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Bakudeku *oneshots*

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it was around midnight, and Izuku hadn't left his room. Katsuki sate at the dining room table waiting to see the other boy come down. he had a cup of coffee in his hand, slowly sipping the hot drink. izuku was the first door on the first floor, so katsuki was hoping to catch him when he finally came out. he knew Izuku wasn't asleep due to his lights being on, but after about four hours of waiting, he thought he might have been wrong.

as it turned midnight, katsuki started to get up thinking it was a lost cause, but he finally heard the small click come from the boys door. katsuki immediately looked over, sitting back down slowly. he watched as the boy stuck his head out, looking down both halls. he then sighed and walked out. katsuki watched him leave, heading to the showers.

katsuki got up as soon as the boy was out of sight and walked to his room.

the blond looked around, hoping to find what was so important that izuku didn't leave his room for more then a day. katsuki couldn't find the reason.

he was about to walk out, but then thought to look again. he walked around trying to think of a good hiding place. he thought, where would deku hide his secrets. his eyes then went wide as he turned to eye the closet. he slowly walked over, opening the doors when he got in front of the closet. looking in was a mistake.

dildos littered the closet floor.

katsuki closed his eyes then opened them, hoping that he was seeing things, but as soon as he opened them, he knew he wasn't. he then heard a sound from outside as he ran for the door. he looked out making sure it wasn't Izuku. but, it was just Todoroki getting a glass of water.

the blond then walked back in, closing the closet hoping to leave no evidence.

he walked back to his dorm, happy he made that decision as izuku walked out of the elevator, ruffling his hair. katsuki sighed as he opened his door.

the blond didn't sleep well that night.

everytime his eyes started to close they would just reopen as he thought about his deku, using those toys. he rolled around in bed, finally falling asleep at about two.

the next day, katsuki walked into the kitchen. he looked around as his brain kept telling him to go back to bed. the common room was quiet but that just made it worse as katsuki lumped into the kitchen.

he got a cold glass of water and started to walk back. "kacchan!" katsuki's eyes opened wide as he turned around to get a hug from deku. "what are you doing, why'd you only just get up." katsuki then looked at his phone a little confused. it was around noon.

"im not feeling good."

"do you need my help?"

"no thanks." katsuki then got out of izuku's hold and walked down the hall. izuku watched as he left, a little bit of sadness in his stance. he didnt know what was wrong and wished he could help. little did he know, katsuki was okay going to kirishima's.

the blond walked over to the redheads door as he stud, giving a small knock.

the redhead opened the door, seaming as he just got up but he had gotten up hours before. "bakugo, whats up."

"we need to talk."

"why?" kirishima asked, but katsuki just walked in. kirishima then closed his door.

the two talked about what katsuki saw. almost as soon as katsuki said he was taking his time with deku, kirishima said that that was a bad idea. katsuki couldn't figure out why, so kirishima said that it was making things worse. katsuki just left being dumbfounded by kirishima's answer.

that night, katsuki made his way to izukus dorm. he walked up to the door, raising his fist to knock, but he stopped as a quick moan came from inside the boys room. katsuki rose a brow as he finally knocked. he then heard a few thumbs, and a few 'ow's' until izuku finally came to the door. the greenette opened the door, looking as if he got into a fight. "oh, kacchan. what are you doing here so late."

"what, can i not come see my boyfriend?"

"oh, yeah, sorry." katsuki just shrugged as he walked past the boy. he sate down on the boys bed, his eyes going straight for the closet. izuku walked over to him and sate down next to the blond. they then sate in silence for what felt like hours.

izukus head went down, his eyes widening as he got all the way down. he then used his foot to kick something under his bed. he was hoping katsuki didn't notice, but he was wrong. "what was that deku."

"oh nothing." but katsuki knew it was something. he leaned down, looking under the bed only to look right back up to izuku.

"there is dildo under your bed." katsuki then saw izukus face go a bright red. katsuki stuck his hand under the bed and pulled out the silicone. he looked at it then looked back to izuku who was a blushing mess. katsuki tried to control himself, but before he knew it, he was pinning izuku to the bed. "what, i not good enough."

"but, i didn't think you wanted to." izuku then looked off to the side.

"when the fuck did i say that." he then lifted a brow, showing that he was a little upset. izuku just seemed sad with his face still to the side.

"I'm sorry." the boy mumbled. katsuki seemed mad but he felt bad for what he did. he wanted to make his relationship with izuku perfect, and maybe now was the perfect time to do that.

before he knew it. katsuki had grabbed izukus face, bringing his lips down to the others. almost as soon as katsuki touched his lips to izukus, he put his tongue in the other boys mouth, making the other moan softly.

the two made out for a minute or two before katsuki started to undo izukus fly from under his body. the boy then let go. "i dont know about this kacchan." izuku said, a blush on his face. katsuki just rolled his eyes as he got up off of the greenette. he walked over to the closet, opening it. he looked back to izuku who was covering his face in embarrassment. katsuki got down on his knees as he picked up a pair of handcuffs. he walked back to the boy, grabbing his wrists and putting the cuffs on them then onto the bed post. izuku looked at both of his sides, stress filling his mind. katsuki then licked his bottom lip as he got down, putting his teeth around izukus neck, getting another moan from the boy, this time a little louder.

katsuki continued to suck and bite at izukus neck, loving the moan that filled his ears. he then bite down on a particular spot that made izuku's cock twitch awake. Katsuki smirked from around his neck. The blond took his hand and slid it into izukus pants a second time, finally being able to do so.

The blond started to slowly stroke at the males hard cock as he got even more moans to fill his ears. He then let go of the boys neck as he slid down, his stomach touching the top of izukus bedspread. 'all might, of course' Katsuki thought to himself. He started to slowly take off izukus pants. He looked up to the boy who seemed to be trying not to scream. But katsuki kept going as he pulled the boys pants all the way down to his thighs. His eyes then went wide as he stared at izukus large cock. But katsuki kept going anyway as he took izukus giant length into his hands. He started to stroke painfully slow why looking up to the greenette.

He had his face to his arm, mumbling some stuff as he blushed. Katsuki just rolled his eyes and started to speed up his movement. He then watched as izukus back hitched while his body started to shake.

Katsuki had never seen this side of izuku before and after he did, He knew he would want to see it again.

As a few minutes past, katsuki started to get tired as he put his head down to the bed, his hand still going, his arm feeling like shit. He lifted his head slightly to turn alittle seeing izuku shakeing and seeming as he was going to hyperventilate. Katsuki lifted a brow as he watched the weird actions of izuku.

Soon, the boy stopped shaking, now fully hyperventilating. Katsuki then lifted his head up. The first thing he noticed was the white semen on his hand. He then looked up to izuku who mumbled a quick 'sorry'. Katsuki just smiled, getting back up as he laid his body on izuku clothed one. "Your fine."

Izuku then looked to katsuki, immediately looking away. But katsuki just smirked as he got down, lifting the boys legs in the process. He looked down to the other who was biting his bottom lip. Katsuki then took his hand as he put his middle and ring finger in his mouth. He licked his fingers before he took them out. He slowly positioned his two fingers at the other boys whimpering hole. Then, without hesitation, slid his fingers in as he watched izuku squeak from below him. He then started to go faster as he went knuckle deep into izuku.

The blond kept going until he heard a quick moan from the other. He then looked down as he stopped. He then looked back up as he rolled his fingers, the other throwing his head back as far as he could. Katsuki then knew he had found izuku's prostate. He kept hitting that same spot, loving the soft and high moans from the other.

Katsuki finally pulled out within about a half hour. He watched as the boy whined. "What. I was almost finished, why'd you stop?" Katsuki just looked down to the boy, knowing he was telling the truth as right before he pulled out, a heaping of percum came from the greenette.

"Well, I need to have my go." Katsuki said as he started undoing his belt. That just made the other seem to freak out. Katsuki already knew this was going to be hard. He had lost his virginity to one of the teachers in middle school, but izuku still had his.

Katsuki just kept on as he unzipped his fly, his noticeable hard on in his Jean's. As he slide them down to his thighs, the cold air hit his hard cock quick as it flow out. He looked down at both him and izukus telling that the other seemed to be more then two inches bigger.

But, katsuki didnt care, all he knew was that he was glad izuku was the bottom. He then got infront of the boy as he put his hand on the mattress right next to the boys side. He looked back down, positioning himself with the other boys gapping hole.

The blond then slowly sinked himself into the other, getting a satisfied moan from izuku. He let the other get used to his size before he was taking his hips back then slamming them right back in.

Katsuki lifted his body up as he picked up the greenettes legs and tossed them over his shoulders. He took both of his arms and wrapped them around the others thick thighs. He then started to snap out then back in at a normal speed.

He watched as izuku tried to get his arms out of there hold. He was squirming like crazy. Katsuki could tell he was going to cum, so he stopped. "God dang it Kacchan, why."

"Well, I want to watch you squirm deku." Katsuki then gave a smirk. Izuku just looked away feeling alittle embarrassed from basically telling his lover that he was close. It made him feel off. But before he could think more about it, katsuki was slamming his hips back into him.

Katsuki kept going at a dangerously fast speed. He watched as the greenette moaned loudly as he arched his back and crossed his legs around the blonds back. Katsuki loved this side of deku but he didnt feel right. He then looked around, then back to izuku. He then got down as he kept slamming his hips, soon getting his teeth back around izukus neck, making the boy gasp.

The blond kept biting and sucking hickeys into the green haired boys neck. He liked to hear the gasps come from the other. Then without thinking, katsuki went faster as he slammed into the boy at an inhuman pace. The blond got back up as he grabbed the others legs, slamming back in over and over.

His fast speed was causing the greenette to moan nonstop. From under him, izuku was a mess as he tried hard to pull his wrists free from the restraints. Katsuki just let him do it, he had a feeling the boy would get out, but watching him struggle was fun.

For about another half hour, katsuki slammed as fast as he could into izuku, only stopping when he knew the boy was almost finished. But, he wanted to be first as izuku had already finished once. Katsuki soon started to go faster as the warmth in his lower stomach started to get worse. He could tell he was close as the pace was bruising. Izuku was trying hard to not yell as the pain was great but unbearable. There was more pleasure then pain and it was driving his insides insane.

Katsuki started to groan from Above the boy as the warmth turned from just warmth to another as he pulled out and continued to finish on izuku, as the hot liquid burst out of his manly hood.

The blond continues to breath heavy as he came down from his high. He then looked up to izuku who seemed to be annoyed with the feeling of being close but not getting the release. Katsuki then smirked as he grabbed the other boys cock and started to pump at it as fast as he could. He then watched as the boy throw his head back and ropes of cum came shooting from his weeping cock.

Katsuki soon got down right next to the boy as they both breathed heavily. Katsuki then looked to his side as he saw how tired izuku looked. They head been fucking for about an hour.

Izuku then looked back to the blond as he breathed out, "that" the boy then gave a smile.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that."


"I'm fucking kidding nerd." Katsuki then turned over to now face the boy. "Dont worry, I had fun to." He then smirked at the boy who was now breathing normaly.

"Well, I'm, can I ask you something?"

"What nerd."

"Can you take off these handcuffs, my wrists hurt." Katsuki then looked up, grabbing the cuffs around izukus wrists and undoing them. "Thanks." Izuku said, rubbing his wrists.

Both boys laid there for what felt like hours. Katsuki got up as he looked over, seeing that izuku had fallen asleep. He sighed then checked the time. It was around one in the morning.

The next day when katsuki walked into the kitchen to get water, he was tackled by kirishima. "How was your night."

"Fine, why." Katsuki said, taking a drink of his ice water.

"I dont know, because my dorm in above you midoriyas and, well, you where loud." Kirishima then got a hand and boom to the face.

Katsuki walked away as he growled. He walked back to his own dorm, opening the door and walking in, closeing the door behind him.

He walked to his bed and sate his water to his side on his table. He laid down in bed as he closed his eyes.

He laid for a while before the night before came into his mind. He then smirked as he knew, izuku wouldn't be walking straight for weeks.