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Please teach me Sensei

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Oikawa Tooru, 17 years old, 3 year student of the Highschool Aoba Josai. Oikawa is a good student who always, or most of the time, writes good marks. He is popular by the girls because of his looks and his charming personality. He is nice to everyone and always wear a big smile on his face.

But behind all the facades is a boy who is lonly, depressd and sad. Oikawa doesn't have parents anymore because they died when he was very young. A lot of the boys at school are bulling him for that. They always scream:,,You schould have died too, then the world is grateful."

Right now Oikawa is living in an orphangage. It's not a very nice place because the people who ar working here are unhappy with there job, don't care if by the end of the day Children are missing and they don't have enough food. So from time to time Oikawa must go on the day by not eating in the morning or in the evening.

All Oikawa is hoping for is that the last year of the Highschool will end es fast as it can.

,,..awa...kawa...OIKAWA!''. Oikawa jumps at the way his name was screamed. Oikawa looks up from his desk, where he just wanted to lay down and have a nice nape, ad sees his angry teacher Iwaizumi-sensei infront of him.

Iwaizumi Hajime is his full name. He is not only the teacher of Oikawas class, no, he is also the Couch of the vollyball team. Every girl in school is drooling over him, I mean who wouldn't. Not only has he sharpe features that firmly scream manly,no, his body is a dream for every boy at school. And his arms and bisceps are heavenly.

,,If you want too sleep then go to bed after the sandmen ends okey!''. The whole class start laughing at Iwaizumis words while Oikawas face red and he dugs his head down out of embarrasment.

,,So-sorry Iwaizumi-sensei. It won't happen again.''

,,This is what you told me the last time and all the other times,Oikawa.''Iwaizumi says with a sternly.,, After the lesson i want to speak to you privetly.''

,,But Sen-'',Oikawa was cut of by a sharpe glare from Iwaizumi. Oikawa looks around the class and sees that some girls and boys are whispering about him. Oikawa just sighed and started working.

After the lesson enden the student rushed out of the classroom. OIkawa didn't really want to talk to Iwaizumi so he dicided that he could just sneek out behind the other stundents. But the world has outher plans with him.

,,Oikawa..'', Oikawa jumped and turns to Iwaizumi.,,I told you that i want to speak with you''. Oikawa gulped and started walking to the teachers desk where Iwaizumi was sitting on.

,,Oikawa this is the fifth time this week that you were spleeping in my class''.

,,Im sorry Sensei I just cant get enough sleep at the orph-ahh I mean at home'', Oikawa give a shaky smile at Iwaizumi. Iwaizumi otherwise was still glaring at him.

,,Oikawa'', iwaizumi sighed.,,I don't know what your problem is but if you fall asleep more often then I can't help you but letting you fail your exam''.

,,Okey...Sensei...I try my best'',Oikawa said sadly and looked down. Iwaizumi just sighed again. He doesn't know what problems at home Oikawa have to be this tired and exhausted.

,,Look I'm not doing this because I want do give you bad marks. I'm doing this because as a teacher I need to help my students understood''.OIkawa nodded. Then he stood up and left the classroom.

Iwaizumi was sitting in a chair in the teachers office. He was making coffee for himself because god lord students these day are making it harder and harder. He was just aobut to drink it when he was startled from behind and spilled his coffee all over himself.

,,Hey Iwa how are you doing!'', a voice screamed in his ear.

,,You fucking asshole I spilled my coffee all over my self!'', Iwaizumi roared.

,,Hey calm down man I dind't know that.'', says the voice in a sarcastic way.

,,What do you want Hanamakki I don't have enough time right now you see''. Hanamakki was one of Iwaizumis friend. They meet in college and lived toghtere in a flat. Hanamakki was a person who loved to tease people, especially Iwaizumi, and to prank and joke about people.

,,I heard you talk to pretty boy again what did he do this time hmm?'', Hanamakki asked with a smile. waizumi just rolled his eyes.

,,He did fall asleep again,nothing else.And don't call him pretty boy please.''

,,Again? How often did he fall asleep this week?'', Hanamakki asked.

,,The fifth time...why are asking?'', Iwaizumi asked Hanamakki with an raised eyebrow.

,,Dammit, now I own Mattsun 5 euro, godammit Iwa get you student under control or I will lose more money.''

,,MY stundent! How about you just don't bet about something like that!'',Iwaizumi says to Hanamakki. Hanamakki just shaked his head. The the school bell rang. Iwaizumi took his stuff and left the Office. He was walking down the floors to the gym. Then something took his attantion when he was walking by the boys toilets. He heard screaming and voices yell:,,Yeah take that you nerd, nobody cares about you!'' and ,,Take that you fargot!''.

,,WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE!'', Iwaizumi shouted. The two boys startled at the sound and let go of the boy on the floor.

,,Nothing Iwaizumi-Sensei'', one of the boys said.

,,Nothing my ass kid tell me what is going on here right now'', Iwaizumi says sternly.

,,It was his fault Sensei he attacked us first!'', the other boy said an pointed to the boy on the floor. Iwaizumi looked at the boy and couln't believe his eyes. It was Oikawa.

,,You two get to your class we talk about that after the lesson'', Iwaizumi said and with that the two boys left. Iwaizumi turned around and looked at Oikawa who was trying to hold back his crying. Iwaizumi took Oikawas face in his hands and tilted his head up. Oikawa finced as Iwaizumi touched the bruise on his face.

,,Everything okey Oikawa?'', Iwaizumi asked but Oikawa shooked his head. Iwaizumi stood up, grabbed a piece of paper, making it wet with cold water and pressed it to Oikawas cheek. Oikawa flinced at first but then grabbed it and pressed it on his cheek.

,,Can you explain me what happend?'', Iwaizumi asked Oikawa and ruffled his hair to comfort him.

,,If you don't want to talk about it you don't need to'', Iwaizumi said. Oikawa shaked his head.

,,They we-they were just making fun nothing else Iwaizumi-Sensei'', Oikawa said with a weak smile.

,,DON'T give me that crap they were hitting you!''. But Oikawa just shaked his head again. Iwaizumi didn't unterstend why Oikawa is not telling him the truth.

,,Look there gone so nothing will happen. But i can't help you if you don't tell me what's going on'', Iwaizumi pressed again. Oikawa looked at him for a moment. Then the tears start streaming down his face.

,,There-I'm- I-I can't...'', Oikawa tried to say but he couldn't form a sentecne. Iwaizumi didn't know what to say. He was so overwhelmed with the situation and didn't know what to do. So just did what his mother did in situation likes these. He put on arm around Oikawas head the other around his waist and pulled him close, into a hug. Oikawa was shooked.

,,Iwa-Iwaizumi-Sensei, what are you doing?'', Oikawa asked but he sounded unsure. iwaizumi just thighten his grip around him.

,,Hugging you what else'', Iwaizumi said. After a few seconds Iwaizumi pulled away and looked at Oikawa. He stared at his face. Just now he notice that Oikawa has such beautiful brown eyes and his stupid perfect nose and those lips.

,,Sensei?'', Oikawa asked. Iwaizumi jumped up to his feet and turned around to grab his things. Then he looked at Oikawa who was still sitting schocked on the floor.

,,I need to go to my classes, you should too'', Iwaizumi said to Oikawa. Then Oikawa stood up and gabbed his things. Just as Iwaizumi was walking down the stairs he heard Oikawa saying :,,Thanky you, Iwaizumi-Sensei!''. Iwaizumi turned around and looked at Oikawa who was wearing a small but happy smile. Then Oikawa turned around and start running to his class. In the meanwhile Iwaizumi stood still there on the stairs and shaked his head.

Like Iwaizumi said he did talked to the two boys but neither of them wanted to say what actually happen. Because iwaizumi didn't wnat to spend to much time on this bullshit he let the to boys go. Then the door was pulled opne and Hanamakki and Matsukawa were storming in.

,,Iwa buddy what did you talk about with the two boys?!'', Matsukawa asked and glanced at Hanamakki.

,,He probably teached them a lesson for hurting his Pretty Boy'', Hanamakki said and glaced at Matsukawa.

,,What do you two want from me that is so improtant'', Iwaizumi said.

,,We wanted to ask you if you are free this weekend?''.

,,For what?'', iwaizumi asked the other. Matsun und Makki shared a look.

,,To go to a Strip club!'', they both screamed and Iwaizumi sprung up and closed the door. He turend around and found the other two laughing hard. Iwaizumi glared at them.

,,Could you not scream something like that at a school!'', Iwaizumi screamed.

,,Oh come on Iwa its not a big secret that you are gay'', Matsun said.

,,SO WHAT! You need to scream it out like that!''

,,So are you free now or what?'', Makki asked.

,,Its Tuesday...if I get to do all the exam before Saturday then I'm in''.

,,YES!'', Makki und Matsun screamed.

,,But if you keep screaming like that then I won't come!'', Iwaizumi shouted behind the others.

,,Okey, see you later alligator''.

After Makki and Matun left was a small knock at the door of his Office. Iwaizumi looked up and saw Oikawa at the door. Iwaizumi smiled and said that he can come in. Iwaizumi asked Oikawa about the acident in the Boys Toilets. At first Oikawa was unsure to talk about it but Iwaizumi grabbed Oikawas hand in his own. Oikawa stopped talking and looked at the hand and then at Iwaizumi, who was smiling at him soflty. Then Oikawa start talking again an became less nervous. Iwaizumi listed the whole time and couldn't believe what he hears.

,,So your telling me they were making fun of you then you said something back to them and then they started hitting you?'', Iwaizumi asked Oikawa. Oikawa just nodded. It makes Iwaizumis blood boiling.

,,Does this happen often ore was is just now?'', he asked Oikawa, who shaked his head.

,,It happend mor often but that is not importent right?'', Oikawa said with a weakly smile but Iiwaizumi is having none of it.

,,How long?'',Iwaizumi asked.

,,Ehh..what do you you mean?''.

,,How long has this been going'', He asked more sternly this time.

,,That-is this improtant I mean-''

,,Oikawa I want and answer!''

,,Like I said it's not importent for me-''

,,BUT FOR ME OIKAWA!'',Iwaizumi screamed andslammed hs fist on the table. Oikawa is startled by his raising voice.

,,I DON'T WANT TO KNOW THAT THIS IS NOT IMPORTANT FOR YOU! BUT IT IS IMPORTANT FOR ME! SO TELL ME HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN-'', Iwaizumi stopped as he saw how terrified Oikawa looked. Iwaizumi sighed.

,,Look...I-I just want to help you so please,..please tell me why and how long?''

,,Since the first year'', Oikawa said quietly.

,,And why. What is the reason?''

,,Because I...cause I live in an orphanage.''

Iwaizumi sits back in his chair and looked at Oikawa. That it's. That is the reason why they hit Oikawa.

,,There is really nothing else?'', Iwaizumi pressed one last time.

,,There is but I don't want ot talk about it'', Oikawa say and looks down on the floor.

,,Okey at least you did tell me something. You can go now.''

With that Oikawa stood up. And left the room. Iwaizumi isn't quiet sure what the other reason.

But he has a feeling that he will find it out soon enough.