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Reddie, set, go!

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Eddie wakes up, like every morning, with a groggy expression. Next to him his wife is seen as a large lump protruding from under the duvet. He gives her a peck on the cheek and makes his way into their shared bathroom. Inside you’ll find an array of medicines, creams, and aids for injuries of any kind. Eddie pops a few of his morning pills in his mouth, brushes his teeth, and gets ready for work, just like any other day. His life plays out like a broken record, with the same old song playing over and over again until the player itself eventually stops. Eddie didn’t mind it all that much, he quite likes the idea of a routine, but the days can get tedious. He works as a limo driver, along with his wife, Myra. But, she hasn’t worked for more than two days a week in years, as her weight can be debilitating. As he is making one of his usual routes he gets a call from one of his work friends, Bobby Singer is the guys name. He was a younger guy like Eddie, so they got along pretty well.

“Hey Eds!...” Bobby’s low gravelly voice came through the receiver. Eddie didn’t know why, but nicknames like that always made him feel weirdly nostalgic.

“Bobby, nice to hear from you, how’s it going?” Eddie was hyper aware of how mad Myra would be if she knew he was using his phone while driving. She’s always been very protective of Eddie, and very conscious of his safety.

“Oh you know, same old same old. But, I called ya for a reason. You see I’ve got this show ticket for that one comedian.. Ah what’s his name again?” Bobby paused to think. “Ah whatever, well I found out that I can’t make it, but the show is in your area so I was wondering if you’d want to go in my place?”

It’s been a long time since Eddie has done anything since eat, sleep, and work. “Ya ...ya sure I’d love to thanks Bobby.”

“Of course man! I’ll give you the ticket after your rounds. See you then!” And Bobby hung up.

Eddie finished the last of his work with a bit more excitement than usual, there was a change in the air and it made him feel like a kid again. He pulled into his driveway that led to his suburban style house with its baby blue paneling, white shutters, and perfectly groomed lawn. He finally takes the time to look at this ticket,

Richie Tozier’s Comedy special! Residential theatre, seat D66

Strange, there came that nostalgic feeling Eddie would sometimes get, but doesn’t fully understand. He’s definitely heard of this Tozier guy, but he’s never really seen any of his stuff.
“Well, I hope the guy is somewhat funny..” Eddie mumbled to himself, then promptly began his nightly routine.

The date of the show finally rolled around, it was on a Saturday, which is luckily Eddies day off. He fell into his daily routine, Eddie reserved saturdays for cleaning up the house. Myra can’t do much so it falls on Eddie to keep their place orderly. And finally, 6 o’ clock rolls around. He leaves out a plate of dinner for his wife, grabs his emergency bag that holds his medicines and inhaler, and makes his way downtown.

The theatre this show is at is older, the red paint peeling from the walls outside with the bright neon sign that reads,

Richie Tozier’s one night only Performance!- 6:30 pm

Again, here comes that nostalgic feeling, like butterflies in his stomach. Eddie can’t lie, something felt off, but also exciting, like something really amazing was about to happen. He walks through the double doors and takes a seat in one of those stiff red velvet chairs you see at most old theatres. There up on stage there was just a microphone and a stool. The blue lights shining down on the small stage.

The lights flickered, signaling the start of the show. And soon enough a man walked onto the stage and the crowd erupted. He was a taller guy, sort of lanky with unkempt dark hair and a stubbly face. His nice suit juxtaposed with the rest of him. And here came that feeling, only stronger, Eddie couldn’t hear anything over the pounding of his heart. He couldn’t keep his gaze off of the man on stage. But, suddenly everything clicked,

“Richie fucking trashmouth Tozier.”