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Lessons in Magic

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She huffed as she pushed the portrait closed behind her and closed her eyes in efforts to keep a calm composure. If she knew him as well as she thought she did, (and she really should after 14 years or so) he would be at her door very shortly and she did not want him to see any cracks in her façade. She started counting numbers in her head, not bothering to move from the entrance, enjoying the stillness of her dorm. She got up to 75 when she felt his hard, impatient knocks from the other side and tried not to jump in surprise.

She gave herself another 10 seconds before reaching for the door.

“You’re overreacting.”

“I beg your pardon?” She frowned, the portrait being completely shoved open.


“You bloody well heard what I said, Yaoyorozu, don’t act coy.” He bit as he pushed his way into her living quarters and plopped onto her sofa.


“I hardly think I am! Additionally, you cannot just barge your way into my dorm!” She chastised, exasperated, while softly closing the portrait who was outraged at the ‘unmannered brute’.


“S’never been an issue before, princess.” He replied, eyebrow arched, arms folded behind his head, feet kicked on her coffee table.


“Must you be so difficult?” she sighed, as she made her way to the small kitchenette to prepare tea, seeing as her uninvited guest was obviously not leaving anytime soon.


“Not anymore than you.” He snorted from his seat.


Momo rolled her eyes as she continued to make the tea in silence. When finished, she carried the cups into the living room where a lounging Bakugo had proceeded to rest his head back, eyes closed, in her absence. She ‘tsk’d’ at the sight of his feet still on her table and nudged them off as she set down the cups of tea. He growled “witch” but she briefly returned to the kitchenette in order to get sugar and a small jar of milk.


Momo sat down and prepared her tea to her liking aware of Bakugo’s staring. She finally looked up when she felt her skin prick at the intensity of his gaze. “Yes?”


“What good is it being the brightest witch in class if you don’t even use your magic outside of it?”


“One doesn’t need magic for everything. You know, muggles have managed to build empires without it. It’s rather fascinating, really.”


“You’ll end up sending your mother to St. Mungos if you keep talking like that…” She narrowed her eyes at him in warning causing him to roll his eyes. “Please, I’m far from being a bloody snitch”


“You maybe far from a snitch, but being a pureblood supremacist makes you no better”


“You’re overreacting-“ Bakugo hissed out again. “You know I don’t care about that blood bullshit.”


“You called him a mud-“Momo trailed off, feeling vile at the thought of completing the word causing Bakugo to scoff.


“Am I wrong? He is-“


“Enough!” Bakugo froze at her outburst as it was not in her nature nor upbringing to loose her temperament. “I do not know what it is that you have against that poor boy, but you must quit being so despicably cruel! We are not like our ancestors who fought and lost in an unnecessary prejudiced bloodbath, or even our parents who refuse to learn from their mistakes!” She quiets to regain her composure before continuing. “We are all people Katsuki; muggles, wizards and witches…even werewolves to some extent. We all have a right to live, regardless of blood status.”



“When did you turn into such a righteous bleeding griffindor?” She pointedly chooses to ignore him and continues.  “Furthermore, to answer your previous question, you are in fact wrong. Midoriya’s parents are not muggles you know. You’ve been calling him an incorrect slur this whole time.”


 “So you’ll feel better if I call him a squib instead? Doesn’t matter, his mother is a-”


 “I would appreciate you stop tormenting him, period. You can’t call him a squib either since he can indeed use magic. His magic is quite brilliant you know, if you would set aside whatever grudge you have on him you would see an immense similarity between the both of you.”


 “You expect me to look over the fact that he was born a sqiub and suddenly has awoken a fucking ‘grand magic potential’ just after being snuck into this school?”


“It could have been dormant…”

“Not likely. He is stealing that magic, and I’m going to prove it.”

“Doubtful.” She mutters, more to herself and they settle into a moment of silence.


“So, are we going to prance around the fact that you’re suddenly so invested in muggles because of your infatuation with that half-blood?”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Momo responds, grateful she hadn’t been drinking tea for she surely would have choked.

“Don’t be daft now, I told you it doesn’t suit you.” Bakugou drawls, amusement very much evident in his tone. “You know exactly who I’m talking about.”


“It would be hopeless to lie to you, I indeed fancy him….” She sighs in defeat knowing full well that he can read her better thank anyone else.


“He’s a ponce”


“Regardless, I’ve been rebellious enough, don’t you think?” Her voice is small as she begins to fiddle with the handkerchief in her lap.


 “You? Rebellious?” He snorts


“One thing is getting myself sorted into Ravenclaw-“ “Were you not just lecturing me about this?’ He sneers, and she huffs. “This is different…”


“What happened to change and shit?” He demands, and she can only shake her head at him.


“I will fight for change, I’ll make sure our child’s future is different. They won’t be raised into the same toxic environment we were”


“Or you could be the change and fight now and be happy. Honestly, what’s stopping you?” He’s pushing her, like he always does when he knows she is lying.


“I’m afraid.” She confesses, finally bringing herself to meet his gaze. “You are my safety net, you know. We’ve been betrothed since before we could walk and while you can certainly be exhausting to deal with at times, you are also always there…”


“Fuck, now I’m the bloody ponce.” Bakugou groans into his hands before standing from his seat to hover over her resolutely.


“Look, we’ve been together for a long arse time, but breaking this” He gestures between them. “doesn’t mean you’re losing me. I’ll still be there to fight the bad guys for you, even if I have to start with our parents.”




“You’re my safety net too, you dense witch, but I don’t want to keep being told what to do and how to live. I told you I don’t care about that shit. Let my parents strike me off the damn family tree. I’m the only heir they have.”


“Katsuki!” He only shrugged in response before plopping next to her and bringing his feet to the table again, making her his in distaste and swat at his legs. He, of course doesn’t budge and she just resigns with a final half-hearted shove.

“What happens now?” She asks out loud, more to herself if anything but he scoffs nonetheless.

“Court his trousers off, shouldn’t be too hard.” He nudges her as she tries to lean against him, and she starts to play with his hand in retaliation.

“I’m not exactly the type to court others, it’s usually the other way around.” She pinches

“Oh?” He teases

“I didn’t mean it like that! I’m just saying it’s not in my set skills. I’m extremely awkward, and I’m aware of it.” She blushes.


“Come off it, awkward or not, you’re quite the number. Blokes feel the need to let me know all the time. I’m apparently extremely lucky, blessed even” He boasts


“I’d rather you not tell me. I don’t want to be seen as just a number to impress.” She sighs

“Impress him with that bloody brain or yours then. I’m sure he’ll find that sexy. Or, maybe shorten that skirt, you’ve got killer legs.” He suggests, mischievously.


“Please, do hush up.” She implores


“Then again, you’re quite virginal. A walking wet dream.” He continues


“I will banish you from my quarters, after I spill this tea over you” She threatens

“We both know you won’t.” He dismisses


“How they made you Head boy is truly beyond me.” She mutters


He smirks.  “Because I’m smart as fuck.”


‘Not smarter than me’ She thinks