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The Grim Hero: Wraith

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Izuna is quirkless.

She learned this years ago at age four from a doctor she thinks should've been a liiiiitle more considerate to someone of that age. She was lucky that her mother and father never cared about that, even if her 'friends' left her behind.

She had been bullied of course, apparently being different from the other children was a crime punishable by explosion, who knew?

Now though? 

Now she was chained to a wall in between her parents in a dark basement barely lit up by candles with a dark purple flame.

Her family was going out for dinner since Izuna's father had returned from the U.S. Everything was going wonderfully, Izuna actually got to know her father better, her mother got to spend time with her loving husband, and the Midoriya family was whole once more! So of course things would go wrong.

They had been walking home, the restaurant was close by and there's no harm in saving money, and decided to pass by the shore of Dagobah Beach. The family had been saddened when they heard about what happened to the once beautiful beach, Izuna even had a passing thought of cleaning the place herself. It had been when the trio was walking away when Izuna heard something behind them.

It all went black soon after.

When she had first woken up she saw her father, mouth aflame, facing off some weirdos in black robes and a massive man, easily taller than seven feet, with a mace for an arm.

"You-*cough*-motherfuckers! I'm going to make you pay for taking my family," the fire breather says before taking a deep breath.

Before her father could breath out the man with the hammer moves faster than Izuna can see and slams the mace onto her father's head, knocking him out cold instantly.

"Fool," the man with the hammer says before spitting on the unconscious raven haired man. He seems to notice Izuna and faces her giving her full view of a scar on near albino shade skin running from his forehead to his mouth, "It seems we have an audience, my brothers."

Izuna flinches as he walks to her, boots echoing in the small room, "W-who a-are you?"

The man chuckled darkly before answering the green haired girl's question, "We are the children of the void child," he says before a grin covers his face, "And we thank you for your sacrifice."

She barely registers the hammer hitting her like it hit her father.



Kugo Jomei, or 'The Hammer' to his subordinates, was eager to get this new round of sacrifices over with. He has a good feeling about this one, he believes a wraith will take possession of his body and give him their power.

He was absolutely giddy even if he doesn't show it.

"Sir," a recruit says from behind Jomei, "Everything is ready. Shall I bring the sacrifices to the main chamber?"

Jomei sighs before facing the robed youth, "What. Have I. Told. You." Jomei grabs the man by his throat and lifts him to eye level, "You will call me 'The Hammer,' nothing else," Jomei adds more pressure, pleased at the look in the man's eyes, "I will not accept anything less."

Jomei squeezes the life out off the man before dropping the body and slamming his arm onto the dead man's head, making it pop like a grape.

"Clean this up and take the sacrifices to the main chamber," Jomei says, scraping some grey-matter off his boots, "I must go prepare my tools."

"The Hammer is understood," the remaining cultist says, already dragging the body away before using his quirk to burn the body in lavender flames.

Jomei leaves the room and walks to his quarters. Hallways glowing lavender from his right hand man's quirk, He should be grateful that I think so highly of him. He passes through the main chamber, a chamber the size of an auditorium with blood red banners lining the walls, three pairs of bloodstained shackles lay in the center. 

Jomei had always known that he'd be destined for greatness, he was born without a right arm but that was hardly a setback for the large man. He knew from a young age that all the other children were smaller and weaker so it's only right that he gets the power of the void itself. 

No point in thinking of the past, Jomei thinks as he grabs his ornate robes and the sacrificial blade, a serrated longsword decorated with silver and gold inlay, Now it is my time. My time to rule above the rest has come.

Feeling the silk cloak draped over his shoulders and the blade strapped to his back Jomei walks to the main chamber. He's lost count of the people he's executed in the name of the void but it doesn't matter now. 

Tonight should be the last and then he'll have more power than all the greatest heros combined.



Izuna's eyes opened to the sound of throaty chanting. Her ears are assaulted by the sound, drowning out anything else. She tries to move her head but realizes quickly that her head is being held in place by someone behind her.

Beside her sits the crying form of her mother, clearly sobbing, while her father struggles against his binds with a gag in his mouth, being held down by three men in robes. Had her father been that much of a threat?

She hears a familiar set of boots before she hears the man's voice again, "Hear me void! Hear me and accept this three sacrifices! For I make them in your name!"

Izuna's mind is caught on the word sacrifices before she hears her mother scream. All she can do is watch as she forced to the ground and the man pulls a wicked looking sword from his back. Her father seemed to struggle more at this, Izuna thinks she heard a 'YOU BASTARDS' from the gag but to was to muffled to tell.

Izuna screamed as the man stabs the sword into her mother's left hand and drags the blade over her throat, chanting with the other robed men. Her father stills for a second, as if he hadn't believed what he just saw, before smoke starts licking at the gag.

"Ah ah ah~" a female voice says before stabbing something into the raven haired man, stopping the smoke dead.

Still chanting the man approaches Izuna's father a does the same thing, dropping her father like a sack of potatoes. Izuna can only whimper as the man approaches her, the people holding her head up let go as the man grabs her chin and forces her to look at him.

"I thank you child," he says, raising the blade before plunging it into the greenette's hand before ripping it out and holding the blade to her throat, "You'll be giving me the power to destroy legions. Now be a good little girl and die."

The blade cuts her throat, Izuna feels the blood dripping from her neck as the man turns and shouts to the air, "COME TO ME WRAITH! FOR I GIVE MY BODY FOR YOUR POWER!"

Izuna sees faint teal lights in the corner of her vision before three flashes of light appear. One red, one blue, and both followed a second later a white one with a bang.

Izuna hears shouting and gunfire before she succumbs to her wound...



Izuna opens her eyes to see a swirling vortex of teal wind.

Her hand immediately travels to her throat but finds there is no longer a wound, neither there or her hand. Confused she gets to her feet and looks around....

....only to see her parent's lifeless bodies beside her.

She looks into her mother and father's lifeless eyes as grief overtakes her, she drops onto her knees and hugs the fallen forms. She knows there's no way to get them back but all she can think of is ways to help them.

"Why....why.....why...." she mutters as she cries, only to jump when an unknown voice comes from the wind.

I'm sorry for your loss kid.

"What? Where are you?" Izuna asks, worried that another one of the robed people were here, "And where am I?"

I'm sorry for you parents kid. As to where I am..., a swoosh is heard behind her and the voice sounds closer, I'm behind you. We are currently sitting in what I call purgatory but what those weird cultists call the void.

Izuna turns to the voice's origin and sees an ghastly looking woman made of blue light wearing leather armor, had a bow and a quiver on her back, and seemed to be analyzing Izuna,

"W-who are you?"

My name is Salem. I was a ranger, I don't know how long ago this was, and I had been hunting some crazy guy named Marco when I was captured and killed, the woman says before pointing to Izuna, Now let me ask you something. Who are you and how'd you get here, I've been the only one here this whole time save for some guy who ranted like a mad man.

"I-I'm Midoriya Izuna," Izuna says hesitantly, kinda weirded out at Salem's openness, "I-We were kidnapped I think. Then we were...fuck....We were sacrificed to appease this place apparently."

Well....I was not expecting that, Salem says, features softening considerably, Well can I ask you one question?

"I guess," Izuna says with a sniffle, "What else am I going to do?"

I was called here by that sacrifice, Salem says making Izuna's eyes widen to saucers, I was forced into your body, I can leave but I'm giving you this choice. Have me resurrect you so we can get revenge on those who wronged you and help those in need, or have me leave your body so you can die with your family. The choice is ultimately yours.

"How would I do anything? I'm quirkless and can't fight for my own life, how am I supposed to save someone else's?" Izuna says, her hair falling infront of her face.

I'm sure with me riding along you could make your way in the world, Salem says bluntly, Who knows what could happen with me in your corner.

"Your sure this'll work?" Izuna asks, some hope leaking into her voice at the implications.

Like eighty nine point seven percent.

Izuna lets out a deep sigh, knowing there is no other option, "Yes, I accept."

Salem claps her hands together and walks closer to Izuka before walking into the green haired girl. Slowly the teal wind died and it was replaced by a black void.

Then there was light.



Aizawa Shouta has many regrets. 

Being an underground hero has not helped with this. Though his biggest regrets are the ones he could've stopped before something happened.

Having to carry the corpse of a sixteen year-old girl out of a fucking cult's hideout is one of the biggest he's ever had. Him, Death-Arms, and another underground hero named Shadow had gotten reports of a cult and were immediately sent, along with some police officers, to investigate and apprehend the cult.

Turns out they were a second too late to save a family taken by the group, Shouta felt like shit if he's being honest.

When they had bursted into the room Shouta had immediately used his quirk to erase as many as possible so the police could fire off their rubber bullets without having to face any immediate backlash. It had run smoothly, too smoothly in Shouta's opinion, they had captured the ringleader with little to no resistance from the massive man himself. He even seemed happy to give up as his men were knocked unconscious.

Shouta sighs as he nears the girl's parents, both already placed in body bags, and lays her down onto an empty body bag. He does notice something strange however, the wound on her neck seemed to be gone....Huh.

His curiosity gets the better of him and takes a closer look.

Now being a hero for as long as he has gave Shouta some sort of sixth sense for whenever danger is close by...

...and it was screaming at him to back away.

Following his instincts he jumps back, he is barely missed by the small shock wave of blue light that erupts from the girl. Once the shockwave dies the girl takes in a deep breath and rockets into a seated position, her blue eyes wide as she takes in what's around her.

"W-Where am I? H-How'd I get here?" she asks to everyone around her, eyes not lingering on one person for long as her breathing becomes more erratic, "W-Where are my parents?"

Shouta is the first to recover from his stupor and inches closer to the girl, "Kid, I need you to calm down. We found you and your family-" dead  "-in the hands of a cult. I'm sorry kid but......your parents didn't make it."

"Neither did I," Shouta thinks she mutters before she meekly says, "Oh....."

What does that mean?, Shouta thinks before voicing his thoughts, "Kid, what do you mean by that?"

The girl's hands (Is one glowing?) cover her mouth, a muffled, sentence breaks through, "I didn't mean to say that."

"We can open that can of worms later," Shouta says with a dismissive wave, "How are you feeling kid? And what is your name?"

"Midoriya Izuna and I feel....powerful," the girl says unexpectedly, making Shouta groan.

"Kid I know you just survived a traumatic experience but it's not the time for a power trip," Shouta says with narrowed eyes.

"No! I mean that in a health sense! I'm...I'm quirkless so this is something new," Midoriya says, confusing Shouta.

"Quirkless? Then why's your hand glowing," Shouta asks pointing to the girl's glowing hand.

"Glowing hand? Wha-" Midoriya says before stopping dead when she looks at her left hand.



So much for keeping me hidden, Salem says as Izuna looks at her hand.

Yep. So what now, Izuna thinks, And why is my hand glowing anyway?

I don't know, maybe it's my aetherial form escaping through the wound in your hand, Salem says from her spot beside Izuna.

I still can't believe I'm alive, Izuna thinks still looking at the light blue mist coming from her palm.

"-id? Kid," the hero says, getting Izuna's attention, "You drifted off there, you sure you're okay?"

"I..uh...I'm fine," Izuna says trying, and failing, to hide the ghost possessing her.

The hero narrows his eyes but continues his questioning, "Do you have someone you can stay with for the time being?"

Izuna almost says the Bakugous but realizes that Kacchan might not be very welcoming, "No, I don't have anywhere to go."

Man this Kacchan guy sounds like an asshole, Salem says, Izuna barely keeps in a sputter.

The hero seems to think for a moment before sighing and dropping his head, "For starters I'm the hero Eraserhead. Because of your situation we can't exactly put you in a run of the mill orphanage, security concerns and all that. So it seems we're at an impasse."

"I take it I can't just go live at UA?" Izuna says sarcastically, not knowing what else to do.

"Uh...Eraserhead sir?" a paramedic says getting the pair's attention, "We need to give her a medical checkup."

"Alright," Eraserhead says, standing up and offering a hand to Izuna, who takes it and gets to her feet, "Just follow him and then come find me, okay kid?"

"Got it," Izuna says before following the paramedic, she does look back at the covered forms of her parents however thinking, Mom...Dad...I will become a hero you'll be proud of. And if this cult ever rises again...I will not let that stand.

And I'll be watching her back, Salem says, bowing to the pair before fading back into Izuna.

Once they reach the ambulance the paramedics and Izuna are surprised to see her completely unharmed and in perfect health. The only thing that they could find was a very thin scar where her throat was cut, though Izuna lied as to why it was there. Seeing as she was unharmed the paramedics, begrudgingly, let her go.

Searching out Eraserhead was easier than Izuna would've thought. He had been leaning against a lamp post snoring away when Izuna approached him, he hadn't even noticed her till she was right next to him.

Opening one eye Eraserhead speaks, "It looks like I'm going to be looking after you."

"Wait what? Why?" Izuna asks, slightly confused at the exclamation.

"Because from time to time I'm asked to watch over children affected by villain attacks or with hard to control quirks. Figured I'd be asked to take care of you, at least till you're eighteen," Eraserhead explains with a shrug, "It's happened a lot before so might as well get the jump on it."

"So what I'd just live at your house or something?" Izuna asks the pro, understanding the need of a place for her to stay.

"With me and my housemates, yeah," Eraserhead says impassive expression becoming tired when he mentions 'housemates' before returning.

"Don't really have a choice here," Izuna says with a little more sarcasm, "Should I be worried about your housemates?"

"Maybe," Eraserhead says with a shrug, "They normally behave but they are just children in an adult's body. Now is there anything you need to grab from your home?"

"Yeah," Izuna says as Eraserhead stands up, "Aren't you needed here though?"

"All I need done is paperwork and that can be done at home," Eraserhead says as he starts walking to a black sedan, "Let's get this done, sooner we do the sooner I can get your story without you leaving things out."

Izuna freezes at that while Salem seems to be chuckling, Well it seems we can't get anything past him.





Izuna wasn't sure what to expect when she walked into the two-story western house housed by three pro heroes.

It definitely wasn't this however.

Yeah I wasn't either kid.

Aizawa, he had introduced himself on the way there, sighs as he takes off his shoes and lays his scarf onto a hat rack, "Ignore them, they....sometimes aren't like this. Excuse me for a moment-"


Izuna jumps at the quiet man's surprisingly loud exclamation, even Salem seems surprised. A few loud thuds and a high pitched yelp shows the other occupants were shocked as well. Following these a woman with dark hair in a messy bun and a blonde man with hair going down to his lower back come down a set of stairs to Izuka's left.

"Jeez Shouta, why'd you scare us like thaaaaa-Oh hey there!" the blonde man says as he notices Izuna.

"Shoutaaa, who's this cutie?" the woman says, though Izuna knows she'd be blushing at this...she isn't. Weird.

"Nemuri she's sixteen, cease your cradle snatching," Aizawa says to the woman, leaving her to pout.

"Oh come on! Just look at those big blue eyes and tell me she isn't just adorable!" 'Nemuri' says as she pouts, though Izuna's mind is muddled with confusion.

"Blue? My eyes are green," Izuna states earning confused looks from the trio.

"I know I'm not wearing my glasses but those eyes are blue little listener," 'Hizashi' says green eyes squinting slightly.

"Here," Nemuri says, passing Izuna a mirror lined with ceramic flowers.

Izuna takes the mirror and gazes into her reflection, immediately noticing how her once jade green eyes are now a sky blue, "Wha...How..."


"...Eyes are the windows to the soul..." Izuna unintentionally says in a whisper, "...And mine was sacrificed..."


Oh right she wasn't alone....shit.



In the back of high security police van, Kugo Jomei was dealing with a less than stellar experience.

Crazy? I was crazy once. They locked me in a room. A rubber room! A rubber room with rats, and rats make me crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once....


Blood is nice. Red is nice. Strawberries are nice. Apples are nice. Oranges are not nice. Fuck oranges. Oranges are...


I wonder what purple tastes like? Or maybe red? Red is nice....

The wraith that had possessed Jomei hadn't shut up in the hour they'd been together. Jomei couldn't think straight at all as he desperately tried to act natural.

WRAITH! We can fight together and rule the world if you'd only be quiet! SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

The wraith does not.

Not even when the van stops abruptly and then starts flinging through the air, Jomei launched like a ragdoll, does the wraith stop.

Not when a man made of mist materializes in front of his now prone form and speaks to the bleeding man,

"Kugo Jomei, my name is Kurogiri. I represent a group of....enterprising individuals interested with your work. I'm sure we can come to an agreement at our base."

Before Jomei falls unconscious, he feels like he's falling through the air.

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Izuna was...tired, emotionally and physically.

After she had finally given Aizawa and his house mates the full story she finally realized exactly what just happened to her. It....Well it made her break down. She managed to keep it in somewhat but when she finally went to bed it all came crashing down onto her.

Her parents death.

Her death.

Her resurrection.

Her new abilities she's yet to discover.

It was a lot for the sixteen year old.


Yeah kid?

Can...Can you tell me about you? I want to be distracted.

Well I grew up by an ocean, where that was I don't know, and was a mercenary. I'd go from place to place and take whatever job I could to put food in my belly. I don't really know what else to tell you kid.

What about any family? Friends? Anyone?

Orphan, loner, and I had a cat once. Named him Bjørn, after a guy I met on one of my jobs.

Bjørn? That sounds like something you'd name a viking.

That's because he was. He drowned in a puddle of ale, and I mean that literally. Dropped his tankard then passed out and landed face first into the puddle, we were too busy laughing to realize he wasn't breathing.

That's morbid yet somehow humorous.

It's how he would've wanted to go.

Izuna's mind goes quiet before it drifts back to the idea that she might have abilities thanks to Salem.

Do you have an idea as to what these 'abilities' will be?

Not a clue. This isn't exactly something I'm used to.

Any idea what'll happen to me with you in my corner? Since I'm technically dead.

If I had to wager a guess? You may not have to worry about growing old and dying.

Dying? Like of old age?


...Dying in general.

So...I'm immortal?

I think it might be more of a, 'you die and then come back,' scenario.

Just like earlier then.

Yep. When you 'came back' you generated a small shockwave of blue energy so that might happen every time but unless you kick the bucket again we won't know, don't make it a challenge though.

I should get a new notebook considering we're flying blind here.

Why not just put it in the one your working on now?

Because those are hero notes! If you're going to be my 'quirk' multiple people have seen me write notes on others' quirks so if I didn't have a notebook dedicated to you they'd get suspicious.

Well look at you keeping me under wraps....For now at least, considering how you muttered out what happened to your soul.

I don't know what you're talking about.

The two women fell into a set of bickering before Izuna drifts off to sleep. She dreams of cat vikings sailing with her and Salem.



"So what are we going to do about this Shouta?" Nemuri asks, handing Hizashi and Shouta cups of coffee before taking a seat across from them, "If she' know. Then what are we going to do with her."

"No clue Nem," Shouta replies, taking a large gulp of near vantablack coffee, "We could just say that this 'Salem' was her quirk activating after a traumatic experience but I feel like it won't be that easy."

"Come on Shouta we get that you don't believe in fate and all that but you don't have to be so pessimistic," Hizashi says, trying to lift the mood slightly.

"Bite me," Shouta replies with a loud sip, "Besides what I'm worried for is the girl disappearing into the system without being told which way is up when it comes to these 'abilities' she'll be gaining."

"I don't think he's been this talkative even when it comes to his students," Hizashi whispers to Nemuri, trying and failing to have Shouta not hear him.

"Zashi you know how I feel when it comes to people using children for their own personal gain," Shouta growls before culling his frustration, "It's why we all became social workers after all."

"I know Shouta but that doesn't answer my question," Nemuri states as she crosses her arms, "Do we just have her live here for the next two years while she figures out her powers? She seems sweet and I'd love to have her living here if it meant she'd be safe."

"It's fine with me as well," Hizashi agrees with a nod, "Besides we can make sure those who took her in the first place can't get her again. Especially since the leader escaped."

The room goes quiet at the mention of the escape. Kugo Jomei, villain name: The Hammer, with the quirk Attachment had escaped after the police van he had been transported in after it crashed. They had gotten the alert not long after Izuna had went to bed, leading to this little conversation. 

"Regardless, it's up to her," Shouta says, emptying his cup and standing, "If she wants to stay we'll take her in. If not...Well we'll cross that bridge later."

The trio nod and sit in silence, just enjoying the silence as they sip their drinks.

None seeing the wraith made of blue light sitting beside Nemuri.



The next day Izuna woke up to a contemplative looking Salem sitting beside her bed.

"Why do you look like you're about to deliver bad news?" Izuna says, making the dead woman look to her.

It's come to my attention that I don't sleep, Salem states with a sigh, So I got to listen to Aizawa, Yamada, and Kayama speak about what to do with you.

Izuna pales slightly at that, "W-What do you mean by that?" she stutters out, overthinking the scenario.

Nothing bad you worried broccoli. They were just making sure they were all on the same page, Salem explains to the girl, They all agreed that they're fine with taking you in and helping you with our abilities. Though they clearly doubt the story you told them about me.

"If only you could show yourself," Izuna jokes, making the wraith snicker slightly.

Yes. If only, Salem says before grinning madly, I would scare so many people.

The two begin to chuckle before a knock at the door catches Izuna's attention.

"Kid? Nemuri made breakfast if your hungry," the muffled voice of Aizawa comes through the door while Salem fades away, "There's also something we need to speak about later."

"Alright I'll be down in a bit then!" Izuna shouts as she hears Aizawa's footsteps leading away.

You gonna change out of...whatever those things are?

Hey don't judge my All Might pjs and yes, yes I will, Izuna thinks to Salem as she gets out of her bed and digs through her All Might duffle bag for a pair of clothes.

Picking out as pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt with flannel written on it she changes, ignoring the fact that someone now watches her do this, and heads to the stairs. She hears some laughter as she enters the dining room and sees Aizawa's hair floating and his eyes red while Yamada laughs.

"Why'd you throw bacon at me!" Aizawa shouts, Izuna now notices a discarded strip of bacon laying on the floor.

"Because you were sulking!" Yamada gets out between laughs as Aizawa's hair and eyes return to normal, having noticed Izuna.

"Heya kid, hope you like bacon and eggs," he says, before muttering into a coffee cup, "It's the only thing Nemuri can make."

"OI! I heard that mister 'I only drink juice pouches,'" Kayama replies with a pout, her glasses falling slightly, "At least I don't burn soup."

"December 18th, 2214," Aizawa retorts quietly making Kayama gasp.

"You said you'd never speak of that night!" she yells in mock offense.

"That night aside," Yamada interrupts before turning to Izuna, "How're you feeling listener?"

"Better I guess, Salem got my mind off things so there's that," Izuna says as she grabs a plate and sits at the table.

She notices Aizawa and Kayama exchange a glance but Aizawa speaks before she can mention anything, "Kid we had a talk last night about what'll happen to you."

"Salem explained it to me," Izuna replies, looking at the trio, "Thank you for being willing to take care of me."

"Hold up, what? I thought Salem was inside you?" Yamada claims, confusion on his face.

"Kind of? I think she's able to project herself but only I'm able to see her," Izuna theorizes, "But I have no reason to prove that, yet at least. Could it be possible for her to affect the world? Like being an invisible combatant?"

Kid they're giving you weird looks.

"Oh, sorry I've been trying to kick my muttering habit," Izuna says, breaking herself from her mutter storm.

"We're getting off track here," Aizawa sighs, "There's also these 'abilities' you'll be getting that we must address. Does 'Salem' know what they could be?"

"Nope, she's in the dark too," Izuna replies, chewing on some bacon, "She also mentioned that I uh...Won't have to worry about aging anymore."

The three heroes fall silent and look at the undead teen with disbelief in their features. Izuna figured they'd be confused, she was too honestly, but the looks they're giving her scream mental hospital.

"Why is it always the problem children that I take in," Aizawa mutters, with no real bite behind the words, before pulling out a small flask and pouring a few drips into his coffee, "I'm not paid enough."

"How about we just eat and we can talk about what happens next later, deal?" Yamada says with Kayama backing him up.

"Fine but we'll have to register your 'quirk' later, can't exactly hide it," Aizawa mentions, eyes darting to her hand for a second, "That and we'll have to contact your school and tell them about your situation."

Right...School....Forgot about that, Izuna thinks to herself as she eats, managing to hide her inner turmoil from the rest.



Bakugou Katsuki was many things.

Prodigy, soon to be number one hero, All Might fan, high school student, and the honorary nephew of Midoriya Inko and Midoriya Hisashi.

Was the honorary nephew.

Now he sits in his living room with his sobbing mother and teary eyed father as some cop explains that they found the Midoriya's in a villain hideout, the older of the three dead while Deku was unconscious. 

"I was told that Miss. Midoriya was your goddaughter correct?" the cop asks his father.

"Yes, Izuna and Katsuki were pretty much cousins," he gets out, Katsuki can barely keep in a scoff, As if I'd be related to someone that weak.

"Where is she?" the old hag says between sobs, "Inko told me that if anything were to happen to them that she'd want me to take Izuna in."

"That's where the complications lay," the officer explains, "During her captivity Miss. Midoriya manifested a quirk-" that gets Katsuki's attention "-that's capabilities are unknown of at this time. Alongside this, the leader of the villains that captured the Midoriya family has escaped. She is currently under the protection of three pro-heroes whose names will not be disclosed."

"Is...Is she safe?" is all the old hag asks with a sniffle once the cop finishes.

"Very," the cop reassures with a nod, "These heroes won't let anything happen to her."

"That's...That's good. I just...Can't believe they're gone," his mother gets out, tears slowed but still falling, "Hisashi had just gotten back and they were so happy...God I'm going to miss them."

"Honey..." Katsuki's father says, looping an arm around his wife.

Katsuki however stays silent. 

Got a quirk when she was captured by villains. Is that it or had she just been hiding it from me? Not showing her quirk just so she could look down on me. Well guess what Deku...NOBODY LOOKS DOWN ON ME!

Before the cop leaves he writes down a number down and gives it to his parents, telling them that it's the number to one of the heroes phone should they need to contact Deku. Giving his condolences once more he takes his leave, leaving the family of three to process everything.

"I...I think I'm going to go to sleep," the hag mutters out before leaving the room.

"Katsuki, are you alright?" his father asks, putting a hand onto his shoulder.

"I'm fine," Katsuki snaps before standing, "I'm going to my room."

Katsuki can hear his father mutter a 'Goddammit' as he gets out of earshot.



Subject: Midoriya Izuna (Me!)

Quirk: Wraith

Category: Emitter/Mutation

Explanation: To be determined.


Izuna and Aizawa had traveled to the hospital and had her 'quirk' registered later in the day, picking up a notebook on the way back. Salem had been quiet but decided to walk with them instead of residing in Izuna for the duration. When they got back to the house Izuna immediately went to her room and started on her notebook.

How am I a mutation? Salem asks from her spot beside Izuna.

"Because you're technically keeping me alive," Izuna replies, "Mutation quirks affect the person's daily life after all and you're affecting me soooo..."

You made your point but you seem to forget that quirks weren't around when I was alive, Salem mentions as she begins to walk around the room.

Izuna pauses and looks over to the woman, "That flew right over my head actually."

I thought you were the educated one, Salem sighs out as she facepalms, Just give me the rundown so I won't be surprised at them.

Izuna launches into a very detailed origin of quirks. Describing everything from the glowing baby, the rise of heroes and villains, and the rise of All Might. Even going into why she wanted to be a hero despite being quirkless.

When I asked for the rundown I didn't mean a history lesson, Salem states, Izuna lacking a blush she probably would have a week ago.

"I mean can you blame me? Quirks are so interesting!" Izuna defends, making Salem laugh, "What?"

You look so innocent but a fire goes into your eyes when your defending something, Salem says before adding, It's like you were born to fight for others.

"Really?" Izuna asks earning a confused look from the wraith.

Of course, you seem like a great kid. You're someone who'd put their own personal gain behind the needs of another, Salem says as she sits on the bed, Besides I'm pretty sure you'd try and go for being a hero even if I wasn't in your corner.

"You think I could be a hero?" Izuna says with hope lacing her voice. Her mother and father may have believed in her now but...she remembers what her mother said to her when she was a child.

I don't think 'could be' is the right term kid, Salem locks eyes with Izuna's glistening ones, Will be sounds more like it.

The dam breaks.

Holy shit! How are you crying like that, it's like a damn fountain!

Chapter Text

When Izuna walked into class the next day the room silenced immediately.

By now the deaths of Midoriya Inko & Hisashi had gone public and the class more than likely was curious as to what happened exactly. Izuna was sure there would be questions but none of them were asked before a series of explosions cut through the quiet.

"DEKU!! DID YOU THINK YOU COULD HIDE YOUR DAMN QUIRK FROM ME!!" Kacchan yells, quickly closing the distance and getting in Izuna's face.

"K-Kacchan! I never hid anything! It just appeared!" Izuna replies, backing up and putting a little distance between them.

"YOU DON'T GET YOUR QUIRK AT SIX-FUKING-TEEN!" Kacchan roars, explosions popping in his palms.

"THEN WHY DID I!" Izuna yells, both her's and Salem's voices overlapping before her eyes widen and her hands cover her mouth.

The room falls quiet once more before the door opens and their homeroom teacher walks in. He seems to ignore what's happening and heads straight to his desk.

"Ms. Midoriya I see you've returned, please take your seat," Yamashita-Sensei says as he clears his throat, "I'm taking roll now."

What just happened?, Izuna asks Salem as she reaches her desk and roll is taken.

I think we merged our minds, I could be wrong however.

Experiment later?


Most of her classes played out the same they always have, a few sympathetic glances here and there but that was it. During lunch she asked Salem what types of things she used when she was alive.

Twin short swords and a bow? That's it?

Had to move light when you live on the road.

Could you train me?

Eh why the hell not. Ask Aizawa if he'll help out.

Sweet! Thank you!

Geez kid I could feel the smile coming off those words.

A small smile forms on Izuna's lips as she sits under a tree. She had learned at the doctor's that, much to her and Aizawa's surprise and horror, her organs no longer function. She is physically dead inside in the medical sense. So she doesn't need food yet somehow she can still age, much to the doctor's confusion.

She had a little freakout about that but Salem and Aizawa calmed her down.

Returning to the present, Izuna notices two guys glancing over to her from time to time.

Want me to eavesdrop on them?

You're fine with that? Isn't that an invasion of privacy?

Yes but from what I've seen of this school I don't care about that.

O...k? Go ahead I guess.

Salem materializes and walks over to the two boys as they talk.

Izuna wonders just what they could be talking about.



Salem wishes she could strangle these assholes. Mainly from what she heard upon her approach.

"-you want to take her to the roof after class? Why?" Asshole Number 1 asks Asshole Number 2, who has a very evil look in his eyes.

"Well I was thinking we could have some fun then have her 'accidently' fall off the roof in a horrible suicide," Asshole Number 2 growls outearning a shocked look from his conspirator.

"Dude...I know you don't care for the quirkless but isn't that going a little to far?" 1 asks the other asshole whose shit-eating grin turns to a scowl, "Besides she got her quirk recently from what I hear."

"Does it matter? The bitch can go die in a hole if you ask me, now are you in or am I doing this myself," 2 growls out while 1 begins to back away.

"Sorry Hamada, but I'm not comfortable with this," he says before running off, leaving Asshole Number 2, Hamada, alone.

Hamada takes one last look to Izuna before walking away. Salem has heard enough.

Returning to Izuna she explains what she overheard to the now horrified girl.

I think we should play along, she thinks surprising the wraith.

"What! What the hell are you thinking!? Do you have any idea about what could happen to you!?" Salem yells out, happy nobody else can hear her.

Let me finish, Izuna thinks with a glare to Salem, You said that he's planning this after classes right? I can call Aizawa and have him back me up and catch this guy.

"God kid..." Salem mutters to the air, "If this goes wrong I don't know if I'm able to help you."

Izuna simply gives a determined look and thinks nothing to the wraith.

"Bu-" Salem starts before they're interrupted by the ringing of a bell, "This isn't over."

After getting bored of the classes Izuna sat through, Salem had decided to explore the building. She even found a closet containing the janitor making out with his mop, not something she expected honestly.

She also found the principal and a lunch lady cuddling in his office but that was just adorable.

Until they started talking.

"I can't believe that out of all the Midoriya's to survive it was the quirkless one," the principal states to the air.

"And then she somehow manifested a quirk out of nowhere as well, sounds cliché honestly," the lunch lady adds with a scoff.

Salem leaves before they say anything else, Where's Izuna, I wonder, she shouldn't be left alone with these asshats.



Izuna felt Salem return as she was opening her locker.

Are we done with this place yet?


As she gets her locker open a piece of paper falls out of it with Izuna barely catching it out of mid air. 

It reads,


Meet me on the roof in five minutes.

A friend.

Looking up from the paper Izuna sees Salem reading as well.

Well that's not ominous at all.

You can say that again.

You still gonna do this?

Yep, she thinks as she sends a message to Aizawa.

Midoriya Izuna

[School rooftop 5 minutes]


[Got it. Explain later]


I still don't think that this is smart Izuna. 

What else are we going to do? I don't show up, rumors could start up calling me a coward or something.

Screw them! 

Don't you get it! I can't just leave him and let him go free to attack anyone else!

Salem goes quiet for a moment, Fuck...Well you should know about a theory of mine then.


When it's time hold your hand out and imagine the bow I have on my back. I think this'll work.

Ok...I trust you, Izuna thinks before grabbing her things and making her way to the roof.

A fiery determination in her heart.



The moment she reached the door Salem stopped her.

Hold on a minute I have an idea.

What is it?

Just blink real quick.

Confused at the wraith's order she does so hesitantly.

When her eyes open again she's back in the void.

...No wait the world just looks like it.

She can hear the teal winds swirling around her as she takes in the change of scenery.

Hey it worked! Well Izuna this is what I saw for the past however many years. 

So it's like...Void Sight?

You could say that. Either way look around.

Doing so in her newly dubbed 'Void Sight' she notices a red silhouette of a person waiting to the right of the door, Is that?

Yep it's the guy who wrote the note. Be careful the fucker has a bat on him.

Thanks for the warning.

Deciding it was time to face the music Izuna deactivates Void Sight and opens the door. As she walks through a teal flash appears in her eyes from the direction of Hamada.

Fuckin' duck!

Doing as the wraith says Izuna just barely ducks under the bat aimed at her head. Scrambling away, Izuna manages to put a couple feet between herself and Hamada, finally seeing the mad grin on his face. Before Izuna can say anything he starts running at her and tries to hit her again.

Izuna, use the bow!

Izuna opens her hand and imagines the aetherial bow in her hands, after she hears a chime and the sound of a string being pulled, a weight appears in her hand and onto her back. A sound of surprise from Hamada gives her a chance to look at the weapon itself.

The aetherial 'effect' seemed to spread to her arm, ending a little past her wrist, and gives off a soft blue glow. It's metallic limbs and thick cord showed no wear or tear, almost like it was never used yet Salem's mind was giving off the feeling of nostalgia just by looking at it.

Returning to the moment at hand, she raises the weapon and draws an arrow as if she'd done it for years on end.

"Calm down Hamada, I don't want to do this," Izuna warns the boy, drawing the, hopefully blunt, arrow back as she does so.

They're blunt, you won't have to worry about killing anyone.

Thanks for the info, Izuna thinks back, eyes not leaving Hamada as he seems to be weighing his options.

Just as Izuna thinks he's given up smoke begins to pour from his nostrils. Izuna loses the arrow she had at the unexpected action before activating Void Sight and sees that Hamada is dangerously close. Panicking slightly Izuna punches him in the face and quickly draws and fires an arrow into his stomach. Launching him backward and knocking him to the ground, groaning from the blunt mass hitting him in said stomach.

"Alright that's enough," a familiar, tired voice grumbles from behind her.

Willing away the bow-


-Zephyr away and deactivating her new sight and addresses the man, "Ai-Uh..Eraserhead! Hi!"

"I see you have a few new tricks?" Aizawa says with a sigh, "Why is it always the problem children that I'm stuck with."

"W-What the fuck?" a surprised Hamada says, all gusto and courage gone from his voice, "Wait are you a hero? She attacked me with her quirk!"

"Really," Aizawa sarcastically replies, clearly not buying Hamada's lies, "Then why do you have a bat."

"I managed to disarm her before she started using her quirk," Hamada states very confidently, clearly not sensing the hero's sarcasm.

"Then why did I see you ambush her from that rooftop?" Aizawa asks the, now wide eyed, boy as he points to a nearby roof.

"Well...uh....You see the thi-" Hamada says before throwing the bat at Aizawa and attempts to run off, "YOU BITCH I'LL KILL YOU FOR THIS!"

Aizawa dodges the bat and reaches for his capture weapon but Izuna is faster, summoning Zephyr and taking aim, only to be surprised as she does so.

When she aims the world seems to slow to a crawl, not looking a gift horse in it's mouth Izuna fires the arrow at Hamada's ankle, intending to knock his foot out from under him. When the arrow hits Hamada doesn't trip or fall. 

Instead he's pinned in place by blue energy circling his leg.

Before Hamada can say anything or make any retort before he's wrapped up in Aizawa's capture weapon, struggling against the strong material as the energy dissipates. 

With an almost comical faceplant, Hamada falls to the ground. Succumbing to his fate and falling quiet.

"Kid-" Aizawa says, grabbing Izuna's attention with a 'Lie to me and you'll regret it' look, "-I leave you for a few hours and this happens? If this is common, you should tell me."

Just tell him Izuna.

"I...Yeah this happens, well not exactly this, pretty often actually," Izuna surrenders, knowing no other way out of the situation.

"Motherfucker," Aizawa mutters before shaking his head, "You're changing schools. I won't take no for an answer."

"But-" Izuna starts before a glare from Aizawa silences her.

"If I'm your caretaker, I refuse to let this happen to you," Aizawa explains, eyes darting to the cocooned form of Hamada for a second, "Besides if guys like him can get free reign to do this I don't want you near to this place. Come on, I'll handle him then we're going home."

Izuna follows silently, knowing that this was going to happen sooner or later.

Chapter Text

"Alright class, today we'll be having a new student joining us today. Now why don't you go ahead and introduce yourself," Izuna's new homeroom teacher, Kimura-Sensei, announces to the class before turning their attention to Izuna.

After the disaster that was her first day back Aizawa had her moved to a new school. It was a little further Aldera but considering everyone here likely won't immediately think she's a waste of space it was worth it. Aizawa had even agreed to train her!

Reflect later Izuna, introduce yourself.

"H-Hello, my name is Midoriya Izuna, it's nice to meet you all," Izuna says to the class, her nerves making her stutter a little.

"Thank you Midoriya, you can sit at the open seat in the back, beside Yanagi," Kimura-Sensei informs the possessed girl.

Izuna can feel a few pairs of eyes following her as she makes her way to the back. Her seat neighbor gave her a quick, uninterested look before turning away.

Well she seems cold hearted.

Looks can be  deceiving.

True. You look rather plain, no offense, but you certainly have the heart of a lion.

None taken and...really?

You could probably put the fear of God into someone if you wanted to.

Izuna can barely hold back the wide grin that threatens to grow on her face, Thanks Salem it means a lot.

Don't worry about it kid. Hey eyes up we gotta visitor.

Looking up Izuna sees a large guy with a lion head with a black mane, goat horns, bat wings, and a scorpion tail walking up to her desk. A manticore quirk?

"Heya! Midoriya right?" the manticore says with a wide, fanged smile.

"H-Hello," Izuna replies with a nervous smile, "You are...?"

"Nakata Koin, at your service!" Kakata claims cheerfully with a dramatic bow, "I'm the class rep of this class so I figured I'd introduce myself."

"Well it's nice meeting you then,"  Izuna says, her nerves dying at the larger student while her notebook appears before her, "Forgive my curiosity but is your quirk akin to a manticore?"

"Yeah! Uh...where'd that notebook come from," Kakata says, the last part in a mutter before he shakes his head, "What about your quirk? I'm guessing the glowing hand does more than just glow."

Play along kid.

"Y-Yeah it's called Wraith but I don't know how much I can do," Izuna admits, earning a confused look from Nakata, "I was a bit of a late bloomer."

"How late?" Nakata asks, scratching his head with his tail.

"Err...Saturday..." Izuna adds reluctantly, hearing Salem sigh loudly afterwards.

"But today's....Tuesday. Do you mean..." Nataka says with wide eyes.

"Yep." Izuna affirms, half-expecting Nakata to walk away and ignore her, "My quirk waited for twelve years to manifest."

"I imagine most didn't take your quirklessness very well then," Nakata says, tone darkening while his mane begins to puff out slightly.

"Koin your mane is puffing out again, calm yourself," a voice says beside Izuna, "We don't need a repeat of last time."

"Don't act like you wouldn't back me up Reiko," Nakata says to the silver haired girl, Yanagi her mind supplies, "You hate bullies about as much as I do."

"Yes, but I am not going to hunt down people I've never met," Yanagi argues before turning to Izuna, "Ignore him, he's protective by nature, I am Yanagi Reiko it's nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too," Izuna responds before something occurs to her, "Wait you'd really just go and defend a person you've just met?"

"Yeah? Why would a person looking to be a hero leave someone defenseless?" Nakata asks, confusion evident on his face, "People who would bully someone over something they can't control need to grow the fuck up because they're acting like children. They can go drink their juice boxes over in the corner where they belong."

That draws some laughter from Izuna and a smile from Yanagi. To think Izuna was worried.

Good, I won't have to find blackmail by the looks of it.

Salem don't you dare!


That's my girl!



Subject: Nakata Koin

Quirk: Manticore

Category: Mutation

Explanation: Nakata seems to have taken on the aspects of the mystical manticore. Including the head of a lion, wings of a bat, horns of a goat, and a scorpion's tail that secretes a venom that works as a narcotic. Alongside these mutations he has increased strength and stamina-

"So you have how many of these notebooks again?"  Nakata asks Izuna as she writes, as they eat their lunches. No functioning stomach meat she didn't have to eat, though she wonders if it's still possible for her.

"About...sixteen, I think?" Izuna replies, counting them in her head, "No wait, it's actually seventeen."

"Why would you create so many of these notebooks?" Yanagi inquires, eyeing the stack beside Izuna.

"Well before my quirk came in I still planned on becoming a hero. So I figured that if I had a way to combat a villain's quirk I would be able to fight them," Izuna explains, twirling her pencil between her fingers.

"Makes sense," Nakata says between bites, "Isn't there a saying about how knowledge is half the battle?"

"It's from a pre-quirk tv show Koin, there was a bunch of old jokes about it from the 2000s," Yanagi adds, face impassive as she eats, "Found it during one of my internet binges."

"Internet binges?" Izuna says, looking between the two.

"Yeah Reiko's got this habit of going down a rabbit hole on websites," Nakata says before turning to the girl in question, "Didn't you find out about some raid or something that happened recently? A cult you said."

Izuna freezes as Yanagi answers, "Yes, I believe they were called the 'children of the void' or at least that's what the post said."

A bloody sword.

The bodies of her parents sit in front of her.

The Hammer is laughing somewhere around her.


"Hey Midoriya, you alright? You look like you saw a ghost," Nakata says, consern lacing his voice and etched onto his features.

"I-I need to go," Izuna gets out before rushing away.

Kid calm down! You're overea-, Salem says, formking in Izuna's path only for the panicking teen runs through her.

Izuna's not sure how she appears in the girl's bathroom, she only wanted to be somewhere quiet and empty. She doesn't know why those images came to mind but she doesn't care right now. Now she just want to have her Mom's katsudon and cry. She looks at her glowing hand and stares at her palm, wondering if taking Salem's deal is worth it.

Don't you fucking dare Izuna.

Izuna looks up and sees a stone faced Salem kneeling in front her her, "Bu-"

Those are for sitting kid. Listen I know what you're feeling, remember Bjørn? Salem asks, earning a nod from Izuna, Well a few months before he died his brother Hadvar died while defending their home. Hadvar took an arrow for me and died in my arms. Survivor's guilt is what Bjørn called it, I felt like it'd be better if I took the arrow than him. I was stuck in that rut for weeks.

"How'd you get over it?" Izuna asks the wraith.

I realized that nothing is going to change no matter what I try. Salem answers simply, The best way I heard it said was 'Shit happens,' not exactly the most caring of explanations but still.

"Does it get any easier?" Izuna asks again.

No. No it does not. Salem says before the sound of a door opening interrupts the two.

"Midoriya?" the voice of Yanagi says into the bathroom, "Are you in here?"

Come on kid, you shouldn't deal with this alone.

"I'm in here," Izuna calls out, hearing a muffled conversation before Yanagi's footsteps enter the room.

Leaving her hidey hole, a bathroom stall, to stand near the sinks as Yanagi approaches.

"Uh...Hi," Izuna says, unsure how to start this conversation.

Yanagi looks about as lost as Izuna is, "So uh...How's the weather?"

The absurdity of the statement surprises Izuna, causing her to sputter slightly before a laugh escapes her lips.

"Hey! Give me a break here, emotional support is Koin's specialty," Yangi argues with a groan.

"I'm sorry," Izuna says, her laughter dying, "It's just out of all the things I thought you would've said I didn't expect that."

With a sigh Yanagi walks closer to Izuna before continuing, "Anyway, are you alright? You ran off and we got worried."



"-You know that raid you guys were talking about? My....My parents and I were captured by that cult," Izuna explains, subconsciously tracing the scar on her neck, "...I was the only one who lived..."

"O-Oh," Yanagi says, shock evident in her voice yet her face show almost none, "I'm sorry for your loss, and for mentioning the raid."

"Don't worry, you couldn't have known," Izuna responds, smiling wide at Yanagi, "Besides, my parents would be happy that I'm making new friends like you guys."

She misses the faint red dusting Yanagi's cheeks and the wide look in her eyes.

"Now come on," Izuna says, making her way to the bathroom door, "I'm sure Nakata is wondering what's happening."

"Wait a minute! I thought you'd be- I dunno more distraught about this?" Yanagi asks stopping Izuna short of the door.

Shit, Izuna thinks before answering hesitantly, "My, uh, quirk is kinda sentient. It talked me through some things."

"But shouldn't it have a limited amount of knowledge of the world?" Yanagi questions Izuna.

"Well that's the funny part. Salem, that's the name it gave itself, has apparently been with me since birth. She just couldn't do anything," Izuna explains, hoping Yanagi would take the answer and not look into it to much.

Smooth kid.

Before Yanagi can say anything more the bell rings, signaling their lunch time ending. With a shrug Yanagi motions to the door and the two return to their class, picking up a worried looking Nakata on the way.

"MIDORIYA!" he cries out, attempting to hug her but failing as Izuna dodges his arms, not wanting to be squished, "I was worried that something was wrong with you!"

"Nakata I'm fine!" Izuna says with a laugh, "Just some bad experiences coming back up."

"Well here! Have some pudding then, it always helped me calm down!" Nakata says, handing Izuna a cup of chocolate pudding.

The trio make there way to class, pudding eaten along the way. The day passes uneventfully and at the end the three exchange numbers and say goodbye, going to their respective homes. 

Izuna's happy when she returns to her new home. Happy that she has new friends that wouldn't care if she's quirkless and happy that they'd so quickly worry for her.

So of course she'd find her three caretakers sitting at the dining table waiting for her.

"Kid...Izuna, I think it's time we speak about your parents' funerals."

And she'd been in such a wonderful mood too.