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There was an extra spring in Tony’s step that day as he made his way into his building. Tony loved his job; working for research and development at the company he’d inherited from his late father allowed him the financial freedom to do what he liked at Stark Industries. As the leader in environmentally friendly electronics, business at SI was booming. The heavy lifting (and frankly, more mundane) aspects of running a multi-billion dollar enterprise was left to his CEO, a frighteningly efficient beta named Pepper.

However, it wasn’t the anticipation of a day tinkering in the lab that had the alpha in such high spirits. Today was the day Tony would finally get to meet his omega.

Tony had enjoyed his fair - okay, more than fair - share of partners over the years. Mostly betas, but even a fellow alpha or two, when he was feeling more adventurous. But none of his trysts or embarrassingly brief relationships had ever brought a feeling of connection or completion. At 52, Tony knew he was getting up there in age, not that he would ever admit that out loud, or to Pepper, God forbid. But as he got older, he was becoming more cognizant of the fact that he was missing out on something in life. A partner to share the ups and downs of his career; someone to come home to after making a breakthrough in the lab; someone who could cook him dinner to make sure he was eating properly.

Luckily, there was a simple solution for Tony’s desires. The Omega Registry. Decades ago, the government decided to put it into law that all omegas be married by the time they turned 18. At first, no one really objected to it. Omegas were built to be homemakers; they were always happiest caring for an alpha and pups. It just worked. Recently there was some talk stirring about abolishing the Omega Registry Act, making arrangements void and illegal. Some states already had. But it was mostly just that, talk. Talk that did not concern Tony.

What did concern Tony was Peter Parker.

Peter Parker, who by this time tomorrow, would be Peter Stark. The thought alone made the alpha’s cock twitch in his slacks. Peter was a perfect omega. Tony had first laid eyes on the kid when he was looking through the photos of omegas on the registry. Pep had laid out a stack of suitable sounding omegas from the area around Tony’s house in the suburbs surrounding SI. As soon as Tony flipped over Petey’s and saw his boy’s photo, he was entranced.

Soft brown curls, milky white skin, and huge honey eyes that gazed out at him with palpable intelligence. Not to mention those plump, pink lips, slightly shiny from where he’d probably just run his little tongue over it, lips that were going to look perfect stretched around his knot…

Fuck, Tony really needed to change his train of thought or he’d end up having to rub one out at work, and he didn’t fancy that when he would soon have a soft, welcoming omega of his own, always ready, warm and slick for Tony….


Anyway, once he’d laid eyes on his baby boy, he’d had Pep draw up the contract right then. He’d learned that his boy had lost his parents at an early age - car accident, or something - and was currently living in Queens with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, both betas. Peter was freshly 18, and when Tony finally contacted the Parkers, they were shocked and thrilled that such a wealthy and influential man was interested in their boy.

Hell, Tony was more than just interested, but he didn’t want the Parkers to start making any outrageous demands if they learned just how desperate he was to own Peter.

Daydreams about his omega made the rest of the day go by in a blur. Tony knew he was absolutely useless in the lab that day, but being your own boss came with the perks of not having anyone to really answer to. Besides, the latest StarkPhone had come out just two weeks ago, and sales were still going strong. Tony could afford an unproductive day every now and then.

As he slid into the sleek Audi he drove to and from his building to his home a few miles away, his mind drifted to what was set to transpire that evening.

Peter Parker would arrive at his not-so-humble abode in the exclusive suburban neighborhood he’d chosen to settle down in, followed by the government official he’d requested for the event. Tony didn’t want his marriage to be front page stuff - just a simple ceremony to bind his omega to him, followed by a lifetime of wedded bliss.

Petey’s Aunt and Uncle would probably be there, too, he mused. It would be nice to meet the people who had helped raise his boy. Maybe they could offer some advice on how to make Petey feel more at home. While the alpha in Tony purred at the thought of mating the boy right away, common sense told him it would be best to wait until they really got to know one another to exchange mating bites and properly consummate their union. After all, it was only marriage that was required from an of-age omega. Plenty of alphas married omegas as a way to help them avoid unwanted matches. Hell, Tony had even fucked a few of the so-called “liberated omegas,” - he had nothing against omegas who wanted to have multiple partners or experiment before settling down with a mate, but something primal and dark inside Tony relished the fact that Peter was being delivered to him a virgin.

The drive home was as much of a blur as his day at work, his thoughts of Peter making the usual frustration of traffic and overcrowded roadways nonexistent. Tony parked his car in the large garage attached to his house, the AI system automatically locking everything up behind him.

Tony strolled into the kitchen, his anticipation for Peter’s arrival growing. The alpha checked his messages on his StarkPhone as he popped the cap on a beer - nothing new since he last checked it while leaving work.

That was okay, though, he thought, migrating to the plush designer couch in his living room. Peter wasn’t scheduled to be there until 6:30, and it was only 6:00. No news was good news, right?

Tony allowed thoughts of his omega to occupy him as he finished his beer - he’d limit it to just one tonight. He wanted to be fully aware when he finally met his boy.

The alpha decided to change from his work attire - wrinkled dress slacks admirably paired with a ratty old t-shirt and blazer that cost more than most people paid a month in rent - into something more suitable for getting married.

Fuck. He was getting married.

After changing into a less-wrinkled pair of slacks and a crisp white button down, Tony spent a few minutes attempting to coax his hair into something that resembled order. The slightly nervous energy that possessed him - not that Tony Stark would ever admit to such a feeling - drove him to fuss with his hair more than he usually did. He wanted Petey to find him attractive. He knew he was damn good looking, but the alpha couldn’t help himself.

Tony briefly considered using a spritz of the alpha cologne Rhodey had given him for his last birthday, but ultimately decided that he wanted Peter’s first whiff of him to be nothing but his natural scent.

God, what would Peter smell like? Tony imagined that the boy would smell like wildflowers and honey, pure and sweet and innocent...

The alpha was interrupted from his train of thought by the sound of his doorbell echoing through the house. His heart leaped at the sound, and he immediately abandoned his efforts with his hair to hurry to the door.

A peek out the frosted glass window of the door revealed a lone, tall figure. Tony’s excitement waned a bit upon realizing it was just the officiant, and not his omega, but it was a tangible sign of his future mate’s impending arrival, so he let the man in with a winning smile.

“You must be Mr. Stark,” the man greeted, extending his hand for a friendly shake. Tony picked up the scent of mated alpha on the man - a scent he was eager to have as well.

“And you must be Mr. Denning,” Tony greeted, releasing the man’s hand to gesture to the living room, “Please, come on in, have a seat.”

Mr. Denning sat down on the plush sofa Tony had recently vacated.

“I assume we’re only waiting on your omega?” the man asked, opening the small briefcase he had tucked under his arm.

“That’s right,” Tony replied, closing the door and moving to join Mr. Denning in the living room. “His name is Peter.”

“Lovely name for an omega. And might I just add, it’s an honor to be the one performing this marriage for you, Mr. Stark,” Mr. Denning stated, pulling out an expensive looking fountain pen.

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it, you know?” chuckled Tony, subtly glancing towards the front door. The clock above the large flat-screen television read 6:32.

“As you should be, Mr. Stark,” the other alpha replied with a smile, “being mated is truly wonderful. I hope your marriage to Peter will be everything you hope for.”

Yeah, thought Tony with another glance towards the door, so do I.