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ultra. bnha oneshots.

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it started out as a small joke between the bakusquad honestly. nothing too special, kaminari was just joking too much as usual.

“okay but bakugou and that shiketsu high school girl? a power couple.” kaminari giggled out as they all sat in kirishima’s dorm room. “camie? impossible. she’s a complete airhead! plus, he has kirishima.” shinsou, who really was only there for kaminari and didn’t associate with the term ‘bakusquad’ since he and said baku weren’t close, replied, pursing his lips as he shook his head. “but! they would be kinda cute together if bakubro wasn’t with kiri.” sero defended kaminari with a slight nod. “fuck off. i’d rather die than date her. she’s dumb as hell and can’t go a sentence without saying ‘ oh my gosh, totes! ’ at the top of her lungs. i hate that bitch.” bakugou rolled his eyes, his arm around kirishima tightening slightly.


but lately? it’s been getting kind of annoying to kirishima. all they would talk about is bakugou and camie—about whether or not they would be cute together. he was getting tired of it at this point. to make it worse? the two people involved in the so called “crack-ship” were working together at the convenience store. both had the night shift.


the last few weeks, kirishima had been.. more quiet than usual. he was just thinking so much and really wanted to just—ignore his friends. he hated the fact that maybe they could be a thing.


“so, kirishima. bakugou’s been coming back kinda late, huh?” the redhead turned his head and almost groaned out loud. the purple haired male that gossiped about anyone and anything, mineta. “he works, big deal. it’s not like he’s breaking curfew.” he turned to look at himself in the mirror of the dormitory’s shared bathroom. it was true, honestly. bakugou usually comes back at around seven because he goes to bed at eight. but now, he comes back at eight and goes straight to bed. “maybe, he and camie are a thing? i hear what you and your friends’ discuss sometimes in class or in whoever’s dorm you’re in. don’t act like it doesn’t bother you.” “shut up before i stomp on your peasy ass head. just.. fuck off.”


that talk didn’t make anything better. it was the last straw honestly.


the bakusquad plus shinsou were in sero’s dorm now, discussing class and supposedly studying. but, it got back to that conversation.

“okay but! remember those little love games that you would put you and your crush’s name into to see your love percentage?” sero hummed, raising a brow. the boys nodded and urged him to go on with what he was trying to say. “okay so i put bakubro and camie’s names in and guess what? solid 90%. of course i tried with kiri and him.. only 80%.” that hurt the red head and he didn’t know why. it was just a game on some stupid dress up website. it shouldn’t have bothered him as much as it did.

“like i said, i hate that dumbass. i would never ever.” bakugou shook his head a bit as he scoffed, running his fingers through his hair. “look, if the love simulating gods said it, who are we to deny it?” mina shrugged. “he isn’t even attracted to her, though.” shinsou pointed out, resting his chin on kaminari’s shoulder, who agreed nonverbally, too focused on this video on his phone. “she’s kinda cute i guess. and she has an okay sense of humor but other than that? nothing really special about her.”

for some reason? that’s what set him off.

he quickly got out of bakugou’s lap, who furrowed his brows in confusion at his actions, but he paid no attention. after grabbing his phone, he stormed out of sero’s dorm room, and walked towards his as quickly as possible. was he crying? he didn’t know but he knew his vision was getting a bit fuzzy so maybe he was. he unlocked his door right away and slammed the door after himself, not bothering to lock it. he plopped down on his bed and shoved his phone under his pillow, before just—letting go. he didn’t care how loud he was, he just needed to cry and scream.. he needed to. there was just so much anger and sadness built up, it was too much.

it was becoming too much. the crying and hiccuping and the breathing.. he couldn’t do all at once. this was the thing he hated about crying, once he started, he couldn’t make himself stop. he would panic because of the tears and unstable breathing, causing him to choke and cry more at the feeling of being helpless.

“ei! ei, baby, look at me. please you have to breath, i can’t help you if you can’t breathe.” it was bakugou. no, he didn’t need that, he didn’t need it. this caused it to worsen. this time he was babbling, ‘good enough, i wanna be good enough.’ or that’s what he was trying to say.

“eijirou, please. you’re going to throw up if you don’t stop at this point, you know that.. please calm down. i’m here.” bakugou pleaded, getting up to close and lock the door so no one could come in and disturb them. he rushed back to his boyfriend’s side to help him calm down. after a little while, the coaxing was working and kirishima’s breath slightly calmed. it calmed enough for bakugou to hear his babbles.

‘why aren’t i enough? i wanna be enough, please let me know why.’

holy fuck. that broke the blond’s heart more than anything.

“eijirou, you’re enough! you’re so much more than enough for me. please stop repeating it, it fucking hurts to hear.” he pleaded quietly, holding his red headed boyfriend in his arms, “baby, please.”

“‘m n-not her, ‘m not good.. not good enough, katsu! i wan’ to be enough f-for you! wh-why can’t anyone see—see that ‘m tryin’ to be good enough to b-be yours?” kirishima sobbed as he stuffed his face against bakugou’s chest. he couldn’t stop the thoughts of them from swirling in his mind. was it so obvious to everyone that he wasn’t worthy of bakugou? that camie was?

“eijirou kirishima, shut the hell up and look at me!”

that stopped the babbling and the said boy looked up at his boyfriend, hiccuping quietly and sniffling.

“you are more than enough for me. if this is about what those fucking bastards were saying, then forget it! i don’t want her! she’s absolutely nothing to me. i said she was cute but that’s because of the nice we settled on! remember how you wanted me to be nicer to people? i’m just working on that. it was nothing more than that.”

nothing more? huh? then why did everyone have to talk about them like they were something when they were nothing? it was confusing.

“b-but.. you’re always back late.. why?” kirishima paused to sniffle and gently rub at his eyes. before he could speak again, bakugou did it first. “because i needed to work some damn overtime to get you something. do you remember what next week is? our one year. i would never do anything like that to you.”

that.. made a lot of sense actually. maybe he shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions about the whole ‘bakucamie’ situation.

“oh.. ‘m sorry for, um, assuming that something,” the redhead sniffled, “something was happening..”

“don’t do that. you know i hate that shit. don’t ever apologize when you know you had a right to being that fuckin’ upset. dunce face, soy sauce and pinky just.. they were trying to joke around. they shouldn’t have done that dumb shit but they did. but, you have nothing to worry about. you are mine and i am yours, simple. it’s been that way for a whole damn year and there’s no changing that.”

he knew that. he knew and still let the jokes get to him. it was pathetic of him to not trust his boyfriend. no matter what, he should know that bakugou would never do that to him.

after calming down a bit more, kirishima let bakugou get up to change his shirt, which was wet with tears. then, the blond grabbed kirishima’s laptop and turned on a movie. he let his boyfriend straddle his lap and rest his head in the crook of his neck, knowing he was tired from all that crying. he usually never cried like this and when he did, bakugou knew how to deal with it.

“i’m your baby, huh?” kirishima smiled sleepily as he fluttered his eyes shut. “damn right. my cute ass baby. i love you.” bakugou replied, smiling as he spoke softly.

“i love you, too, suki. night.” “night, ei.”