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Send The Rain, Send My Love (to everyone)

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It was around ten in the evening when Ava returned to the hospital room where Sara was.

“Okay, I went to the cafeteria but they didn’t have strawberry jello like you wanted, so I had to take the last flavor available. I hope you like pineapple,” she says, too busy looking down at the little package to notice that Sara is out of her bed. Once she finally notices it, her heart jumps in panic. It eventually settles down when she spots the smaller blonde facing the window to her right, her vitals machine still hooked to her left arm.

Ava smiles as she places the jello on the bedside table before stepping closer to Sara, hugging her from behind as her hands rest against her belly. She is careful not to apply too much pressure while she places her head on the smaller blonde’s right shoulder.

“Taking your machine for a walk?” Ava teases and smirks when she earns a light chuckle from Sara.

“Something like that.”

The captain hums before speaking again. “You shouldn’t be out of bed, Sara. You need to rest.”

Sara sighs before placing her hands on top of Ava’s. “I know, but I needed a change of scenery. I got tired of looking at empty white walls.”

Ava nods at that. “I understand. How could anyone resist this city landscape? With all the bright lights illuminating the dark streets, making it look like a starry night sky. It’s beautiful.” She whispers the last word, turning her head so she can place a gentle kiss against Sara’s neck.

The smaller blonde hums at the feeling, closing her eyes. “You’re right…” she sighs. She turns around in Ava’s arms and rests her right hand behind the captain’s neck, her fingers threading through the small hairs there. “No more than you, though,” she husks, her trademark smirk in place.

Ava snorts and shakes her head. “You’re unbelievable, Sara Lance. Even in a state of recovery, you still manage to be smooth,” she says with an amused lilt to her voice, booping Sara’s nose affectionately.

Sara shrugs her shoulders. “One of my many talents,” she says, followed by a wink. She steps on her tiptoes with the intent of kissing Ava on the lips, but as soon as she stretches, a sharp pain shoots from her back to her toes, making her curse and immediately plant her feet on the ground as she grips the taller woman’s shoulder.

Ava’s features quickly turn into a frown as she leans back to get a better look. “Hey, what’s wrong?” she asks, tucking Sara’s hair behind her ears.

“Nothing...” Sara breathes out, clenching her jaw. “I guess I’m still sore from today.”

Ava nods, concern visible all over her face. “Do you want me to take you to bed?”

Sara smirks, raising an eyebrow. “Well, Captain, when you put it like that…”

The other blonde sighs, shaking her head before pressing a quick peck against her lips. “You know what I mean, Sara. You have to lay down and rest,” Ava insists, letting go of Sara to grab her right hand as she walks her to the bed, helping the smaller woman climb onto it, making sure to be careful with the arm that’s still hooked to the machine. Once she is settled, Ava pulls the sheets up to cover her, tucking her in before placing a lingering kiss on her forehead.

“Are you comfortable?”

Sara frowns, an adorable pout on her lips. “I would rather be at home, but I guess this will have to do for now.”

Ava smiles softly at her and uses her right hand to gently scratch her scalp. “I know, but we have to wait for the doctor to clear you, okay? I’m sure it won’t take long now.”

As if on cue, a man dressed in a white coat enters the room. He clears his throat to get their attention.

“Good evening, Miss Lance. My name is Thomas and I’m the doctor who was assigned your case.”

“Good evening, Doc. Please tell me I can go home tonight,” Sara pleads, her voice showing how tired she is.

The doctor smiles at her. “Let’s check your vitals first before we make a final decision,” he tells her as he steps closer, looking at the machine displaying the information. He looks closely at her blood pressure levels and temperature, noticing how good they all look.

“Very well. So far so good,” he says, turning to look at Sara. “As I understood, you inhaled a lot of smoke and were under extreme heat for a while, so obviously one of my main concerns was the state of your heart, lungs, and possible burns you might have. However, the X-rays didn’t show significant damage, and the blood work we did while you were resting also came out clear. As for the burns, you got incredibly lucky. Other than two minor first degree burns, one on your back and another one on your right thigh, we found nothing more.”

Sara’s face turns into a bright smile at his words. “Does that mean I can go home now?”

“Not so fast, I still want to check your breathing,” he lets her know as he takes his stethoscope from around his neck. “Could you lift your scrubs up for me, please?”

Sara nods and does as she is told, holding the fabric up with her right hand while her other one searches for Ava’s. She looks up at the captain, silently asking for her support. Ava immediately understands and wraps both of her hands around Sara’s, squeezing it reassuringly.

The doctor looks between both women, a small smile on his face before he speaks again. “Breathe in,” he tells her as he places his stethoscope atop different areas of her chest. “Breathe out.”

He repeats the process a few more times before he leans back and puts the instrument around his neck again.

“Okay, your lungs sound fine to me, which is great. Now, before I clear you, I just want to make sure that you follow some things.”

Sara nods after pulling her scrubs down again. “Okay.”

“You are going to be feeling some pain over the course of this week, which is perfectly normal. Your body went through a minor trauma, so its way to call for help is by displaying symptoms. You need lots of rest, no exercise, and most definitely no work; unless it’s desk duty. You can also take some painkillers that I’ll be prescribing you, if you feel like you’re in too much pain.” He writes something down on a sheet of paper. When he’s done, he looks up at Sara again. “However, if you feel like the pain is unbearable, even with the painkillers, or if by any chance you find yourself having trouble breathing or experience chest pain, you come to the E.R. right away. Understood, Miss Lance?”

“Yes, don’t worry Doc!” She gives the doctor a mock-salute. He chuckles at her before turning to Ava. “Is she always like this?”

Ava smiles fondly down at Sara. “You have no idea.” 

The man smirks at her words. “Well, I’m glad to know she hasn’t lost her sense of humor, then. Now, I shall leave you to it. A nurse will come in any minute with your discharge papers so you can sign them. I wish you a full and safe recovery, Miss Lance. Have a good night,” he says as he leaves the room.

Sara turns to look up at Ava, a grin on her face. “I’m glad I get to go home.” Her smile quickly fades when she sees Ava’s frown. “Hey, what’s the matter?”

The captain’s concern is obvious as she brings Sara’s hand to her lips and kisses her knuckles gently. “It scares me a little bit, that you’ll be all alone in your house after what happened. What if you suddenly need help and there’s no one there? Or if you have trouble breathing and can’t call 911 in time, or--”

Sara realizes Ava is spiraling and quickly takes her hand back to cup her cheek. “Hey, it’s okay, everything is gonna be okay. You heard the doctor, my lungs and heart are fine, and I’m breathing properly. All I need to do is to rest for a few days and then I’ll be good as new.” She strokes Ava’s cheek softly in assurance.

“Still, something bad could happen-”

“Okay, okay…” Sara sighs before continuing. “What would make you feel less worried?”

An idea comes to Ava’s mind, but taking into account how not even a day ago their relationship was going through a rough patch, she is not sure if it’s such a good one. Her thoughts are interrupted when she hears Sara’s voice calling her.

“Aves? I can hear the cogs inside your head working, so please, just tell me what’s on your mind.”

“Right,” Ava nods, swallowing her nerves before finally speaking. “What about… What do you think about moving in, with me?” She blurts out the last part, leaving Sara with eyes wide open.

“I mean, it would only be temporary and- You know what, just forget it... I know it’s too soon. We just got to talking again and here I am proposing you move in with me. Just, never mind,” she rambles as her cheeks get redder by the second, and Sara can’t help but smile fondly at the state of her.

“Why are you smiling? It’s because it’s stupid, right? I knew it was stupid, I should have never said anything,” Ava mutters, looking down at her shoes.

“No, Ava… Look at me.” Sara tilts Ava’s head up to look at her shimmering grey-blues, noticing how conflicted they look. She smiles warmly, trying to reassure the taller blonde. “I don’t think it’s a stupid idea, you’re just trying to help because you care about me. It’s actually very sweet and kind of you.”

“But?” Ava asks, biting her bottom lip as she waits for Sara to go on.

Sara sighs, licking her lips as she ponders on Ava’s suggestion. “I don’t know if it would be the right thing to do, Ava. Mainly because I don’t want to be a nuisance, but also because I’m afraid that we might end up moving too fast into this new… relationship,” she tells her, motioning between the two of them with her hand.

“I understand,” Ava says with a nod, a resigned look on her face. “I will just drop you off at your apartment.”

“I would like that,” Sara says, even though she can’t help the pressure in her chest at the sight of Ava’s defeated expression. She reaches out and rests her hand against the taller blonde’s neck. “Come here…” she whispers, tugging her head down gently to place a soft kiss against her lips. 

Their mouths move together for a while, until Sara breaks the kiss. “I’ll get through this, Aves. And you can always visit me, alright?” she tries to put as much reassurance in her voice as she can, pressing their foreheads together. “Just try not to worry too much about me.”

Ava nods, leaning back to place a lingering kiss against Sara’s temple.

A couple of minutes later, a nurse finally comes in to help Sara get prepared to leave. She disconnects Sara’s IV and hands her the discharge papers for her to sign while Ava moves to a corner of the room, grabbing a duffel bag that she drops next to Sara on the bed.

“How did that get here?” She raises her eyebrows as she takes in the bag that she usually has inside her locker at the fire station.

Ava smiles at her. “I asked Zari to drop it off earlier - along with a change of clothes for me as well - before she went home to rest. She wanted to wait for you to wake up, but I told her I would stay with you the whole time.”

“Oh, okay. I’ll have to make sure to thank her later.” Sara hands the signed papers to the nurse before climbing off the bed. She drags the bag closer and zips it open, taking out a pair of clean underwear, a black T-shirt, and a pair of grey sweatpants. 

Meanwhile, the nurse addresses her. “Have a safe recovery, Miss Lance,” she tells her before making her way out of the room.

Sara thanks her and then turns to Ava. “Could you close the door, please?”

“Of course,” the captain replies, quickly doing as she is asked. Once the door is closed, she moves closer to Sara again. When she notices she is having trouble untying her scrubs, she reaches for the laces. “Do you need help?” Her breath against Sara’s neck sends shivers down the blonde’s spine.

Sara sighs before nodding, leaning back against Ava. “It seems like my muscles are still not very willing to cooperate.”

The captain chuckles at that and starts to undo the scrubs. She turns around when she is done, so she can give Sara some privacy. 

“Your body shut down, Sara, so the fact that it’s still adjusting to moving again is normal.”

She hears some shuffling and assumes that the smaller blonde is putting on her fresh clothing. A couple of minutes go by before she feels a pair of arms wrapping around her waist and a head resting between her shoulder blades.

Sara sighs against her shirt before pressing a kiss against the top of the fabric. “Thank you for staying by my side the whole time, Aves. I’m sure you must be very tired by now.”

Ava swallows the lump in her throat, holding on to Sara’s hands. “I could never leave you here all alone, Sara. I was so scared… I had to make sure you were going to be alright.” 

The smaller blonde removes her arms from Ava’s waist before requesting for her to turn around. As she does, Sara’s hands go up to cup her cheeks. “I’m fine now. So just try to focus on that, okay?”

Ava vehemently nods, holding on to Sara’s waist as she gets lost in the cool azure of her gentle eyes.

“Now, will you lean down for me?” Sara asks her, and a puzzled look appears on Ava’s face. 


The smaller blonde rolls her eyes affectionately. “Because I want to kiss you, you oblivious woman. And I can’t stretch without being in pain right now, so will you please-”

Ava’s lips on hers quickly cut her off, and she feels herself melt into the feeling of the captain’s body against hers. Ava’s hold on her is firm yet gentle, and her stomach does a somersault at the familiar, pleasant feeling of being in the taller woman’s comforting and strong arms.

Both try to catch their breaths after they part, their pants mixing in the minimal inches between them.

“I should take you home,” Ava tries to reason, even if the raspiness of her voice clearly shows other intentions.

Sara swallows hard, imagining all the things she could be doing with Ava if she wasn’t in the fragile state that she is. She nods before forcing her voice out. “Yeah, that’s probably for the best.”

After a ten-minute cab ride, they finally reach Sara’s apartment building. She is just about to open the car door to get out when Ava’s hand on her arm stops her. “Yes?”

“Let me open the door for you.”

Sara frowns at her. “Ava, you don’t have to do that. I’m perfectly capable of opening a door by myself.”

“Please?” Ava almost pleads, her puppy dog eyes tugging at Sara’s heart until she eventually relents. 

“Fine…” she tells her captain, followed by a half-hearted eyeroll.

Ava smiles and grabs Sara’s duffel bag before climbing out of the cab to walk around to her side, bending down to open the door so the smaller blonde can get out. Once Sara is standing in front of her, a teasing smile appears on her face. 

“Happy?” she asks.

The captain shakes her head. “Not yet. I want to walk you up to your apartment.”

Sara sighs at that. “Aves, come on, you should go home and rest,” she tells the blonde, stepping closer so she can intertwine her hand with Ava’s free one. “I’ll be fine on my own.”

Ava shakes her head one more time. “Nope. Either I walk you up there or we’ll stay here all night out in the street. Your choice.”

A smirk tugs at the corners of Sara’s lips. “Alright, you bossy lady.”

Ava smiles and goes back to the cab, paying the driver as she thanks her for the ride. 

“Come along,” Sara says with an amused lilt to her voice as she tugs Ava in the direction of her building.

Once they are inside, Sara moves to go up the stairs but Ava’s hand stops her. She turns around with a puzzled look. “What’s the matter?”

Ava frowns at Sara’s confusion. “What’s the matter? Sara, you’re not seriously considering climbing several flights of stairs right after you just left the hospital, are you?”

When she doesn’t get an answer, she shakes her head and tugs Sara in the direction of the elevators. She presses the button several times, but nothing happens. She then turns to Sara, her eyebrows raised in a silent question as to what’s going on.

Sara simply gives her a sheepish smile, her free hand going up to scratch behind her neck. “Yeah… About that, the elevator hasn’t been working for a while now.”

Ava scoffs at the information before letting out a breath, her frustration showing through. “Okay, that’s it. You’re coming to stay with me and that’s final.”

Sara frowns at her words and lets out a sigh. “Ava, come on-”

“That’s final, Sara. As your Captain, I order you to stay at my house so you can get the proper rest and care you’ll need to recover.”

Sara narrows her eyes at her before she lets her head fall behind her as a groan escapes her lips. “I suppose I don’t really have a choice here, do I?” she asks as she stares at the ceiling.

“Nope. You really don’t.” Ava’s voice is firm as she steps closer to Sara. When there’s only a few inches between them, Ava squeezes her hand gently while her other one goes to rest on the smaller blonde’s left cheek. Sara brings her head down to face Ava, her chest warming at the captain’s soft smile.

“I know you’re used to your independence and having your own space, but it’s only for a few days, Sara. It will go by in a flash, you’ll see,” Ava tells her, trying to reassure Sara the best she can.

Sara finally gives a small nod, slightly smiling at her words. “Okay.”

After calling for a new cab, they find themselves standing in front of Ava’s apartment door in less than fifteen minutes. As Ava turns the key to the right, she holds the door open for Sara to enter. The small blonde smiles at her and whispers a thank you before she makes her way inside.

Ava trails after her, closing the door behind her and locking it for the night. They stand in the middle of the hallway for a couple of seconds in awkward silence, until Ava’s voice rings through the apartment. “Well, this place is nothing new to you, so please make yourself at home.”

Sara’s mind wanders back to the last time she was here, in Ava’s house. Or more specifically, in Ava’s bed, making the captain moan deliciously under her mouth and deft tongue-

“I should show you where the guest room is,” Ava says, thankfully breaking Sara’s train of thoughts. The latter clears her throat before nodding. “Yeah… That would be nice,” she says, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “I don’t think I ever learned where it is.”

Ava gives her a small smile. “Okay, follow me,” she says before moving through the small hallway until she enters the room right opposite Ava’s. The taller blonde places the duffel bag on top of the bed, turning to look at Sara. “This is it. I know it’s a bit small, but-”

Sara raises her right hand, cutting Ava off. “It’s perfect, Aves, thank you.” She steps closer to the taller blonde and envelops her in a sudden hug, her arms quickly wrapping around Ava’s waist as her cheek rests against her chest. Ava takes a couple of seconds to react, but when she does, her head moves to rest on top of Sara’s, one hand carding through her hair while her other hand places itself on the small of her back. 

She doesn’t say anything, deciding the moment is too perfect to risk being ruined by words she is still too afraid to pronounce. Instead, she simply lets herself indulge in the feeling of Sara’s warm body against hers, how well her frame fits with hers. She wants to commit this moment and feeling to memory, in case she comes to lose it all once again.

Sara’s voice cuts through her thoughts. “Do you mind if I take a shower?” she asks, leaning her head back to look up at Ava, who shakes her head. 

“Of course not. That’s actually very thoughtful of you, because you stink and I really don’t want my apartment reeking because of you.”

Sara punches her on the arm playfully, feigning being offended. “Ava Sharpe, how dare you?!”

Ava shrugs, a smirk appearing on her lips. “I’m just calling it how it is, Sara Lance.”

Sara is now wearing a matching smirk, one eyebrow raised as she rasps, “Oh really? Hm…” she reaches her right hand up to tuck a stray strand of hair behind Ava’s ear before whispering, “What do you say you join me under the water to make sure I get impeccably clean, Captain ? I could certainly use your help with scrubbing my back.” 

Ava’s cheeks quickly turn crimson, her mouth slightly gaping open. A couple of seconds pass before Sara’s giggling at her.

“Relax, Aves, I was just teasing. I know we have to take things easy for now.”

Ava smiles at that, shaking her head. “Damn it, Sara, you are really-”

Sara tilts her head to the right, mischief playing in her bright blue eyes. “I’m really what? Beautiful, attractive?”

“I was going to say insufferable, but sure. Whatever makes you feel better,” Ava tells her with matching mischief in her eyes.

“That’s strike two, Aves,” Sara warns, pointing her finger at her captain.

Ava snorts at her antics. “Whatever, Sara, just go take that shower while I cook us something quick,” she says, placing a kiss against Sara’s forehead before she walks to the door. “You already know where the bathroom is. There’s clean towels on the white closet there, on the door to the left. Please don’t take too long, okay?”

“Aye, aye, Captain!” Sara tells her with a mock salute, to which Ava simply rolls her eyes, a smirk plastered on her face as she leaves the room.

Ava is just about to reach the end of the stairs when she remembers something. She turns around and goes back up, making her way to the room where Sara is.

“Hey, Sara! I just remembered that you might need help with taking off-” She immediately shuts up when she is faced with Sara’s naked back. “Your clothes…” she whispers, although it’s loud enough that Sara ends up hearing her. 

As she turns around, her trademark smirk can be seen on her lips. “It is already taken care of, Aves, but thanks for the offer.”

Ava’s mouth stays open as her eyes fall to Sara’s very much naked chest, her heart rate suddenly increasing. She promptly snaps out of it as she remembers something she noticed on Sara’s back, her expression turning to one of concern.

“Wait, turn around again.”

“What’s the matter, Ava? It’s not like you have never seen me like this before.”

Ava shakes her head. “That’s not the point, Sara. Please turn around.”

When Sara sees that she is on to something, she does as she is told. Ava steps closer and holds Sara's hair gently, pulling it to the side so she can take a better look at her back.

“Be careful with your back while under the shower and call for me when you’re done. The burn you got there will definitely need some care afterwards, so I’ll need to apply an ointment to it.”

Sara shivers before letting out a small ‘ okay,’ missing Ava’s touch on her as soon as it is gone. She doesn’t have much time to dwell on it, because next thing she knows, Ava is asking her to get rid of her sweatpants.

“What? Why?”

“Because I want to check the burn on your right thigh, see if it’s as bad as this one.”

“Alright…” Sara tells her as she begins to take her shoes and then pants off, leaving her in only her underwear.

Ava thanks her before she is kneeling down right next to Sara’s thigh, observing the burn up close. “Okay, this one doesn’t seem so bad and it’s much smaller, so that’s good news. But I still want to take care of it as well,” she says before looking up at Sara with a gentle smile. “How does that sound?”

Sara smiles down at her, her right hand scratching Ava’s scalp gently. “It sounds great, Aves. You’re amazing.”

Ava blushes at the compliment, getting up a bit awkwardly. “I meant it when I told you I would take proper care of you,” she tells her, averting her gaze from Sara’s intense stare.

Sara cups Ava’s cheeks to make her face her. “I know… You always keep your word. That’s one of the things I lo- like about you,” she says, kissing Ava’s lips before she can question her about her almost slip-up. The kiss lasts no longer than a couple of seconds, with Sara excusing herself to the bathroom right after, leaving a slightly dumbstruck Ava behind.

Sara takes no more than ten minutes for her much needed shower, satisfied with the way the water allowed her tired and sore muscles to relax. She makes her way downstairs in nothing more than the towel she is holding closed around her small frame, her hair already half-dry with the help of a small towel she found in the closet Ava had mentioned.

“Aves?” she calls as she approaches the kitchen area, smiling at the sight of Ava plating their food as she hums the tune of a song Sara can’t recognize at the moment. 

Ava is so distracted, lost in her own world, that she doesn’t even notice the smaller blonde’s presence. When she looks up, a hand goes to her chest. “Jesus, you scared me!”

Sara grins wide at her reaction. “Not my fault you were so busy singing you didn’t even hear me call you.”

Ava’s cheeks quickly get red at that. “First of all, I wasn’t singing, I was humming. And secondly, you could have called for me again,” she says as she rounds the kitchen island to get closer to Sara. When they’re only a few inches apart, she runs a hand through Sara’s hair. “Do you want me to blow-dry your hair?”

Sara shakes her head before thanking her for the offer.

“Are you sure? I don’t mind.”

“I don’t feel like having heat against my skin right now.”

Ava nods at her explanation. “Okay. Well, the food is still too hot, so what do you say we go upstairs so I can take care of your burns?”

“Sounds good.”

Both of them make their way up the stairs, with Sara going into the guest room while Ava enters the bathroom to fetch the ointment. When she joins Sara, the small blonde is simply standing there, fidgeting with her fingers. Ava notices her discomfort and assumes that it’s due to the fact that Sara doesn’t like to be taken care of, so she decides she needs to take charge. “Can you lay down on your stomach, please?” Ava asks, a reassuring look on her face. 

“Sure,” Sara replies, taking off the only thing that’s covering her naked form before climbing on the bed and laying down, crossing her arms to rest the side of her head on top of them.

This time, Sara’s nakedness doesn’t have the same effect on Ava, seeing as she was already expecting it. She makes her way to the bed, carefully straddling Sara’s hips. “Are you comfortable?” she asks, receiving a silent nod in return. “Good. Now this will feel a little bit cold, but just try to relax, okay?”

“Okay…” Sara breathes out, preparing herself for Ava’s touch. She flinches at first, and Ava whispers a small apology, but she quickly relaxes after that. She tries to focus on how good it feels to have Ava’s fingers against her skin once again, instead of on the slight pain that comes with it every time the taller blonde touches the burnt tissue on her back.

Ava’s touch is firm but gentle, just as Sara remembers it, and she sighs at the pleasant and familiar notion of it. 

“Aves?” Sara’s voice comes out so soft that Ava’s fingers on her still for a fraction of a second before she continues her ministrations.

“Yes?” she manages to rasp out. The softness of Sara’s voice towards her has always been able to leave her heart - and other parts of her body - and soul, aching.

“I’m truly sorry I screwed up things between us,” Sara tells her, holding her breath as she waits for Ava’s response.

“I know, Sara. You already apologized for it,” Ava replies as she shuffles down on the bed so she can apply the ointment on Sara’s thigh.

“Do you think…” Sara begins, but cuts herself off as she takes a deep breath at the sudden coldness on her skin. She continues a couple of seconds after. “Do you think we will ever be able to go back to what we had?”

Ava looks down at Sara, her eyes travelling over her naked back as she ponders on the question she made. She climbs off the bed, putting aside the bottle of ointment before wiping off the remains of it from her hands with some tissues she had on the bedside table.

She makes her way over to the other side of the bed and kneels down next to Sara’s face. “Scoot over?” she asks, biting her bottom lip as she waits for Sara’s answer.

Sara nods, moving to the left side of the bed so Ava can lay down next to her. Ava quickly does, laying on her side so she is facing Sara. Her right hand reaches out to move away some damp hairs that are sticking to Sara’s forehead, so she can have a better look at the arctic eyes she adores so much.

“My answer is no. I don’t think so.”

“Oh… I see,” Sara whispers, trying not to let her disappointment show on her face, but failing miserably at it.

“But,” Ava begins, placing her right hand against Sara’s back, running the pads of her fingers up and down in what she hopes is a soothing manner, careful not to touch the burnt area, “that’s only because I believe we can do better this time. I don’t want a repeat of what we had, Sara, because we both know damn well how badly that ended.”

Sara nods before she lays on her side as well, mimicking Ava’s position. She gives her a small smile as her left hand reaches out to cup Ava’s cheek, stroking the soft skin there with her thumb. “You’re right. We will do better this time. I will do better this time, I promise.”

Ava smiles warmly at her. “And I believe you,” she says, leaning closer to place a lingering kiss against Sara’s forehead. 

“Now come on, get dressed, so we can have dinner,” Ava tells her, climbing off the bed and walking out of the room. 

As soon as Sara finds herself alone, a big and goofy smile makes its way to her face. It seems that staying at Ava’s might turn out to be the best thing that could have happened to her.