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Sex Slave

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Jimin’s whole body stiffened as he heard the rattling of the keys just outside the door. He was kneeling on the cold wooden floor, his bruised knees sore from kneeling for almost thirty minutes because he did not know when he might retur
n, hands curled into a fist on his lap to stop them from trembling. Was it due to fear or the cold flow brushing against his naked skin as he was wearing nothing but a tight brief.


He didn’t know. Not that it mattered. Jungkook liked him this way. Exposed and vulnerable. And if it could satisfy his boyfriend, who was he to complain.


He knew he was standing tall right in front of him, evaluating him like he was some kinda toy. He could see his Grimentin black leather boots which he shined last night. As much as he longed to admire the features of his boyfriend he knew better than to look him in the eyes. Jungkook just walked past to the kitchen, ignoring the naked boy kneeling on the ground. Jimin let out the breath he was holding, slightly crumbling on his spot.


It wasn’t always like this, mostly quite the opposite, but those times seemed so far and unreal now. Each time he visited his house, Jungkook was home, welcoming him with a cup of hot cocoa on cold days or an icy lemonade on warm days, kissing him so sweetly and melting under his touch.


A sting in his scalp yanked him from the lost memories and he gasped in surprise, shutting his eyes close to not make eye contact accidently. His body was too sore for another punishment. A hand, his hand, forced him on his legs, slamming his back to the wall. He could feel his hot breathe tingling his swollen lips, he wanted to close the distance, tasting the younger’s lips but he knew he was not allowed to touch him without permission.


“I see the little slut decided to listen and wait for his mater’s return like an obedient little pet. I’m quite pleased.”


Jimin didn’t have to look to know there was a smirk forming on his lips, Completing his deep dark tone that sent shiver down his spine.


“I guess I should reward you. Tell me what you want.”


Jimin gulped as he tried to control his breathing, it wasn’t time to panic again. Last time he did, Jungkook locked him in the basement for 3 days. To say it was worse than the cane won’t be an underestimated but it’s a story for later.


Jungkook has never been a generous man since he altered. He deosn’t reward people for being good because he believes it’s their duty to be obedient. A reward always come always before rough day. “Please k-kiss me.” He stuttered.


“Open your eyes Jimin.” The hand that was clutching his hair was now cupping his face gently. “It’s okay. You can look at me.”


Jimin melted in the touch as he stared at his boyfriend. His expression was softened and he could see a tinge of emotion in his always dark black orbs. They’re usually like deep pits. Deprived of any emotion. But there are times like this when he knew he could let his fears wash away and enjoy the moment. Even the curl on his lips were more of a smile than a smirk.


“You’re shaking.” Jungkook whispered. Leaning closer, their lips barely brushed. He could feel how desperate his boyfriend was from the way he was panting. “Do you fear me?”


“Yes.” Times like this he knew he could get away without any addressing, ay pleading. Answering while staring into his lover’s eyes, consuming every touch, every whisper, every warmth.


“Good.” Jungkook murmured as he closed the distance, gently kissing the older. His tongue roaming his mouth without any resistance, feeling him, tasting him.


Jimin could feel tears welled up in his eyes, tears of happiness? Sorrow? Regret? Loss? He didn’t know.


The hand that pressed against his throat was a sign that the reward was over. He could feel the later’s lips sucking and biting harshly, drawing blood from his lips, hand pressing down his throat, making his breathing even harder. He had to dig his nail in his palms to not push the younger away and gasp for air, first instinct of survival. But he trusted him to stop if he couldn’t tolerate anymore. It was always like this. The younger loved pushing him from the ledge only to hold him from falling down.


And he was right.


Jungkook let go of his throat before dizziness overwhelmed him. “Wait for me in the bedroom.”


“Yes master.” He answered. Eyes glued to the floor again. He took of his underwear as he entered the bedroom. Hissing in pain as he kneeled on the cold floor by the end of the bed, his bed, which used to be their bed.


Jungkook walked in, still wearing his expensive suit. He sat on the bed while admiring the beauty in front of him. Jimin’s soft ivory skin covered in red and blue bruises, handprints painting his throat and squishy cheeks and his soft waxed member was hanging between his legs. He leaned back as he parted his thighs. “Go on. You know what to do.”


Jimin’s shaky fingers proceeded to unzip his pants, gulping as he faced his erection. He never liked giving blowjob. It was disgusting and he couldn’t find pleasure in choking around a piece of flesh but if it could satisfy Jungkook then he’d happily go down on his knees for him. He started with kitten licks, tasting the bitter precum on his tongue before engulfing the whole length in his mouth, bopping his head up and down while listening to Jungkook moaning from the tight and warm heat that enveloped his length. The tug on his hair was his cue to stop, just keeping his mouth open and letting Jungkook abuse his throat the way he needed. The younger was merciless, taking brutal speed as he pushed his member deeper, laughing when the older boy gagged and tears ran down his face. Jimin couldn’t breath, drool were slipping down his parted lips and he didn’t like these feeling even a bit but Jungkook pleasure was all that mattered, his priority.


Jimin could feel the younger was getting close from the way he rolled his head back so he hollowed his cheeks more as he kept abusing his throat, tears rolling down his cheeks non-stop mixing with the drool on his chin. Jungkook pulled out before anything happens, squeezing the base of his member to stop the orgasm. Jimin could hear his own heartbeat, fear seizing his chest. Jungkook not wanting to come was never a good sign. It meant that they weren’t done, that he’d keep going until Jimin was a crying and begging mess, too wrecked to move or even form the words.