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1. Bellatrix's first bout of wild magic occurs when she is five years old and thoroughly annoyed with her youngest sister's propensity to steal her favorite doll. Narcissa bursts into tears when she finds that Nymphadora the Doll's golden locks have been replaced with a shock of pink hair. Andromeda claps her hands in delight, and a satisfied grin spreads across Bellatrix's face.


2. While she harbors no romantic interests for any of her suitors, it highly amuses her to watch them battle for her attentions. She is the black rose of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black and men clamor to win her hand in marriage with golden gifts and sacred promises. 

Rodolphus Lestrange makes no such effort. He gazes at her without abandon, and Bellatrix glares back openly, waiting for his flush of embarrassment. She's accustomed to being looked upon with desire, but Rodolphus's eyes are dark and spectral--an unknown abyss.

Everyone is surprised when she chooses him for a husband. There are men with an older lineage, more land and gold, greater political power. But it is Rodolphus who gives her something to believe in. Someone to believe in. 


3. It is night when Bellatrix returns from receiving the mark of her master. She cradles her left arm as she approaches the gates to her home. Above her, constellations twinkle with secrets of another era; below her, the earth sparkles in a gleaming blanket of freshly fallen snow. 

The gates are open, and there are fresh footsteps in the snow. 

Andromeda's bed is empty and Bellatrix wonders if this is what heartbreak feels like.


4.  Unlike his cousin, Sirius doesn't leave quietly in the night. He chooses the evening of Bellatrix's wedding for his final rebellion.

While the rest of the family is trying to placate her hysterical aunt, Bellatrix watches as her newly-disowned cousin soars away on his broomstick. Sirius's long black hair flies behind him in the wind, and she is inexplicably reminded of curtains falling. Of veils. 


5. "Bella. What do you know of pain?"

Lord Voldemort's curse hits her before she has a chance to answer. 


6.   She hears the sound of Aurors breaking into their sanctuary. Frank Longbottom twitches uncontrollably while his wife Alice mutters unintelligibly from the floor. Rodolphus and Rabastan still have their wands trained on the couple, and Barty nervously looks at the rattling doors.


The doors smash into pieces as the Aurors stream into the room and surround them. 

Bellatrix laughs maddeningly. 


7. At her trial, she sits in the chained chair as if it were a throne. 

A throne fit for the lady of a lord. Her lord. 


8. They say that nothing can grow in Azkaban. There is no birth or bloom, and everything falls into decay. 

As she runs her fingers across the mark on her forearm that burns after fifteen years, Bellatrix thinks of how wrong they are.


9. The expression on her nephew's face when he learns of his new task reminds her of another young Death Eater she had once known.

For the sake of her sister, she  hopes that Draco will not meet the same fate as Regulus.


10. As she watches Sirius fall into the archway, she realizes that he will not leave a corpse. 

Bellatrix makes sure to not make the same mistake when it is Nymphadora's turn.