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World Of Light

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Zelda opened her eyes to a bright light. She was standing in a huge field. She looked around.


"Link? Link? Link?" She called. 


"And Ganondorf, i guess." She said.

"Zelda!" Link yelled as he ran up to her.


"You made it!" She cried as she hugged him.


Link blushed.


"Course i did!" He said, hugging Zelda back.


"What about me?" Ganondorf asked.


"What about you?" Link said, glaring at him.


Ganondorf hung his head.


"Never mind." He said.


"Yeah, that's what i thought." Link said.

The three looked around.


"Where's everybody else?" Zelda asked.

"I don't know," He said. "We could be the first ones here."


"Highly doubt it," Ganondorf said. "I'm sure the others are here, they might just be catching up with each other.


Sure enough, Pit, Mega Man and Pac Man and the Inklings ran past them, laughing.


"Where are you guys going?" Zelda asked.


"We're playing tag!" Pit responded.


"With who?" Link asked.


"With Sonic!" Mega Man yelled.


Ganondorf just looked at them.


"Really? You decided to play tag with the guy that can move faster than the speed of sound?" He asked.


Zelda hit him.

"Leave them alone! Let them have fun." She scolded.


"I'm just saying. This'll be over faster than you can blink." 


Sure enough, a blue blur ran right past them and tagged Pac Man, Mega Man, Pit and the Inklings in quick succession.


"Got ya!" Sonic said, looking pleased with himself.


"Knew we should've kept running." Pit muttered.

Pac Man let out a series of loud blares and beeps.


"Hey, i told you guys not to stop running." Sonic shrugged.

Sonic looked over. His ears perked up as a huge smile came over his face, his emerald green eyes shining.


"Zelda, Link!" He said, running over to hug them.


"Ganny!" He said, hugging Ganondorf.

"I keep telling you, it's Ganondorf!" Ganondorf said, glaring down at the blue hedgehog.


"Sure it is, Ganny!" Sonic smirked. 


And just as quickly as he showed up, he ran off, yelling something about needing to find some good grub.

Ganondorf shook his head off in the direction Sonic had ran off in.

"I can't stand that hedgehog!" Ganondorf said.

"Really?" Link asked, giving Ganondorf an "i'm not buying it" face.

"Because you kept asking if Sega had agreed to let Sonic return as a fighter again."

Ganondorf sputtered.

"Only so i'd be prepared!" He argued.

Link just raised an eyebrow.

"Sure. That was the reason."

"Why, you little!" Ganondorf made a grab for Link. Link pulled out his sword. Zelda used her magic to hold them both in place.

"Boys, boys! Save it for when Smash Brothers Ultimate comes out. For now, we're supposed to be relaxing. You know taking it easy until then." Zelda scolded them. Link put his sword away.

"Fine! Whatever you say Zelda." Link said. Ganondorf grumbled.

"I'm going to see if Ridley and Bowser are around. Maybe see if Dark Samus wants to hang out. Heck, i'll even take Dark Pit for some company." Ganondorf said as he walked off. Zelda began walking away.

"Where are you going?" Link asked, running to catch up with her.

"To make sure Sonic stays out of trouble. Knowing him, he's probably running around somewhere." Zelda said.

"I'll come with you. You're gonna need someone to keep him from running off." Link said.

"Really? You think you can stop The Fastest Thing Alive from running off?" Zelda asked, amused.

"If i time my grab right, then yeah." Link said.

The two walked off in the direction that Sonic had run off in earlier. They found him with Snake and Mario, chomping down on chili dogs. Snake and Mario just watched him, Snake shaking his head in bewilderment while Mario just stared amazed. They looked up as Zelda and Link approached.

"He eats like someone twice his size!" Snake exclaimed.

"Three times!" Mario corrected.

"This guy is like what, seventy-two pounds and he's eating like he's three times that!" Snake said.

"Well running at the speed of sound can make you hungry." Zelda said. Snake shook his head.

"No way! This guy eats like he hasn't eaten in years! And trust me, i know a thing or two about that." Snake said.

Mario nodded. "He's three foot three, weighs seventy-two pounds and he's fifteen and eats like a grown adult three times his height and weight!" Mario said, gesturing towards Sonic who was busy scarfing down chili dogs like there was no tomorrow.

"I swear i heard those chili dogs plead with him to stop." Snake said.

"I can hear you, you know." Sonic said, giving Snake and Mario an unamused look.

"Besides, you try running at the speed of sound everyday for fifteen years of your life! I'm sure you'd have an appetite as big as mine as well." Sonic said, still eating chili dogs.

"And i have to room with this guy." Snake said, gesturing towards Sonic.

"Oh come on Snakie, you know you love me." Sonic said.

"Save me!" Snake mouthed. Zelda gave him a sympathetic pat on the shoulder.

"Come on, he's not that bad. He's just a teenager." Zelda said. Link nodded in agreement.

"You were a teenager once Snake. I'm sure you were like him." Link said.

"You two are teenagers! Meaning you're kinda biased." Snake exclaimed.

"Hey, i am eighteen!" Link exclaimed.

"And i'm nineteen! We are more adults than anything." Zelda whined.

"Says the girl whining about her age." Mario muttered.

"Hey, need i remind you who has magic here?" Zelda asked, lifting up a finger. Mario shook his head.

He really didn't want to get thrown half way across the field. A metallic clanking sound announced the arrival of Samus Aran. She got out of her suit and walked over to the table and grabbed an apple.

"Samus!" Sonic said, smiling through a mouthful of chili dogs.

"Hey Sonic." Samus said. She was always a bit impartial to him, since he reminded her so much of herself when she was younger.

"How's everyone doing?" She asked.

"Great!" Zelda said.

"Those chili dogs aren't." Snake said, nodding towards the near empty plate of chili dogs. Sonic glared at him as he picked up the last chili dog and devoured it. Snake shook his head. How does that hedgehog scarf down food the way he does and stay so skinny? Snake guessed it had to do with Sonic's metabolism and the fact that he ran at high speeds.

Sonic picked up the plate and began licking the chili sauce off of it. Everyone shook their heads. Sonic had a chili dog problem. They were sure of it.

Sonic put the clean plate down and stretched.

"Where are you going?" Zelda asked him.

"Running." Sonic replied as if it were obvious. He took off.

"Oh no you don't!" Zelda said, using her magic to grab the fifteen year old.

"Hey! Put me down!" Sonic said, struggling.

"Not until your food digests! I don't want you throwing up all over the place." Zelda said.

Sonic just looked at her.

She clearly didn't know that he often did run on a full stomach. And he was proud to say that he hadn't thrown up once. Okay, once when he was nine. But that didn't count! It was his Uncle Chuck's fault for making such delicious cheeseburgers. Darn Uncle Chuck and his master grilling skills.

He folded his arms and pouted. So he was acting like a five year old. He wanted to go running! If Manic and Sonia saw him now, they'd laugh at him. So would Knuckles. Heck, he'd spread the word about how Sonic was prevented from running by magic.

Zelda sat him down gently, still holding him in place with her magic. Sonic continued to pout.

Maybe if he pouted hard enough she'd let him go. It worked on his mother. It worked on Sonia. Manic too, sometimes. His father too, half the time. Man, being the youngest was the greatest.

Pit, Mega Man, the Inklings and Pac Man came running over. They were out of breath and looked very excited about something.

"What's going on?" Zelda asked.

"Captain Falcon, Fox, Falco and Wolf are doing an air show!" Pit exclaimed.

"Come on before you miss it!" Mega Man yelled. They took off running again, Samus, Snake, Link, Zelda, Mario and Sonic in tow. They arrived at the track and had to squeeze past all the other video game characters to find seats. They sat next to Bayonetta and Princess Peach, who were both busy admiring the spectacle.

"It's amazing, isn't it?" Peach said, pointing a gloved hand towards the sky. Zelda nodded in agreement.

"It sure is." Link, Samus, Pit, Mega Man, The Inklings, Mario and Pac Man all hummed in agreement. Sonic just looked bored.

"Please, i could pull off those moves in my sleep!" He said, waving a hand. Bayonetta ruffled his spines.

"Sure you could, love." She said.

"I'm telling you Bay, i could pull of those maneuvers in my sleep." Sonic said. Bayonetta just hummed. Sometimes it was best to not stoke Sonic's ego. It was inflated enough already. Everyone knew that despite Sonic's big talk, he was enjoying the show. They could tell by the way his eyes lit up everytime one of the ships pulled off a cool maneuver. The ships began landing, Captain Falcon's in the lead.

There was a tiny glint on the track, right where Captain Falcon's ship was about to land. Sonic squinted. It happened again. The more Sonic squinted, the clearer the glint became. It looked oddly like a tiny creature. Sonic looked towards Falcon's ship.

He isn't going to see it. Sonic thought. He looked over to everyone else. None of them are. They're too distracted. He thought. Sonic stood up and took off down the bleachers.

"Sonic wait!" Zelda yelled. Link looked over.

"Where'd he go?" Link asked, looking at the empty spot that Sonic had sat in. Zelda turned his head. Link's eyes widened at the blue streak making it's way down the bleachers.

"Is he crazy?!" Link asked.

"Sometimes i think so." Mario said.

"Oh yeah definitely." Snake said. Sonic zoomed down the track, grabbed the glowy orb and skidded to a stop on the other side of the tracks just as Captain Falcon's ship landed. Captain Falcon jumped out.

"Are you crazy? You could have got yourself killed!" Captain Falcon yelled.

"You were going to hit something!" Sonic said. He showed Captain Falcon the glowy orb. Everyone had begun making their way over.

"You risked your life to save some glowing thing?! Who does that!?" Captain Falcon asked. Sonic shook his head, his spines ruffling out.

"Something's in here, i saw it." Sonic said. Captain Falcon pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Let me get this straight. You ran out onto the track, risked getting run over by my ship, all because you saw something in there?" Captain Falcon said. Sonic nodded.

Captain Falcon took a deep breath. Losing his temper wasn't going to help. Sonic would just blow his lid as well and then they both would be yelling at each other and not get anywhere.

"What's in there that made you risk your life like that?" Captain Falcon asked.

"I think it's some kind of creature. It was yellow and had red eyes. And it looked kind of fuzzy." Sonic said.

"Like a baby duck?" Bayonetta asked.

"Exactly like a baby duck!" Sonic confirmed. He held the orb up to his face.

"Hey it's okay. It's safe to come out now." Sonic said softly, trying to coax out the creature. The orb grew brighter and brighter. So bright that everyone had to cover their eyes. The light faded after a few seconds. In it's place was a fuzzy duck looking creature, just as Sonic said.

"Hey little guy," Sonic said, softly. "I have no idea what you were doing on that track, you could have been squished!" The little creature just stared at him. Sonic just rambled on about the dangers of the track and how he was glad that he was able to save the little critter from becoming a splat on Captain Falcon's windshield. The little creature began to swirl around him.

"Hey, what are you doing little guy?" Sonic asked.

"Uh, Sonic, i think you might want to get away from there." Link said.

"What? He's probably trying to thank me." Sonic reasoned. A white rainbow like trail began to surround Sonic.

"Sonic, move! Now!" Zelda shouted. Sonic tried to get away.

"I can't!" He yelled.

"What do you mean you can't?" Mario asked. "It's like i'm stuck!" Sonic yelled. He began to lift off the ground.

"Guys, help!" He shouted.

"Just hit the darn thing!" Ganondorf yelled.

"I don't wanna hurt it!" Sonic yelled back.

"So you'd rather let it hurt you?" Ganondorf asked. He really didn't understand that hedgehog at all.

A blinding light engulfed the field.

It slowly began to fade away. Everyone opened their eyes. The weird fuzzy thing was gone. Sonic was on the ground with his eyes closed.

"SONIC!!!" Everyone yelled as they ran over to him. Mario looked over him.

"Quick, let's get him back to hub. I can take care of him there." Mario said.

"Are you even a licenced doctor?" Link asked.

"We can worry about Mario's questionable doctorate later. For now, let's focus on getting Sonic back to the hub." Palutena said.

Zelda lifting Sonic up and carried him bridal style as everyone began heading back to the hub.