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The Dog's Challenge

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Dumbledore: This year we will be hosting the Triwizard Tournament.
Most of the student body cheers.
Dumbledore: Before you get your hopes up let me explain the new rule. Only students in seventh year may apply.
There is a chorus of disgruntled moans.
Dumbledore: This new rule is in place so that you will have enough magical skill to be able to complete the tasks. There will be three tasks. The first will take place on Hallowe'en, the second will take place on the seventh of January the third will take place on the fifth of June. These tasks will not be by any means easy. They are designed to challenge the witch or wizard not just physically but also mentally. I would suggest that some very careful consideration needs to go in before you put your name in the Goblet of fire. The Goblet of fire will randomly chose a name from each of the three schools and that person will represent their school for the duration of the event. Once your name has been chosen there is no turning back. On the twenty-first of December there will be the yule ball. All wishing to attend must have a date to dance with for the first half of the event. Now will that all said let the feast begin.
The food appears on the tables and everyone tucks in.
James: I should enter to impress Evans.
Remus: No because I highly doubt that she will be impressed.
Sirius: Would my boyfriend be impressed if I managed to some how win?
Remus: Oh definitely.
Sirius: Well then.