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Whistle in the Dark

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Shinsou Hitoshi stood outside, his focus placed on the little things he’s been picking up ever since the days were getting short. He spotted the third years, slowly walking passed the pitch on the farther right. They probably didn’t want to stand tiredly on a public bus eighty percent filled with U.A. first years, or missing the first bus because it is completely full with U.A. and citizens, then waiting in the cold Autumn wind for twenty minutes. Instead they take their time and say goodbye to friends and teachers for the day.

A dancing leaf managed to snap him out of the trance he had put himself in as it plopped itself onto his nose. Shinsou flinched at the surprise but relaxed when it stilled on his nose. The leaf caught his eye (obviously. It landed on his face) and those pretty colours were the ones that interested him. A basic Autumn leaf with its basic red, orange, yellow and green but the way it curled backward to show off the blend between green and yellow and curled forward giving the illusion that red is deep and orange is bright. “Pretty.” Shinsou mumbled as he quickly jogged to his bag and carefully weaved the stem of the leaf in the side pocket of his bag on the artificial grass as to not flatten the curves it created.

”It is, isn’t it?” A voice from behind startled Shinsou and an ungodly sound escaped from him. Aizawa’s expression stayed stern when rosiness warmed Shinsou’s cold pale face and he slowly started itching his forearm through his jacket and nodded. “It’s a very good reference I could use later.” He added sternly, he tried to sound as though he didn’t choke on air. Shinsou wondered if Mr. Aizawa watched him throughout the whole leaf fiasco or hopped in in the middle.

“Come on, I’ve wasted a good chunk of training today so instead I want to see how long you could last. You’ll start with planks.” Aizawa watched as Shinsou took off his chunky jacket and get on his arms and knees until he got the signal to start.


“I had a meeting today,” Aizawa started. “You’re training course is changing to a better method to insure an easygoing transition to the hero course, if you pass. A method we should’ve used from the beginning.”he complained. “I proposed for permission to allow you to design and send your ideal costume prototype in order to reach the level of the hero course.” 

This was sounding a bit too good. Aizawa swung himself over the wall of the bleachers with pure muscle and turned to face Shinsou over it. “You won’t be able to redesign your getup because only hero course students do that. I edit your training from now on and I say we’re not putting it into action ‘till next week or longer if needed.” Shinsou grunted before toppling on the fake grass. A little voice on the stopwatch told him that he was wall sitting for two minutes, forty seconds.

“That’s a bit confusing. Delaying it would mean more unimportant training.”

“No. You’d want to learn with whatever weapon you choose to the best of your ability. You need to find one that suits you best, or merge weapons to create a suitable one. Before all that, we need to explore your quirk.” Shinsou shrunk at that. No weapons and getting bruises. Aizawa knew that he’d be upset about it. “Your files said you got two days of Quirk Examination when you were five years old, right?” Oh yeah, there’s that. “For a voice activated quirk, I think there is more to it than asking questions.” Now everything made sense to Shinsou. “So, if I explore my quirk, I can work with something that suits every aspect of it, without going back for upgrades.”

”Spot on.” Aizawa flopped his hand out. It took a sec, but Shinsou gave him a high five. His hand hesitated around him before switching to itching his forearm again. “You’ll be given a consent form for your parent, or guardian, since I don’t have a license for a Quirk Examination.”

”That sounds illegal.” Shinsou took a seat in the bleachers, right beside his bag and leaf.

“No. It’s required for underground heroes to be professional at these skills. But getting a license would be unimportant considering how most don’t use it in their career. A simple consent form is more than enough.” Aizawa looked around at the pitch gates. “Training is almost over and Mr. Yamada will be down here in a while with the form.”

It wasn’t even a minute after Aizawa brought up the forms and Yamada arrived. His hair wasn’t in his signature cockatoo style. It was in a man bun with little strays flicking from the bottom of it and it looked like he was ready to get cozy.

Good evening pre-hero! And pro-hero!” Yamada had so much energy in him it hurt to watch. ”Good evening Mr. Yamada.” Shinsou replied. “God, you’re so extra” was Aizawa’s response. “ Anyways, I’ve got consent forms! Mr. Aizawa probably told you what’s on it, right?” Yamada received a nod from Shinsou. “Great! Give this to a parent or guardian and you’ll be in the hero course in no time!”

Shinsou got the form in a little envelope. Aizawa got a copy of it which was added to his stack on his clipboard. Shinsou slipped on his jacket and carried his bag. The leaf was holding its place well in the pocket.

Yamada made his way to his car after waving goodbye to them. Shinsou exited the pitch first, looking back to see if Aizawa followed in suit. He walked beside him on the path to the bus stop.

“You should stop that,” Shinsou’s hand hitched in place when Aizawa mentioned it. He hadn’t noticed that he’d been scratching it again. Shinsou mumbled an apology while holding his itching hand.

Their walks were always silent. The roads were never busy but the sky was always painted with supernatural colours. The clouds were filled with orange closer to the sun and pinks farther away from the sun. They felt closer to the ground at sunset and the mountains in the distance can confirm since the sun touches them. Shinsou looks at them every time.

This walk was loud. Shinsou‘s shoes were making a loud, noisy noise. They were never this loud. The bare, leafless trees were rolling when the wind passed by and the wind itself was heavy blowing on him. Today the sky didn’t even try to be as beautiful. And there was no point on the mountains, they were covered in fog.

And the roads were busy.

Aizawa and Shinsou were getting closer to the bus stop. They’ve already pressed the traffic lights yet the cars above didn’t look like they were stopping for them, they’d have to speed-cross. Aizawa clutched Shinsou’s hand and tugged gently closer to him, and it shocked the boy a bit. The last car passed before they both rushed to cross. Aizawa only let go of Shinsou’s hand once they arrived at the stop.

Oh, he did it again. But it wasn’t bad, right? It’s-he did it to keep me safe. We were crossing pretty fast so it was okay. He wouldn’t do that just to do anything to me . He wouldn’t do it like they did so I can-

“You’re allowed to breathe” the teacher voiced. Shinsou dropped his uncharted hold on his breath. He inhaled the cold Autumn air and exhaled an extensive mist. “It’s getting colder by the day” Shinsou’s attention shifted to Aizawa “and the increase in crime in your area doesn’t sound good. Try getting someone at home to bring you back, or I’ll bring you myself.” Shinsou gave the man a nod. He didn’t really want Aizawa to bring him home. Not while he’s having that thought. Again.

The bus’ doors opened after Shinsou waved goodbye. Aizawa headed the same way they both came to.

He’s not okay. Aizawa thought. He glanced at Shinsou in the bus pass by. He showed... fear? Confusion. Why’d he be confused though? And off lately? Like, with the itching his forearm, even though it doesn’t reach his arm?

This was really getting to him. Aizawa made a mental note to speak with him next time things seemed off. The clouds gave the impression that it wasn’t going to be easy tomorrow, it looked like it was planning to be gloomy.