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"Kibutsuji Muzan! I'm not letting you get away! No matter where you go!" Tanjiro screamed, voice full of anger and he struggled to keep the poor man who had just been turned into a demon down.

"What do you think is the matter with that boy? Hey, Tsukihiko?" The human woman asked Muzan as he was carrying 'his' child. There was no answer, just a look of annoyance.

"No matter where you go, I'll never let you get away!" He yelled back, red eyes burning with a passion. "I'll follow you to the ends of hell, and I'll cut your head off with my blade! You'll never be forgiven, no matter what!"

"Scene!" After a few more lines, the director called cut and everyone took a big sigh, as if a big wave of relief went through the entire room.

Kamado Tanjiro stood up straight and stretched, smiling big. "Everyone did amazing! That was so intense, just like the first recording..." He hummed and rolled his shoulders back, greeting the other actors and laughing as Nezuko jumped to hug him. "You did great as always, Nezuko." He patted her head. They really were the best of siblings. Tanjro blinked as Muzan approached, grinning and nodding his head to him. "You too—"

Muzan waited for Nezuko to hop off and he grabbed Tanjiro's shoulders, hanging his head down. "Tanjiro-kun, please forgive me. Even if it's in the show, I was so rude to you. Please don't hate me."

"Oh, Muzan-san, it's okay!" The boy laughed cheerfully and patted his arms, going in for a hug which Muzan happily accepted. "If anything, I hope I didn't scare you with my lines. I was feeling a mix of sorry for you and hatred for...Muzan." Tanjiro pulled away and nodded. "And you can just call me Tanjiro. Now, I'm starving." He stated, turning on his heels and zooming to the green room, nothing but a meal on his mind. Made sense, that udon from earlier did smell delicious, that must be what he was after.

On the other hand, the man removed his hat and sighed, turning on a smile and greeting the writers and directors who praised him. Naturally, Muzan had been in the acting industry for years, this being one of the multiple successes throughout his career. It may still be early in the works, but he was also slowly becoming attached to it.

Sure, his role was a good one, being the main villain in this show was great. Paid good money. That wasn't why, it was his fellow actors. Actor. That young boy, to be exact. He was so similar to his character, so kind and genuine. But everyone was drawn to Tanjiro, they always wanted his praise and that blinding smile.

He was the sun, truly, and wouldn't be surprised if a demon would melt because of him.

There were a few more days of necessary filming for Muzan, but after that, he wasn't necessarily required to be there since the episodes didn't feature him/it was just a flashback. But he was still found on the set, sitting where the directors and other crew were, just watching. He could have been out, filming some other role, but...he had enough money. He just wanted to see that boy act, his performance was amazing and he could barely take his eyes off of him whenever he was being filmed.

He'd order merch that showed his face, and go to his meet-ups for support (though people often came to him so Tanjiro even allowed him to his dressing room!). He made sure to save pictures that they took and be nonchalant about posting on social media.

That boy was slowly becoming his entire focus, and boy did that make his performance as Muzan even better.

As the show progressed, his infatuation wouldn't cease. He even found himself rereading the entire script, figuring out small details about the character that was just so lovable. Infatuation. That's all that this was, right? That's why whenever Muzan would get a hug from him, he'd quietly breathe in deeply, and nonchalantly touch his waist. That's why he grabbed a green-checkered haori and shamelessly masturbated while smelling it? Right?

"Tanjiro!" It'd been about 20 weeks, and they were nearing the end of their first season, and everything was going perfectly. Plenty of fans and so much stuff to buy, there had even been pop-up café's which of course Muzan attended. But...there would be times where Tanjiro and Nezuko would be nowhere to be found. It'd always made him curious, but everyone else just acted like it was normal. "Tanjiro!" A woman holding a clipboard was running towards the boy and whispered into his ear, his eyes immediately becoming serious and he followed after the woman.

So what did Muzan do? Of course, he also followed them. Just a tad bit more secretly.

He was quiet, lucky that neither of them looked back because hiding would make him seem pretty suspicious. 

The two went into a room and Muzan jogged to catch up, pressing his ear against the door.

"She passed out and didn't stay that way for long, that's why I didn't call the hospital, but oh...she looks so pale. I didn't want to make a scene, Tanjiro-kun, but I got so worried .." 

He heard a sniffled and guessed that the clipboard woman had been crying. Who were they talking about?

"No, it's alright. I'm glad you came to me, I'm sure you were scared." Oh, Tanjiro was so, so kind. "Nezuko? Are you okay? I thought you took your pills today..."

"I did! I just think it's because it was so hot today, and I didn't really eat breakfast..."

That was all Muzan needed to hear. He stood up straight and made his way back to the set, nodding to some others and greeting the man who played as Yoriichi, not even bothering to ask why he was here when he barely showed up. New actors did strange things like that.

No, he just went to his dressing room, sitting down and covered his face in his hands, taking a deep breath.

This was his chance. His chance to get closer to Tanjiro. His sister was ill? Had some sort of problem? Were they keeping it a secret so she could continue the show? Oh, that would be so caring of a big brother, to take care of her behind the scenes.

His heart was racing, and his eyes were lit up. Looking at the mirror, it was strange to see himself like this, but he didn't care. He couldn't ignore this.

The day had wrapped up and they were allowed to leave, but Muzan had asked Tanjiro if they could talk. Privately. That it wouldn't take long and Nezuko could even wait outside. He thought about it, but it didn't take long for the young actor to agree. "We can talk while I take my make-up off. This is a good excuse, I don't really like when people rub my face to death." He said cheerfully and led him to his trailer, closing the door after they both entered and plopped down in front of the mirror, grabbing a baby wipe and began cleaning his mark on his forehead.

"So, what did you want to talk about?"

Well, there was no use in beating around the bush. Muzan sat in a chair, folding his hands on his lap and cleared his throat. "I deeply apologize for this in advance. I'm afraid I overheard something earlier today. Something happened to your sister? I heard distraught voices and couldn't help but pay attention, but I couldn't get it off my mind..."

Tanjiro had stopped cleaning the mark, and just stared at himself in the mirror. Eventually, he sighed and his expression softened. "I guess I can't blame you, you were just concerned." He turned in his chair, face very serious. "I don't mind telling you, you're always so kind to us and you're very understanding, but you can't tell anybody else, okay? Otherwise everyone would already know."

He sucked in a breath, not knowing it'd be so easy. Being respectful paid off. "I give you my word."

That got him a smile, the boy seemingly relaxed and nodded. "Thank you."

"Nezuko has...a problem. It's Hashimoto's disease. It's in her throat, where her immune system basically goes for her thyroid. She's had it since she was born, but ever since our family died in an awful accident... It got much worse." He clenched his fists and looked down. "She started gaining weight, which made her not eat, and she fainted often. We had to go to the doctor and her heart was also being affected due to it and her anxiety and..." He took a shakey breath and sunk down in his seat. "I... auditioned for this role so I could get money for her treatment, and Nezuko insisted to do it, too. I don't mind, since she has so much fun with friends and the little Nezuko's." Tanjiro smiled again, but it was much more sad. "But it just isn't enough, and I keep telling her that it's working out, but I'm just a beginner. I can't make that much and it's like all the money I make from events is taken away from me. She needs a doctor, and hormones and they told me it would help her, even cure her, but I..."

Tanjiro blinked and looked up, eyes wet and he clapped a hand over his mouth. "Oh no, I rambled too much! I didn't mean to overwhelm you with our private life but it's the first time I've told someone...that isn't a doctor. You must be-"

"No." Tanjiro jumped, surprised by the intensity of Muzan's stare. "I can't believe you'd be carrying such a burden. You and your poor little sister..." He stood and held his arms out. "Please, I need to console you."

"Wha-...?" Tanjiro bursted out laughing and wiped his eyes, standing to meet him and accepted the hug. "You're so strange." Muzan wrapped his arms around him tightly, rubbing his back. Mostly trying to not smell his hair just this once.

"It is overwhelming, I never knew you went through such grief, but I don't mind. I'm glad to know, because I can help now." He pulled away from the hug and looked down at him.


"Let me help pay for the treatment, for her medicine. Before you say no, I have more than enough money, I've been acting since before your age, and I've never had anyone special in my life...until I saw your passion on the set. And now to know all of this. I insist. I plead you to let me."

Tanjiro stood there, flustered because he's been praised by media outlets and from fans, but from an esteemed actor, face-to-face? And of course he would want to refuse, that was too much, but... "I...I..."

"I know it's a lot, but I implore you."

"I-...I would have to repay you, of course!" He waved his hands around, still flustered and not knowing what to do. "Whatever amount they give you, I'll-"

Muzan held a finger up against his mouth. "Shh....I've already thought of a repayment." He smiled, it having almost a... threatening feel, something that wasn't usual from Muzan, at least in Tanjiro's eyes. "I meant it when I said those things, and that I consider you special. Even if we're only actors on the same show, I've found myself thinking so fondly of you." He pushed some hair away from his face and past his ear, leaning down so they were level with each other. "A lifelong debt, for saving your sister. Who knows what could happen if you can't get the money to treat her properly, that fragile heart could fail from the stress. All you have to do is let me pay, all I ask for..." He pulled him closer so he could whisper into his ear. "Your body. I've been dying to ravish you." He pulled away, delighted by the look on his face.

Kamado Tanjiro was horrified. His expression was heartbroken, disgusted, anguished, and confused. He stood, speechless. The man in front of him was different from the Muzan he worked with, who was a professional and so kind...this couldn't be him. 

"I'm dead serious, and I would hope you give me a yes now, the sooner your sister can be treated, the better."

The young actor bit his lip and tried to not let any tears spill. " bastard... It's for Nezuko! For her..." He slammed the cloth down and grabbed his things, stomping out of the trailer and Muzan grabbed his arm. "What now?!"

"Oh, but certainly you have to pay me before I give you the product. That's how things work, my dear Tanjiro." He smiled again, feeling as if his whole life was leading to this point. To think it had actually worked out for him. "Why don't you come home with me? Surely you can send your sister home, everything will work itself out, tomorrow, even."

He was glared at, but Tanjiro just kept walking until they reached Nezuko, and he slapped the key to their home into her hand. "I'll be going with Muzan for a bit, we have some business to attend to that I completely forgot about. Call a ride. Make sure to eat dinner and you'll get a treat tomorrow, I have something special for you." She lightened up but her brother was already dragging the man away.

"My, my. Eager." He mused, pointing the way to his car and they both got in without a word. The car ride wasn't much different, Tanjiro kept his gaze out the window and had his arms crossed. Muzan was overjoyed, but kept a calm expression. He would have plenty of time to not hold back.

Muzan's house was in a nice neighborhood, where the houses were spaced out and you could definitely tell that the people who lived there were loaded. Even Tanjiro couldn't hide how impressed he was. He got out of the car once they were there, opening the door for Tanjiro and led him to the entrance to his...what, 3-story house? It wasn't necessary, really, but his agent insisted, since he barely spent his money on much else. 

He took off his jacket and hanged it up, slipping off his shoes and looking to the boy. "Take yours off, too. Is there anything I can offer you? A drink?"

"No." It was spat out, venomous. "Can we just get this over with?" He looked miserable, and Muzan was eating up every moment of it.

"Of course." He grabbed his hand and led him up the stairs to a very glamorous room, with black walls and dark red curtains, along with the same shade on his bedspread. The lights were golden and made the room feel classy. Once again, Tanjiro was impressed.

"So-" He was immediately cut off, being pulled up into a kiss which he was not expecting. Tanjiro muffled and tried to push the man off but realized that, oh, this was apart of the deal. The kiss was hyponotizing, and his first. It felt wrong. Never did he think his first kiss would be with a man, nor with someone so skilled. His legs felt weak, trembling and threatening to give until Muzan wrapped his arm around his waist. It felt so secure, and he hated it.

Tanjiro felt a lick at his bottom lip and he reluctantly opened his mouth, not being able to stop the noise coming from his throat when their tongues were massaged together. He closed his eyes and choked back disgust as he even started to kiss back, gripping onto the back of Muzan's white button-up.

It seemed like an eternity before Muzan pulled away, and he licked the drool that was stuck at the corner of his mouth. His eyes knew nothing but desire, and it made Tanjiro gulp.

"Strip." Muzan demanded, his voice not being as kind as it was earlier. He bit his lip and looked down as he slowly took off his shirt, letting it fall to the floor. He refused to give this pervert a show and just did it as normally as humanely possible, but still tried to turn and ended up covering what was between his legs, reality hitting him in the face. This was scary, he didn't want to do this. He didn't want to get fucked by a man, but... But Nezuko. "Now sit on the bed and spread your legs. No need to be shy, we both have the same thing."

Tanjiro briskly walked past him, taking a deep breath. That's something he would used to say to his little brother, and not something he wanted to hear from a grown man. He sat down, surprised by how comfortable the bed was, and spread his legs, which were trembling. Damn it, the worst thing he could do right now was show this guy how scared he was.

Muzan moved so he could be in front of him and kneeled down, moving Tanjiro's hands to see what he wanted. God, he could drool at the sight right then and there. His small and limp dick, just there for the taking. "Don't worry, my dear Tanjiro, I'm gonna make you enjoy this. Let's see how big you can get." He leaned forward and took his flaccid penis into his mouth, hands at his hips and was pleased at the twitch he received right away.

He moved his tongue around the tip, then stroked the backside of him, feeling him getting harder and harder as his tongue brushed against every inch of him. Once he was fully erect, Muzan pulled away and hummed. "Ah, so you grow a bit, don't you?" He flicked it, and looked up.

Tanjiro was bright red, and panting heavily. He'd never experienced this feeling before, only his own hand, but the warmth from his tongue and his technique made him melt. The guilt from really feeling good was heavy and he just turned his head away. His dick was pretty average, and didn't like the implication that he thought it would stay small.

He continued, and Tanjiro tried to hold back his moans, but Muzan had started bobbing his head back and forth and would even roll his tongue along his balls. It was impossible to not moan. "Muzan, have to stop..." He spoke almost as if he were going to cry, holding onto his head.

Muzan did not stop, in fact, he began sucking harder, swirling his tongue around the top and going back to stuffing Tanjiro down his throat. Oh, the joy he got from nearly not being able to breathe because of the boy's dark red pubic hair. 

He could tell Tanjiro was about to cum from the way he twitched in his mouth endlessly. He used one of his free hands to massage his balls, hearing a yelp from above. When he did cum, Muzan was overjoyed. Overjoyed by the sensation and how Tanjiro pressed his hips against his face, and not holding back his moans. He swallowed most of the cum with ease, but left some in his mouth as he pulled away, heavily aware of the tent in his pants as he swallowed the remnants of the sperm.

"Good boy." He breathed out, groping Tanjiro's thigh and stood, unbuttoning his shirt, not breaking eye contact. His big red eyes were hyper-aware of what was going to happen, but also hazy from his quick orgasm. Muzan tossed the shirt to the floor and pulled down his pants and underwear, groaning as his length met with the cool air. He grabbed Tanjiro's head and pushed his face against his cock, grinning down at him. "See how big and hard I am? That's all for you. But I'll get you nice and ready." He pushed him down and went to his nightstand, pulling out a bottle of lube and got onto the bed, motioning for Tanjiro to scoot up, which he did.

Muzan dropped the bottle of lube onto the bed and went straight to Tanjiro's strong thighs, groping them and rubbing them. He wasn't a fragile boy, had muscles and was firm, and he felt so good to touch. "You're so pretty with your scars, I wish they were real." His hands traveled up to his chest and his thumbs rubbed his nipples, watching Tanjiro gulp as he closed his eyes, trying not to react from the stimulation. "Ah, are you sensitive? Your nipples got quite perky." He leaned closer and kissed his collarbone, working down to rub the nub with his tongue. 

Tanjiro squirmed, wanting to crawl away but he knew he couldn't, but he also didn't want to lose himself to the pleasure. His breathing was hitched and he couldn't believe that his dick was getting hard again. He grabbed Muzan's shoulders and pushed him away from his chest, face distraught. "I-...I don't know if I can do this." 

The man didn't falter, just smiled gently, the way he would usually smile at his beloved co-worker, took ahold of his hand and pressed it against his own cheek. "You don't have to do anything. I'll take care of you. I got the lube for a reason. You just have to trust me."

And finally, he seemed to get through to Tanjiro. This was an extremely attractive actor who most definitely had plenty of sex experience. He was quite literally selling his body, and he didn't like it, but there was no other choice... So he nodded. 

"Do whatever you want." 

Muzan grinned, flipping the other over and grabbed the lube and popped open the cap. He grabbed Tanjiro's ass, just as firm as the rest of his body, but it was a little squishy, and spread him open, pouring the cold liquid over the small and untouched hole.

Tanjiro winced, holding onto a pillow as he expected the worse, but blinked when a finger massaged his ass, slowly pushing in. 

He was genuinely surprised that it wasn't his dick, but he didn't have time to dwell too much on it, since even a finger was a lot to him, since... nothing had ever been inside him.

Muzan was patient, moving his finger around and massaging his insides, taking in how he felt. It was excruciatingly tight, as expected from a 15 year old boy, and he loved every minute that he spent spreading him out just for himself. He added a second finger whenever it was able to slip in easily, moving slowly and scissoring the two until a third finger could fit.

The man may have been savoring this, but it was so much. So much for Tanjiro. It felt so strange to have something inside him, and he did it so thoroughly that whenever another finger slid in that it didn't hurt. It didn't feel particularly good until 3 fingers, where he would spread them out, tease one area, and the worst of all, be slow. He gasped and his knuckles were white with how hard he was gripping the pillow. It was so awful he felt like he could cry, but what else was there to do? Ask for more? No. He could have told this guy to do what he wished, but no way would Tanjiro ask for it. But holding back that urge made the sounds escaping his lips impossible to keep at bay.

5 minutes had probably passed, and Tanjiro was probably already leaking pre-cum with how much of a mess he was. "Mu...zan..." 

He had pulled his fingers out, smiling sweetly and wiping them on the bed, petting Tanjiro's head. "You did simply amazing. Was that difficult for you? No worries, I knew you'd pull through. Now, it will most likely still hurt when I enter you, so relax as much as possible." Muzan may have been calm, but his dick was aching. He needed Tanjiro, needed to ravish him just like he wanted to. It's almost enough to make him dizzy.

Not much of a problem there, he'd been massaged so thoroughly that it would be harder for him to tense up.

Muzan spread Tanjiro's legs then lifted his hips so his ass was up and aligned his cock with the now twitching hole as he poured lube over it. Perfect.

With one quick and swift thrust, he was inside Tanjiro. "Ohhhhh...fuck, Tanjiro, you're so good." As much as he had prepped him, there was no avoiding the tightness of a virgin. The pressure around his cock and the wet warmth made him want to give into all his desires.

Tanjiro had his mouth open, a loud moan-sounding scream leaving him and he felt his eyes tear up. His body was expecting it, but feeling something so big and hot tear him open was a feeling he couldn't predict. Still, Muzan had done a good job and it even felt a little good, his dick leaking onto the pretty bed covers. 

"Sorry, Tanjiro." Muzan practically purred, gripping his hips tightly and began thrusting his hips into him with none of the gentle nature that he used with the fingering. He grinned at the small sobs and moans that he got in response. "I can't hold back any longer." 

It felt amazing, pulling back his thick cock until the tip almost slipped out only to force it back inside this young boy. The young boy who he couldn't get his mind off of, and who he had here, crumbling because of his dick.

This position was fine, just perfect, but he let go of Tanjiro's hips and forced his ass back down and fucked him into the bed, the creaking being very violent.

Muzan leaned forward and began suckling at the back of his neck, licking the sweat and leaving small hickeys along the way to his shoulder. The more he sucked, the more Tanjiro tightened around him, and he wanted more. He needed more. So he bit his shoulder. Bit so hard that skin tore and he could taste iron.

Tanjiro groaned and flailed under him, his ass clenching him so hard, but that just made him so sensitive, and he gasped, almost choking on spit.

What...? What was happening? It suddenly felt so good? Something deep inside of him that Muzan reached so easily in this position was now sending waves of pleasure throughout his entire body. His prostate was being violated and for some reason, the deeper he reached, the better it felt. Even the bite was going to his head and interpreting it as pleasure. "Ah...haahhh.... Wait, I can't—" He choked on a moan and felt the tears going down his cheeks. "I can't t-take thiiis...." His vision was going fuzzy as he could feel every inch of his cock thrusting into him with no mercy. 

And God if Muzan hadn't been enthusiastic before, he sure was now. He desperately licked at the blood that dripped from the bite and watched his throbbing length make Tanjiro's body move with each thrust. He grabbed his hair and yanked his head back, moaning loudly when he saw that flushed and tear-covered face.

He was making Tanjiro look like this. He was making Tanjiro feel good.

Muzan watched Tanjiro wail as he tried to push his hand away but also not being able to control his sobs and moans because of the cock screwing him. "S...stop, please..." He managed, and he did let go, but just focused on fucking him even harder, if that was possible.

"Sh...shlow down, i-ih hurhshhh..." His speech was slurred, his insides twitching violently and he began moving his hips to meet his thrusts. 

It was damn sexy, seeing him move his ass just for more friction than he was already giving him. Muzan was panting heavily, sweating and not doing much better himself. His cock was aching to release, he could feel it. Hearing Tanjiro moan and talk like that just added to the pleasure, but so did the rare moments where they were both quiet and all they could hear were the ungodly lewd and wet sounds of skin slapping skin.

His technique was out the window, and was only thinking with his dick, thrusting so hard that ripped a moan from Tanjiro each time it hit deep inside him.

Tanjiro's toes were curled, not being able to think and the only thing on his mind was Muzan's hot and thick cock inside him, and he couldn't take it anymore. He mewled quietly before raising his ass, his entire body tightening up and he came hard. Hot strips of white shot out of his dick as the man behind him continued to move. It was nearly enough to make him pass out, but he just fell limp onto the bed, just trying to take a good breath of air.

"Good boy, Tanjiro." Muzan's voice was full of adoration, not being able to believe he was blessed to see such a beautiful orgasm. "I won't be far behind you."

He placed his hands on the bed and began roughly pistoning his pulsing ass, moving Tanjiro's head to the side so he could look at him. His eyes half-lidded and puffy, his lips red and abused, his neck covered in bruises and the claiming bite on his shoulder. Everything because of him.

Muzan leaned over and kissed his ear as he bucked his hips into him, moaning quietly and felt his stomach tighten. All it took was a couple more deep and shallow thrusts of his cock for him to shove it as far as it would go, and he filled Tanjiro. He could feel his semen leaving him and the warmth surrounding his length. He rolled his hips a couple of times as he pumped the last of his load into him and fell onto the bed beside him.

Not once in his life has he ever fucked like that.

It took a good minute for him to catch his breath, looking over to Tanjiro who was still awake, but probably just out of it. He smiled and turned to lay on his side, cupping his cheek. "You were so sweet, Tanjiro. You did amazing. No one's ever gotten me so worked up." 

Muzan kissed him gently, surprised when he felt a tiny attempt at the other kissing back and he rubbed his head.

How come he loved seeing him cry so much, but also loved cherishing the moment like this? Just what did he feel towards this boy? Not even he knew.

"Let's get you cleaned up, then you can sleep. I have a spare room."

He picked Tanjiro up and brought him to the bathroom, almost excited to give him a shower, clean him up and admire what he had done to him. Excited to sleep beside him and send him home to Nezuko, to spoil them with money.

Muzan's obsession wasn't going to stop here.