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The Evolution of Modern ABO Culture



It was once part of 'civilized' tradition for parents of Omegas to arrange matches for their children. It had never been difficult to find Alphas willing to court Omegas, but of course, families associated these matches with obtaining and/or maintaining social statuses. It was believed that even though the matches were made less for love than social standing, that the vetting and testing done by the Omega's parents made sure the chosen Alpha was honorable, caring, protective, and above all respectful.

As values change, so do traditions. When it had been revealed that not all matches turned out well, and Omegas had begun severing their mating bonds, social class ladders became less of a priority. There’d been concerns on a massive scale that Omega-rarity would increase due to the decrease in genetic diversity. Eventually, the imbalance in the population would do more harm than good. Nothing good would come from history repeating itself.

For decades, the balance in the population also helped to curb the animalistic tendencies in Alphas and the resentment from Betas toward Omegas. There was a time, generations before this balance had been achieved, that had been extremely dark. Humans were a relatively young species and were still navigating their civil differences. When the first few genetic evolutions had given humans an extra gender designation, it had driven their inner animal instincts to the forefront. Alphas were forceful, incorrigible, and downright aggressive. The Alpha Command was regularly abused.

They'd repressed Betas and fetishized Omegas to the point where there'd been multiple Omegas in a household with a lone Beta in an Alpha Male, Beta Female main pairing. Those Alphas would insist that the Omegas they assimilated into their home structure were simply live-in support, brought in to assist their Beta mates with household activities. There was always a scandal if and when it had been discovered that those Alphas were breeding their Omegas under the excuse of helping with their heats or being seduced. The insecurity, anger, shame, and betrayal kept any unification between Betas and Omegas at bay for years.

The Betas had become increasingly frustrated with their husbands and resentful toward their Omega housemates. Instead of banding with the Omegas in their homes and creating solutions for them, they'd treated them as competition and personal, emotional pincushions and punching bags. They’d mocked the unmated men, calling them unnatural mutations and nothing more than oversexed freaks of nature. They’d threatened them with claiming any illegitimate offspring as their own and then making them act as nannies. They used that as an incentive to force heat and scent suppressants and birth control on Omegas.

The situation escalated when Alphas who only mated with Omegas had begun to notice a severe drop in the population of unmated Omegas. They’d also noticed a significant increase in de-flowered, older, single Omegas living in poverty after their households had traded them out for younger versions. Some had even been forced to leave their own children behind and never see them again.

They’d been wary, distrustful, and even hostile to Alphas, never wanting to face such rejection again, especially from a potential mate. They felt as if they’d been used up and could offer nothing more of themselves to a permanent bond. However, once their access to suppressants had been cut off, there’d been uncontrolled heats, mass public mating, and animalistic fighting with many casualties.

The Alphas felt cheated of their own chances at a normal life, to claim their mates and bear the next generations in loving, peaceful family units. Instead, they existed in less than human conditions and were forced to act in a purely instinctual manner, which made them seem even worse to Omegas. At the worst of times, a civil war inevitably broke out between both classes of Alphas. The beginning of the return to balance for everyone came when Alpha/Omega pairing rights legislation was created.

The Alpha Command was prohibited except in times of dire emergency. Any household with an Alpha/Beta pairing had to have strict documentation on their live-in employed. There were incentives in place to hire mated Omegas if possible. There were age restrictions placed on how young an Omega could be to be brought into those environments. The Alphas of those households were strictly forbidden to “assist” with ANY Omega heats. Unmated Omegas were given the option without shame to take suppressants or make arrangements for their heat cycles. They would have often stayed with relatives and arranged for assistance with a medical professional or someone they trusted.

Over time, the legislation helped a large amount toward the attitude people took concerning the basic civil liberties of Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. It also helped that modern medical and scientific advancements had enabled a better understanding of these gender designations. People of all designations eventually became more accepting, supportive, and appreciative of each other and each of their beneficial roles in society. Concerning the subject of biological reproduction:


Alphas, whose biological sex is Male, go through ‘The Blood Rush’. It causes a fever-like condition where the iris of the eye becomes a red tone. The skin holds a flush or reddish tint and the body temperature increases slightly. Alphas commonly present at adulthood and their sexual peak (age range 18-25), though there have been cases of late Rushes (the early to late 30s). Some medical theories state that mental and emotional maturity are an influencing factor which controls the animalistic psychology of aggression. The reason for this is there are statistically twice as many Alphas born as there are either Betas or Omegas. There typically are Alphas who are attracted to female Betas and Alphas who are attracted to male Omegas.

Betas, who are biologically Female, go through ‘The Gold Rush’ during puberty. It causes symptoms similar to Neonatal Jaundice. The iris of the eye becomes yellow or gold in color. The skin holds a yellowish tinge and the body temperature drops slightly. Newborn jaundice occurs when a baby has a high level of bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is a yellow substance that the body creates when it replaces old red blood cells. The liver helps break down the substance so it can be removed from the body in the stool. The Gold Rush is a resurfacing of this condition at adolescence when the Beta status confirms itself.

Omegas, who are biologically Male, go through ‘The Diamond Rush’. Distinctive only by the jewel-like, ice- or arctic-blue glow that radiates through the iris of the eye. Despite the connotation of diamonds, ice, and arctic, the body goes through a brief, yet intense fever with a slight blush. An Omega may be under the impression they will present as an Alpha when the initial symptoms begin, but once the fever breaks their eye color will be the concluding factor. Omegas develop in stages, initially beginning as an average male, then their secondary internal reproductive system activates once the body is ready to procreate. Some medical theories state the development of Omegas is more physically influenced, making sure the body is able to safely conceive, carry, and bear young. Early presenters are a medical concern and care and thought should be taken when attempting to conceive. It is encouraged to wait and allow more physical maturation. Many Omegas live with their parents until finding their mates, even into their early 30’s.

It is a rare thing that Alpha/Beta couples have the blessing of variety in their offspring. They can have many children, barring any medical or reproductive issues, but the most common combinations are all Alpha, all Beta, or an A/B mix. It was normally a celebrated event when an A/B pairing produced an A/B/O set, or an Omega child at all.

Omegas by design are guaranteed to bear Alphas or Omegas. There are very rare instances when A/O pairings will result in the birth of a Beta.


It was eventually concluded that creating opportunities for Omegas to choose their Alpha mates would help the pairings to be more solid, happier, and more productive. This, in turn, would create higher statistics for the rarer combinations to occur. However, some parents still loved the pride of helping to find their Omega child a perfect mate.

So, in the interest of attempting to create a win/win situation for both traditional groups and the newer, more independent generation, the trend of chaperoned dating was started as well as Omega classifieds. Mate Wanted was a highly popular section in the weekly news periodicals. To keep the younger generation engaged and open-minded to their parents utilizing it, the listings were headed by real-time statistics. The successful method for attracting the best Alpha mate always followed the wedding announcements and preceded the birth notifications.