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Sleep and Consume

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Darkness. That's all you felt. Darkness and the gnawing hunger that was present in everyone. Not that you saw many people, that is. Even with your mask, both metaphorical and literal, the other monsters would still smell your human stench and try to devour you, even though Sans and Papyrus try to cover it up. Even though you've known the monsters of Snowdin since before the famine.


You even have to cover how human you are around the skeleton brothers; wearing a large patchwork cloak and a hinged mask to cover my face without having to take it off to eat, although that's the only time you really open your mouth anyway. Talking saps too much strength from your frail, thin body. The crimson thread sewn in your mouth keeps you from making much noise, and it's just so you don't accidentally alert anyone outside.


You had been in the underground your whole life, since you were a child, and yet, had never ventured outside of Snowdin. Your toddler self had avoided interacting with Toriel and went through the doors and into the blizzard, where Sans had taken you in. You remember giggling at his jokes, although you were too young to understand them. That was so long ago, it seems like just a fading dream that had never even existed. It was when everyone still trusted each other. When we were all still alive and healthy… 


Years after Sans and Papyrus had taken you in, you had officially become part of their family, and created a familial soul bond with them. It was different than a romantic one, obviously, but it allowed you to communicate without spoken words. Not actual telepathy, per se, but through reading each other's souls, which are more based on feelings and emotions.


It came in handy for telling when something bad happened to one of us. You've had to feel that for than you'd have hoped too. The ‘incident’ with Undyne and Sans was awful to feel and know you were powerless to stop it.


After the ‘incident’ and Sans’ announcement, Sans had forbade you from leaving the house. You understood, especially after a few months after, and you had to cut your left leg off all the way to your hip to feed your family and other monsters. You were dead weight, and had to be carried around, not that you minded much. You trusted your two boney brothers with your soul! They knew how fragile you were and wouldn't drop you. You could still help patch clothes, make puzzles, and gets blood out of clothes, so at least you did something to help! You and Paps are always elated when a human wanders in Snowdin and gets caught in a trap you two work on together. You still tease Sans about frisbees and glue sometimes. 


Note cards were also good for communication when you wanted to say something specific, like teasing. Although you didn't have actual paper and pens or pencils, skin, sticks, and blood worked, too! If only you could remember where you put them… Or how to spell properly… Even if you write in the monster language that's on most signs, it's still hard to remember what lines go where… 


Oh well! Maybe you could ask Papyrus about the wishing room you heard about, if his jaw and teeth don't hurt that much today. Maybe some human wandered in… you wonder if they'll get caught on the orb puzzle. That's your favorite one… Though it was really hard to make.


You're getting quite tired, but that's normal now. You can hardly stay away for longer than an hour… Maybe you won't wake up this time. Sans and Papyrus need the extra food. 


That's your last thought before you slip into unconscious.