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1st September, Not the original year because I wasn't even born... King's Cross 


England, or more precisely, Rose Victoria Arthur Taylor Kirkland, was tired. No, actually, she was exhausted. Sprawled out on her seat she tried to remember what her brother wanted to say. What does he mean by "a surprise"? She was sure he was up to something. 

"Whatever, I'm sure it can't be worse than all the stress from the scandal of the Quidditch World Cup..." she thought bitterly.

The event was waited by so many people. A lot of wizards and witches assisted to the Final. To think someone would dare to attack the magical community at a moment like this. Rose was upset. The incident caused a lot of casualties and an international crisis. She, her people, endangered the safety of at least a million persons. The nation knew that her relationships with other countries were bad, but this incident would just worsen them! Even if they didn't believe in magic, are muggles and don't really know they have a magical community, it was a hundred percent sure that they will be informed of the incident. A terrorist attack this big couldn't go unnoticed. The former groaned, she really didn't want troubles. Her boss already gave her tons of paperwork to make up the Quidditch Cup and her job as a teacher will restart soon. By soon, she means really soon. 

"At least, it's Scott and Connor who are going to explain this to the other countries. I'm not England anymore. Well, in their eyes of course. I'm sure the charm didn't go off, I would've noticed.."

With these satisfying thoughts, she dozed off, smirking slightly. But deep down in the back of her head, she was still worried about the "surprise" of Scotland.




The ride to Hogwarts was pretty peaceful. Nobody tried to wake her up and this year, Dementors were prohibited to approach the school. Yawning, she got up and saw that the train wasn't diving anymore. She also remarked that the lights went off. What was supposed to mean? England looked around her before taking her baggage herself. They.. they didn't forget to wake her up, did they? Infuriated by the way she was treated, she cursed every person who was on the train before breaking a window (the door was locked and even if it wasn't, she would still do that) with her foot. She was the bloody United Kingdom for fuck's sake!

Ignoring the fact that her legs were bleeding, her face was disfigured by the dark bags under her eyes, her hair was a whole lot messier than usual and her expression was darker than the bottom of the sea. With difficulty, she dragged her valises for the year without her magic, stubbornly making her way to the castle. She will not waste her precious magic for something this trivial! The rain didn't help with her mood. A sleep-deprived Rose was worse than a drunk one. Giving up at going to Hogwarts with her own two feet and soaked from head to toe, she sighed before teleporting ( transplaner in French, if someone knows the translation, please let me know) herself inside the school.

And of course, she forgot that the castle was protected by all kinds of charms and spells. She groaned in pain when her face met the protective barrier. The small country screamed internally before grinning madly at the protection. They have some guts to refuse the presence of the all-mighty British Empire. Laughing darkly, she let go of her bags and took out her wand before whispering :

"Let's see how long you will last, shall we ?"




The students were still stunned by the presentation of their new professor of DADA. But three of them were particularly distraught by the only seat which wasn't occupied. The seat was owned by the scariest and most breathtaking teacher of Hogwarts. Rose Smith. The Golden Trio wasn't really paying attention to the speech of Dumbledore, and the three of them looked everywhere, researching the muggle-like girl. They chatted a bit about the absence of the woman, and it happened. Something or someone was banging mercilessly on the door. That caused everyone to stop their conversations to look at the door. All the teachers, except Dumbledore, took their wands out before pointing them at the door. 

Bang. Bang. BANG.

A few moments later, the gate broke down. Stupefied, the teachers gaped like fishes at what was left of the door. All the students, with no exception, recognized the familiar silhouette and exclaimed with stupor :

"Miss Smith !"

"That's "Professor" for you, punks !" she shouted back, shooting daggers at who dared to watch her.

Everyone thought that nobody could make an entrance more dramatic than Professor Moody's, apparently, they were wrong. She spat at the remains of the door before smiling sadistically at them. With a sinister expression and a honey-coated tone, she yelled :

"That's what you get when you mess with me. You insolent gate ! HAHAHAHA !"

The pupils looked at her with disbelief. Was she talking to the door or to them ? In both cases, she was frightening ! Silence remained in the hall, except for the terrifying laughter of the former pirate. Taking a look at her, Harry, even if he was far away, could tell she was shivering. By her madness or by the cold, he didn't know. Blood was dripping down her legs and her pants were torn at some places, she was skinnier and paler than last year but her threatening and challenging green eyes were still the same even if they were far more tired. The Boy-Who-Lived looked once again at his two best friends, who also had the same puzzled expression as him. Finally, someone spoke up :

"Ms. Rose ! This is a pleasure to you again !" said the Headmaster happily, looking right in the toxic green eyes of the furious country. The said country, replicated his action and glared at him defiantly before returning to her normal gentlemanly (gentlewomanly ?) attitude, smiling coldly but politely.

"Headmaster. The pleasure is mine." she calmly said back, bowing at the man before him, remembering the manners her Japanese friend taught her. "I apologize for the scene I caused. Please continue your speech."

"Ms. Rose. Could we have some explications for your delay ?" said McGonagall with her icy gaze. "You're setting a bad example for the students." she then explained.

Some murmurs broke in the silent hall. The whole school knew the Gryffindor's House hated the latecomers. However, they also knew she had a sweet spot for the seemingly-young girl despite her having various Slytherin traits.

"Look, Minerva, I really hate being late. I mean, it isn't gentlemanly and all, I'm not a bloody American ! But, well, I was locked in the fucking train! No one woke me up ! Naps are allowed, so why not looking in each fucking room if someone slept through the journey. So yes, I'm late, I'm late because someone fails at their freaking job ! It's not so damn complicated to wake someone up ! In contrary to all of you, you spoiled brats, I don't have holidays ! I worked all the summer just because bloody prats couldn't do their shit. Then, there's this git, oh dear, he's the biggest git I've met my entire life ! When does "poisoning my tea with French wine" sounds like a good idea ?! I'm knackered, losing my mind, and sleep-deprived. So please, I beg you. For the love of the British Empire, let me alone." she rambled effortlessly. She was tired, it was obvious. 

Surprisingly, McGonagall let it slide and invited the small nation to join them. England sat next to Madam Pomfrey, letting her treating her wounds. Rose may be a nation, the time of healing was the same amount as a normal human, except for mortal hits or serious injuries. The nurse gasped as she began to treat the bloodied legs of the girl. 

"Good God, how did you make those ?" she asked, seemingly worried. Sensing the concern of her colleague, she shrugs before deturning her eyes. 

"I... uh, jumped... through the window. Breaking it. I'm sorry about that, I was... angry and I lost my cool." the country apologized, uncomfortable with the nurse looking at her previous scars. She was ashamed of herself, self-consciousness filling up her mind. Some scars haven't faded yet, and they were disgusting. And so not gentlemanly. Many countries considered them as trophies, proofs of their surviving... but she didn't think so, not anymore. Rose remembers clearly his exact words, it's not like she could one day forget them. Repugnant. That was the adjective he used to describe her. Her, with her abominable cooking, her awful personality, her bad temper... and many other displeasing things about her. She knows that all of this was in the past, but these hurtful words still pained her. And at the bottom of her heart, she hoped hers didn't hurt the other one as deeply. 

"It's not like I care about him. He's a bastard and that's it... he just said this to get on your nerves !" she thought to herself, hoping that the hurt in her heart wasn't written on her face.

Despite thinking this, she still has flashbacks of this day. The day they stopped to talk to each other without being at each other's throat, without him making a nasty remark about her feminity... without her criticizing his idiotic smile, his handsome face, his... Armada, his Romano, his... everything. She smiled bitterly but cleared up her mind quickly after. 

"I'm sure he is one of the people on whose the spell worked the much... he despises me so much. I'm sure he is happy now that I am out of his life. Even if he doesn't remember me... I will be fine. But what will happen when the charm broke ? I guess I can live my life as a nation like this for some time. Even if I miss some of these idiots. Canada, Portugal... even France, damn it ! I hope they're all ok.  W-Well, it's not like I care about them or whatsoever. Though... it would be good to see them again."

"Rose ! Are you even listening to me ? Don't be this reckless !" babbled the caring nurse. "We care about you... we wouldn't like our new professor to go to St-Mungos Hospital for one stupid mistake. Geez, you lost a bit more blood than I thought !"

Rose snapped from her invading and homesick musings and turned to the kind woman with a grateful smile.

"Thank you, Poppy."

"She should smile more. This poor child." thought the nurse.

After being carefully treated, Rose listened closely to the Headmaster's speech. What was he talking about ?

"As I was saying, this year, we will host the legendary Triwizard Tournament !


What ?! The stupid tournament in which champions die, schools fight against each other, and everyone is sad ? This tournament ?! 

Rose Victoria Arthur Taylor Kirkland, the Country of England, the bloody United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland, will not stand this.