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Mirror, Mirror.

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    When Jeongguk arrived home on Friday evening after his daily workout at the local gym and, after the week he’d had at work, more than ready to spend the next two days relaxing and thinking about anything other than his job, he expected to find Yoongi doing one of two things.

Either pottering around the kitchen, humming as he cooked the perfect steak because steak on a Friday night had somehow become a little tradition of theirs, or curled up on the sofa under a thick blanket and napping in front of the television.

What he found instead was an almost silent apartment illuminated only by the dim lamps in the living room, and the warm glow filtering out from beneath their bedroom door.

Almost silent, because as he kicked off his boots in the hallway he heard it; a soft whimper of a moan that Jeongguk thought he’d imagined until it sounded again.

Following the sounds, Jeongguk headed to their bedroom and soundlessly pushed open the door, where he found Yoongi and the reason for the soft moans of what Jeongguk now understood to be pleasure.

Frustrated pleasure. But pleasure all the same.

Yoongi was wearing one of Jeongguk’s own white, button down shirts, the material so loose on his smaller frame it fell almost to his thighs and pretty white stockings that had pink paw prints stamped onto the bottoms of his feet.

He clearly hadn’t noticed Jeongguk’s presence yet, and so Jeongguk took a moment to truly take in the scene laid out before him. The curtains were closed, and the only light in the room was from the warm white fairy lights strung around the frame of their bed and the pink floral smelling candles dotted around the room and flickering in glass jars.

Yoongi wasn’t on the bed, as Jeongguk had expected him to be, but on the floor before the full-length mirror that Taehyung had picked out for them as a housewarming gift and Jeongguk hadn’t spent more than ten minutes at a time looking at. Yoongi though, was using it to its full potential.

He’d dragged blankets and pillows over to it and made what honestly looked like some kind of human sized nest, where he was currently sitting on his knees, thighs spread over one of their larger pillows to balance him as he rutted against it, soft sighs of pleasure spilling from his lips with every drag of his hips.

Even with the mirror Jeongguk’s view was obscured by the blankets bunched up around Yoongi but it was enough to have his own cock stirring in his sweats- he was suddenly glad he hadn’t bothered putting briefs back on after his post workout shower.

Started without me, kitten?” Jeongguk stepped further into the room then, watching the way Yoongi’s dark eyes grew wide when they caught sight of him in the mirror. “Naughty.”

Pink bloomed on the apples of Yoongi’s cheeks, but he didn’t stop grinding against the pillow. “You weren’t here and I was feeling… needy.”

And what did I tell you last Friday?”

I haven’t been bad, I swear!” Yoongi rushed to tell him, breath catching in a low moan as he spoke. “You told me I could play but I haven’t come once… I promise I just- I needed something .”

In some ways Jeongguk felt almost cruel. He’d had Yoongi balancing on the edge of oblivion for the last six days. A whole week without a single orgasm, Jeongguk’s orders, a week of being edged over and over, pushed to the brink of climax only to be harshly pulled back just to see how much he could take.

During the last six days Jeongguk fucked Yoongi with either a dildo or a vibrator in pretty much every room of the apartment until Yoongi had been shaking and begging, desperate for the release he knew he wasn't going to get. Jeongguk had fucked him hard in their bed almost every night, finding his own climax sometimes several times over but always pulling out before Yoongi could find his.

He’d even edged him in a restaurant when they’d gone out for dinner as a double date with Taehyung and Hoseok, where Jeongguk had been suddenly grateful for Taehyung’s fancy taste in dining when he’d discovered that the pristine white tablecloths fell almost to the floor and so had spent the better part of an hour sat opposite Yoongi with his toes pressing with increasing pressure into Yoongi’s cock until he was rock solid and leaking through his dress pants and near tears as he bit into his lip hard to keep from giving them away.

Today was day seven.

So you thought you’d spend your time in front of the mirror, watching yourself play with your cock and grind against our nice clean pillows?” Jeongguk shrugged off his jacket and dumped it on the bed, unfastening the top few buttons of his red and black checkered shirt as he crossed the room to his boyfriend.

Yoongi gazed at him from beneath the soft blue of his hair. “I felt pretty so… I wanted to see myself.”

You are pretty, kitten.” Jeongguk praised, kneeling down and pressing closer to Yoongi’s back, eyes meeting in the mirror when Jeongguk’s hand found Yoongi’s throat, fingers dancing along the edges of the pale pink lace collar fastened around it. “Beautiful, even.”

You really think so?”

Even from his position kneeling behind Yoongi, Jeongguk made quick work of unfastening the buttons of Yoongi’s shirt and sliding the soft material off his shoulders and down his arms until it fell noiselessly to the floor, revealing what Yoongi had been hiding underneath.

His nipples were flushed dark pink and hard thanks to the little clamps he had attached to each one, joined by a thin silver chain that seemed to shimmer in the soft light. His cock was hard and flushed, straining against the delicate rose pink lace lingerie he was wearing, made with a hole cut into the back to allow for the white fluffy cat tail of his favourite plug that was filling him up and keeping him open for Jeongguk.

Yoongi looked perfect.

I know so.” Jeongguk answered Yoongi’s earlier question. “Always so beautiful and perfect for me.”

Pastel pink lace teamed with the powder blue of his hair, Yoongi looked like cotton candy in human form- sugary sweet and bad for Jeongguk in all the best ways possible.

Only for yo- oh! ” Yoongi’s words broke off in a choked little moan when Jeongguk slid a hand over the inside of his thigh, squeezing the supple flesh a few times before shifting to palm him through the lingerie, the heel of his hand pressing hard against Yoongi’s leaking cock.

Look at you, kitten, grinding against everything you can.” Jeongguk smirked when Yoongi started rocking into his hand, seeking friction and relief. “You’re really desperate for it, aren’t you?”

Yoongi moaned loudly and almost doubled over from pleasure when Jeongguk pulled the lingerie down enough for the lace to trap Yoongi’s cock against his lower abdomen and took to thumbing at the head until Yoongi’s moans began to sound more like little hiccupped sobs.

Please… please,” Yoongi pleaded, chest heaving and thighs spreading wider.

You’re so wet, Yoongi, are you sure you haven’t come already?” Jeongguk asked, lips against Yoongi’s skin as he bent lower to nip at his jaw. “You’ve soaked through your pretty lace and you’re still fucking dripping , kitten, are you sure you’ve been good?”

Yoongi nodded frantically, tears welling and smudging the carefully applied black kohl that lined his beautiful eyes that burned with the intensity of a forest fire. “I’m sure, I promise I’ve been good. Jeongguk it’s been a week- please .”

Okay kitten, I’ll believe you.” Jeongguk loved when Yoongi was like this, vulnerable in the most intimately wonderful way, open and pliant and perfect . “Now bend over for me so I can see just how ready you are for my cock.”

Yoongi’s reaction was instant. He bent forward at the waist, weight braced on his arms and head hanging low just in front of the mirror, ass held high in offering and fluffy tail brushing his thigh.

Good boy,” Jeongguk praised, pushing the plug impossibly deeper inside Yoongi’s stretched hole and twisting it a few times just to make him shudder and all but shout his name in surprised pleasure.

Retrieving the lube Yoongi had discarded amongst the blankets, Jeongguk slicked up several of his fingers before pulling out the plug and pushing two fingers inside in its place before Yoongi could even whine at the loss.

Fuck, Jeongguk. ” Yoongi panted when Jeongguk fingered him roughly, switching between stretching him open and rubbing over his prostate until Yoongi had one hand pressed against the mirror to keep from hitting his head against the glass with the force he started to fuck himself on Jeongguk’s fingers, moaning mindlessly.

Almost, shit, almost … I‘m gonna-“ feeling the way Yoongi’s hole tightened down around his fingers and his thighs started to shake Jeongguk pulled out quickly.

He landed a stinging slap to Yoongi’s left ass cheek, “Just like I said earlier… naughty.”

I’m sorry, Jeongguk I’m sorry.” Yoongi babbled, hole clenching around nothing and hips pushing back against thin air. “I just… I need to come- I need your cock inside me, fucking me until I come. It’s been a week Jeongguk,” he sobbed out a moan when Jeongguk palmed at his heavy balls with one hand, thumb pressing his perineum just to use his other hand to feel how much harder and wetter Yoongi’s cock became in response.

Jeongguk could feel his own cock leaking now at the sight and smell of Yoongi more aroused than he could recall seeing before. Never mind his boyfriend, he wasn't sure how much longer he could hold back.

Very well, kitten. I’ll give you what you want, as you’ve been so good.” Jeongguk ignored Yoongi’s whine when he pulled his hands away from his body so that he could pull off his own clothes. “I’m going to fuck you right here, in front of the mirror.”

Jeongguk moved to help Yoongi out of the soiled lingerie, choosing to leave the stockings and nipple clamps where they were for now before getting comfortable amongst the blankets and pillows. “I want you to face the mirror whilst you ride my cock. I want you to see how well I fuck you.”

Yes, yes.” Yoongi was already manoeuvring into position before Jeongguk had even done slicking up his cock with lube.

Facing away from Jeongguk and straddling Jeongguk’s hips, legs bent backwards at the knee, Yoongi took his cock an inch at a time until he was fully seated and panting hard at the sudden stretch.

Ssh, baby, I’ve got you.” Jeongguk murmured when Yoongi immediately picked up an almost punishing pace, bouncing on Jeongguk’s cock and moaning low and broken with every downward motion. He sounded desperate, damned near mindless with pure need. “Take your time, kitten.” He kissed across the damp skin of Yoongi’s shoulders. “There’s no rush. I’m not going anywhere.”

It was amazing for Jeongguk, to see Yoongi like this. To watch the way their eyes met in the mirror, to watch Yoongi watch himself fall apart in the most beautiful of ways. Yoongi was one of the strongest people he’d ever met, as soft and full of quiet love as he was brilliant and fiery.

To be the person that Yoongi could be so vulnerable with made Jeongguk proud, made him feel like he was the kind of boyfriend Yoongi needed him to be.

It made Jeongguk love him more than ever.

You feel so good Yoongi,” Jeongguk half spoke, half moaned, his hands gripping Yoongi’s hips when his boyfriend slowed his frantic bouncing to a deep, slow grind that had Jeongguk delirious in minutes. “I’m close.”

It was almost disappointing, the way fire burned him up from the inside, the coil inside wound tight and close to snapping much sooner than he’d like. But with Yoongi in his lap like this, taking his cock like it was all he wanted to do for the rest of his life? Jeongguk decided he couldn't really complain.

I can’t- Jeongguk , I need…” Yoongi’s rhythm faltered as he started to tire, body strung out and shaking after being denied release for far too long, breath catching in his chest when he tried and failed to keep Jeongguk’s cock against his prostate.

Jeongguk nipped at Yoongi’s shoulder once and kissed over the spot afterward to soothe the mark. “Off, baby. On your hands and knees.” He demanded softly, ignoring Yoongi’s whimpers when he pulled off his cock and did as he was told.

A moment later and Jeongguk was on his knees behind Yoongi and pushing back inside him in one smooth motion. The change in position had them both moaning in satisfaction, and Jeongguk gripped Yoongi’s hair and pulled his head back to keep their gazes locked with that of their reflections, revelling in the way the lace collar around Yoongi’s throat shifted slightly each time he swallowed hard.

Give it to me Jeongguk ah.” Yoongi panted, pushing back hard against each of Jeongguk’s thrusts and reaching around to pull at his own as with one hand as though to open himself up wider. Take Jeongguk in deeper. “Fuck me harder. I won’t fucking break.”

Such a dirty mouth for such a pretty kitten.” Jeongguk hummed but complied anyway, fucked into him harder at the same time as pulling him back up onto his knees with a firm grip still in his hair.

Jeongguk’s thighs were burning now, he was sure Yoongi’s were too, but from this angle he could see everything. From the sweat dampened mess of Yoongi’s hair to the bottomless dark of his eyes. From his swollen nipples to his quivering stomach down to his red, wet cock that bounced with each of Jeongguk’s hard thrusts.

A wrecked by pleasure Min Yoongi was truly a sight to behold.

Gonna come, Yoongi.” Jeongguk warned, his own hair falling into his face but he didn't want to take his hands off Yoongi’s body for even a second to push it out of the way. “Gonna come so fucking hard.”

Can I come too this time?” Yoongi all but begged, voice lower than ever and body trembling in Jeongguk’s hold. “Please Jeongguk ah. I’ve been good for you- I need to come.”

Jeongguk ran a hand over one of Yoongi’s stocking clad thighs. “Think you can come without having your cock touched?” Yoongi’s response was to moan and nod his head. “Then do it. Come for me, kitten.”

A couple of hard thrusts of Jeongguk’s cock and Jeongguk finally (carefully) removing the clamps still gripping Yoongi’s nipples was all it took to have Yoongi unable to hold back any longer. Overwhelmed and oversensitive, Yoongi arched beautifully and shook as his orgasm rocked through him, coming harder than Jeongguk had ever seen before.

The way he tightened down around Jeongguk’s cock had his own orgasm hitting seconds later, and he held Yoongi to him as he filled him with everything he had.

I love you,” Jeongguk whispered as he nosed at Yoongi’s neck and licked up the salt on his skin, just as overwhelmed as his boyfriend. “You did so well, baby. I love you so much.”

When they finally separated, Jeongguk carefully lay Yoongi down on the makeshift bed and left him only to retrieve a warm, wet washcloth from the bathroom. He took his time cleaning Yoongi up, undressing him properly and watching the way his eyes fluttered and his chest rose and fell more gently as he calmed down.

You okay Yoongi hyung?” Jeongguk asked, honorific now back in its rightful place. “Not too sore anywhere? I don't know how long you had those clamps on but-“

I’m fine , Jeongguk ah.” Yoongi interrupted his rambling. “Stop fussing.”

Jeongguk rolled his eyes but knew there was a blush on his face that was nothing to do with the sex they’d just had. “I’m not fussing, I’m taking care of you.”

I know,” Yoongi’s eyes were full of fondness. “But if you really wanted to take care of me you’d get down here and kiss me.”

When Yoongi pulled him down with a gentle hand around the back of his neck, Jeongguk went easily, kissed him with as much love as he could muster. Yoongi’s mouth was soft and warm and Jeongguk smiled against his lips the way he had during so many kisses before this one.

By the time they parted to breathe, Yoongi’s eyes were half closed and he looked on the verge of sleep.

So… nap time?” Jeongguk suggested.

Yoongi was already pulling one of the blankets to cover them both so they wouldn't wake up cold later. “Nap time.”

Right here on the floor?”

Right here on the floor.” Yoongi echoed, eyes already shut as he curled up against Jeongguk’s side, head on his chest and blue hair tickling Jeongguk’s chin.

Laughing softly, Jeongguk simply wrapped his arms around Yoongi and kissed his head.

Oh and Jeongguk?” Yoongi’s voice sounded when Jeongguk was on the verge of sleep.


I love you, too.”

Jeongguk succumbed to his dreams with a content smile on his face and the love of his life breathing gently against his chest.