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Forever mine

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"Kacchan! Please stop!"

"Just stay still you damn nerd!"

Every morning before school Kacchan will scent me. 


Because there are alot of alphas who want to claim me. 

At least that is what Kacchan told me. 

I am pretty sure he is just being protective. 


"Fuck. Omega! Calm down baby! I just want to make sure that everyone knows you belong to someone."

"But Alpha I am fine. You worry too much babe."

"Maybe but I rather worry than seeing some asshole around you."

"Ok Alpha..."

"Love ya baby."

"Love you too!"

Our Alpha and Omega are very lovey dovey. 

Kacchan and I aren't.

They are kind of like our twins but that leave in our brains. 

The usually take control when I am in danger or in heat or when Kacchan has his rut or he is down.

Our Alpha and Omega are making out like crazy. 

The really don't care who sees them.


Fucking Alpha. 

Always wanting to get in that Omegas pants 

We both know that is not true Katsuki. 

We both love our Izuku, our sweet Omega.

Fuck off.

And cut it out with the kissing you ass!

I haven't seen our baby for since friday. I really missed him!

That reminds me...

When is the claiming happening?

I know we are still in high school but I made up my mind. 

We both did.

Izuku is our Omega. 

For fuck sakes...

Yeah, yeah, we will claim him. 



Aaahhh Kacchan better take control cause we are getting hard. 

Why can our Alpha just claim us? 

I really wanna belong to our Katsuki!


Me too. 

But this isn't our decision.

The Alpha decides when he wants to claim his Omega. 

I know but I still hope that it will happen soon. 

I love our Alpha after all.

Yeah... Me too Omega.


After school Kacchan and I decided to go to his place. 

"Oi! Get on the bed!"

"Are we going to mate Kacchan?"

"No. We are going to talk about feelings. YES! OF COURSE WE ARE STUPID!"

"Ok Kacchan..."

"Why else would I bring your ass over?"

Maybe he just wants a good fuck.

Maybe he just wants to fuck me because I can't say no to him.

Izuku stop thinking like this. 

Our Alpha loves us!

No he doesn't!

I started to cry. 

I can't take this anymore.


What the fuck is wrong with him?

Why did he think I got him here for?

Maybe to claim him?

Pff yeah right. 

Hey dumbass! 

What do you want fucker?

Our Omega is crying! 

Wait... What?

I turned to see that Izuku had tears in his eyes.

Oh fuck. 


Stupid Katsuki!

Stupid Alpha!

Stupid me for having feelings for such a jerk!



"Hey what's wro-"

"It's over!"


"You heard me! It's over! I am sick of being treated like this! I deserve a better Alpha FUCK YOU KATSUKI!"

And I ran. 

As fast as I could. 


What the fuck?

Good job Katsuki. 

Our Izuku doesn't want us anymore.

Like hell he doesn't!


I have to do something. 

To prove to him that I love him. 

Finally being honest? 

Fuck off! 


Oh I know what to do. 


Stupid Kacchan... 

I cried all night. 

Even asked my Omega to leave me alone. 

I am the worst... 



I turned around to see Katsuki with roses? Red roses.


"I am fucking sorry! I love you! I really do and I promise that I will love you until the last rose dies!"

But the roses will die pretty quickly... 


One of them is fake. 

Oh my God. 

"K-Kacchan! I am sorry too! I missed you!"

He put his arms around me. 

And after that I felt a sharp bite.

He is biting my neck. 

Is Kacchan...?

Izuku! Our Alpha! He is claiming us! Finally!!! 

Oh my God... He actually is.

I am sooo happy!

I also bit him back.

When an Alpha let's his Omega bit him it means equality. 

Ah he really wants us together. 

The claiming was over. 

Now we belong to each other. 

"I love you Kacchan. I am glad that you are my Alpha."

"I love you too Izuku. You are the kind of Omega that any Alpha would give anything to have."

Love you Alpha!!! 

Love you too baby! Now we can hear each other all the time! 

Yeah! I am soooo happy!!!

Me and Kacchan weren't happy but at least this way we might actually become lovey dovey.

No fucking way nerd! 

Ah ok...

Not yet... 

Hehe love you Kacchan!

Love ya too Izuku.

My cute fucking Omega.