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The Little Red Thread

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"Mr. Aizawa, who's that and why are your hands tied together?" a green-haired boy asked with his hand still raised.

Sighing heavily, Aizawa gestured to you with his free right hand, "This is Y/N. Her presence here is the result of a quirk I encountered during patrol last night. Now listen closely because I will only explain this once, and you will save all your questions for after I've finished."

Seemingly indifferent, he continued, "After a brief interrogation, we were informed that the affect of the villains quirk is temporary. The estimated duration is roughly a week. The villain explained that his quirk acts similar to a magnet. "He claims that when it's used on a person, a Red Thread appears and connects them to their soulmate. The catch being that the further apart the subject is from their soulmate, the more uncomfortable it is for the pair. "If any of you are confused as to what I mean by there being a red thread and can't see it, we were informed that means you haven't met your soulmate yet. Do with that information as you'd like."

The classroom erupted as the students tried speak over each other.




"I'm sorry but could you all please settle down a little?" You squeaked, accidentally setting off your quirk. Your normally E/C eyes glowed a deep royal blue, and your H/C hair slowly floated gently in the air around you. The entire class immediately fell silent. The effects of your quirk were gone the second you realized what you had done. But they definitely hadn't gone unnoticed.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT YOU EXTRA?" a blonde boy near the front shouted as small explosions went off in his clenched fists.

Suddenly the explosions stopped.

You looked to your right to see Aizawa glaring at the child, his eyes glowing red with his dark hair and white scarf floating in a manner much like how your own hair had. "That's enough Bakugo." Aizawa warned, sounding angrier than before. His hair fell back into place as he addressed the class again, "Now you all can try that again. But this time, you're going to wait until one of us calls on you."

You lowered your head out of embarrassment, "I'm sorry for using my quirk on all of you just now. It was an accident, I hadn't expected you all to suddenly shout like that and it startled me." When you looked up, you saw the boy with the green hair raising his hand again, he looked alarmingly focused.

You heard Aizawa sigh yet again, "Yes, Midoryia?"

"I have a couple questions if I may sir, but Ms. Y/N what type of quirk was that just now?" Midoryia asked as he frantically pulled out a notebook from his bag. You chuckle at his enthusiasm, despite being slightly unnerved by the strange look of determination on the child's face. You looked back to Aizawa who said, "He was going to ask sooner or later, you may as well get it over with now."

"Alright. It's Midoryia, right?" You asked.

"Yes ma'am, Izuku Midoryia! Or, you can call me by my hero name, Deku."

"Hmm Deku? That's an interesting choice."you commented, "Well Deku, I'll be honest with you, there's not much to say about my quirk. It's classified as an Emitter Type quirk, like Midnight or Mr. Aizawa here. When I activate my quirk it forces people to relax, if I try hard enough I can make a person pass out for a few minutes. It really helps to be able to see the person, but I can also use it to a degree over the phone."

"Oh wow! That's so cool!"a pink girl exclaimed, "Are you a pro too like Mr. Aizawa?"

You shook your head, "No, I don't think I would make a very good hero."

"Wait, what? Why not?" She asked.

"I've been told I'm not a very assertive person, and I think that's kind of an important factor to be a hero. That plus, I didn't receive much training on how to handle my quirk so I'm not really qualified for it." You shrugged.

"Mr. Aizawa could help you with that!! I mean, you should have seen Deku at the beginning of the year!!! He broke a lot of bones every time he tried using his quirk!" The pink one said far more enthusiastically than appropriate considering the topic. Horrified, you looked at Midoryia for confirmation.

He shrugged, "Its true. I went to Recovery Girl almost every day at the beginning of the year. But with all the help from Mr. Aizawa, All Might and Gran Torino, I finally have my power under control enough so I can use it without getting hurt."

What the hell is wrong with these children.'

"I'm really happy for you Deku that you were able to get your quirk under control with their help, but I really don't want to impose on Mr. Aizawa anymore than I already have." You said as you used your left hand to rub the back of your neck. Your right hand had started to cramp from the awkward position you were holding it in to keep it from accidentally brushing against Aizawa's. As if he read your mind, you felt Aizawa take hold of your hand, gently straightening it back out.

"Don't overthink this," He said quietly to you, "I was tired of feeling your hand twitching away from mine like I'm contagious. It's extremely annoying." He made no move to drop your hand as he kept it enveloped in his own. Aizawa turned his attention back on to the class again, "Any final questions before we begin today's lesson? It's been delayed enough already."

"So do you think you two really soulmates?" A girl with a black ponytail asked.

The room went dead silent.

"At this time I cannot confirm the validity of the villain's quirk, but for now it appears I will have this upcoming week to get to know Ms Y/N. As of right now, I'm mostly indifferent towards the woman."

"Mostly sir?" A boy with spiky red hair questioned.

"Yes, Kirishima. We've been stuck like this since 10pm last night, so I have a general impression of her as a person."

"And?" The pink girl squeaked.

"And nothing. How this effects the two of us outside this school is irrelevant to you all." Aizawa discreetly squeezed your hand as he said this. You raised an at eyebrow at him, questioning what just happened. "We can talk more after class." He leaned in slightly as he said this and you felt his warm breath tickle your ear.

This week will be the death of me, you thought to yourself.