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Just a mistake??

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The sounds could be heard all over the slytherin common had been a month since Draco had started throwing up and his friend , Blaise, was starting to get worried


”please, let me take you to the medical centre”Blaise slaked “no!”Draco repeatedly replied “I’m fine, it’s just a sickness bug”

”Draco, if it were a sickness bug, it would’ve gone by now”

”I know but-“

“No buts you’re coming with me to the medical centre now”


if Draco only knew what he had in store...





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Dracos POV:


i arrived to Hogwarts for my 5th year, hoping that this would be the year and for the first week it was. In the hall where the first years get sorted, Dumbledore says some shiz blah blah blah.. the interesting part is that we got a new teacher for defences against the dark arts and you should’ve seen serverus’ face. It was priceless but the new teacher gives me a cold feeling. Her names professor Umbridge or something and all I know about her is that she likes the colour pink. And she’s not allowing us to do any magic.even I’m annoyed at that.
I feel like someone is glaring at me, I mean, people glare at me all the time but this one I can’t shake off, I keep looking around the classroom to see who it is but nothing. I’m getting so confused I might fall out of my chair.


1 week later:

I swear I did nothing wrong. I hadn’t pushed or shoved anyone or even talked to him in any way. I’m so scared. I flinch at everything and I can’t even get up in the mornings anymore.i keep remembering, every damn time I want to forget, I remember. What he did to me, my friend Blaise is getting suspicious afterall I was gone all day and night. I can’t even look that boy in the face anymore and if I can gather enough courage to do so. He has a smirk on his face, like he’s proud of what he’s done, a smirk in triumph over breaking me again and again. All I ever wanted, from the very beginning, was to be his friend but the words I said came out wrong, can you blame me , my mothers too busy for me and my father constantly Neglects me, the only sense of comfort I’ve gotten is my letters from my aunt bellatrix in Azkaban. And she’s insain, quite literally.

snape has been bothering me now, asking me what’s wrong, what’s wrong?
you wana know what’s so fucking wrong.


the golden boy, Harry fucking Potter.


he raped me 

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Blaise’s POV:

its been a month since Draco has started throwing up and it’s starting to concern me. Once again dracos vomiting noises could be heard throughout the Slytherin common room and I quickly rushed to his side, Patting his back as he emptied his stomach into the toilet.

”Draco come on I’m taking you to the medical centre now’

”but I don’t wana go”

”you’re obviously not well and you said yesterday that if you were still throwing up today I could take you to the medical centre”

draco looked at me with the most annoyed look on his face before letting out a long groan letting me know I had won the argument.

”fine” he muttered at we stood up and made our way to the medical centre



draco’s POV


when we arrived at the medical centre I immediately felt nervous, I hadn’t really thought that something was really bad until now when I thought about it.

im tired and hungry, it’s only 7:00am and  I haven’t even gotten any coffee, then again what’s the point I’ll just throw it up later with this bug I have-

“mr malfoy?” Madame pomfrey asked 

“sorry I was just daydreaming”

it’s ok, shall we find out what wrong with you?” She asked and I nodded in agreement

”ok then, just lie down on this bed and we’ll begin.”

she began moving her wand above my body whispering spells and other thinks that I couldn’t make out until she gasped.

”what’s wrong?” Blaise asked 

“nothings wrong, I was just surprised since the last time I saw this condition in school with a boy was quite a while ago”Madame pomfrey grinned and she looked at me

”mr malfoy?” she asked

“Congratulations, you’re pregnant”

blaise turned to me to ask over a thousand questions but couldn’t ask a word as my entire world went black 

I had fainted

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Draco’s POV:



I woke up in pain, cold, alone. I don’t know where I am, all I remember is that potter dragged me up here, placed a silencing charm on the room, raped me and left.

i don't have a bed or even a mattress, I’m lying on a cold, hard, wooden floor with a thin sheet covering my lower half, my wrists burning from the ropes and I’m dehydrated from all the crying.

suddenly , the door swung open and in walked Harry himself, I whimpered and tried to crawl away as good as I could but he grabbed my arms, hurting them because of the ropes, and pulling my face to look at him.

“Now, here’s the plan, you’re not going to tell ANYONE what happened here ok? You’re gonna act as if you’ve always been there and never left got it!?” 

I whimpered but quickly nodded 

“good now I’m going to breakfast and once I leave, you have until the time I get back to leave and go to the Slytherin common rooms ok?”

I quickly nodded again

“Oh and if you’re still here by the time I get back there will be a punishment

and with that, Harry let go of my arms and face, letting me hit the ground and walked out.

as soon as I knew he was gone, I scrambled to my feet and ignoring the large amounts of pain i was feeling all over my body and hurried for the door.






I picked up my wand and tried the spell “Alohomora”







i collapsed in defeat knowing that I couldn’t get out, and crawled to the corner of the old room, I picked up the thin sheet and tried to wrap it around my body for any sort of comfort or warmth, and I started crying, I was crying but it was only sobs, no tears, I was so exhausted from all the sobbing that fainted and I knew that as soon at I woke up.


there was going to be a lot of pain


//flashback over//

i woke up in the medical ward on one of the beds as my memories came back to me from the past hour,

I am pregnant


with Harry potters baby.

” Draco!” Blaise yelled as soon as he saw that I was awake. 
“are you alright?” He asked


”good, then explain”


”explain how you’re pregnant”

blaise’s face looked a mixture of anger, sadness and disappointed.

”well if you’re not going to tell me how, at least tell me who the father is”

I looked up at blaise with fear in my eyes, tears threatening to spill as I whispered “Harry”.

blaise’s POV:


harry fucking Potter?! (Oh yea there’s swearing)

I was so mad but I could tell by draco’s face that he was just as upset as I was

“ did it with Harry??” I whispered but as Draco began to break down in front of me, I knew that there was something else to This story.

”Draco, there’s something you’re not telling me, what is it”

”h-he told m-me not to s-say” Draco whimpered and I knew exactly what had happened.

draco’s POV:

“He is so dead” I heard blaise say as he began to stand up

”NO!” I yelled a bit to loud for my personality but I was upset and it was very obvious. “Please don’t leave me”

blaise looked at me with sadness in his eyes as he sighed and sat down next to me.

i immediately hugged him which he allowed and hugged back, allowing me to cry into his shoulder as he patted and stroked my hair.

“mr malfoy” Madame  pomfrey said as she walked back into the room.”I have informed the teachers of this and mr potters involvement and I believe some sort of punishment will be put in place for him but I believe you would like to know more” she asked and me and blaise both nodded 

“well, back many centuries ago, both male and female witches could get pregnant because of the low population, we did this by placing a spell on Certain males in the community but after a few hundred years it was seen wrong for males to get pregnant and so any male that managed to get pregnant was murdered but only a few of the males survived, in our times it is now seen as acceptable as females getting pregnant and is now more common but still stays rare.” 
she looked at me “ mr malfoy, I believe your father carried the gene for males to get pregnant and passed it onto you”

I nodded in understanding 

“now all that leaves is what you are going to do” I looked at the professor in confusion so she elaborated “ well are you going to keep the baby or get rid of it” I gasped at the thought of killing an innocent baby and shook my head quickly wrapping my arms around my stomach in a protective manner “ it’s not their fault” I whispered. 
luckily, blaise heard and told the professor that I would be keeping the baby and at that given moment, professor Dumbledore, professor umbridge, professor snape and professor McGonagall walked into the medical ward, making me whimper and hide in blaise’s shoulder.

“Oh I see the problem” professor umbridge muttered

“ has the boy decided on what he is going to do” professor Dumbledore asked.

”yes he has, and he decided to keep it” Madame  pomfrey replied.

”ok then when he starts to show ,we shall move him to the room of requirement where he will live and do his school work”professor McGonagall noted  

“What are you going to do about Potter?” Blaise impatiently asked 

“we’ll figure out something” Dumbledore replied but it sounded as if he was lying, but dumbledore wouldn’t lie, would he?

i was getting tired and before I knew it the professors had left and me and blaise were waking down to the Slytherin common room, In silence, but a comfortable silence.

and before I knew it i was in bed, taking the rest of the day off (per Dumbledores request)  and I fell into a peaceful slumber enjoying the time i had before I actually start showing and before my son or daughter gets here

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Draco’s POV:

I woke up to my roommate blaise shaking me gently, it was strange and confusing but then I remembered that he must be doing this cuz I’m carrying a child in my stomach.

i got up, put on my robes and headed for breakfast with blaise who seemed to be more protective of me in some way. 

When we walked in I could feel three pairs of eyes glaring into my skull and I didn’t even have to look to know who it was, the golden trio. I turned to glare at them before going to my table to eat breakfast, but I had to be careful, I had already chucked up once and I didn’t need it again but my stomach was craving waffles and pickle ice-cream.

After breakfast I went to my first lesson which was defence against the dark arts with professor umbridge and the golden trio.

half way through the lesson, I got a piece of paper thrown at me, I turned to see who threw it and saw none other that Harry Potter himself glaring at me so I guessed it was him.

”mr malfoy can you come back at break for me” professor umbridge asked and I hear sniggers come from the golden trio. “yes miss” I replied


“Come in”

I walked into the very pink teachers office and stood by the door waiting to see what she wanted

”you’re going to write some lines for me mr malfoy, can you do that” she asked politely.

”yes? But I don’t understand why I have-“

”lovely, sit” she commanded nodding her head to the vacant seat so i sat down and reached in my bag for my quill

”actually mr malfoy, you won’t need your quill” she said, I looked at her in confusion “ you’re going to be using a special one of mine” she soothed as she picked up the quill and placed it on my desk

”may I have some ink?” I asked

”you won’t need any” she replied “now i want to to write homosexuals deserve to be punished

I looked at her in pure shock as she smiled down at me

”how many time you need to write it?” She said as if I had asked her that “as long as it takes for the message to sink in” and with that she turned away

i didn’t want to write that so I sat there in silence until she spoke “ if you do not complete the task I shall make sure you fail my lesson and I’m sure your father would not be proud of that hm?” She maliciously said with a smirk in her face

knowing I had no choice I began to write what she wanted.

my left had began to tingle, a tingle that turned into a sting that I tried to ignore but by the time I was halfway with my second line, I couldn’t bear the pain that was scorching through my hand, when I looked at it, there it was clear as day ’homosexuals deserve to be punished’ 

I stared at the mark in pure horror at what was now placed on my hand for the entire school to see. ‘Yes?’ She asked me standing right in front only me.

i couldn’t even look her in the eye, I bowed my head, clutching my left had in my right against my chest tears welling up on my eyes.

”that’s right” she started “because deep down you know that you are in the wrong and deserve to be punished for the crimes that you have polluted our world with.”


“ Draco, what’s wrong” blaise asked for the hundredth time that afternoon

”nothing” I replied

”show me your hand then”

I showed him my right hand which he looked at me with the face of disappointment, I bowed my head and slowly gave him my left hand.

i heard him gasp before saying “who did this”

I looked at him with wide eyes as he began muttering to himself about beating up Potter if he was at fault for this.

”It wasn’t  Potter, it was professor umbridge” I whispered

“I’m going to tell professor dumbledore” 

“I already have”

”and what did he say he was going to do”

”he didn’t he just told me to go back to class” tears started to fill my eyes, god why am I so emotional!!

”maybe he was so upset that he, erm didn’t want you to hear his anger”



it’s been a week since my encounter with umbridge and today was mail day so during breakfast all sorts of birds arrived, some I recognised such as the white snowy owl belonging to Potter and the barn owls belonging to the Weasleys but one bird scared the living daylights out of me, it was the black owl, belonging to the malfoys.

my parents never write to me so something was wrong here.

the bird landed in front of me handing me the letter.

with caution, I opened the letter, I read it quickly before running out of the hall and going back to Slytherin common room.



DRACO MALFOY!!” Blaise yelled for me

”it’s just draco now” I muttered from under my covers still crying and sniffling.

”what don’t understand?” he asked


“I’ve been disowned”

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Dear Draco,

                Me and your mother have been informed of your mistake and your choices and we say that if you decide to keep this mistake of yours, you will no longer be a part of this family. If you still decide to keep it.

you will be disowned 

let us know


Lucius malfoy


draco’s POV:

1 month later

I am now 2 months pregnant and am starting to show. My emotions have been all over the place but can you blame me.

I've been raped

found out I was pregnant

got burnt on my hand

and got disowned 

the only funny thing is that the teachers can only call me draco now because the have also been notified that I have been disowned and after this year I will be out on an adoption centre or be given to my aunt bellatrix. So when they want to tell someone off for example they will say there whole name but with me nah they can’t.

if you’re wondering what happened to umbridge....






she still works here and I don’t think she’s been punished in any way.

But right now it’s dark outside and I’m sat in the common room with blaise who is fast off.

i was just watching the fire until my stomach started to rumble.

”Really now I’m hungry” I sighed and got up.

for some reason the elf’s have been informed that they cannot give me food during the night so it is my job to venture out into the night hallways.


I was walking through the halls until I heard a familiar but strange voice or voices.

”well, well, well look who we have here-“

”-draco malfoy”

”it’s just draco now”I mumbled looking around trying to see who was there.

”aww why’s that-“

”-have you finally gone rebellious and flown the coup”

”or something else” that’s when I suddenly realised that there was two of them but they sounded so similar.

”look at him George, he’s so confused-“

”-when Harry told us to follow him I didn’t know it was going to be this interesting”

at the name of thar monster I finally realised who I was taking to “Fred and George” I muttered to my self.

”That’s us!-“

”-now Harry gave us a job of bringing you to him and, hey do you think you are going!?”

I didn’t even what to hear what they were saying anymore I just started running but of course they were taller than me and we’re faster so they caught up to me in no time.

one of them grabbed my arms, tears streaming down my face.

the other stood in front of me with his wand pointed at me.

”let’s remove this glamour shall we”

”NO!!” I yelled now fully crying. But it was too late as he removed my glamour.

both of them gasped the one holding my arms let go is I fell to the ground covering my stomach that was now swelling up painfully. 
as the pain became too much I fainted.


no POV:

fred and George didn’t know why Harry wanted draco.

but now draco was collapsed on the floor in front of them holding his stomach.

and then, he fainted.

fred and George still didn’t know what they were doing but all they knew is that they needed to get draco tot he medical ward,NOW.

george picked up draco as fred Sent a patronus and they rushed for the medical ward.


when they got there Madame pomfrey was already there.

”set him down on this bed“ she ordered to George who did exactly as she said. 

they both sat down next to the bed as Madame pomfrey began muttering spells over dracos body.

all of a sudden Draco gasped and shot straight up lokkkng around before his eyes set on the twins and he squeaked and the twins weren’t gonna lie.

they found that adorable.

dracos POV:

I woke up is the medical ward and shot up immediately looking around when my eyes rested on the weasley twins and I squeaked


i actually squeaked.

”ok dear, you seem well” Madame promfrey said

”t-thanks Madame promfrey”

”it’s ok dear, I have informed blaise and he is coming to collect you”

at that sudden moment blaise stormed into the medical ward

”Draco where did you go?!” He yelled when he got to me

”I-I was hungry so I went to get some food”

blaise grabbed my arm and walked me out of the medical ward not knowing the Weasley twins were following us.

”I get that you were hungry but you have to be careful, you’re pregnant and with potters no luck, so you have to be careful, what if he found out, or got ahold of you?” He asked but I was to focused on the fact that the Weasley twins now knew everything.

”oh shi-“

”so that’s why Harry wanted-“

”-but he doesn’t know, but how-“

”because Harry raped him ok, come on draco” blaise sneered as he dragged me down the halls, tears flowing from my eyes.

”wait!” I heard one of the twins yell and then their footsteps chasing after us.

i felt one of them grab my arm that was vacant and pull me away from blaise.

i felt the other grabbed my other arm and saw them kneel in front of me.

”we solemnly aware that we will protect you from Harry and the teachers and watch over you-“

”-we didn’t know what was going on, but now we feel guilty for doing what we did-“

”-so please let us make it up to you” they brother said as a light blush spread across my face.

I slightly smiled in what felt like forever and said “ok”

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Dracos POV:

its been three months now and I’ve been moved to the room of requirement where I have a little home. I have a bedroom, a spare room, a common room and a bathroom, I also have a kitchen and a table but ya know there’s no sweet stuff for example, chocolates, sweets. But the twins have been sneaking me some in.

on the subject of the twins, I've actually gotten quite close with them and I think I can call them friends. I know which is which now and I don’t know how I got them mixed up because yes they are so similar down to the amount of freckles on their faces but there are many differences for example. Fred always has his shirt tucked in or at least you can’t see the shirt from under the sweater on top, and George’s you can see and there are many more differences but you can figure them out for yourself.

talking about friends, blaise hasn’t visited me much since I moved to the RoR but he still talks to me loads when he visits even if it’s rare.

ohh I have great news morning sickness has finally left me alone and I couldn’t be any happier even though I’m even more emotional and I’m constantly crying over that fact that I’m getting fatter every day. So here I am, sitting on my sofa with a blanket and a tip if muggle ice cream and it’s actually really good!

freds POV:

we managed to sneak out of the school once again to go to hogsmeade to buy some sweets for our little dragon and snuck back in, it was difficult for a week to sneak in and out of school but since we’ve stolen our map back from Harry, it’s been a breeze.

George knocked on the RoR door and we walked in to see our little dragon sat with a blanket over him and some ice cream we got from in London for him.

”knock, knock” I said to get our little dragons attention, and it worked since he looked up as us and smiled the cutest smile I’ve seen in ages, his smile suddenly dropped “I just remembered that everyone gets to go home for the December holidays, but I can’t” we also frowned that we would have to leave our little dragon alone with no one to talk to.

“we would talk to mum about letting us stay over the holidays” George said

”no, I don’t want to keep you from your family”draco said smiling “ I still have a week with you both so I’m gonna make use of that” he continues gesturing us to sit with him, which we did me being on his left and George on his right.

after a while both me and George were under the blanket with draco cuddling him and talking about our week, also listening to his child.


george’s POV: 

there was only one thing me and my brother wanted for Christmas, and that was having draco with us ether here or at home and we promise that it will happen, but right now I’m enjoying cuddle time with our little dragon everything was perfect, and we all wanted it to stay that way.




dear mum,

               We are going to tell you something important and you can’t tell anyone not even dad you see earlier on in the year we found out that draco (the former malfoy) was disowned and pregnant because Harry raped him and we were wondering if he could spend Christmas with us because it would bring a smile to his face and we are quite attached to him now

yours truly,

fred and george


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Draco’s POV:

I woke up in my common room with the twins squeezing me half to death, I giggled which woke them up. We said morning to each other before I went to go and get some breakfast, when I came back I saw them writing a letter.

”whatcha writing?”

”a letter to our mum-“

”-to see if she’ll let us bring you home with us” they both said shocking me.

”you don’t have to do that-“ I began.

”but we do-“

”-we cant just leave you here” A smile formed on my face after hearing them say that and I hugged them both hoping that it would never end

molly’s POV:

somethings wrong.

i got a letter from Fred and George.

had my worst nightmare come true

have they finally been suspended.

thoughts running by through my brain as I opened the letter but what I read was more horrifying.

that poor boy. I can’t believe Harry did that to him, and his parents disowned him, of course I was going to let him stay with us. I began writing my letter to my sons and dumbledore to tell them that draco will be staying with us over the summer.

i got another letter.

from Ron 

saying that Harry was acting strangely and he is worried for his friends health, not only that but he too was worried about malfoy, I’m guessing that’s draco because Harry is apparently becoming more aggressive towards him than just a few harmful words.

i sent a letter to Ron telling him that everything will be ok and that draco will be staying with us for Christmas, requested from Fred and George, and I sent the three letters off.

i got another letter,(I swear can’t these kids either send letters on different days or sit down together and write one) this one was from Ginny, saying she was bringing her new boyfriend home for Christmas but not naming him.

i didn’t care who it was, I was just so happy for my daughter, so I allowed it.


draco’s POV:

words going around the school that Ginny Weasley is dating Harry Potter and I don’t know why but it broke my heart,I guess it’s because I’m carrying his child but I just laid on my sofa, crying my eyes out for hours on end with no one to talk to, Fred and George were in classes and couldn’t leave until they had caught up with the lessons they’ve missed because of me, and blaise.

well I’m not sure where blaise is right now but I’m sure he’s going to visit me soon.

its a week before the holidays and I’ve been told that I’m going to be spending the holidays with the weasleys and that professor McGonagall is coming over to show me how to hide my baby bump. But I can’t use the spell for days on end which shouldn’t be a problem.




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Harry’s PoV:

my life is going great right now, I have a beautiful girlfriend, the new teachers great, malfoy is being a bitch as always but Ron just might be joining him by the way he’s acting towards me.

asking if I’m ok, if good old voldi has done something. From what I know, Voldemort isn’t going to bother us until he knows the ministry is fully off his case.

now from what I’ve gathered, Fred and George have been sneaking off with malfoy and are now bringing him back to the Weasleys, how do I know this?

i read ron’s mail from his mum about me and her reply and from what I can gather , he’s ok with malfoy so I guess everyone’s fucking him now.

anyway holidays are in 2 days and while I’m at the weasleys, I might as well have some fun with draco.


draco’s PoV:

it was the holidays and the train was leaving in half an hour. I placed the cover spell on me and left the RoR.

”ready to go?” Asked fred and I nodded, not really used to leaving the RoR anymore.

”let’s go, you can stay in a cart with us so you can take the spell off” George said and I nodded in agreement. 

when we arrived at the train station i spotted Harry standing with Ginny and I backed behind the twins, who noticed me reaction and stood protectively in front of me.

”so I guess you’re staying with us draco” startled by someone talking to me, I turned to se Ron stood behind me “look, I didn’t mean to be an arse,it’s just that your-“

”- family’s reputation, yea I know about it, that’s a good thing now I don’t have to deal with it anymore” I replied giving Ron a half smile.

” Truce?” Ron heald out his hand to me

”truce” I agreed grabbing his hand and shaking it, I could literally feel the twins glares on us until I turned to look at them.

”come on dragon, we can get on the train now” George spoke while fred took my hand and pulled me away, me waving awkwardly at Ron as he disappeared in the grounds of people.


time skip brought to you by procrastination.

we sat in the cart,Fred reading a newspaper about Voldemort or something while I was leaning on George falling asleep very easily.

i had removed my cover up spell but because of the way I was sitting and also because George was a barrier from the windows for me. No one could see.

”draco are you hungry” I heard come from Fred so I’m guessing that the trolly lady was there. I shook my head the best I could clinging to George’s body who now had his arm wrapped around me. I heard partly the conversations going on between the twins about new pranks, ideas for the shop they were planning on opening. Until I heard a small timer go off and George sigh, his arm being removed from me and him moving away and replaced with who I was guessing was fred. So they were taking turns. I was too tired to care and exactly the same, clung onto the other twin falling deeper into slumber.


“Little dragon, time to get up, we’re almost at the station” I heard George say.

i yawned and stretched my arms before looking at my surroundings, both twins were looking at me, since this happened a lot I’ve gotten used to them staring at me 

“you’re both staring again” I commented watching them both blush and look away, making me giggle.

i placed my cover up spell on before leaving the train with Fred and George practically shoving anyone that came in a metre distance with me.

”nice to meet you draco” mrs Weasley greeted 

“nice to meet you too and thank you for letting me stay” I whispered to her to make sure o didn’t get any of potters attention who was indeed staring at me, how do I know this you ask?



i can feel it.

but I do know that the twins are glaring at him who are getting glared at by their father and it keeps going on and on.

Chapter Text

draco’s POV:

when we arrived at the weasleys hut.

it looked worn down, like many generations had lived there. But it also had the feeling of family and welcoming which was very comforting.


”ok everyone, children you stay in your own rooms, Draco and Harry you’ll stay in the two guest rooms” Molly said, and you don’t know how relieved I was to hear that I was not sharing a room with Harry.

harry and Ginny ran upstairs after molly and Arthur had their speech on behaving

and I sat down with Ron, the twins and Arthur in the living room.

”oi draco” Ron said

”yes Ron?”

”can you play chess?”

”muggle or wizard chess?” I ask which makes them stare at me in shock.

”you know how to play muggle chess?” Ron asked

”yes my mother used to play it with me before my father banned it”

”well are you any good?-“

”-we’d like to see” the twins commented 

“I’m not that good, but I’ll give it a go”

and hour later me and Ron we’re playing wizard chess at a tie of 2-2 when Harry and Ginny walked in and it was obvious that they had been fucking each other.

”heya, what you playin?” Ginny asked 

“wizards chess” Ron muttered

”who’s winning?” Harry asked, I could feel him glaring at me, making my whole body tense up.

”it’s a tie” Ron answered again obviously seeing my discomfort.

there was a tension in the room until Mr Weasley stood up and left.

after 15 minutes of an awkward silence mrs Weasley waked in. “Come on dears, time for dinner”


at dinner, I sat in between Fred and george, them making sure I was eating properly and staying healthy whilst also having a glaring competition with Harry whilst they were being glared at by Arthur and he was being glared at by Molly and, you get the idea.


it was cold and dark, i only had a small cloth which was rough and dirty covering my private parts. My arms were sore from the ropes and I was crying in a corner.

i heard the door unlock.

”oh, you didn’t leave?” He asked “I thought you would’ve” he smirked at me.

”you know there’s only two that are looking for you, no one else cares about you malfoy, what would your father think if he saw you like this. Weak, broken, a freak” he spat out that last word before kicking me in the chest and stomach, me screaming in pain and agony.

and then he raped me


and again

and again

until I blacked out from unconscious and pain...


I woke up in a dart, looking around the dark warm room that the Weasleys had told me to stay in. 

another nightmare.

i kept getting them and it was getting upsetting, knowing the monster who raped me, was living under the same roof for weeks.

I slowly got out of my bed, I didn’t bother putting in the cover spell, since it was too dark to see the bump anyway and I walked down the hall to a specific room.


you could tell who’s room was who’s, due to the big letters in the front of the doors, for example:

ginnys and a big G

rons had a big R

And the twins had a big F&G on theirs.


i came to the door I was looking for, the door with the big F&G on it.

i knocked before a sleepy fred opened the door, seeing me and immediately dragging me in.

”who was it”George mumbled from his blanket cave.

”it’s draco” fred answered and George jumped out of his cavern quicker than anything I’d ever seen.

”are you ok-“

“-are you hurt-“

”-was it Harry-

“-I’m gonna kill him“ they both started

”no, no I’m fine” I assured “I just had a nightmare and got scared” I blushed after admitting that and the twins gave me a sympathetic look.

”well we can’t have that can we-“

”-no we can’t” and they both got up, grabbing blankets and pillows, me staring at them in confusion.

”what are you doing” I asked

”we’re making a makeshift bed on the floor-“ 

“-so we can all sleep together-“

”-so we can watch you-“

”-and make sure you don’t have another nightmare-“

”-and if you do, we’ll be right there” the twins explained 

I smiled and tears of happiness formed in my eyes (damn these emotions).

we all got in the makeshift bed, me facing George  who was hugging me for the front and fred was hugging me from the back, it didn’t take long for me to fall asleep and I didn’t have any nightmares that night.


harrys POV:


It was midnight and I was waking through the Weasley house, looking for dracos room.

when I found it, I snook in to find his bed empty and cold, like he had been gone for a while.

i looked in everyone’s rooms fo find him in the twins rooms with all three of them fast off and snuggled together on a makeshift bed in the floor.

ill leave him be for now

twins POV:


we were faking to be asleep when Harry walked in, when he left we opened our eyes and stared at each other agreeing that we weren’t gonna let Harry touch a hair on dracos head and he’d have to go through them before he could even get in a metres distance with him.