps. Garako rests on the roof tiles above the open shop door. It is a perfect spot, warm from the sun and if they want to warm their other side all they have to do is roll over, and their fur soaks up the sun and sway lightly in the breeze.

One of their ear clips as a butterfly lands; it moves on, and when Garako opens an eye to follow the sound of voices down below they notice the bug resting on their tail. Instimct leads them to pounce on it, and when they jump to the ground from the roof it is with the bug caught in their mouth.

They see a child sprinting by in fear, never looking toward the shop front and the so-called creepy display. Garako drops their butterfly, swats the injured thing with a paw. Some office worker pass on hos way home after a clear time of overtime; he pauses and Garako hears how he buys a restorative tea from the shop before he continues on his way.

Garako chews on the butterfly and they notice the three troublemakers and the round puppy nearing. Garako leaps onto a display shelf and saunters to a cozy spot among jars and tins of medicinal magic,and they watch the boys, hears them talk of school and the policeman they always mess with and the monkboy from the shrine. They disappear on the hunt of some danger or mischief. Likely they will stumble on both and return once more.

Two housewives enter to do some shopping for salve; a toddler is in a stroller by the door and it stares with wide eyes at all the strange things that it sees. It wears a look of wonder, and Garako ponders all the human lives that they have seen from this shop.

Babies are curious, unafraid creatures. Then they grow and get scared, run past the shop with their eyes shut, their eyes down. They grow and treat the shop as a place to test their courage. They grow and things split from there, their lives become so different from one another even in such a small town. Humans rise and fall so quickly. In the blink of an eye a newborn babe is bent with age.

Garakos tail taps against the shelf they rest on, rustles some bags of dried seeds. They stretch a curve before they wanders the shelf past the ladies and they jump down on the table separating the ladies from their very own human. One lady chuckles, and they continue the three-way conversation about sleepless babies and busy husbands (they don't mention the affair that the two ladies have) as Garako steps from table to lap, where they knead until they find their bed has been sufficiently prepared. They curl up, and their tail could around a wrist as they are petted until they fall asleep.