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it was dawn when they first saw each other.

the sky was still recovering from the darkness and was now merging with all the morning warm colors. the air was thick from the smell of cedar wood and humid due to the recent drizzle. the forest and mountains were nearby.

that being said, although it was still early, park jimin was sent down to the living-world for a special mission he needed to carry out.

"do i have to?" the angel pouted as he and his friend, seokjin walked through the tall cedar trees in the woods.

"stop over-exaggerating. all you need to do is look after the kid, that's it." seokjin rolled his eyes.

"being a guardian angel isn't easy, hyung. especially when you have to watch people mess up and not be able to physically do anything about it!" jimin whined. "all you have to do is fly around and send messages."

"hey, being a messenger isn't easy either." seokjin argued and then stopped walking when they arrived at the destination.

the sun was starting to come out now but the woods still had many shadows from trees that made the setting look darker.

seokjin signaled jimin to go on and meet his tasks and the younger sighed tiredly as he waved goodbye. seokjin then untucked his vast wings and expanded them out wide to take off.

jimin was left alone now. the cedar woods near the mountains was usually the familiar spot he'd always get dropped off at in the living-world and he didn't mind at all. he loved this forest. every time he came, he wanted to stay and just explore around but he knew better to follow the rules and complete his missions.

since it was still dawn, an idea sprouted in the angel's mind and he suddenly grew excited. he could still have extra time before morning came. it wouldn't hurt to explore a little.. right?

and so that's what the angel did. jimin walked around the forest and stopped by every little beautiful scene of nature. the more he explored, the more deeper he went into the forest.

although time would run out soon, jimin couldn't help but ignore his conscience arguing to him to go back to square one.

as jimin walked through the forest, he came across large bushes that looked like a gateway to who knows what. him being the curious angel that he was decided to squeeze between into bushes to go to the other side.

as soon as jimin came across the new setting, his eyes widened and a tiny gasp escaped his pretty plump lips.

it was beautiful. it was like a new haven that had never been discovered before. there was a waterfall and a beautiful lake that was covered with lily-pads and gliding dragonflies. there was beautiful trees showcasing pink flowers and beds of even more colorful flowers on the dewy grass. birds chirped and butterflies flew everywhere.

it was breathtaking.

jimin excitedly ran towards the shade under a large tree right near the lake. he sat on the grass and let his small hand run his fingers through the cool, sparkling water. he giggled as he watched ripples form that turned his reflection all wonky.

all while the beautiful angel played with the water and admired the scenery, little did he know that there was another being watching from a distance.

by the bushes in the dark was a demon by the name of kim taehyung. he stood lowly, hunched so he wouldn't be noticeable, studying the angel from afar, wondering why the hell such a beautiful being like him was in the living-world.

being a demon, of course taehyung was allowed to roam and cause mischief wherever he'd like. he always liked to wander around here in his free time where no one would ever come in the middle of nowhere.. or so he thought.

so when he heard the sound of giggling from afar, he had to come and check it out for himself and much to his surprise, it was a beautiful angel.

he had never seen such a ethereal sight. he was completely astonished at how heavenly (literally) the angel looked. the way his porcelain-colored wings flittered every time he got excited, how his cheeks were rosy and his lips so plump and pretty..

taehyung could tell that he was the most innocent being, the exact opposite from him and that by itself made him even more intrigued.

as jimin continued gliding his hand through the water, he suddenly shivered when he felt a cold presence surround him. his hand instantly stopped when he noticed a shadow engulf the sun's light above him. the shadow had horns and his heart suddenly sunk.

he slowly turned around and his breath hitched at the sight of a dark being standing out from the beautiful and bright scenery.

it was a demon of course. he was dressed in all black, curled horns adorning his head on top of his dark locks, vast wings that mimicked a bat's with bones reaching the very top where an ivory spike protruded from on each wing. not to mention, his dark red orbs pierced the angel's soul with how intensely he was staring.

" mind if i join you? " the demon spoke, deep voice making shivers run down the angel's back.

jimin couldn't even respond, he was still shocked at the fact that a demon had been watching him this whole time. not only that, but he was also shocked to find out that the demon was beautiful.

he radiated a luring aura, precisely irresistible. a common thing in demons but this.. this was different.

"well can i or not, darling ? you seem quite lonely out here," the demon asked again with a glint in his eyes.

jimin dumbly nodded. should he have? no. why did he? he didn't know. it was like a reflex.. a tiny part of him wanted the demon to stay.

he had never seen a demon this close before. jimin noticed how a dark atmosphere surrounded the demon, like if he traveled in the dark. the exact opposite from the pretty glow that surrounded jimin.

"i'm taehyung.. and you?" the demon introduced himself, eyes never leaving the angel's face.

"j-jimin," he let out, stuttering like the innocent thing that he was.

"beautiful name for a beautiful being," taehyung sweet talked and that made the angel blush profusely.

"what's a pretty thing like you doing here all alone? shouldn't you be out there, doing some guardian tasks?" taehyung teased, smirk gracing his lips.

"i was suppose to.." jimin replied, suddenly feeling odd about how he's letting time slip by yet with no remorse.

"and why aren't you?" the demon asked.

jimin stayed quiet. why wasn't he?

taehyung's smirk grew even wider, more wicked. "not as innocent as you seem.. huh?" he mocked.

jimin shook his head quickly, making his pink locks bounce. "no.. i— i just wanted to explore a little around here," he admitted, now feeling embarrassed. he then stood up, "i should really get going."

faster than the blink of an eye, the demon blocked the angel from walking any further. jimin gasped when his body bumped into taehyung's. the demon held the small angel in his hands.

his large hands moved down to the angel's waist and for some reason, jimin felt as if he had lost all control. he instantly melted in the demon's grip and forgot everything about the mission he originally came for.

"why don't you stay so i can get to know you, darling ?" the demon suggested in his husky deep voice.

jimin once again mindlessly nodded, not even thinking about the consequences that could come with staying, avoiding his mission and getting to know a demon .

at first jimin thought, he must be manipulating me into staying.. but then he realized that demons didn't have the power to do that towards angels so that only meant one thing.

jimin was abandoning god's rule.

all on his own.

"tell me angel.. you don't really want to do that guardian task, hm?" taehyung jeered as he reached forward to tilt the angel's chin up.

jimin melted even more and he nodded again. "use your words, darling." taehyung spoke so calmly that it was intimidating.

"no.. i didn't wanna do the task," jimin shamefully admitted, cheeks red as a cherry now.

taehyung grinned wickedly. "are you breaking god's rule right now?"

jimin's breath hitched and he quickly shook his head. it was starting to hit now that he was going against god's rule. "n-no i didn't mean to— i—

"shh." taehyung cut the angel off before he could continue blabbering. he pressed a long finger to the angel's lips to shut him up and dragged his plump bottom lip down.

jimin's legs grew weak and he suddenly felt an odd and unfamiliar feeling in the pit of his stomach. taehyung looked down and let out a deep chuckle when he saw the angel's pants tighten.

"something tells me you're curious about the beauty of sins.." taehyung whispered as he admired the angel's pretty facial features along with his neck and beautiful collarbone that stood out from his white button-up shirt.

"no, i'm not. i can't betray god," jimin denied, shaking his head so vigorously.

"a little fun won't hurt, angel. god would understand.. i'm sure of it." taehyung assured him with the glint in eyes growing with more mischief.

jimin hated that he felt the sudden urge to do something, anything. he felt so ashamed as his face turned red and tears welled up in his twinkling eyes. he didn't want that feeling to take over him.

and that feeling was lust . one of the seven deadly sins.

"i know we've just met but i can't help but want to ruin you, angel," taehyung confessed as his eyes darkened.

jimin felt so aroused at the demon's words that he completely forgot about his morals and gave in.

" please ruin me."

taehyung smirked and leaned in closer to let his lips linger over the angel's cheek, causing him to shiver. taehyung licked his lips and began to slowly unbuttoned the angel's shirt.

jimin had no intentions to stop him now. in fact, he was helping by undressing the demon as well. taehyung then pressed his lips against the angel's, kissing him intensely until it turned into a heated make-out session.

soon enough, the two were now laying on top of the angel's robe on the grass along with the demon's own velvet robe on top, covering their naked bodies. taehyung was thrusting deeply into the angel, who was now a moaning mess.

jimin cried out when taehyung's length hit his sensitive spot and his nails dragged down the demon's back, making him groan.

"so tight.. so perfect, my angel," taehyung rasped into the angel's ear.

jimin wrapped his legs around taehyung's torso so he could thrust at a deeper spot to which he succeeded and that made the angel whimper at the over-sensitivity of his bundle of nerves.

"if only god knew how much of a sinner you truly are.. look at you-" taehyung scoffed as he watched the angel throw his head back in pleasure while whining. "taking me so well and deep.. how much of a fucked out mess you are already." he smirked.

this was certainly something jimin had never experienced before.

and dear god.. he loved it.

he loved the adrenaline that rushed within him just thinking about how bad this was. how immoral, how sinful coming from an attendant of god, an angel .. with a demon . it was so arousing.

taehyung reached out to caress the angel's wings and that made him mewl. jimin looked at him with hooded eyes, nothing but a lustful stare.

taehyung watched as the angel reached his peak and cried out at the over-stimulating sensation that erupted in the pit of his stomach. with tearful eyes, jimin came and wrapped his arms around the demon's neck as he buried his face in his neck, suddenly feeling timid.

taehyung thrusted a few more times as jimin whimpered loudly, feeling so sensitive before he finally came inside the angel, cursing repeatedly while squeezing his eyes shut in pure bliss.

they both panted heavily, out of breath and recovering from their climax. taehyung then hugged jimin's waist and pressed a gentle kiss onto his plump lips.

"you've betrayed god.." taehyung suddenly said with his signature wicked smirk.

jimin's face flushed and he looked away to avoid making eye contact with the demon. he prayed that he would feel remorse and regret but so far.. it wasn't kicking in just yet.

the two ended up going into the lake to wash up after their intimidate session. surprisingly, taehyung had helped wash the angel so gently and carefully, something jimin would've never expected from him.

now they laid on the grass, fully-clothed, jimin on taehyung's lap, both gazing into each other's eyes.

"you'd look so pure and beautiful back in hell with me, darling." taehyung moved the angel's pink locks away from his face.

jimin's wings flittered and he blushed once again at the sinful words. taehyung evilly grinned at that and kissed jimin's neck, making sure to suck on it till the angel pushed him away.

"quit it.. i may have sinned but i won't let you corrupt me any further," jimin insisted.

taehyung snickered. "darling i don't need to anymore.. you've done most of the work for me," he rasped with a glare.

he then pressed his forehead against jimin's. "i can't wait to see how god will react when he finds out that his most innocent angel has betrayed him with the devil's creation." he smirked.

jimin's heart sunk heavily. the regret was now beginning to hit. what will everyone think of him? what will god think?

no.. he can't find out..

taehyung's face lit up. "hmm look at you.. you're gonna betray him again by keeping secrets?" he teased.

" jimin?!"

jimin jumped at the sound of his name being called out from a distance, it was seokjin. he must've came back for him.

jimin instantly stood up from the demon's lap and started to panic. what am i gonna do?

taehyung on the other hand just beamed with pride. he loved the sight of the angel panicking, wondering what he was gonna do to cover-up what he just did. it was corruption at its finest.

out of nowhere, the angel gasped. he suddenly felt his wings become heavier and he hurriedly expanded them out to take a look at them. he almost shrieked at the horrifying sight.

the once beautiful feathers that resembled a white dove's.. were now fading into the pitch black color of a crow's feathers.

"no!" jimin cried out with tears filling his eyes.

he had sinned. he had betrayed god.. therefore he was being punished. his wings were turning black like those of a fallen angel's.

it took taehyung by surprise as well and he rushed to jimin and took him by the waist. he could hear the voice that was calling out for him come closer and on instinct, he took off with the angel.

" wake up, darling."

jimin's eyes fluttered open. his vision was blurred until it finally focused into the new unfamiliar setting. he was no longer in the beautiful cedar woods anymore..

he was in a luxurious room. taehyung was sitting in front of him, (in his human form). jimin then sat up on the bed and rubbed his eyes.

the past events then clicked in his mind. "oh god-" he quickly turned back to look at his wings and was shocked to see that they were no longer black.

they were back to their normal porcelain-colored state.

"they turned back to normal as soon as you fell asleep.." taehyung calmly said.

jimin sighed of relief and shut his eyes while shaking his head, trying to process everything that happened.

he realized that he was in new clothing now, way more comfortable and clearly expensive material. he then looked over at the bedside table and saw a cup of steaming liquid.

"i made you tea.. just in case you'd feel bad," taehyung let out. "and if you're wondering where we are, it's my home. we're still in the living-world. i stay here often and you obviously can't go to hell so i had no choice.." he blabbered.

jimin also noticed the hint of blush that took over taehyung's cheeks. his heart oddly fluttered at that and he couldn't help but grin.

"and i looked through the books in my library and don't worry, you won't become a fallen angel.. your wings just change every time you sin, to remind you your limits," taehyung continued to blabber. "i know i said i wanted to ruin you but i hope you know that i didn't wanna-

jimin instantly cut the blabbering boy off with a kiss on the lips. taehyung was caught by surprise but nonetheless, he kissed the angel back.

after the two pulled apart to catch their breaths, they couldn't help but smile at each other.

"thank you.." jimin shyly mumbled.

taehyung nodded rapidly. "yeah no problem."

jimin started to wonder where the intimidating demon from earlier had went because now he clearly wasn't anything like that. in fact.. jimin found him really charming.

"hey taehyung.." jimin thought to himself for a few seconds. "i think we should meet at the woods more often," he said, cheeks and ears growing red.

taehyung suddenly grew excited and he instantly nodded, maybe a little too quickly. "yeah.. for sure."

"maybe you'll fully corrupt me then," jimin shyly teased.

taehyung smirked and his eyes darkened. "don't joke around with me, angel. i'll ruin you as promised."

later on, the two made love in front of the demon's fireplace at midnight. it was different from earlier. this time it was more passionate, more heated and the two felt like they were the only ones to exist at that very moment.

taehyung kissed the angel, both of them panting with their sweaty and naked bodies pressed against each other's. jimin pecked his lips so desperately, wanting to taste them.

taehyung looked at the angel's wings and like earlier, they were now fading into the dark ash black color. jimin noticed and he couldn't help but grin innocently.

taehyung did the same. "you're a sinner."

jimin playfully rolled his eyes. " only for you."