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Meant To Be

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Today started as it always did on a Saturday. The young man woke up to a bundle of fur just above his head and the bright light hitting his eyes bluntly. He sighed, sniffing in the air, slowly blinking his eyes and rubbing the morning crust off. He smiled when he saw a paw reach out from his right side and heard a small grunt. Tilting his head up, his ash colored kitty let out a small string of purrs. The man giggled softly and reached up to scratch the ball of warmth’s head. 

“Hi, Ruby. Sleep well?” The young man yawned, arching his back and squinting at his clock. It wasn’t late, thankfully only 8:04 am. Sighing once more, the redhead sat up in bed to stretch. He saw Ruby jump down and scamper off to wherever she needed too. 

The young mans name was Kirishima Eijirou, a 20 year old college student in his Sophomore year at UA Academy. He had almost shoulder length red hair and was around 5 feet and 6 inches tall. For his age, this was considered short in American standards for men. He wasn’t too confident about it. Especially since people often mistake him for a high schooler, given his baby face and younger appearance. Sometimes occurrences like these make him face palm in disbelief. “Too young” looking to see an R rated movie? Yeah right. He was an adult and had an ID and drivers license and all that Jazz. He was fed up.

Other than this.. Kirishima always started his morning with a cup of hot chocolate. He slowly made his may to the kitchen, yawning and stretching the whole way there. He crinkled his nose and sneezed as the blunt light hit him once more. The sun always made him sneeze.

His phone then went off abruptly, causing Kiri to jump slightly, waking him up immediately. He mumbled and walked back to his room again. Who would be calling him at this hour? Mina, probably. She was at work mostly likely and bored out of her mind.

He then knew he was right when he answered the phone and heard her laugh (basically a cackle) and say something ineligible to one of her coworkers. He smiled

“Hey, hun! How are you?” Mina cheerily said, kind of screaming into her phone. Kirishima turned down his volume.

“I’m good, just woke up. You?” Kirishima held the phone with his cheek and shoulder and he headed back to kitchen with hot chocolate in his mind.

“Oh, good. Just harassing Yaoyarozu and Uraraka. They both say hi. Oh god, my nails are chipping.. oh anyways, how was your night? Meet anyone? Anyone cute?” She was typing something on her keyboard.

Kirishima hummed and smiled. “Well.. I left early. Speed dating is very awkward. There was really only one cute guy but he was married and thats a big nono, so..” kirishima poured hot water into a cup, following with mixing powder.

“Oh, I see. I’m sorry you didn’t find anyone, love. Those places are always kind of sketchy anyways. The last time I went to one there was this super old guy and he kept offering me money for a ‘fun night’ and it was gross as fuck. Kept touching my hands and shit, nuh Uh!” She exclaimed. Kiri snorted. Mina always have the full version of a story.

“Well, the place I went to wasn’t that bad. It was just.. well, not everyone sat with me. I got kind of bored.” The young man softly spoke as his spoon was mixing chocolate powder into almost boiling water. He watched mindlessly as it became light brown and thick.

“Oh well, they are are all pieces of dog scat. I told you that the guys there are creepy! A lot of people go there for hookups, too. Sorry, sweety.” Mina sounded empathetic. She knew Kirishima had a hard time finding someone who liked him romantically. She just didn’t understand. Kiri was the sweetest and most adorable guy! Any man would be lucky to have him. She huffed and shook her head. “Assholes, assholes..”

Stirring still and blowing his drink, Kiri chewed his lip. “Hm, thanks.. and it’s okay, I was kind of desperate anyways.. but I don’t want to go there again. Plus it smelled like cheese and eggs. Old cheese and eggs.”

“Um. Ew. Glad you booked out of there. Oh, hey! You should come over here to visit. You’re not doing anything, right? We have a new person here that’s been hired and I have to teach him what to do.. I kinda wanna pass him to Yao, lol.” Mina spun in her loud, creaky desk chair.

“I can come! Uh, I have to shower first and I’ll be there, so just a moment.” Kirishima then sipped his drink and hummed. So yummy.

“Ok, see ya. Bye.” Beep. He pressed end call but she already hit it. She was super fast at everything (except productivity) and he always wondered how.

He quickly walked to his room with his drink in his hand, taking off his t shirt and boxers. The shower head quickly spat droplets that soon turned into a stream, filling the bathroom with a hiss. Kirishima sipped the last of his drink and slowly felt his way into the now steaming water. He hummed and closed his eyes feeling the warmth on his skin.

He figured he smelled bad, always feeling like he did. He really didn’t however, most of the time. Kiri always showered twice a day. He took his soap and attacked the problem areas first like his armpits, chest, below the belt, and feet. His tummy never covered the view of his feet. He was chubby, but not over weight in an unhealthy way. He was plump in a charming way, but only to others. Not himself. He hated his body.

Kirishima hesitantly washed his tummy. He hated it. It only had a few almost invisible stretch marks that seemed to him to be like tiger stripes on his skin. His arms are soft and squishy, warm too. But to his eyes, they were huge and ugly, gross too. His body was huggable and so soft to the touch, his chest so cute. He only had enough fat around his chest that made it look slightly bigger. He had mild breasts almost but they weren’t noticeable unless seen without a shirt. He couldn’t help but look away to his tiled wall. Sighing, he just wanted it to go away. Before he knew it, Kirishima was tearing up.

He quickly sniffed and wiped his eyes, ignoring it. He has to shower and see Ashido. He squirted strawberry shampoo on his hair and scrubbed, soon adding conditioner to mix the two. Time passed slightly and before he knew it he was on the way in his car to Ashido’s work.