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I saw a future when I looked into your eyes

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Misty knows it when she first sees her. 

It’s a strange feeling, she’s not quite sure how or what or why but she knows it’s always going to be her.  

It may be the way her hands tenderly hold her own, the way her thumbs brush over hers. The way her hand slips up, fingers curling around her elbow. Her touch is innocent yet so sweet and so protective, it makes Misty’s heart swell. 

It may be her voice. The kind, assuring words she speaks. Misty doesn’t quite believe how some one she’s just met is so nice to her. In her life, she’s never met someone like her. People always ignored her and when they didn’t, they hurled abuse at her, yelled at her, bullied her. Many nights, she cried herself to sleep. Never once had she felt like she belonged or as though she were wanted. Yet with this woman, a complete stranger, she feels, she knows that it’s alright. 

It might have taken more than two decades, but she is finally where she needs to be. Finally home. 

  She is pretty, Misty can’t help but notice. Her blonde hair looks soft and nice, Misty has to suppress the urge to run her fingers through it.  She smells nice, too. Like jasmine flowers, vanilla and something so very unique to this woman.  Her hands are small, soft and delicate, perfectly manicured but Misty dares to wager as she senses the powerful magic pulsate through the slender fingers, capable of destroying entire worlds, tearing them down with something as easy as a flick of her wrist. Her sole presence makes Misty feel so much more powerful.  

Misty’s heart almost skipped several beats as her eyes scanned her. 

Above all, it’s the way Cordelia makes her feel . She no longer feels alone. Misty feels that, with her by her side, she could take on the entire world. She feels wanted, she feels loved . Like some kind of a soulmate or twin flame, she knows what Misty has been through and, so she says, she’ll be damned it if she would ever let that happen again. It makes Misty feel safe

Misty isn’t sure what it is, but she knows . She couldn’t have stopped it if she tried, not that she even wanted to. She likes it. It makes her feel giddy with joy for the future. 

She never did believe in love at first sight but upon meeting Cordelia, she knows. When Cordelia takes her in her arms and holds her close, murmuring that everything will be okay, she knows that it’s something inevitable. That she is bound to fall in love with this woman. It’s almost as if she can see the future. A future in which she is happy and together someone she loves and who loves her in return. It makes her giddy with excitement for what’s to come. 

A premonition of love, that’s what Misty believes in.