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Butterfly Fly Away

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Way back in 2009 I wrote this story. It has been re-edited for the sake of not being absolutely terrible. The first few chapters are short and a little on the simple side, but please push through as the story gets so much better <3 

Also, way back in 2010 I made a promotional video for this story...the quality now is extremely terrible. (Pixels galore) But for nostalgia's sake I've included the link here and in the introduction. Looking back on it now, I'd put so much effort into it.It's a shame the quality of the video has gotten so bad (not sure why that happened) but please enjoy none the less.



The Gazette was sitting around the table at Kai's apartment, drinks in hand, waiting for a dinner that Kai had cooked for them. The conversation had died down a bit when Uruha spoke up.

"Why do you figure people say 'have your cake and eat it, too'?" he questioned out of nowhere. The others stared at him for a moment, confused by the abrupt change, although it really wasn't that out of character for their guitarist.

"Are you serious?" Ruki said, breaking the awkward silence after Uruha's outburst. Uruha nodded. Kai laughed lightheartedly while Aoi sighed, shaking his head. "It means you can't have everything you want in life, baka."

"That makes no sense. What does cake have to do with any of that?" Uruha questioned. Aoi sighed once more, irritation showing on his face as he sipped his drink.

"It's just a saying, Uruha. Let it go," he said, annoyed at the pointless conversation.

"But it doesn't make any sense. What's the point of having cake if you can't eat it?" Uruha said, making Kai laugh again. Reita jumped into the conversation, smirking a bit. His glass was nearly empty and he felt a little buzzed already.

"He does have a point," he said. Everybody's head turned towards Reita.

"When did you get here?" Kai asked.

"I've been here the whole time!" Reita exclaimed, staring at Kai. "Are you that blind?"

"Hey! It's not his fault you're always so quiet! You just sit there!" Ruki defended Kai. Uruha watched quietly, though enjoying the mess he had created. Aoi got tired of hearing them argue and escaped to the living room to watch TV. Uruha watched him leave, then got up from his seat and followed him.

Aoi was watching TV when Uruha walked into the room quietly. Looking to see what Aoi was watching, he was surprised to find that the TV wasn't even on. Confused, he looked back to Aoi and bit his lip. He was a bit nervous. Things had been tense between the two of them lately, and Aoi had been extra moody today. Still, he decided to try and repair things between the two of them.

"Can I watch TV with you?" Aoi turned his head to stare at Uruha like he was crazy. Tears formed in Uruha's eyes. He felt like an idiot for saying that, but he had hoped it would come across as a funny joke. Instead, he just made himself look ridiculous. He turned and walked away. Why did he even bother trying? 

"Uru, wait," Aoi's voice called to him. Uruha turned his head back to look at Aoi inquisitively. "Come, sit." Uruha walked silently over to Aoi and sat down beside him. "What do you want to watch?" Uru smiled a bit, feeling a little better about the situation. He didn't want there to be issues between the two of them. He cared way too much about Aoi. Still, even watching TV with him would make him nervous. "Uruha? What do you want to watch?" Aoi repeated his question. 

"You." Uruha thought, not realizing that he said it out loud. Aoi looked at him, a slight blush on his cheek.

"Um, I'm not quite sure what to say to that," he replied. Uruha realized his brain had betrayed him and that he had said his thoughts out loud. Covering his mouth with a gasp, his cheeks became red with embarrassment.

"Oh my God. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to say that! Honestly, I didn't! Sorry sorry sorry sorry," Uruha apologized over and over again. Now pacing in front of the couch, he bit his nails, obviously really upset about just possibly blowing his cover. Aoi stood up and walked over to Uruha, stopping him in mid-step. Taking his hands away from his mouth, Aoi sat Uruha back down.

"It's fine. Really. Don't stress over it. Seriously," Aoi told him, speaking a bit softer. Uruha couldn't concentrate on anything Aoi said because he was too busy staring at Aoi's hands still holding his. "Uruha? Uruha, can you hear me?"

"Huh?" Uruha said, brought back down to the real world. Looking back over to Aoi, his breath caught in his throat. Damn, he was sexy.

"I'd rather watch you, too," Aoi said, his voice now barely a whisper to Uruha's ears as the space between them continued to grow smaller and smaller. Uruha gasped a little as he felt Aoi's breath on his skin, making Aoi stop for a moment before pressing his lips against Uruha's.

Uruha felt like he was flying through the air at a million miles per second. The butterflies in his stomach were ever growing, and he couldn't help but kiss back. Aoi wanted him! Aoi, the person Uruha had been in love with for years, wanted him! How more perfect could this moment be? Uruha wrapped a hand around Aoi's neck and pulled him closer, sparks igniting in his stomach as he hears Aoi moan. Aoi placed his hands on either side of Uruha's hips to support him as the kiss grew more intense. Aoi thought about stopping it. He didn't want to make Uruha uncomfortable...not that Uruha was showing any signs of that.

"Damn, that's hot," a voice said from the doorway.  Aoi and Uruha broke their kiss quickly as they heard the voice of the man in the doorway. Reita stood there, staring at the scene before him. Aoi had been leaning over Uruha, pressing the honey blonde's back to the seat of the couch. It was a rather suggestive situation. Aoi sat up, quickly adjusting his clothes before glaring at Reita.

"What a way to interrupt, Reita," Aoi growled. Reita smirked, holding back a laugh as he saw Uruha's now ruffled hair. Uruha remained silent through this, completely mortified at the situation.

"Just doing my part," Reita laughed, "Seriously though, Kai told me to tell you two dinner's ready." Without another word, Reita walked out of the room. Laughing could be heard coming from the kitchen moments later.

Aoi looked over at Uruha to see that he was blushing horribly. Leaning over, Aoi gave him a small, sweet kiss before taking his hand and leading him to the kitchen. Uruha dreaded returning to the others. How could he even possibly prepare for the judging his band mates would throw their way?