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“What?” Jaebeom

“You need to help me in my club for this upcoming event. We need your skill in photography to help us filming or taking picture.’’ Professor Kim

Jaebeom was speechless with his professor words.

“But usually the senior will not involved with any events. Prof you know how I am still cant find my theme for my final year project.” Jaebeom

“That is why I ask you Jaebeom maybe you will get your inspired while helping me. You are talented man but never involve with any club activities for all of your study life.” Professor Kim

“Not true I am in book club so yeah why should I involved myself with your acting club?” Jaebeom

“I don’t know why you wasting your time in that boring club. Prof Ahn must do something to bribe you huh?” Professor Kim

“ No offense Prof but I do love reading so yeah I join the book club because I love to discuss with my fellow club member about books.” Jaebeom

“But you love photography too.” Professor Kim

“Yes and that is my major but I don’t need 24/7 doing that. I have my own hobbies. Photography is my passion. By the way Prof I am here to ask for your help not doing any help for you.” Jaebeom

“You are lucky you are my fave student. No one ever say no to me okay.” Professor Kim

“Yeah yeah. Whatever. I need to go now my Nora might be starving right now.” Jaebeom

“The kitten still alive?” Professor Kim

“ Duh of course and now she is a great lady.” Jaebeom said and smile.

“I still think you need to smile more Jaebeom. You look handsome like that.” Professor Kim

“And that is your sexual harassment as usual Prof.” Jaebeom roll his eyes.

“What did I do? I did not do anything!” Professor Kim

“Just kidding, gotta go Prof and about your request, I will consider it but do not put too much hope for me. How bout you ask the junior Joon. She is kinda good at it.” Jaebeom

“Please no! The junior this time is so bad at even get a good angle. Not like you.” Professor Kim

“Praising me will not get you anything. Goodbye prof!” Jaebeom

Jaebeom walk out the room rushly. He needed to meet up with his little brother before the said brother will throw the tantrum. Jaebeom run as quickly as he can and bump a few people but he did not even say sorry and keep running.

“What the heck?” Mark

“What happen Mark?” Jinyoung

“Someone just bump into me and make me wet my own shirt and he not even said sorry. Luckily he look cute.” Mark

“You and your flirty self Mark. Just go get a boyfriend for fuck sake.” Jinyoung

“Nah, its too mainstream to date now hahahhahhaha.” Mark

“Whatever. I need to meet Professor Kim and disccussed about our video for our upcoming event. We need to to this fast if not….I don’t know what to do.” Jinyoung

“Hey we are seniors okay why should you still involve with that club of yours?” Mark

“Mork~~~You know how my family expectation? They want me to be their successor but I love acting so this is the only way I can do it without getting mad.” Jinyoung

“Urghhh I know, but don’t be too busy about your club that you forget about your own study.” Mark

“I know Mark, I am the second best student in our major.” Jinyoung wink

“Yes that is because you can’t beat that Jackson Wang. I don’t know how he do that. The known playboy in this uni and still strive and look at me I barely get a B in my paper while still study like crazy.” Mark

“You don’t need to worry you are working while study so what the problem? You already have job.” Jinyoung

“That my late dad left me for.” Mark

“Who cares? You still helping your company and make it more succsessful and still attend uni? Urgh you are the best ever Mark.” Jinyoung

“What  with all this convo? Just go and meet your acting club professor. I just head home for now.” Mark

Jinyoung just nods and went to the Professor Kim room.

“Ouh its you Jinyoung.” Professor Kim

“So Professor Kim, how is it? Can your favorite student help us filming?” Jinyoung

“I don’t 100 % sure yet but if I know him he will help me even with his frowning face.” Professor Kim

“Who is it again? Do I know him?” Jinyoung

“I don’t think so he is also a senior like you but he really a…urmm private kind of guy. He don’t like to mingle around and just doing his work only but he is a good guy.” Professor Kim

“Sound like a loner to me.” Jinyoung

“Not everyone like to socialize and partying like you Jinyoung. Jaebeom really one of a reserved person in my class. He do not talk a lot but he is the brightest one.” Professor Kim

“Jaebeom? His name is Jaebeom?” Jinyoung

“Yeah, do you know him?” Professor Kim

“Nah…Its sound familiar tho.” Jinyoung

“You just give me another 2 days. I will confirm it if Jaebeom shi can help us or not.” Professor Kim

“Okay Professor Kim I will go now. Thank you again.” Jinyoung

Jinyoung were walking when suddenly his mind remember something.

“Jaebeom? No right? It will be funny if its him.” Jinyoung