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Cupid Bow

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Zhu Yi Long was one popular actor in China, his future project for a series requested that he needed to know some skill in archery and he didn't know a lot. 
He needed to be a specialist. 
So his staff have requested one skilled instructor to come. 

He was named Bai Yu and as soon Zhu Yi Long have met him and saw that he was one handsome boy, very cute. He was totally his type. He wouldn't mind have him as a lover. 
And he looked a little younger than him. 

So he goes check his hand to Bai Yu and said "Hello, nice to meet you I'm… Zhu Yi Long" 

"Hello I'm Bai Yu, your instructor" Bai Yu tried to rest cool, and professionally. He had to teach one actor, they were human being. 

So they began with little skill but it's was a little complicated to Zhu Yi Long, he really tried hard that Bai Yu had to be against him and take his arms and tell him "You have to be like this and do this, see it's easy" 

And then Bai Yu smile at Zhu Yi Long, when he saw this smile Zhu Yi Long knew he would want him. 

"You are a great Professor Bai" 

"Oh, it's nothing" Bai Yu is having his hand on his hair and was rubbing them, Zhu Yi Long thought it's was cute. 

Bai Yu help him again sometime this day with the closeness between them and he is just surprised at his eyelashes, at how he looked and also at his ponytail. 
He shouldn't have feelings for Zhu Yi Long because he is not attracted to him, he is attracted to other people but why his body have some butterfly. 

Then Bai Yu have come many days later because he had some other engagement, and when he arrives Zhu Yi Long was just happy to see him that it's kinda distracting him and give him one idea

He was thinking to himself "He have to stay for a long time, I want to see him" 

So he missed all his shot and all his staff was almost face-palm because just before Bai Yu arrive he was so accurate. 
Then Bai Yu had to help him again for his posture and then Zhu Yi Long say "You distract me too much since I saw you I can't stop thinking about you "

Bai Yu when he heard that, he thought he was didn't understand totally but then he saw Zhu Yi Long smiling.

"Did he just tried to flirt with me?" he thought to himself

He was just so surprised but why when he was watching him play he couldn't stop thinking "I'm not supposed to like him, I'm interested in other people and oh damn, I'm so doomed, he is just so handsome."

Maybe he will stop thinking about him tonight with his date who was a lovely girl and then when they arrived at the restaurant he was shocked why Zhu Yi Long was alone and in this restaurant, he had multiples thought 

" He have followed me? He have heard me telling that I was busy? He is meeting someone? It's not really my business but I can't…" 

And he was smiling at him and Bai Yu was just so doomed he tried to give a good impression to the girl to be nicely and everything it's was a good date until all his mind about lots of stuff he was thinking at Zhu Yi Long and not at the girl. 

" Why I'm feeling bad?? It's not like I'm cheating on him. We are not together" his mind was so busy. 

The girl saw that he was different so she was telling him "Maybe we should stop we have other thought and I'm sorry but it's couldn't match between us especially if you have someone else in your heart" 

It leaves kinda Bai Yu speechless and a little shocked that the girl have left. Then he saw Zhu Yi Long who was a little sorry at him but he had eyes who was telling "She is not right to you" 

Bai Yu goes see him and say "I'm sorry you have to see that or to see me with a girl" 

"Why are you apologizing. It's not like we are dating. You are my professor and I'm your student" said Zhu Yi Long with a big smile

Bai Yu couldn't stop thinking that maybe he was angry at this but shy he wanted to make him jealous or angry, they are not together. What's going on with his mind. "I'm just confused" 

Zhu Yi Long was smiling and laughing against the napkin and said "You have nothing to worry" then he decided to leave and put his hand on his shoulder and he kisses his cheek. 

He knew Bai Yu liked him and it's was only a matter of time that Bai Yu realizes his feelings for him. 

During his return to his home and in his bed Bai Yu couldn't stop thinking at their talk, their moment and Also about this kiss that he had one dream where he dreamed that he was against a wall and that Zhu Yi Long kissed him and tell him "You could be mine" 

And when Bai Yu wakes up he had his morning wood and he was so doomed because he had to visit the set. 

When he was looking at Zhu Yi Long he couldn't stop blushing, he was blushing so hard. 

Zhu Yi Long saw this and thought "oh oh that just so adorable and cute" and he goes see him "How come you are so cute today" while petting the hair of Bai Yu and he was blushing more harder. 

He wanted to distract everything and tell Zhu Yi Long "How are the archery stuff?" 

"I could need help for one demonstration" ask Zhu Yi Long shyly even if he had another motive to this because he wanted to try something. 

So during the test, Zhu Yi Long was just against his body and this moment he have feel the body of Bai Yu React. 

Bai Yu was thinking "Not Now body of mine" then he said to Zhu Yi Long "It's good and I'm sorry I had to leave I have something else to planned" 

And Zhu Yi Long was totally smirking when he have seen Bai Yu leaving really fast.

He texted him some hours later "I would like to have dinner with you and if it's okay at my home, I text you the details, so we can be calm" 

"I don't need to be nervous, it's just a dinner he just ask me at his home, because the restaurant could be awkward, but I'm so doomed" he feels it's was a trap because at every moment he could fall harder to him.

When he arrived at Zhu Yi Long place it's was like if it's was a date and Bai Yu was thinking "I will never finish the night with one free mind" especially when he looked at Zhu Yi Long with his look and clothes and especially he was touching him a lot. 
He even praised him. 

He was ready to leave after the dinner that Zhu Yi Long kissed the cheek and the lips at the same time and he had just a one electro choc. And he decided to kiss him back. 
They were kissing against the door and Zhu Yi Long said to Bai Yu "I wanted you since I meet you" 

Bai Yu was just speechless he doesn't know what to answer so he kissed him again. Zhu Yi Long was caressing his back and they have spent the night with lovemaking. 

That how they become lovers then after when Bai Yu comes to the set he couldn't stop smiling at Zhu Yi Long that when nobody watched or when he had a beak they were kissing. 
Because they couldn't stop touching each other and kiss. 

He still doesn't believe how can him a professor of archery can be with this handsome actor who is Zhu Yi Long. 
He was so smitten at him. 

After the filming and the broadcast of the série, Zhu Yi Long was nominated for his role and for his archery skill. 
He couldn't bring Bai Yu with him but he kissed him before he was leaving "I love you, my beloved" 

Bai Yu decided to watch the award ceremony and he was happy that Zhu Yi Long won the prize. 

"I would like to thanks a lot of people, but my main thanks is to Bai Yu who become really important to me and into my life because it's changed a lot for me with his meeting. He is one awesome professor and I was glad to be his student" 

Bai Yu was so smitten with this reaction that when Zhu Yi Long arrived at their home because they were living together (they decided to live together almost after the first night), they kissed each other. 

It's was love at first sight, hit by cupid.