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Cat Noir & Ladybug: Tales of the Miraculous Future

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When Plagg opened his eyes he expected to see his blonde friend. The man that had been with him for years, instead he was meet with a teenager girl with black hair glasses about to fall off her face with wide eyes looking at him in shock.

"Hey, your not Adrien!" the kwami exclaimed in shock. No one should have known where Adrien and Marinette had left him and Tikki let alone been able to wake then before they came back.

The girl slowly lowered his ring and box on her bed before leaning over and picking up a pill reading the bottle.

"Hey, don't ignore me!" Plagg complained as he floated towards her, "What are you doing? Where's Adrien? Where am I?"

The girl pushed her glasses up and glanced at the kwami, "Seeing if hallucinations is a side effect of one of my medications, because there is no way that my imaginary friend from when I was a kid is floating in my room asking where my father is."

That caught his attention immediately as he floated closer to her face and looked into her bright green eyes that were hiding behind the glasses. Plagg reached out with his kwami powers and felt her aura and chi. He recognized them, he knew them, he knew her!


The girl, Emma, stood up, "Nope, not doing this. I'm not seeing you. I've got enough to deal with, I don't need a psychotic break. I just moved back to Paris, Plagg. I have to get use to French again, to having brothers again, to the city. I don't have time to go to a psych ward or something."

The god of destruction had no idea what was going on but he differently not cut out for this. The emotional stuff was not his forte. But, seeing how the girl looked on the edge of a panic, pacing around the room he needed to do something, "Kid, I'm real your not going crazy. How bout I get, Adrien? He's sure better at this and I can get some cheese while I am at- Wait!"

Plagg paused and looked at Emma again, the dots finally connecting in his mind, "You're suppose to be 6!"

The teenager glared at him, "I'm sixteen, why am I still talking to you?"

This upset Plagg greatly as he looked at the frustrated girl, "It's been ten years. Your dad would't leave me for ten years, he and Marinette said it was only for a bit. To make sure nothing happened. Where is he?! He owns me so much camembert!"

Suddenly all the emotions seem to drain from Emma's face as she looked at a photo, by her bed. 

Plagg isn't stupid. He knows that look, he had seen it on some many people before. Some he caused but he knows. He comes from being an immortal god. 

"No, it was just a weekend trip..." Plagg muttered as he floated over to the picture of the Agreste family smiling at the camera, Plagg and Tikki were there too, not that they could see them, "What happened, Emma?"

Emma laughed sadly and got a distant look in her eye, "Car crash. Luckily, Louis and Hugo were coming later that day with Grandpère and Grandmère. I don't want to think about what would have happened otherwise."

Plagg glanced at her, "You were there." It wasn't a question.

"I dream about it a lot. It's hard not to. You reach your hand out expecting to grab someone. Instead, you swipe at air," She paused, "you just watch the car tilt off, taking your family with it."

The kwami stayed silent for a moment. This kind of stuff happened to normal people. Not superheroes, not Cat Noir and Ladybug, not Adrien and Marinette. But, that explains it. Plagg looked at Emma again, feeling her chi. It was matching his own. He activated for her. Plagg had his work cut out for him for sure. No, guardian, no Tikki. But, here was Emma, looking broken.

If he activated it's for a reason. He was going to help his friend's kitten. Plus, he was getting really hungry and needed her to get him camembert.

He picked up his ring and floated to her, “Here kid.”

The daughter of Ladybug and Cat Noir, looked surprised but took it anyway, gasping as it changed colors to silver, just like Adriens, “This is dad’s ring. The one he always wore….how?” 

Emma looked at him, like she actually looked him, like really looked at him for the time, “Are you like a genie or something?”

Plagg sighed, “You’re certainly your father’s daughter. No, I’m a kwami, specifically the Kwami of destruction, Plagg. We went over this when your were a kid, Emma.”

The girl looked offended, “I was little. I thought I made you up when I was a kid and everyone played along.” 

Plagg sighed and watched as Emma slide the ring on her finger and it size corrected itself, “Look obviously, a lot has happened in ten years. So, we need to go over a lot. But, first and foremost, kid. I need cheese, preferable camembert.”


Outside the new room of Emma Agreste, was Hugo Agreste wondering what his sister was up to. 

Sabine Cheng walked by and saw this, “Hugo, leave your sister alone.”

The ten year old whined a little, “But, Grandmère! I haven’t seen her in ten years cause stupid Grandpère Gabriel had her in America with him and never let us see her. I’m almost glad he died.” 

Sabine gasped at his words, “Never say that, Hugo. Just cause we didn’t get along doesn’t mean we should be glad he's gone. Honestly, we’re lucky Nathalie thought it was better for her to come back to Paris than to stay in New York. Emma’s whole life was there. We need to let her adjust back to living here.”

Hugo nodded, “Is that why she sounds a little weird and says weird words now?”

The grandmother laughed, “I wouldn’t say english words are weird but I suppose. You and Louis are going to have to help her some.”

“Leave it to me!” Hugo nodded enthusiastically, happy to help his older sister.

Sabine smiled and rustled his blonde hair, “By the way, where is Louis?”

The youngest Agreste made a face, “He went to see Sophie.”

The door opened and Emma stuck her face out, “Um, weird question, do we have cheese? Like a plate?”

Sabine looked at her granddaughter and sighed, “Please tell me you don’t like camembert just like your father.