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Maybe I Like You

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"Aww, are you sure?" Retsuko's face fell as she looked up at her two friends - both of whom looked exhausted from their yoga session. Damn, she should have realized they'd be tired after a class like that. 'Mr. Protein' had really worked their asses off today. Retsuko thought this was supposed to be relaxing, too... but she wasn't going to give up her free time to mere exhaustion.

Both Gori and Washimi nod solemnly. "Yeah, we both have to be up earlier than usual, our bit of the train line is undergoing maintenance..." The secretary bird sighed. "It's a huge inconvenience, but at least they're fixing the bridge. It used to be so rickety." 

Gori shuddered. "I almost fell down almost every time we crossed that darned thing. Maybe next week, Retsuko." 

They both turned to leave, bidding her a 'good night' in unision - synchronized enough to betray that they'd probably practiced it for years. Retsuko gave a little wave to them both, a simpering smile on her face. Well, she guessed she'd do karaoke alone. After the day at work she'd had, she needed it. 

It was same-old, same-old. Ton being a jerk. Tsunoda being overly peppy as always. She usually didn't mind the grind, but today it really got to her. If Ton reminds her of her stupidity one more time...

She shuddered as she turned to head towards the karaoke place, legs aching as she trudged towards her little sanctuary. Almost there... 

Retsuko buried her face in her phone as she trodded down the block, checking in on her various social medias. Empty as usual... it didn't help that she was too nervous to post things most of the time. She would always second-guess her subpar selfies - her face was just too chubby for good pictures. Maybe she should try harder to lose more weight? Ha! Fat chance. However, maybe she could -

"Ah!" A voice exclaimed, and suddenly Retsuko was keeling over - she'd tripped on something! Someone? She yelped as her face smacked into the pavement. 

"Oh, shit, Retsuko, I'm so sorry - let me -" She recognized that voice - it was none other than Haida's, one of her coworkers at the office. She wasn't looking and she must have bumped into him. Very slick. 

"No, it's okay," Retsuko grumbled, rubbing her nose as she righted herself. Man, that stung. "Sorry," She said sheepishly, looking up at him. He was wearing a leather jacket... did he always wear that outside of work? It suited him quite nicely. "I must not have been looking where I was going."

Haida stuck a hand out and Retsuko took it, brushing off the front of her top - not that it mattered. She'd forgotten to do laundry again, and it was embarrassingly dirty. Her ears twitched with embarrassment.

"You alright?" Haida asked. "That was a nasty fall."

"Yeah," She laughed lightly, shrugging. Her nose still ached, but she was sure enough alcohol would solve that problem. Hopefully. "I'll be okay."

Her co-worker looked behind him, staring up at the sign for the karaoke bar. "Where were you headed, anyways? Some late night karaoke?" He chuckled lightly. 

Retsuko went bright red. No, she can't tell him! Her cover would be blown! Then he'd know - he'd -

"Hey, I get it. Nothing like some good karaoke. Good way to blow off steam." 

"You... you come here, too?" Her heartbeat quickened. Had he seen her? Had he heard her? 

"Well, uh..." Haida rubbed the back of his neck. "Honestly, no. When I used to have a car I used to do karaoke on my commute, though. One of the gals at the office said I should try this place."

"Oh, so you were just heading in, then." She swallowed back her nervousness, perking up a little. Please don't ask, please don't ask...

"Hey, we could get a room together if you want. Make it a little cheaper for the both of us." 

Well, he was right about that. And a couple more yen in the bank might do good for her food budget... she'd really been wanting to have a real dinner soon, and not fast food or snacks... 

"Um..." Retsuko flushed a little, before smiling up at him. "Alright, if you insist..." 

Who cares about letting out frustrations, anyways? She could sing some 'normal' songs and get this over with, maybe go home and do some karaoke in the bathroom... It would be fine, right?




"So, what do you want to sing?"

Haida reclined in his chair a little, sipping as casually as he could at his rum-and-cola. He couldn't say he wasn't nervous. Hell, he didn't think his first night at karaoke he'd run into Retsuko, of all people. Goroki, that bigwig from marketing, had approached him out of nowhere telling him he should give it a whirl. Like an idiot, Haida had decided to do so. He knew her and Retsuko were friends, though - who's to say she wasn't trying to set them up? Maybe he'd been a little too hopeful. Retsuko looked tense and nervous in her seat, fidgeting as she played with the controller. He hoped he hadn't made her uncomfortable. 

After a moment, Retsuko laughed nervously, handing him the controller. "S-sorry," She stuttered, "I'm honestly not sure. W-Why don't you go first?" 

"Uh, okay," Haida said, swallowing. When did his mouth get so dry? He finished off his drink, head feeling just a touch fuzzy as he scrolled through the songs. What to sing, what to sing... 

"Oh, I know!" He tapped at the screen as he searched for a song - a metal song he quite enjoyed. "Here." He pressed the 'play' button with newfound confidence. Maybe some crazier music would lighten the mood. 

He looked over at Retsuko as the guitar rolled in. Damn, she looked even tenser than before. Well, it was too late, now - he couldn't go back on it now that the song had started. He grabbed the microphone in preparation to stretch his rarely-used growling muscles, and-

Suddenly, the panda snatched the microphone from his hands, and - woah, was she on the table? 

Haida felt blood rush to his face as Retsuko unleashed the most soul-ripping metal scream he'd ever heard.

And damn, the girl could growl. She freestyled her own set of lyrics and she owned it, her eyes full of fire as she clenched a little paw, going on about her shitty day at work, a la heavy metal. 

No wonder she was such a peach at work. She bottled it all up - of course! Who else knew about this?

Haida shouldn't have been looking, but her loose top was slipping off her shoulder as she sang, microphone flipped bottomside as she poured her soul into it. He didn't think he could have a bigger crush on this girl, but... damn, he wished he'd started doing to karaoke sooner. Maybe before she'd dated that tech-wiz douchebag...

The song ended, and Retsuko slowly lowered the mic, breathing heavily as she looked down at Haida from her perch on the table. Only a moment passed before she dropped the mic, burying her face in her hands as her face turned a deep shade of red. 

"Haida, I'm really sorry! I got carried away and-"

"Woah, woah." Haida put his hands up, laughing lightly. His chest felt full of butterflies. "Retsuko, that was amazing." 

She peeked out from between her paws, straightening a little. "...Really?" 

"Yeah! Why didn't you tell me you could sing like that? Don't you know I love that kind of music?"

"Because it's embarrassing, okay?! Don't make fun of me!" She slid down onto her knees, face in her hands again. Damn, she was cute. 

"I wasn't making fun of you." Haida leaned forward, smiling crookedly as he tried to fight the blush back from his face. "That was amazing."

Retsuko swallowed, and after a moment she crossed her arms tight over her chest, leaning forward a bit. "S-sorry. I don't really... tell anyone I do this." 

Haida blinked - he was inches away from her little, twitching nose, and he could smell her beer-laced breath hot on his face. He swallowed nervously. "It's... it's okay. I... really liked it."

"...Really?" She offered a small smile, and Haida's heart jumped in his chest.

"Yeah, really." He shifted, and he froze as their noses bumped together, his face burning. "Uh, I-"

Retsuko was frozen, her face a little red, too. "...Thanks, Haida. That means a lot."

Her voice was soft, different somehow, and Haida exhaled, chuckling a little as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Retsuko, I..." A memory popped in his head - of that time when he was sick in the hospital. Then, she'd wanted him to tell it like it is, and he'd fucked it up completely, telling her what a good friend he thought she was, how much he appreciated her. He couldn't screw it up again, not this time. "I kinda like you, Retsuko."

Kinda?! Damn, he was an idiot. It was a start. 

Her face was still red, but Retsuko laughed quietly, her voice bubbly and sounding like sugar in his ears. His mouth felt dry again. 

"Hah.... Maybe I like you, too, Haida." 

And suddenly they were kissing, her lips tasting like victory, and he wondered how he'd even managed it when every time he had tried before he couldn't seem to get it right. 




Holy shit. 

Holy shit

Her and Haida were kissing, and it was the first guy she'd kissed since Tadano, and god did it feel right, her ears twitching happily as she leaned closer. Tadano felt like some dream, existing outside of the real world... this felt so much more natural. Haida was a friend, but... maybe it was more than that? 

They were kissing. Of course it was. He wasn't some hot, rich bachelor, but that was okay. She actually liked him. That made all the difference. 

Haida's sharp teeth scraped her lower lip, and Retsuko felt him try to pull away, but she didn't let him, instead tugging him closer by his shirt as she moved her mouth against him. 

How many girls had he kissed before him? He was so good at it... 

She couldn't help but pull herself into his lap, and the prospect of other things entered her mind. Normally she'd freak out at the prospect. Why wasn't she freaking out now?

She knew Haida. Maybe not all that well, but she wasn't afraid of understanding him more like she'd been with other guys. He was... different. He was special to her. 

They pulled apart after a moment, both of them breathing heavily, and her eyes travelled from his narrow hips to his toned chest, her mouth watering as she thought about what might be beneath them. 

"Maybe," Haida breathed. "Maybe we should take this somewhere more private." 

Retsuko nodded slowly, eyes shifting to the door. Thankfully, their time hadn't run out on them in the middle of that...




The train ride back home was... stifling, to say the least. It wasn't as packed this time of night, but Retsuko's thigh pressed against his own felt like fire the entire way.

As he fumbled for his keys, he realized he hadn't cleaned up this morning. Damn it. She'd probably think he was a slob... 

He opened the door, but he couldn't even flip on the light before Retsuko was kissing him again, pressing him gently against the wall of his entry hall as she tugged him down to meet her lips. Guess he wouldn't have to worry about the mess, if they couldn't see it. Unless someone tripped over something. 

He regretfully pushed Retsuko away from him as he flipped the light on, revealing clothes scattered about his messy little studio, bed in the corner unmade, the blankets crumpled at the edge. "Sorry," Haida chuckled breathily, shoving his hands in his pockets. "It's kind of a mess." 

"Ha! I think I might have you beat." Retsuko said, stepping over the clothes with skill to plop herself on his bed. "My room is pretty bad. Glad I'm not the only one."

Haida followed her to the bed, leaning down to brush his fingers against her collar. She shivered gently, and damn he wanted her. He'd wanted this for years. It felt like heaven even to be this close to her. 

"Haida..." She breathed. "Can I tell you something?"

"Yeah, what is it?"

Retsuko bit her lip, kicking her legs a little. She looked... embarrassed. "Well, I... I've never..." 

"Wait... have you never..."

She shrunk into herself a little, hunching her shoulders as she shook her head. 

Retsuko was a virgin? Haida really shouldn't have been surprised, but even so... she'd gone this far with him like it was natural for her. Even if she'd seemed nervous on the train, he'd chalked it up to anticipation. 

"Do you still want to do this?"

"Y-yes! Definitely! I just -"

Haida pressed another kiss to her slightly parted lips, and he didn't hesitate to slip his tongue into her mouth this time, pulling a little moan from her throat that sent shivers down his spine. 

After a moment, he pulled away, his eyes meeting hers. Retsuko's eyes were dark, her mouth still slightly agape, and he stroked her cheek gently, admiring her. "We'll take it slow, then." 

"O-okay. I'll just... follow your lead?" Retsuko giggled nervously, her cheeks pink, and damn she was cute. 

"Works for me," Haida said, licking his lips as he sat next to her, patting his lap. "C'mere, then. Like we were earlier."

The panda climbed nervously into his lap, straddling his hips, and Haida realized suddenly how much smaller she was compared to him. She fit into him perfectly, her head tucked against his chest, and Haida sighed as he ran his hands over her waist before slipping them beneath her shirt. 

They began to kiss again, and he let his hands roam her soft skin, fingering the fine fur on her stomach as he tangled his tongue with hers. She whimpered into his mouth, but it didn't sound nervous - it sounded needy, and it made heat curl in his stomach, burning him from the inside out. 

It only took a little struggling and some light teasing from Retsuko to get her shirt and her sports bra off, and Haida's hands roamed over her soft breasts, squeezing them gently. They were bigger than he'd originally thought. Not that he was complaining. He ghosted a thumb over her nipple, and was pleasantly surprised at the noise she made in response. 

"They're sensitive..." She whispered, looking up at him with heavy-lidded eyes.

"Oh yeah?" Haida grinned crookedly as he leaned down to press one between his teeth, sucking gently. Retsuko cried out, and when it was muffled suddenly he could tell she'd bitten her tongue to silence herself. How cute. Everything about her was cute. 

"Haida..." Retsuko's voice was airy as she pressed closer to him, her hips rolling against his. Haida moaned this time as he felt her brush up against the now-apparent tent in his pants. A hand came down to stroke down her stomach, fingering the waistband of her yoga shorts. Haida pulled away to stare up at her questioningly.

"Can I..."

Retsuko nodded quickly, biting her lip as one of her hands came to stroke his ear, and damn that felt nice, almost as nice as her soft wetness against his fingers. Retsuko sighed out, a moan tumbling from her throat as she rocked against his hand. For a first-timer, she was a natural at this. 

It took some awkward fumbling for both of them to get their pants off, but in minutes they were both nude, pressing against each other with anticipation. Haida couldn't help but hesitate, though - Retsuko looked nervous again, and he rocked his hips against her gently. 

She nodded slowly as she stared up at him, silently urging him on, and pressing into her felt like bliss. They moaned in unision as they slid together, her wetness quickly soaking him. "R-Retsuko," Haida moaned, and the panda crooned as he bottomed out inside her.

The sex was slow, careful - he didn't want to hurt her - but he quickly increased his pace as her moans ramped up in intensity. He knew she was getting close as she tensed around him, her chest heaving as he rocked against her. Her tits bounced with every movement, and he grabbed one as they rutted against one another. 

A pinch to her nipple was enough to get her to clench down on him and cry out as she came, and it was enough to send him over the edge, too, lifting her off of her swiftly as he spilled hot spurts of come over his stomach and chest. 

After a moment, they collapsed on the bed together, chests heaving. There was quiet for a good while, but when Retsuko started laughing, Haida laughed too, pulling her close. 

"I more than kinda like you, Retsuko." Haida said between bursts of laughter.

"...I like you too, Haida."