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Moral of the Story

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Uraraka Ochako hated it when they said ‘We’re just surprised you lasted as long as you did’


She hated it even more when they said ‘But he worshipped the ground you walked on!’


There were slivers of painful truth in both sentences. She wasn’t surprised they lasted as long as they did. They’d planned for a life together after all. She was surprised they couldn’t make it work.


And with the latter.


It was true at one point.


He had worshipped the very ground she walked on at some point in time. Until he was done, tired, absolutely over it.


Over her.


Ochako took her boots off, this hero suit would be going in the bin, and if she didn’t get a suspension she would need to break out the new one she’d been saving.


She supposed she should be thankful that it had been four months since he sent the email to their publicists about the end of their relationship when the media caught up, rather than when it had just happened. What a trip that would have been.


She already reacted badly enough.


She needed to change that, she hated how she was without him, and she hated how she was reacting without him even more.


They hadn’t stopped being partners when they were deployed in missions, no matter how hard it was to keep up, that email only signified they would have preferred if they had as little missions together as possible, but this one was impossible.


Katsuki had been the primary and she was support.


What a huge mistake she’d made.


She was only supposed to help him and his sidekicks get to and fro from rescuing civilians and fighting villains, but she focused so much on not trying to miss him more with every time he called for her because he needed her quirk that she’d neglected to measure how close she was getting to reaching her weight limit.


That was weak of her.


One second she’s propelled five heroes into a collapsing building and running towards an opposite one to make sure it didn’t domino itself into a skyscraper filled with office-workers when she just.


When she just blacked out and had twelve stories of concrete collapse right on top of her.


As far as she had been notified she was out for a few hours, but she remembered waking up and staying still despite the fact that she was strong enough to use her quirk and save herself. She made the conscious decision to stay still for another hour.


What a horrible hour it had been.


She was stuck in a tiny little dark cavern, lungs filled with dust and mind filled with the terrible want to just.






She stayed there unmoving until she shook her own depression off and thought of how her parents still had left over debt and…


And honestly that was all she could think of to finally get herself out of the wreck.


The first light that shone on her were cameras.


She was on the opposite side of the pile of concrete and metal from where the rescuers were looking for her, she was where the reporters were huddled and it seemed they hadn’t been made aware of the fact that she was the only person left to rescue.


Because the first question they asked her was how she felt after breaking up with Ground Zero.


It would be the biggest lie in the world if she’d denied she didn’t wish she’d been crushed in that dark little hole.


Maybe it would have been better than being crushed with the realization that he was here, and she’d have to answer to him.


But then she’d turned around, and though there were other heroes jogging towards her accompanied by paramedics he stayed sat on the curb across the street, and with the coldest expression on his face he yelled her hero name and ordered a report.


fuck, man, if that didn’t hurt.


Maybe she should have regretted the worry she spread and the time wasted and a few lives of rescuers jeopardized more than she regretted he hadn’t loved her enough to worry if she had survived.


Back in their agency she took her boots and plopped them in the dark empty breakroom.


There was a slam across the hall and she knew it was her turn to report to their boss.


He didn’t look when they passed in the hall.


Neither did she.


that would be a lie.




She was lucky she wasn’t suspended, a forced leave for a month was enough of a reprimand.


Now that she finally had the time, it was time to set her situation straight with all the people she blew up on right after they’d broken up.




“Ochako! I’m on patrol at the moment but I can talk for a bit.”


“I lied.”


She left the best blankets that were worth anything at all back in their shared flat. It was cold in her old thin blankets she’d tried to bury herself in now.


“About what?” Deku laughed over the phone.


There was nothing she quite appreciated nowadays than a friend who would listen to her for as long as she needed simply because he was just that nice, but not nice enough to come over.


Or really have a choice, and maybe that was her being a coward, to call a friend she knew wouldn’t be able to come over and see exactly how far she had let herself go.


He was across an entire ocean after all.


So far away.


Just how she liked her friends nowadays.


“About what I said… he said on that day.”


The sound of a door closing and Deku’s sigh gave her comfort, he loved her, she knew that, and so did she, the bond they’d formed as children grew so much more stronger throughout the years, tears dripped down her cheeks and soaked her ear lobes.


She stared at the ceiling.


“He didn’t say he was tired of me or none of that… I was just. I was angry.”


“I know.” Deku’s voice was deep, it lulled her to sleep.


The next day, with Deku’s encouragement, she called her parents and confessed the same, they had the same reaction.


And so, there was only the last few people she had to straighten things out with.


She laughed to herself as she opened up their deserted group.


“The bakusquad.”


There were very fond memories shared with these people.


The smile fell away from her face, a shiver swept through her spine, and oh what a terrifyingly strong feeling the drop of fear was that slammed in her abdomen.


What was she afraid of?


These were her friends!



But they were his friends too, and she hadn’t spoken to them since that day and… neither had they.


The day they officially ended it with his email to their boss and her drunken voice ranting about him on so many group chats she had been a part of.


What a shame she was.


But this would be fine, they’d all confirmed they would be where they hung out the most before, she knew he wouldn’t be there. They would have been on duty with each other had she not been advised to take a leave.


Ochako made her way to the boys’ flat.




They had lasted five years, right when Deku took his internship abroad.


Ochako knew it wasn’t a good idea to dwell on what they could have done different because no matter how careful she might have been with him she hadn’t known him enough to see he’d do what he’d done, and she would retaliate the ways she did.


How well did she truly know him?


Or was it that she only ever knew stuff about him but… to really know him… was that something she had mistaken for the same?


She knew special things, like how his quirk worked, what his favourite kind of food was, what he sounded when he wasn’t angry, but two out of those three things were things the entire nation knew about.


Thoughts of how little she really knew of him because of how content they were to make new memories together instead of exploring any deeper with each other plagued Ochako as she made her way to her friends’ home.




“We knew you didn’t mean to lie, Ocha.” Kyouka sat with her arm draped over Denki’s shaking shoulders.


It was odd but she supposed she should have expected what with Denki’s soft heart, that he would be near to as heartbroken about the entire break up as she was.


He sniffled and leaned on his knees as he listened to Ochako’s apology about what she had said about their friend all those months ago.


“Ochako, how are you now?”


She never answered Mina’s question because of the blonde boy still in his too-cool hero suit sobbing out a question.


“You were so perfect for each other?! What even really happened?”


Ochako pursed her lips.


“I could say nothing, then I could also say everything.” She shrugged and felt the heavy sliver of guilt wrap around her heart “Sometimes… relationships just don’t work out, Denki-kun. But don’t you worry, one day, a long time from now, we’ll be together laughing about how odd of a couple we were. We’ll be laughing about this together soon enough.”


She tried for the grin and the smile, but when Kyouka hid her eyes in her hair Ochako’s lips quivered, she was crying too, huh?


“Damn, break-ups!” It was Mina’s turn to try and cheer the room up.


The last two people who had yet to say anything to her were Sero and Kirishima.


The absence of a smile on Sero’s face was painful enough. The coldness on Eijirou’s… baffled her.


“Well, since I’ve been advised to go on leave for a month,” she slapped her hands on her knees “I’m thinking of splurging and going to visit Deku-kun! Maybe stay with him until he makes his homecoming next month!”


Sero straightened up at that, but it was Eijirou who spoke.


“You always go back to him.”


Ochako’s sad smile fell.


When it came back, tears streamed her red cheeks “Yes… well.” She didn’t know how to respond, not because she didn’t know what to say to him.


But because nobody else made a move to defend her.


Ochako looked around the room and when she met Sero’s eyes… she realized he was the only one that was looking at her.


With pity.


“Kiri.” He gave Eijirou a soft slap on the bicep, the young man only turned away.


Ochako nodded.


So it was going to be like that.


It wasn’t enough that the room smelled so much like when they were all happy together, it wasn’t enough that the memories the familiarity brought choked her.


The atmosphere was destroyed.


She couldn’t even remember when the last time she felt uncomfortable with her friends was.


Surely it must have been in high school.


So long ago.


Ochako went home feeling lighter that day.


A few friends up and thrown, evicted from the caverns of her heart.


Who needed friends like those anyway?


Her tears answered her own question.


She cancelled the flight to Deku a week from then, and went on a flight the next day.