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Behind the Pod S1, Episode 3: Podfic, Fandom & Podfic Fandom!

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Episode 3: Podfic, Fandom & Podfic Fandom!

Commenting and Talkback:

growlery - they/them or she/her pronouns - AO3 - Twitter

ofjustimagine - she/her pronouns - AO3 - Twitter

- - -

If you'd like to leave an audio comment (aka talkback) instead of a written comment, here's how!

  • 1) Record your talkback, and upload it somewhere easily accessible (ideally somewhere people can listen to your talkback without having to download the file first). You can also upload it to this Google Drive folder.
  • 2) Leave a comment here or a reply to this Dreamwidth post with a link to your talkback audio file!