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The New Kid To South Park

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Being a new kid in town in highschool was hard.
Being a new kid in a small town was harder.
Being new when everyone was presenting and/or already presented was even harder.
Being an omega in a town mainly populated by alphas had to be the hardest part though.
This was all Tweek was thinking of as he was forced to move with his mother and father to the small town of South Park, Colorado. He didn't want to move, he was anxious enough in a big town, but being in a small town made him stress even more. If he messed up once, then the entire town would know.
He was thrown into the new school his first day in the town, his parents saying that it would be best for him to socialize with kids the same age as him as fast as possible. Saying something about making friends. They didn't think of every possible situation that could go wrong. But Tweek did. He thought of every little thing.

What if his body decided to have an early heat due to the stress of moving? What if his distressed scent caused a chain reaction? Or made alphas try to comfort him? What if some asshole alpha tried to force himself on him? Or tried to make a move on him despite him not being interested? What if he was marked or raped?! Tweek gave a startled yell and pulled at his hair, "Oh god! Ngh! I want to move back!" He had been enrolled in an all omega school, while the teachers were betas and omegas, the students were all omegas. His parents told him it would be fine, but he should have known than to listen to them!

Tweek was currently in the midst of panic, and the culprit was a chubby alpha who had him pinned against the wall. Where the hell was everyone?! Tweek bit the inside of his cheeks to avoid letting out a pitiful whine, though his scent gave away any panic he was feeling. His scent was sour and strong. The alpha above him snarled and yelled at him to stop letting out that smell and that it was pissing him off. Tweek wanted to yell back, but found himself frozen in spot, his breath came in short fast breaths.
A hand laid on the brunette alpha's shoulder. "Hey. Aren't you supposed to be in class?" A nasally voice said in a monotone voice. Tweek's eyes snapped to the new person and he felt his body stop shaking. The brunette scoffed and turned his head to look at the black haired kid that came to Tweek's rescue. "Tch. Aren't you supposed to be in class Tucker?" "No. I have to talk to Mackey again." Craig's scent was relaxing, but daring the other to do anything. The brunette rolled his eyes before looking back at Tweek, "You're lucky this shit showed up in time.. Next time you won't be so lucky omega." Tweek felt disgusted at the way he called him an omega, he froze in place as he watched the alpha walk away.
"I wouldn't pay attention to fatass. If he tried anything again just punch him. He's a pussy." Craig's voice was still as monotonous as it had been earlier, but his scent had changed into one that was wanting to comfort and not scare someone off.
Tweek felt his body want to relax more around him, this alpha had just came out of nowhere and saved him. But he knew better, alphas were tricky animals. "Agh!" Tweek twitched, his shaking starting up again, "Th-that's easy for y-you! You're an- ung!-alpha!"
"Cartman gets his ass handed to him by an omega almost everyday. Though I never said anything about you're secondary gender anyway. Come on." Craig said as he turned towards the way he had just came from.

"Why? Ng. Wh-where are you taking me?" Tweek stayed where he was, watching this kid with a cautious gaze.

"To the counselor. Cartman needs to learn his place and he shouldn't be doing that to new kids anyway." Craig said as he only stopped for a second to look back at the other, before he turned to walk to Mr. Mackey's office with, or without, Tweek. Tweek was in his own dilemma on if he should trust this alpha or not, but when he thought about what Cartman did he gave a startled yell and slightly jogged to catch up with this "Tucker" kid. He could feel the alpha's eyes glancing back every now and again to see if he was still following him but he never made any eye contact, not knowing how this alpha would react to that. Soon enough, the blonde was running into the alpha's back when he stopped in front of a door. Tweek felt his heart drop when he ran into the built body and quickly jumped back, "Ah! Ngh! I-I'm so-sorry! I didn't mean to-!" Tweek was cut off by a hand patting his head, "Hey. It's fine. It was an accident. We're at the office now." Craig said with a monotone voice and opened the door.Tweek flinched back at the hand on his head, thinking that the alpha was going to pull his hair, or smack him or something of the sort. That’s all he was taught to believe alphas would do if an omega did something wrong.He just stared at the dark haired alpha in disbelief when he didn’t do anything to him.

When Mr.Mackey seen Craig he sighed, "Oh goddamnit Craig.. Why are you back so soon again?"

Craig just blinked, this was normal and he held the door open for Tweek. "Cartman was being a fucking prick again." Tweek was shaking as he walked in, his eyes darting around anxiously around the room. “He had the new kid pinned against the wall using his scent to threaten him.” Craig didn’t skip a beat in shutting the door once Tweek was in the room.

Mr.Mackey looked at Tweek, “M’kay.. Is this all true.. Um… What’s your name again?”
“Ahh! Agn... “ Tweek flinched and twitched when Mr.Mackey focused his attention on him, he could feel his skin getting cold but sweat run down his back. “I-I.. Tweek! M-my name. Oh god, this is too much pressure!” Tweek pulled at his hair as he shook. Craig glanced away from Tweek and towards Mr.Mackey, who looked like he was concerned but didn’t know what to do.

“Um, Tweek? M’kay… It says here… Omega… Oh, you’re parents said you have ADHD and Anxiety. M’kay. Tweek, can you tell me what’s too much pressure?”
Craig never knew anything about anxiety, but had enough common sense that you don’t keep asking the questions about it.

Tweek could feel his mind race more when Mr.Mackey had said what was wrong with him. Now Craig would go and spread rumors about how the new kid is fucked up in the head, hell maybe that omega that beats up the alpha would come after him! “Oh god..!” Tweek was shaking so much and pulling at his hair so much that some of it was starting to come out. “Ah! I pulled out my hair!” Tweek noticed that he was pulling his hair out but couldn’t stop himself from his actions. Craig hesitantly approached the omega and took his hand in his and tried to gently pry the shaking hands away from the blonde’s hair.

“Tweek. No one is going to say anything and nothing is going to happen to you. Everything will fall back on Cartman.” Craig said in a steady voice as he kept his blue eyes on Tweek’s green one. Tweek wanted to push him away, wanted to desperately fight him, but he couldn’t. His inner omega purred at the attention, but the inner Tweek was freaking out. On the outside, Tweek stopped shaking and pulling his hair and just stared back at Craig, a wave of somewhat calmness rushed over him. “You just have to tell him what exactly happened, alright?” Tweek could only nod and try to swallow the lump in his throat.

“I was looking for my next class and I accidentally bumped into his shoulder, I tried to apologize but he pushed me against the wall and started going off about how omegas should know their place.” Tweek wanted to tug at anything, to dig his nails into his legs, anything but the grip of Craig kept him from doing so. Why hadn’t the alpha let go of his hands? But he didn’t want to question it too much or his mind would be racing like it had a habit of doing.

“M’kay… Well, I’ll tell the principle and we’ll look over the video tapes and I’ll see what we can do.” Was all Mr.Mackey could say, “We will send Eric home today and decide what to do with him today as well.”

Craig dropped Tweek’s hands once he deemed the other calm enough. Craig felt… weird, around the new kid. He didn’t know what this feeling was, so he decided to push it down and ignore it like every other emotion the kid had. “Can I get a note explaining why I was late so Mrs. Bacone doesn’t get pissed off that I was late?”

Mr.Mackey nodded and wrote a note quickly for him, “Oh, Tweek? What class do you have next as well, so I can just go ahead and get it written out as well, m’kay?” He said as handing Craig his. Craig took it and left the room.

“I-I have..” Tweek glanced at the paper that was in his binder and twitched. Oh god, the only way he would know to get there just walked out of the door. “Mrs. Bacone..” Mr.Mackey nodded and wrote another note quickly. “If you hurry, you might be able to follow Craig and get to class, m’kay.” Tweek nodded and took the note in shaking hands and went out the door to see if he could catch up with (More like trail behind) Craig. Tweek seen the alpha and slowed down once he was in sight. He wasn’t trying to be secret about it, even if he was trying to, there was no way he could be. His twitching and jumping at the smallest of things was a dead give away of if he was there or not. Craig only glanced back at him once before rolling his eyes and continuing on his way to his class. Craig walked in and handed his note to Mrs. Bacone, only to notice Tweek following on after him and handing a note to the teacher as well.

“Why didn’t you get it on the same note?”

It was a simple question really, but to Tweek it made his world pause. He swallowed the lump in his throat. “I..I didn’t know we had the same class…” He tried to control his scent, he always tried, but it never worked. A stressed scent came from a coffee like scent. Craig couldn’t place what coffee it smelt like, he didn’t drink coffee, but the stressed scent sent his instincts into protective mode. Thankfully, he was able to control his body and didn’t show any emotions or release any scent. Other people in the class, on the other hand, wasn’t able to. Some of the omegas looked like they were about to jump up and comfort the twitching blond, and the alphas looked like they were about to start fighting anything that moved an inch. Craig looked out the window, attempting to ignore everyone in his classroom and not get up and comfort Tweek, some of his friends were in this class and he still had a reputation to hold. That was until he saw someone get up and approach the blonde at the front of the class. His attention turned on whoever was getting up to approach Tweek. Craig kinda felt himself relax when he saw that it had been Token who decided to do something about it, but when Tweek jumped and turned on his heels as fast as a hare, Craig found himself standing up as fast as Tweek had moved. While Craig didn’t have his lips pulled back in a growl, his scent was strong and daring.

Token looked over at his friend with wide eyes, when his landed on the blue of his friends, he understood and averted his gaze and lowered his head as he went to his seat. Craig kept a blank face as he walked up to the front of the class and grabbed Tweek by his wrist and pulled him to the back of the class near his seat and made Tweek sit down. Craig didn’t know what else to do, so he stood there with his head held high and glaring at anyone who looked at Tweek. And after a few minutes, no-one would look back or over at the two. Craig huffed and looked down at Tweek. “You should work on controlling your scent. That could have caused a huge problem.” Was all he said before he went back to his desk and sat down. Tweek didn’t know how to respond to that. He wanted to lash out, but he had already caused enough of a scene today. So he turned his head down and started writing notes with shaky hands. That class came and went. At the end of the class, he made his way up to Mrs.Bacone and tugged on his shirt. “Um.. Do.. Do you know where..” He glanced at his paper, “Mr.Casar’s class is?” Tweek twitched at the end, happy that he had gone through a full sentence without completely freaking out.

Mrs.Bacone looked up, “I do believe Craig has that class next, that’s the one who took you to your seat, if you catch up with him, you can just follow him.” Tweek nodded, “Thank you..” Tweek said before leaving, looking for the kid he had been following all day long. Once he saw that hat he followed from afar behind him. When he walked into the class, it was nearly packed. He was hoping this class wouldn’t have many people, at his other school there was hardly anyone in his science class so everyone could have their own desk. There were twelve of the long black tables that the kids used as a desk in the room. Tweek stood at the front of the class while trying to find an empty seat. He didn’t know what seats were empty or not, not knowing if some people were late or absent.

Tweek glanced over the room again, Craig had someone sitting next to him so that was off the table, even if it was, Tweek didn’t think he would be able to sit next to him. That’s when his green eyes landed on a hand that was waving at him. A blond.. Alpha. That made him weary, but he walked over and sat down by him. This guy was tall and it was clear under his orange coat that he was small, but still had muscle on him and would most likely beat the shit out of someone. Though, some of that was just Tweek using the stereotypes for alphas. He could feel eyes on him the entire way over to the desk, though he didn’t know who or how many, he kept his eyes down till he sat down. When he sat down, he knew that the alpha that had called him to sit with him was staring. Tweek took a deep breath and gained enough courage to look over at him. He was greeted with a huge grin. “Hey there~” The alpha said in a flirty tone. “Name’s Kenny. Kenny McCormick. If you ever need help with anything including biology I will be happy to show you~” Tweek couldn’t help when he flinched back with an “Oh god!” and a nervous twitch and started shaking. A male with a green ushanka leaned back and smacked Kenny in the back of his head. “Stop messing with the new kid! Sorry about him,” The small male’s attention was on him now, and Tweek could tell just by looks that he was an omega. “He just thinks with his dick. He won’t do anything, if he tries anything just get me or Stan and I’ll beat the shit out of him.”

Kenny gave a gasp and held his hand over his heart in fake surprise, “You would really say that stuff about your dear friend Kyle?” Kyle just stared at him blankly, not wanting to give him an answer to that. Kenny clicked his tongue. “You have a good point. But Buttercup is the only one I’m after.” That seemed to get the attention of the raven haired boy next to Kyle and had him turn around.
“You’re still after Butters? Seriously? This is like, the longest you’ve tried to get someone.”
“That’s because I actually want Butters for him, not just his ass.”
Tweek looked away, he feels like he should not be hearing this conversation, but it seemed none of the other boys seemed to care if he heard it or not. “So, how are you liking the new school so far new kid?” Tweek jumped when he was talked to again. He was getting used to not being in the middle of the conversation. It was the omega who said something to him.
“I-it’s -ngh- it’s fine…” Tweek mumbled, he didn’t want to say all the bullshit that went down in the short time he has been here and that he wanted to go back to his all-omega-and-beta school.
Kyle smiled and chuckled, “Then you haven’t met the schools asshole yet.” When the ginger seen the confused looks he got from Tweek, “Eric Cartman.” Stan, Kyle, and Kenny seemed to all say at the same time. Tweek felt the blood rush away from his face. More like from his whole body. Was it suddenly chilly in here?
“A-actually… I’ve already met him… If you could call it that..” Tweek looked away from the group of boys and started fiddling with his fingers.
“Ugh. What did that fatass do?” Kyle said, the venom in his voice could practically be felt in the air. “I’ll kick his ass for you if you want.” It was then that Tweek connected that Kyle was the omega that Craig was talking about earlier.
“Nothing r-really.” Tweek tried to fight the urge to pull at his hair. “Uh.. He just said something and -oh god- pinned me against the wall.” Tweek was shaking and twitching every now and again, Tweek tried to fight the urge to pull at his hair, but in the end lost that fight as his hands found their way to his hair and pulled on the blonde mop. “S-someone came by and helped me, then t-took me to the counselors..”
“Dude... “
“That fucking fatass needs his ass kicked and expelled.” Kyle was pissed at what had happened, but he gently took Tweek’s hand and pried them away from the others hair. “You don’t need to pull your own hair out. You should pull his out.” Kyle said as he tried to comfort the twitching omega.
“No way man! That’s -ngh- way too much pressure!” Tweek said with wide eyes, his hands shaking, he made a fist so that his nails dug into his palms.
“Who saved you fr-” Kenny didn’t get to finish his sentence before there was someone else standing over by them. Blue eyes stared down at them. Thankfully, Mr.Casar was one of the teachers that just did his job and let the kids decide if they wanted the grade or not. So it was a class they typically talked quietly in, then got the notes off a friend.
“What are you guys doing to Tweek?” The voice, still having no expression in it, spoke from behind Tweek. Kyle looked up at Craig with a raised brow. “All we did was ask him if he liked the school and what fatass did to him. I don’t see what our conversation has to do with you.” Tweek didn’t even need to see that Craig was the one behind him. He didn’t think anyone would ever be able to match his voice. Tweek could feel his body start to slow with the shaking, even though it was still there, it slowed down a lot. Kyle, being the observant one, noticed this change and looked back to Craig. Kyle let go of Tweek’s hand.
Stan puffed himself up and was ready to stand up himself if Craig tried anything. “We were just talking. No need to get all defensive of him. He’s old enough to make his own choices.” Craig turned his attention to Stan, he wanted to say something, but decided against it. Craig shrugged, “You’re right.” Before he left and went back to his seat. Clyde asking him what that was about and Craig just giving some half-assed answer.

Kyle looked at the calmer Tweek, “Is that who helped you with Cartman?” Tweek only nodded, not trusting his voice. Tweek had glanced back to where Craig sat and felt his face go red when he saw the boy who sat next to Craig looking at him.
“Holy shit. Tucker actually did something? Typically he just… ignores everything.” Kenny said as he looked at Tweek, his eyes looking the other up and down. “Though I can’t blame him for doing something. I mean, you look amazing, if I had been the one to find that, I honestly would have beat the shit out of Cartman.” Tweek suddenly wished he wore a coat or someone would give him theirs, and was suddenly glad that Kenny hadn’t been the one who found him. If he would have started a fight, he thinks he might have full out lost it and would have ran home with his tail between his legs.
Kyle held his hand out, “Can I see your schedule?” Tweek stared at the hand for a moment before he pulled the paper out and handed it over, the piece of paper shaking in his hold. Kyle took it and looked it over. He grimace, “Well… Good and bad news. You have the next class with me and Stan, but fatass is also in that class. And no Craig.” He added that last part quickly after he saw the look on Tweek’s face. “If he does try anything in class, just tell me and I’ll punch him for you.” Tweek could only nod, not sure how to exactly respond in this situation. They all stopped talking and started taking notes in the middle of class.

Science came and went, and soon enough Tweek was waiting for Stan and Kyle to follow them to Mr.Gaeth’s History class. Tweek took packing his things slow, as to try to not make it seem like he was going to follow them. It might have seemed weird if he asked them if they could show him the way to his class, so he was going to just follow them like he had Craig.

When Kenny left, he ran his hand through Tweek’s messy hair and winked at him, which caused Tweek to have a mini freakout, but he couldn’t help the blush that crossed his face. He slowly regained himself and rubbed his face, trying to will the blush to go away.
What surprised him even more than what Kenny had done, was when Kyle turned around to look at him, “Hey, Tweek. You wanna walk with us to class?” Tweek glanced at Stan to see if it was okay with him, but his blue eyes were locked on Kyle’s head, only going to leave when he did. Tweek nodded and started gathering his stuff up faster, trying to get everything so they could leave sooner. In his haste, and with his shaky hands, he had accidentally dropped his pencil. Kyle leaned down and picked it up and handed it to him with a smile. Tweek took it and put it up, “Thank you..” Tweek managed to get out and picked his binders up.
Kyle looked over at Stan, “You ready to go Stan?” Stan nodded and picked his backpack up, throwing it over his shoulder. “Yeah, ready whenever you are dude.”
As the trio walked out of the room, Tweek tried to ignore some of the lingering eyes, keeping his head down as he trailed after the two friends that was leading him to his next class. Kyle and Stan were talking amongst themselves before Kyle turned his head to look back at Tweek, “So why did you guys move here?”
Tweek jumped and let out a startled yelp, looking up at the omega. “I -ngh- I think my dad just wanted to move somewhere smaller since -agh!- since a bigger coffee shop moved next door…” Tweek bit the inside of his lip and looked away from their gaze.
“Oh, so your family has a coffee shop? That’s cool. Do you guys do pastries and other stuff?” Kyle didn’t show any acknowledgment to Tweek’s twitching and Tweek was thankful of that.
“Er.. Y-yeah.. We do.. We have hot chocolate and some pastries..” Tweek could feel his body release it’s tension and a familiar scent flooded his nose. His green eyes looked over the halls, not letting his eyes linger on anyone for a longer time than necessary. When he didn’t see the person who was responsible for the scent, he shut his eyes and tried to place what exactly the scent was. It reminded him of water, like being in a meadow, surrounded by trees with a flowing river in front of him. It was a relaxing scent, and it had.. A free feeling to it, like the one who was letting it out did his own thing. He was brought out of his thoughts by slamming face first into something. He jumped back when he realised it was a person. “I-I’m -ngh!- I’m sorry!”
“Oh! Token, that’s the omega who I was telling you about!” Tweek felt his heart drop. People were talking about him, “Y’know about Craig?”
Tweek looked up, expecting to see this “Token” kid, not Craig himself. Tweek didn’t know what to say or do, he did notice that Kyle and Stan had stopped a few feet ahead. Craig stared down at him, “Watch where you’re going.” Is all the taller male said before he walked away from him. The two that were with Craig exchanged looks, the brown haired guy, Tweek was positive he was a beta before he saw the patch on his neck, jog to catch up with his friend, saying something about Craig’s freakishly long legs. The other alpha, Tweek assumed was Token, looked at him, “Sorry about that. Craig’s just… terrible at showing his emotions. Just give him a chance. I would love to talk more, but they won’t wait up.” He said before he was also rushing away. Tweek could only blinked as he waited for what all had happened to completely catch up with him. Tweek bit the inside of his mouth to keep from screaming and just started walking past Stan and Kyle.

Stan and Kyle exchanged a look with each other, Stan being the first one to open his mouth, “Should we te-” “No.” Kyle shook his head as he said this, “He would freak out more than he already is. We should tell him he just walked passed our class though.” Kyle said before he rushed off to grab Tweek and take him to class. Stan wanted to tell him what Craig just did, whether subconsciously or not, but he didn’t want to uestion his friend, so he didn’t.

Tweek jumped when he felt hands grab at his arm, “Gah! What do you want?!” Tweek yelled as he turned around, only to find Kyle with his hands held up. “Oh. -ngh- sorry about that..”
Kyle nodded, he could understand why Tweek was jumpy. “You passed the class.” “Oh. Th-thanks..?” Tweek didn’t mean for it to come out as a question, but it did. He turned and followed Kyle back to the room, Stan had already went into the class and had taken his seat. Kyle went and sat next to him, Tweek wasn’t very good at knowing how people felt about each other, but he knew the look Stan gave Kyle was more than a ‘Super Best Friends’ look.
As Tweek looked around to see the open seats, he only seen one. And it was directly in front of Eric Cartman. He could feel cold sweat run down his back as he gulped but quickly went and took the seat, trying to ignore Cartman behind him. But soon, he couldn’t do that. Because Cartman decided to sniff at him, before loudly exclaiming, “Holy fuck!” Which made Tweek flinch, “Did you and Tucker fuck?!”
Tweek started shaking and pulling at his hair, “Oh God! No! I bumped into him!” Tweek’s mind was running wild, what if all the kids now thought they had fucked and he was loose?!

“Eric!” Mrs. Gaeth yelled at him, she had just gotten to the classroom.
“What?! I’m just trying to see if the new kid is just like other omegas!” That statement made some omegas look away, and others pissed off. Tweek was one that tried to get away from the screaming alpha behind him, Kyle was one that got pissed off.
“Oh shut the hell up fatass! You’re just pissed that no one in their right mind wants to fuck you!” Kyle yelled as he looked over at Cartman.
“Fuck you, you damn Jew! No one wants to fuck you because you Jews steal money!” Cartman turned his attention back to Tweek. “If you two didn’t fuck, then why do you smell like him, huh, slut?!”

“Eric!” Mrs. Gaeth yelled again, she didn’t say anything when he and Kyle was going at it because she knew Kyle could take up for himself. Plus, she’s had to help another teacher and Stan physically remove the ginger away from Cartman before. Tweek’s eyes widened as he sniffed himself, he did kinda smell like Craig- Oh God! That only helped Cartman’s point! “I -Ugh!- I only bumped into him! He-He must’ve rubbed his scent on me, or it -ah!- happened by accident when we bumped into each other!”
Cartman was getting pissed at this point, “Oh stop trying to hide that you’ve already fucked Craig!” Tweek was about to get up and leave, but someone- well, Cartman- grabbing the back of his shirt collar and yanking him back and trying to look down his shirt made him freeze. He honestly felt like his world stopped, Tweek was tense and his breath was coming out in short burst, he knew this feeling he was about to have a panic attack. He didn’t hear people yelling at the bigger of the two, how Mrs. Gaeth was calling the Principle, or how Kyle and Stan said they were both going to kick his ass (More Kyle yelling it and Stan agreeing on the sidelines), or the other comments from the other kids in class that he didn’t know. He did, however, notice when the door was slammed open and he first seen Craig, then the two that was with him from before trying to hold their friend back.

“Craig, I don’t know what the hell is happening but I don’t...think…” Token was saying as he looked into the room and saw what was happening. Token wanted to ask how Craig knew what was going on, but couldn’t find the voice. He and Clyde exchanged looks before both of them moved their hands away from Craig and let the alpha loose. Craig, feeling he was freed from their grasp, went flying towards Cartman and quickly tackled him to the ground and started wailing in him.

Tweek was still frozen in place, only moving when Kyle moved him away from the area so he wouldn’t end up getting hit. He wanted to run back home and never leave, but his fear kept him locked in place. Clyde and Token was over by them now, “Hey dude, you okay?” He never heard this voice before, or he didn’t know their names. It was the kid that was with Craig and Token when they bumped into the hall.

“God dammit Craig! Fuckin- Stop!” Cartman was wailing under Craig who was still beating him over, and over, and over. Too many things were happening at once and he couldn’t keep track of it all. Token, Clyde and the teacher was trying to remove Craig from Cartman, but he wasn’t budging. That’s when the Principle walked in, “What in the world is going on here?!” She yelled as she looked around the classroom to see Craig beating the shit out of Cartman, an omega having a panic attack, and a teacher and two students trying to split up a fight. “Craig! If you don’t stop right now you will get suspended!” Tweek’s eyes widened. Craig didn’t deserve to get suspended, he was just doing this because Cartman was being a creeper- and though Tweek had no clue how Craig knew something was happening, he was grateful for it. If Craig got into trouble for helping him, Tweek would feel like shit. “Wait! Un! Craig didn’t do anything wrong. Ca-Cartman was..” That small burst of confidence he had went down the drain.

“He was trying to look down Tweek’s shirt, ma’am. Not to mention, Cartman was threatening Tweek this morning.” Kyle said as he stepped up to speak for Tweek. Craig had stopped his punching by now and stood up, leaving Cartman a bloody mess on the floor.

Craig slowly walked towards Tweek and looked at him. “He didn’t do anything else did he?” Tweek shook his head, not trusting his voice in this situation. “Are you okay?” Tweek took a minute on this one. Mentally, no. He never was, physically, he was. He supposed. So he nodded his head. He had to block out the “aww”ing from the girls in the back (He thinks he heard the brown haired one as well, but he wasn’t for sure).
The principle sighed. “Okay. Tweek, Craig, go to the nurse then to Mr.Mackey. Cartman will be going to the nurse as well, but he’ll get picked up by his mother.” The principal said and Tweek could only nod. He didn’t know where the nurse’s office was, but he was hoping that Craig did. They all had to walk to the nurses office together. Well, Cartman in the front and Tweek and Craig walking beside each other from behind him.

Tweek looked over at Craig’s fists that were bloody and bruised. “..I’m sorry.” This brought Craig’s attention from making sure Cartman was a goods way away to Tweek.
“Why?” His nasally voice was calming to to the omega.
“I almost got you suspended from school. You don’t even -ah!- know me.”
Craig shrugged, “It’s fine. It wouldn’t be the first time. But I didn’t so it's fine.”
Tweek wanted to argue, but couldn’t and looked away. Soon enough they came to the nurse’s door and walked in. The nurse was busy with Cartman and only glanced at the pair of boys. She smelt that Tweek was an omega, “Oh! Honey, could you take care of Craig while I deal with this one? His doesn’t seem to be as bad as his..” Tweek jumped and didn’t know what to do, so he just nodded his head.
He led Craig to the sink and made him run his hand under the water before grabbing some paper towels from the dispenser and turning the water off, gently Tweek took one of Craig's hands in his and dried it off while wiping the blood off. Craig did whatever Tweek wanted, watching how the jittery blond was calm while focusing. Sure there was a nervous twitch then and again, but the little noises Tweek made was kinda… comforting to Craig. “You seem used to this.” Craig’s sudden voice made Tweek jump, “Ahh! Ng… I get burned, a lot, when I work at my parents' coffee shop..” Tweek said while he continued to dry his other hand off.
“Oh? Coffee Shop?”
“Yeah.. We moved here after -ngh- a bigger store moved next door..” Tweek said as he looked around and stared opening drawers, soon pulling out a few alcohol pads, gauze, and tape. He opened one of the alcohol pads and looked up at Craig, “This is -ngh- going to hurt.” Tweek said before he started going over the small scrapes on Craig’s fist.
Craig flinched but busied himself with trying to learn more about Tweek. “Is that why you’re scent smells like coffee, or is that just a coincidence?”
“I smell like coffee? I think it’s just -ngh- a coincidence though.” Tweek said as he repeated what he did to the other fist.
Craig leaned forward a bit and sniffed. “Yeah. Definitely coffee. It’s ironic though. Is the shop named after you?” When Tweek went quiet, he thought he did something wrong. “Tweek?” It was when he looked at Tweek, he saw that his green eyes were focusing on his hand, the tip of his tongue stuck out from the corner of his mouth as he wiped and bandage his hands. Craig stopped talking, just watching him concentrate. “Lunch is next. You can sit with us. Clyde hasn’t shut up about you.”
Tweek finished wrapping his hands as this point and he jumped. “Ungh! Are you sure?” Craig nodded, “If Clyde doesn’t get to talk to you, I think he might go crazy.” Tweek gave a small smile, “Alright…”

After that talk, they went to see Mr.Mackey. When they walked on, he looked up from his papers and looked at the two boys,. “Oh. You two are back. M’kay.. What happened?”

“Cartman was trying to look down Tweek’s shirt and I beat the shit out of him.”
“Oh. M’kay…. Craig, do you know why you have been fighting everyone?”
“It hasn’t been everyone, it’s been Cartman. He’s being an ass.”
“...M’kay… I think I know what’s going on here. Craig, we’ll act like this didn’t happen. Go to lunch. Tweek,” Tweek jumped when the attention was on him again, “Maybe you could try to get some scent patches, m’kay? I think it’ll be best for both of you.” Tweek could only nod, “Y-yes…” He said and twitched slightly.
Once they left Mr.Mackey’s office, the pair walked to the lunch room together. Tweek tried to ignore the stares, as Craig successfully ignored it and walked to his table, Tweek followed him closely. When they both sat at the table, Tweek was almost tackled by the brown haired boy.

“So how do you know Craig?”

Chapter Text

“So how do you know Craig?”


Tweek jumped at the sudden question. Or it was the fact that he was leaning over the table to… Tweek had no clue what he was doing, to be honest, but with the other leaned over the table and getting somewhat close to him. “Ngh I.. I just met him today..?” Tweek wasn’t sure how to answer this.

Token smacked the back of the brunette's head. “Clyde! Will you give him some space?” Clyde pouted as he rubbed the back of his head and sat back down, muttering something that sounded like, “Alright mom..”

“Token give him a br-br-break. He’s pro-pro-pro-probably happy to have another ome-omega in the group.” Another person said as they sat down, then put his crutches to the side. Tweek looked over at him, when had he gotten to the table? He was too busy looking at Clyde to notice him.

Tweek looked back at Clyde, “Y-you’re an omega?” Tweek’s green eyes raked over Clyde. He didn’t look anything like an omega. The only thing that did was he had a “baby face”. He looked like a beta or an underdeveloped alpha.

Clyde didn’t find offense in this and grinned at him, “I know right? I’m good looking for an omega. I could easily pass as an alpha.” He tapped his neck, where the scent patch was. “I can’t control my scent worth a cent, so I have to wear these. And it’s the only way they would have let me join the football team.” Clyde puffed his chest out, he looked way to much like an alpha. Tweek was wondering if he came from two alphas that never treated him like an omega and raised him like an alpha and that behavior stuck. “I might be an omega, but I can down an alpha in seconds.” Clyde laughed, “At the games some people ask ‘Who was that alpha who took down number whatever?’ Then someone on the team tells them I’m an omega and all I can do is grin as I see the look fall on their face.”

Token rolled his eyes, “Clyde takes a lot of pride in tackling and overpowering alphas…” Token was going to say more, but Jimmy chuckling under his breath made him stop and look at the beta of the group. “What’s so funny?”

Jimmy shook his head, “Nothing. Cr-craig, I just se-se-sent you a meme, did you ge-get it?”


Craig raised a brow as he looked at his phone, seeing he had a message from Jimmy.
I wonder if that’s a reason Token wants him in bed with him? XD
Craig was taking a sip of his milk when he read it and started laughing/coughing as he read it. “Jesus… Give me a damn warning next time.” Craig said as he coughed and calmed his laughter. Tweek jumped when Craig started laughing, surprised to hear it coming from him.

Clyde and Token both looked confused, “What did you send him to make him laugh Jimmy?” Clyde asked before trying to look over at his phone. “I want to see it as well! If it made Craig laugh, it needs to be seen by everyone.” Clyde declared as he tried to look at the phone. Jimmy turned it off and shook his head. Tweek looked around at them before looking at Craig with a raised brow, not even sure if he should know what was happening. Craig leaned over and showed him the text. Tweek read it and looked at Clyde and Token, then back at Craig. “So ngh those two are..?” Tweek asked as he pointed between Clyde and Token. Craig shook his head, that only confused Tweek, but he nodded as if he understood.

Craig’s face went back to his resting bitch face and started eating, listening to the bickering that was coming from Clyde and Token now, trying to figure out how this argument started, yet again.

“If any of us should have been an omega, it should have been you Token.” Clyde said as he munched on a baby carrot. The black alpha looked over at him, “Um. Why? I personally don’t think any part of me screams omega.”

Clyde waved his hand at him while turning in his seat, “Look at you! I mean, yeah, you are well built, but that doesn’t mean anything. You’re the mom of the group, Craig’s the leader, and Jimmy’s the funny one. You baby us and act like an omega.”

Token rolled his eyes, “Okay, then. If I’m the ‘mom’,” Token used air quotes, “Craig’s the leader, and Jimmy’s the funny one, then what are you?”
“I’m the hot one, clearly.” He puffed his chest out, a wide grin plastered on his face and he pointed his thumb at himself, and Jimmy started laughing, Tweek chuckled softly at how he looked.
Craig just raised a brow, “Okay. First, how are you the hot one? Second, why in the hell am I the leader? Shouldn’t that be Token?”
Clyde shook his head, “We always do what you want. And look at me,” Clyde said, waving a hand down and over his own body, “I’m gorgeous. I’m an omega that could pass as an alpha. What’s not to like?” Craig just rolled his eyes and continued to eat his food, glancing over at Tweek who was slowly nibbling on some of his food.
“Let’s get back to the main point, why am I like an omega to you? Some alphas can take care of their friends. It’s not only omegas that’s allowed to do that.” Token said as he put his elbow on the table and turned his body to be facing Clyde.
Clyde swallowed the bite of food he had, “Yeah, but it’s rare that an alpha isn’t thinking with their dick,” Clyde ignored the middle finger that Craig was holding up for him, “Plus, you never really get into fights or anything like that.”
“Craig doesn’t-” Token stopped himself, glancing over at Craig and Tweek, “Well. Didn’t, get into a lot of fights.”
Craig rolled his eyes, setting his hamburger down and swallowed what was in his mouth. “Cartman got what was coming. He’s been pissing me off lately. I heard him saying something about Karen and Trica, then something about Stripe.” Tweek looked at Craig then at the other three with a raised brow.
Token was the one who answered, “Karen is Kenny McCormick’s sister, Tric is Craig’s sister, and Stripe is his pet guinea pig.”

Tweek hummed and nodded. He was learning a lot of new things on his first day here. The asshole to ignore, the one he needs to stay away from in fear of possibly getting hit on, the ones he can run too if he needs it, and the fact Craig has a sister and a guinea pig. There’s also the fact Craig has more pictures of Stripe on his phone than anything, if the flipping through images was anything to go by. Tweek watched as picture after picture was shown to him, all of which of guinea pigs. Some looked the same, but others didn’t. Tweek didn’t know if Craig had more than one or if he’s just had a lot of different pigs over the years. “So are ngh are these all the same? He’s an..” He pointed at the picture Craig was stopped on -It was Stripe with a little birthday hat on with a makeshift cake made out of kale, baby carrots (whole and cut), and some other things Tweek couldn’t make out- and was trying to remember the breeds he was researching when his parents said something about how they might surprise him with a pet despite him not wanting one, he couldn’t hardly take care of himself, he didn’t need something that relied on him- Oh god, he was going to be a terrible parent, but he let that thought go. It would be a long while till he had to think of that. “An.. american, right?” Tweek asked as he looked at the picture a bit harder, “Or is he an american ngh Satin?” Tweek twitched nervously and he fiddled with his fingers when Craig was just staring at him, he could feel the other three’s eyes on him as well, but he didn’t dare look over at them. Was it weird to know different breeds of pigs? He could feel himself start to grow warm and cold at the same time, had he just fucked up royally?

Craig was the first to speak, “You know guinea pig breeds?”
“Oh w-w-wow. Craig might have a bo-bo-bon-boner for Tweek no-now.” Jimmy supplied and Clyde started laughing at this, Token smacked both of them and giving a harsh, “Shut up!”
Tweek’s face went a deep red and he tried to ignore what Jimmy had said and looked at Craig, “Yeah… a little. Is that weird? Oh god! That was a stupid ah! stupid thing to ask!” Tweek was going to keep going but feeling Craig take his hands- that were on there way to his head- made him stop dead in his tracks and looked at the blue eyes.

“Tweek. It wasn’t a stupid thing to ask. No one even asks me anything about him other than if he has balls, or stupid shit like that. The one I have now, and the one in the picture, are americans. I have had some of the others, but they’re either too much to buy more than once or I wasn’t able to control the fur.” Craig said as he let go of Tweek’s hands. “I had a Pervian once, after I went to Peru, ironic. But the fur was too much and I’ll probably never do that again.” Tweek nodded in understanding. That was the very last on his list if he ever got one. He could hardly keep his own hair unmatted, god only knows what would happen to a long-coated guinea pig. “I loved the teddies, but he was like… sixty dollars or something. I had to go pigless for months to save up for one.”

Clyde piped in, “I remember that, he said he’d do my homework if I paid him. And I’m like, seventy percent sure he was going through some kind of withdrawals of being petless.”
“Oh yeah, isn’t that when he would just watch youtube videos of them all day long? I was starting to get a bit worried, honestly.” Token also said as he looked up thoughtfully after a minute. Craig just flipped them all off.

Tweek chuckled softly. He didn’t know Craig long, but he could honestly imagine him staring at a picture of a teddy and just talking to it, and binge watching youtube videos of them. Tweek covered his mouth and tried to cover his laughing up with fake coughing.

The coughing caught Craig’s attention and he turned looked to Tweek, when he noticed him laughing under his coughing, Craig’s face turned a light pink and he rolled his eyes, “What’s so funny?” He didn’t mean for it to sound kinda harsh, but that’s how it ended up coming out as. When he saw Clyde flinch back and Token sit up straighter and was watching him did he realize he had let his alpha tone slip over something stupid. But.. Tweek wasn’t affected. Sure, the nervous teen did flinch back, but didn’t do anything other than that.

The smile on Tweek’s face fell, “It’s just- I just- Oh god this is too much pressure!” Tweek grabbed and pulled at his hair and looked down at his lap while he tugged at his hair, he gnawed on his bottom lip. Craig watched Tweek for a minute before sighing and reached over and patted his back. “Look dude, it’s fine. I didn’t mean to use that tone, it just slips out sometimes. No hard feelings?” Craig asks while pulling his hand back and looked off to the side. He wasn’t good at the whole apologizing thing.

Tweek shook his head, more to himself than at Craig. He had just fucked up. Craig was mad, even if he said he wasn’t, hell he’d used his alpha voice, even though Tweek didn’t get the feeling it was, but Craig himself said it was, so he had to have made Craig mad enough to do that. Great, the only person who tolerated him was going to hate him. And the only other people he knew was Craig’s friends and people that were friends with an asshole (and while Tweek didn’t mind, they all sat together at lunch. So he wouldn’t be able to sit with them).

Tweek didn’t notice a lot of things that were happening out of his mind.

Like how a lot of the other kids were now looking over at them, or how Craig wasn’t beside him now, he was replaced by Clyde. Oh. There’s also the fact that his chest is tight and he can’t breathe. ‘Great. An attack.’ Tweek thought as he tried to curl into a ball and try to will himself to disappear into thin air, ‘Just what I need.’ Tweek had managed to get his feet on the seat and bury his face into his legs as he tried to calm his breathing. He could hear Clyde and them talking around him. Or he thinks it was them. He couldn’t make out any of the words, or voices really, it sounded like they were underwater. Or maybe he was the one underwater. That would make more sense.
That’s when he smelt a heavy scent of chocolate, carmel, and… a hint of.. Tacos? What? Then he felt arms wrap around him, a body covering his own to hide him from the staring eyes of peers and strangers in the lunchroom. Tweek shifted to try to see who was over him but stopped when he heard the person talk, “Tweek… Just relax.. It’ll be okay..” Tweek heard Clyde say above him, he could hear how shaky the voice was, but his grip was solid and comforting.

Tweek shifted in his grip and moved so his face was buried in Clyde’s chest. Clyde ran his hand through the messy blonde mop. “Just breathe… No one is mad at you, you did nothing wrong. No matter what it’s telling you..” Clyde said quietly to him. Tweek took deep breaths, “That’s it.. Deep breath in and hold it, then slowly exhale..” Clyde said as he rubbed the middle of Tweek’s back. Everyone in the lunchroom looked away, not really caring anymore or wanting to eat instead.

After a minute Tweek had calmed down. “You okay now dude?” Clyde asked as Tweek pulled back, but Clyde kept his hand on his forearm. Tweek nodded, “S-nghSorry…” Tweek looked away, not really knowing how to say what he was sorry for. ‘Sorry for being messed up in the head’ didn’t seem like the best thing to say when it was clear Clyde had to deal with this before.
Clyde gave him a small smile, “Hey. Don’t say sorry for it, I know how it is. And you can thank Token for those tricks,” Clyde said as he pointed to the boy in question, who just gave a small wave, “He’s the only reason I knew about those.” Tweek could only nod, not knowing what to say to that. He glanced around to see who all was staring at him. He could see Token and Jimmy looking at him in concern and seen that Kyle was glancing over at him to check on him every now and again, then his green eyes landed on Craig, who was standing back away from them, presumably shoved away by Clyde. Tweek averted his gaze quickly and looked at Clyde, “Thanks… Um, your scent is… mng!comforting. Gah! That was weird, ignore that I just said that.”

Clyde only grinned, “Thanks dude. People always say it’s overly sweet and I always smell like I’m in heat.” He chuckled as he gently punched his shoulder playfully, “Yours smells like…. Coffee, kinda like… hm... “ Clyde leaned in and sniffed at him with his eyes shut. “Cafe Mocca? Maybe some vanilla…” Clyde pulled away and gave a grin, “Smells better than mine by far though.”
Tweek jerked a little, but was more relaxed since it was an omega sniffing him rather than it being an alpha. “Th-thanks I ngh guess…?” Clyde chuckled and ruffled his hair and stood up and walked to his spot at the table again, so Craig could take his seat again.
Said alpha looked away from the table and coughed. “Uh… I didn’t mean t-”
Tweek shook his head and held a hand up, “Just. It’s fine. Just don’t say anything ngh about it. We can act like it never Ugn happened.” Craig just nodded and slowly started eating his food. Lunch passed by with a few jokes from Jimmy and small talk between them all.
At the end of lunch, Clyde grabbed Tweek’s schedule and looked at it. “Ah, you have next class with Craig, then we have art and history of rock together. Butters is in those classes as well, you’ll probably like him. He’s kinda naive, but he’s lovable.” Clyde said as he handed the paper back, “So just hang around Mr. Orison’s class and I’ll be over to pick you up to go to the next class. See ya dudes.” Clyde said as he left a bit earlier than the rest.
“Why is he leaving early?” Tweek asked as he looked over the three that was left at the lunch table with him.
“He’s going to get another scent patch.” Token paused to take another bite of food and swallow it, “Though I don’t get why he has one on twenty-four-seven. He should let it out sometimes.”
“You’re just s-s-saying that be-bec-because you want to smell more of him.” Jimmy stuttered out and took another bite of his food.
Token rolled his eyes, “Listen. His smell is relaxing. Not because I want to bang him.”
“We never said that.” Craig said, as he pushed his food around.
“Don’t act like the ‘meme’ Jimmy sent you earlier wasn’t about us. I knew once you, the emotionless ass of the school, laughed.” Token said while jabbing his fork towards him.

Craig looked at him, unphased by the fork that was facing him. “Then why don’t you just tell him.” Craig said before continuing, “It’s not like either of you don’t want it.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“Oh n-no… here we go aga-again..” Jimmy groaned and Tweek could just look around them confused.
“What do I mean? Every time we’re over at your house, he gets first pick where he wants, and it’s usually you’re bed, which you then join him on, and cuddle, he does the same thing when we go to his house. And if you two aren’t full out touching, it’s always light touches and those dope-y looks.” Craig droned on, like this is a topic they go over every day.
“That’s just-”
“He asks you all the time for your clothes and blankets. When you offer to buy him things, he shoots it down till you give him a used blanket. Or steals one from you.” Craig said setting his fork down and staring at Token with a blank stare.
Token was silent for a brief moment. “That’s where my blankets go? Does he take my jackets and stuff too?” Jimmy could be heard snickering and he nodded his head.

Tweek was silent during the entire conversation before he spoke up, “I don’t know you guys that well, but ngh some omegas have alphas that they’re close to like that…”
“See! Even Tweek knows it’s normal between friends!” Token said as he held his hand towards Tweek.
“Clyde goes missing for a week after he asks for your stuff. That’s ‘overly-friendly’.” Craig said as he stood with his tray, the other boys at the table following suit.
“Craig that doesn’t mean- Tweek, this is really personal, and you don’t have to answer- but since you’re an omega, do you guys only nest with stuff from people you want to um.. Be mates with or can you nest with friends stuff?”
Tweek’s face flushed a light pink and he looked away. “Uh… Well... “ Tweek started fiddling with his hands once he dumped his trey.
“You don’t have to answer, I know I overstepped a lot of boundaries by asking that.”
Tweek shook his head, “It’s ngh it’s fine… I never really knew alphas, so I never had their stuff in my um… nest…” He said that part in a whisper, as he was talking he could feel his face get hotter, “But I know omegas at my old school, they had some alphas as close friends and used their stuff in their nests…”

“See? Omegas can have stuff from their friends in their nests.” Token said as he put his try on the counter for the lunch ladies. “I gotta get going to class though, he’ll kill me if I’m late to class.” Token said as he walked off, Jimmy followed suit.
Tweek looked over at Craig, waiting for him to head to their next class. “So. You have Mr.Orison with me. His class is a pain, but I’m also not great at math.” Craig said as he started walking to Mr.Orison’s classroom. “Oh, Cartman’s also in this class, but he’s probably got sent home, so you’ll be fine for a bit.” Craig said as he walked down the halls with Tweek following him close behind. Tweek jumped at that and a shout of; “Oh god!” Craig glanced back at him, “I can beat his ass again if you need me to.”

“No way man! If you keep ngh beating him up, he’ll think we really are fuck-fucking!” Tweek blurted out, only after saying it did he remember that Craig hadn’t known why Cartman had been trying to look down his shirt.

“He said what? Why would he say that?” Craig’s blue eyes stared down at Tweek, making the blond shrink under the gaze.

“I-I um… You’re scent was ngh! was rubbed on me when we- when I ran oh god when I ran into you.” Tweek managed to stammer out. Craig stared at him before turning around shrugging.
“He can think what he wants. All my friends like you.” Craig glanced back at him, “If Clyde finds out that I let the new ‘pack’ member get hurt he’ll have my head on a stick handing it to Token.” Craig rolled his eyes, “Since I’m the leader and all.”
“You really care about them don’t you?” Tweek declared before jumping, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that outloud.” Craig shrugged and turned a corner and walked into the classroom.
When Tweek walked into the room, Mr.Orison just looked over at him, “Oh, you’re the new kid? Well, just take a seat anywhere.” He said while handing paper out. Tweek nodded and glanced over the seats. He didn’t know which one was Cartman’s, but he saw an empty seat by Craig and walked over and sat down in the seat. Craig glanced over at him and nodded before starting on his paper. Mr.Orison went to his desk and started playing music on his computer for the class while he worked on his own stuff. Tweek looked down at his paper and seen that they had already gone over this in his old school.

That class passed quickly, halfway through the class they went over the work, and was given another sheet and that they would go over it tomorrow. Tweek waited outside of the classroom for Clyde, soon enough, he seen the brunette walking towards him waving his arm, the white scent patch was placed on his neck again. “Hey dude, sorry it took a minute.” Clyde laughed and bumped Tweek’s shoulder gently, “So we’re heading to Mr. Lainheart’s class. He’s cool, as long as you work and stay awake. I’ve been the victim of his wrath before and I was about to die.” Clyde said as he walked back to the lunchroom and headed through it, “It’s back here in the band room.” Clyde explained when he noticed Tweek’s confused look. When they opened the door, they seen Mr. Lainheart at his desk looking at his computer and seen two blonde’s already in the room. One Tweek already knew, it was that blonde from Mr. Casar’s class, Kenny. Clyde pointed at them, “The one trying to put the chairs out is Butters, the one flirting with him is Kenny. I would steer clear of him, he’s a huge flirt.” Clyde said as he headed over to help Butters with putting the chairs out.

Butters looked over at them and smiled, “Heya fellas! You’re the new kid, Tweek right?” Butters headed over to him with a bounce in his step. Tweek nodded, “Well, it’s nice to meet you!” Butters said holding his hand out for Tweek to take. Tweek hesitantly took it and shook it. “Kenny’s been saying there was a new kid in the class.”
Kenny got off his chair and walked over and ran his hand through Butter’s hair. “You didn’t believe me Buttercup? I’m hurt.” Kenny pouted, Butters quickly looked at him, “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings Ken, I’m sorry.”
Kenny smiled, “It still hurts a little… I think I need a healing kiss to make me feel better.” He said while leaning closer to Butters, whose face was now turning red.
“Ah, well Ken.. I um… Oh alright…” He said before quickly pecking him on the check and pulling away, “Was that alright?”
Kenny grinned, “I think I’ll live for now Buttercup~ Thank you for your healing powers~” Kenny gave Butters his own little peck on the forehead.
Tweek looked over at Clyde and made his way over there, he wasn’t missed by the two who were flirting, yet again. “So… Are they like ngh that all the time?”
“There not dating?”
“Nope.” Clyde said while popping the “p”. “You would think Kenny would just ask, but he has a bad rep for just banging and ditching.” Clyde said, still watching the interaction between the two, “Plus Kenny comes from a shitty life. He’s been saving up to move away from his house, to take his sister away as well. I think he’s waiting to be on his feet more before trying to sweep Butters off his. Can’t sweep someone off theirs if you aren’t on yours.” Clyde sighed dreamily, “Why can’t someone like me like that?”
Tweek blinked and looked at him. He knew he shouldn’t say anything. “Aren’t you and Token?”
Clyde shook his head, his face turning red, “What? No. I mean…” Clyde glanced around, looking to see if anyone else was in the room before looking at Tweek, “Did he say anything?”
“He said you should let your scent out more, ngh Craig also was going on about how you two cuddle and get stuff that smells like him. Gah! I probably wasn’t supposed to ngh tell you that. Sorry I was ngh eavesdropping…”
Clyde let his hand ghost over his scent patch, “He said I should let it out more... “ Clyde bit his lip and looked at Kenny, then at Tweek. “You wouldn’t...happen to know how to tell if an alpha likes you, would you?”
Tweek shook his head, “Not a clue. ngh Sorry dude..”
Clyde clicked his tongue, “Ah damn… I’ll have to ask Kenny then. If you ever need help with anything, he’s a great couch.” Clyde said as he headed over to the pair, Tweek decided to tag along since he didn’t know what he was supposed to be doing. “Hey Kenny,” Clyde called out to the only alpha in the room. “How.. um.. How do you tell if someone likes you?”

Kenny raised a brow, his hood down as he looked over him. “Well. Depends on who were talking about. You can tell me, my lips are sealed. I know a lot of secret crushes. And some that aren’t, but they’re too oblivious to see it.” Kenny chuckled and so did Clyde.

“Let me guess, Stan and Kyle?”

Kenny shook his head, “Ah-ah-ah~ It’s a secret, Clyde-boy~” Kenny chuckled, “But you don’t have to tell me names. Just tell me what they do and say.”

Clyde scratched the back of his neck, “Well um… When we go to his house, he lets me sit wherever I want first, when I choose his bed we kinda… cuddle, he gives me blankets and clothes..” Clyde mumbled and looked away, his face was a deep red by now.
Kenny whistled, “Daammmnnn,” He drawled out, “You two’s got it bad. When are you guys going to his house again?”
“I can… probably get him to agree to let us go to his house tonight to play games and stuff.”
Kenny nodded, “Alright. Try to see if you can get him to agree, and I take you won’t be a… confrontational type, so be sure to get on his bed and let some of your scent out in his stuff. If you could, put his stuff right on your neck and do it.” Kenny said, putting his hand on his neck for emphasis.
Clyde nodded, “Alright, then get to you tomorrow after and tell you how he reacts?” Kenny grinned and nodded, “That’d be right!”
“Thanks dude.. It’s been… Y’know.” Kenny nodded.
“I get it.” The two helped put out a few more chairs.

Tweek looked around, “Where’s the rest of the class?”
“They’ll get here soon, if not we’ll start without them. This is an easy class, but everyone skips it half the time.” Clyde said as he took a seat and kicked his legs up on another one. Tweek nodded and took a seat next to him. They both looked over at Butters and Kenny. Kenny was yawning and stretching his arm, laying it over Butters’ shoulder. Butters gigled, but made no move to remove his arm, instead cuddled closer. Kenny’s smile grew and he leaned his head down to nuzzle his head.

“Is- ngh is it bad I’m kinda jealous of ugh them?” Tweek said as he stared at Butters and Kenny.
Clyde laughed and patted his back, “Not at all. I’m hella jealous of them.” Clyde gave a sly grin and looked at Tweek, “Though I dunno who you would have to be jealous like that~”
Tweek rolled his eyes, “It’s not the actual relationship I’m jealous of.. It might be, but just having someone there like ngh like that would be great. Esspecally during rough times. My parents just hand me coffee and act like it’ll solve everything.”
“Oh wow dude.. That sucks. But, hey, at least you have both your parents.” Clyde smiled and gently nudged him.
Tweek eyes widened, “Oh, god man, I’m.. I’m sorry to hear that..”
Clyde shook his head, “It’s fine dude. Me and my dad’s gotten used to it, it’s been years ago. Plus, I don’t want anymore pity parties.” Clyde chuckled softly and looked away. Tweek bit his lip before leaning over and hugging him, letting a calming scent out. “Still… ngh I haven’t known you long, but if you need anything just tell me..”
Clyde chuckled, “Thanks dude. Though you shouldn’t tell that to just anyone. You don’t know what I’ll ask for~” Clyde winked at him.
Tweek chuckled, “I won’t do anything illegal or stupid.”
“Is coming with us to Token’s stupid or illegal?”
Tweek blinked, “You want me to go hang out with you guys after school?”
Clyde raised an eyebrow, “Of course. Why not? You’re the first omega that hasn’t been put off by Craig or Token, or by my appearance. Plus, you became part of the group the second you sat down at that table, no matter how much you try to escape from it.”

A few more students came in and the class started so they had to stop talking. They watched a movie about how Jazz started. Tweek found it interesting, but he didn’t know if he liked some of the kids in the class (He thinks he saw one that came in late have a vape or something like it.) After the class was over, Clyde stood up and stretched, his back and shoulders popping. “Now to the last class of the day, Mrs. Swiler.”

Butters looked over at Clyde and Tweek, “Oh does Tweek have art with us? Wowie, that’s a coincidence! Ken and I are heading there to!” Butters smiled widely as he rolled on his heels. Kenny chuckled as he watched Butters.

The four finished gathering their stuff and headed to the opposite side of the school to Mrs. Swiler’s classroom. When they entered the room, Tweek looked around the room to see there were only a few people in it. “Everyone takes her class typically in the morning to sleep in it, she’s so sweet she can just try her best to keep people awake.” Tweek nodded in understanding.

He wasn’t paying attention to the door that went into side rooms till he heard one open and heard Mrs. Swiler. “Oh, you’re still working on that hide for your little piggy? I’m sure he’ll love it once it’s done.”

Clyde chuckled and grinned as he looked at Tweek, “Oh yeah. Your knight is in here with us. I think he just joined here to save money while replacing the things Stripe eats.” Just as Clyde said that, Craig walked out of the back carrying a box with his stuff in it.

“Yeah, he eats everything I take home, so I have to stock up for replacements.” Craig said as he looked over and seen Tweek, “Oh, hey dude. How was your last class?”
Clyde grinned, “It was terrible we had to-” “Wasn’t talking to you. Shouldn’t you be texting Token?” Clyde gasped and looked hurt, “Oh, how dare you! You should talk to your friends with a somewhat unthawed heart!” Craig just rolled his eyes and carried his box to his seat. “Oh yeah, we’re heading to Token’s after school today.” Clyde said as he walked over and sat across from him. Tweek stood awkwardly before going to sit beside Clyde. Tweek looked over Craig, watching him pull out the paper, thread and needle, and the fleece blanket that was in the middle of being cut into a little football with a hole in the middle.

“Have you even asked Token if that’s alright?” Craig said while he started working on his thing.

“Nope. Asking right now anndd….” Clyde said as he texted Token, and very quickly receiving a response. “He said it’s fine. Asking if Tweek’s going as well.” Clyde said as he looked over at Tweek. Craig also looked over at him. “You should come Tweek. It’ll be fun, we play video games and watch movies when were there.”

“And see Token and Clyde wanting to suck each other’s faces.” Craig said as he started stitching the fabric. Tweek chuckled softly.
“I guess I can go.. I think my parents can handle getting the shop ready by themselves.”
Clyde grinned and messaged Token back with a “yes”. “You’ll have fun. We’ll steal the bed.” Clyde winked jokingly at Tweek who only shook his head.

Craig huffed and shoved a paper at Clyde. “Does this look fine.”
Clyde whistled, “Wow~ Craig getting pissed. He wouldn’t have liked last period.” Clyde said as he looked at the paper. “Hm… How long have you been working on this? It looks cute.” It was a castle, Clyde slide it over to Tweek, “What do you think Tweek?”

Tweek looked down at the paper. It had how long it should be, how much stuffing would go into each part. “It looks great. These are ngh some happy spoiled pigs.” Craig nodded and continued to work on the one he was working on then. Tweek would glance over at Craig during certain points. Clyde went and got some of the coloring sheets and pens she had for the less artistic people that didn’t do other work there. Clyde brought a small stack and blank paper to Tweek and handed them to him, “Here. The coloring sheets have a lot of small areas, but it’s fun to do it. Takes a long time if you do it perfectly.”

“Clyde spent three weeks coloring one because he couldn’t decide what all colors he wanted on it.”
Clyde glared over at Craig and laid them down. “I wanted to stick with a theme but I decided to cut it into different squares and do a lot of themes.”
Tweek nodded and took some, “Thanks.”

Soon enough, the last class passed and they gathered their stuff and Tweek followed Clyde and Craig to Token’s car. Craig, Clyde, and Tweek got in the back seat, Tweek in the middle, Clyde behind Token, and Craig behind Jimmy. When everyone was in the car, Clyde spoke up first, “Me and Tweek already claim the bed!” Clyde exclaimed while throwing his arm over Tweek’s shoulder.
Token chuckled and shook his head. “Fine. You two can have the bed. If you guys want, I bought some new blankets that I still have put up.” Clyde nodded, but everyone in the car knew he wasn’t going to use those. Token started up the car and started driving to his home.

Chapter Text

Once they pulled into Token’s driveway and the car was parked, Clyde opened the back door and grabbed Tweek’s hand and pulled him to the door and straight into the house. Tweek could do nothing but try to keep pace with the brunette that was pulling him through the house and eventually up the stairs and into a room, making a beeline straight to the bed, pulling Tweek down with him. Tweek grunted softly as he was pulled onto the bed, but said nothing as he looked at Clyde starting to rearrange things immediately. Tweek’s green eyes glanced around wondering if he should help Clyde or just let him do it how he wanted too. Clyde seemed to pick up on what Tweek was thinking as he suddenly spoke up, “You can help if you want to, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just fit us comfortably.” Clyde said as he moved a few more things.

Tweek nodded and started working on the side he was one, starting to make the walls. His side was exactly how someone would think his nest was, it was messy, but they were stacked high, while Clyde’s side was a little messy, but had some organization going on. Neither side went together, but it didn’t matter. It wasn’t going to be permanent. Tweek glanced over at Clyde, “So… are you ngh going to do what Kenny said or…?” He questioned.
Clyde jumped slightly at that, not really expecting it. He looked around nervously, “But… what if he does mind and he just gets mad at me for that… what if he already has someone he’s trying to impress?”

Ngh Listen, I don’t know you guys that well,” Tweek started as he turned to lay on his side so he was looking at Clyde, “But Token seems very patient with you guys. Just take your scent patch off, and if he seems like he’s mad, ugn then just say I wanted you to take your patches off and you accidently left your ngh scent on it,” Tweek said as he shifted and moved a few of the blankets again before resting on his back. Clyde bit his tongue and nodded as he pulled his scent patch off and laid back, he rubbed his scent out on the pillow.
“Hey Tweek?” “Hm?” “Thanks for not taking off.”
This surprised Tweek, he didn’t know what Clyde was talking about; “Why ngh why would I take off?”
“Because.” Clyde waved his hand over his body like it was clear, “I look and act more like an alpha, I hang out with two alphas, one of which is scary in a ‘silent, deadly’ type, and a beta. I don’t exactly act like an omega unless I’m being a cry-baby about something.” Clyde chuckled as he tried to play it off, “Plus, I can’t really control my scent and others think it’s annoying.”
Tweek rolled on his side, he wondered where the others were, but didn’t think hard on it. “Clyde. mgn I haven’t known you that long. So what all I say, if you don’t take Ngh it seriously, I don’t blame you. But you are perfect the way you are..” Tweek said as he reached his left hand out to run it through Clyde’s hair. “If anyone says anything different, they’re just jealous that you have constant attention from two alphas, while they have to fight to mng to get the attention of one.” Clyde had leaned into the touch with his eyes shut while listening to Tweek, just letting the other omegas words sink in.

Suddenly, Clyde was groaning and rolling on his stomach, sprawling his arms out to put them on Tweek, who had slightly jumped at the move, “I never knew how much I needed an omega friend before you dude. Like, the guys are okay too talk to for stuff like this, but like, they don’t… understand,” Clyde said, lifting one hand up and waving it around, “You know?”
Tweek could only chuckle, “Unfortunately, I can’t. I’ve only been friends with an omega, but at least you have alphas to help you with certain stuff.”

Clyde rolled his eyes, and sat his arm on his elbow and held his head up on his palm, “They don’t really help with anything. The most they do is pack cuddles and bonding, and even then I have to physically make them do it.” Tweek raised a brow and couldn’t help the grin on his face, “How do you physically make them do a pack cuddle?” Clyde grinned back, “Jimmy is all for it, Token and Craig I have to tackle to the bed first. Or just sprawl out on them when they’re playing games. Or cry.” Clyde laughed as he turned to lay on his back again, “The last one happens more than the others honestly.” It was silent for a moment, they could hear the rest of the group presumably in the kitchen grabbing snacks and drinks.
Tweek kept glancing at Clyde before he gained the nerves to speak up, “Hey, ngh have you ever been… ung touched starved?”
It was like that single question was all Clyde needed to be jolting up and looking at the blonde like he had just revealed he had a kid buried in his backyard, “Oh my God! Yes! Have you?”
Tweek nodded, “Almost all the time. No one understands it-”
“And when you try to explain it they think you’re crazy-”
“So when you have to ngh explain it again-”
“You just say ‘y’know, like cats’.” They both said in unison before laughing.
“I’m glad that another omega is wanting to be part of our group. Hanging out with alphas is fun and cool, but there’s still things that alphas won’t ever get.”

Tweek shook his head, “I wouldn’t ngh know. This is the first time I’ve been so close to alphas for ngh an extended amount of time.”
Clyde tilted his head as he looked at him, “Huh? Was you homeschooled where you lived last?”
Tweek shook his head, “Nah, ngh I was in an all omega/beta school.” Clyde just made a ‘ah’, before a silence fell over them yet again. Clyde flopped back onto the bed, relaxing into it.

After a few minutes, the door was opening with Token coming in first with an arm full of chips, Craig coming in second carrying two liters of pop, then Jimmy carrying a bag of plastic cups. Clyde grinned as he seen them come in with the food and drinks. “You guys got the goods!” He leaned over making grabby hands at the bags of chips in Token’s hand.
Token seemed to flinch back for a split second, a look of confusion crossed his face. “You have your scent patches off?”
Clyde leaned back and gave a weak chuckle, “Ahaha.. Yeah… I can put one on again if it’s-” Token cut him off shaking his head, “Nah, I don’t mind dude. Just.. wasn’t expecting it.” Token said handing him a bag of chips he was grabbing at earlier, “Do you want more blankets…?” Token glanced over at Tweek, “Either of you need anything else?”
Tweek shook his head, not really wanting to ask for things. Clyde looked around at the stuff before nodding, “Only like… two more blankets.”

Token nodded as he went to his closet and pulled two blankets out, “So video games or movie night?”
“Doesn’t matter to me.” Craig said as he sat down on one of the bean bags and sunk into it, Jimmy took a seat in the other one, setting his crutches next to him. “D-d-doesn’t ma-mat-matter to me e-e-e-ethier. Ma-Mayb-be ask Tw-Tweek.” Jimmy stuttered out as he relaxed into his chair.

Tweek jumped at that, “What?!” Tweek twitched as he sat up quickly. “I can’t choose! That’s way too much pressure!” Tweek tugged at his hair, “Plus, it’s also your guys’ thing, I’m just ngh tagging along for now!”
Clyde rolled his eyes, “‘Tagging along’, how many times do we have to say it, you are a part of the group now, no matter who argues.” Clyde said as he wrapped his arms around him and pulled him down, Clyde laying on Tweek who was half-way under him. “You can’t leave me with a bunch of alphas and beta again.. Now that I had an omega friend for a day, I’m spoiled.” Tweek, on any normal day, would be freaking out at this. But today hasn’t been normal. This day has been shit from the start, to almost the end- This was the only good part so far- so when he relaxed under the weight of the other omega, it wasn’t that surprising. Tweek gave a soft hum as he ran a hand through Clyde’s hair, that was kinda shocking, softer than what it looked.
Token walked over holding the two blankets out for them, “We can just watch a movie tonight, then whenever we hang out again, we can play games?” Token suggested as he moved away from the bed once they had them and moved to a self that had movies on it. “Anyone have any suggestions or things they don’t want to watch?”

“No p-p-p-porn.” Jimmy joked and laughed, Tweek’s face went red while Craig and Token rolled their eyes and Clyde started laughing.

“That was once and we’ve been over the fact we are never watching that in my room again.” Token said as he pulled a few cases out, “Especially with Clyde around.”
Tweek looked at Clyde with a confused look on his face seeing Clyde’s face now a deep red, much like his jacket. “Wait-Wait, what ngh what happened? If it’s okay for me to know.”

Clyde started shaking his head, trying to stop everyone who was trying to say anything- Mainly Token and Jimmy since they were the ones who would be saying things, so when Craig spoke up he was surprised. “Clyde thought watching porn in his friend’s house would be smart and he got turned on, which -since he’s an omega- made it smell in here and Token’s parents ran in with, what was it…. Oh. Yeah. A baseball bat and a fucking tazer ready to kill us because they thought he was in heat.” Craig said in a slightly monotone voice, near the end a spike of annoyance raised in it. Clyde groaned as he immediately dropped and was trying to hide in Tweek’s chest. “Nnoooo….” He whined, “I didn’t want to ever remember that again, let alone tell it to someone who just met me todayyy....”
Tweek tried to cover his laughing with a cough. “I won’t judge ngh, I mean, sometimes it happens.”
“Then why are you laughing?!” Clyde looked up with his face still red as could be. Tweek was honestly starting to be concerned for his health. Could someone get a fever if they blushed hard enough?
“I just- ngh... First, imagining their faces,” Tweek pointed at the other three, mainly Token and Craig though, “And how you or one of the other three had to ung explain you was just watching porn and couldn’t control your scent.” Tweek patted his shoulder, “I’m sure it’s ngh happened to someone else before.”


“You don’t have to lie to him to make him feel better Tweek.” Craig spoke as he turned and looked at Tweek. Their eyes locked and Tweek felt the panic that was rising in his chest just stop and mellow out, he could see that playful gleam that seemed to dance in the blue eyes. He knew Jimmy had said something as well, but Tweek couldn’t make it out. Tweek and Craig never broke eye contact, only to blink and that was it.

The staring broke only when Clyde was waving his hand in front of his face. “Hey love-birds! Stop looking at each other for a minute and answer what you guys want! You okay with a horror movie or do you want comedy?”
Tweek wasn’t good with scary movies. He was too paranoid and jumpy too handle them well, but he didn’t want to seem like a pussy in front of these guys, so he shrugged his shoulders “Ngh I’m fine with anything.” Craig only raised his hand up hand held his middle finger at him as a response.

“Horror movie it is.” Token said as he put the movie in and started it, getting up and walking over to turn the lights off in the room before going to his own chair and sitting down. Tweek could only clinge his teeth together and huddle close to Clyde and hope no one could hear or smell him.


Craig was in control of himself. He was, always, a hundred percent in control of himself. But why? Why was his blood boiling at the very sight of the two omegas cuddling, though he knows that they needed to do so to be emotionally fine. But he couldn’t help the way his lips wanted to pull back and run Clyde away from the new omega that was jumping at every little jumpscare and cuddling closer to him. He wasn’t watching the blond from out of the corner of his eyes during the entire movie.

It was near the end of the movie when another jumpscare happened. One that sent off a chain of reactions in the few seconds it had happened. When the ghost/demon/whatever popped up in front of one of the main characters, making them jump back and fall down the stairs to ultimately breaking their neck, but still alive, only to have the demon/ghost lift a heavy object and slam it on their head. Tweek jumped and gave a startled yell at the gruesome sight, and Craig couldn’t hold it back and more as his body jerked to sit straight and was growling. Tweek seemed to relax, but Clyde and Token were not. Clyde flinched back and looked away, slowly shifting from Tweek, while Token stared at Craig while being tense, looking ready to pin his friend down, and Jimmy just sat to the side, unaware of all the scents flying over the place. “Craig... “ Token started as calmly as he could, “You need to calm down..”

Craig shook his head, trying to shake some of this… weird feeling off. “I’ll go… I think my rut’s starting.” He said as he stood up and walked out of the room, ignoring his friend’s eyes on his back, ignoring the feeling that was tugging at him, trying to make him pull back. And the voice that was yelling in his head telling him to go back, that he left his omega there with another alpha. Craig ignored that voice, no one was his and he was no ones, that was just the simple fact.

Back at Token’s house, the mood was still heavy and tense, everyone glanced at each other. Token rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled, “Well… That was new... “
Clyde was the next that spoke up, “Uh, yeah. Which, I thought his rut wasn’t till next month?”
“It’s not supposed to be, but Craig hasn’t been acting normal lately…” Token said as he stared at the place where Token had been sitting at a few minutes prior, then glanced over at Tweek. “You okay though Tweek? Sorry about how Craig was acting, his rut might have started early.”

Tweek nodded, “Ngh Yeah, I’m fine just…” He looked at his hands, “I Ngh I was just startled at the movie. Sorry that I made him go off. I don’t Ah! I don’t know what’s even happening…” He noticed the weird looks coming from the other three, “He wasn’t going into rut. I just… I could feel it, I don’t ngh! I don’t know what this is..”
It took everyone a minute, Clyde jumped up yelling, “Oh! Oh!” Token moved out of his way as he ran straight for the computer and started looking something up before he busted out laughing. “Holy shit! I was right! Wow, out of us all, I never thought Craig would actually have one.” Token and Jimmy slowly went over to look at what Clyde pulled up, a sigh of relief fell from Token, “Thank god he wasn’t just trying to kill us.” Token glanced at Tweek, then looked back at Clyde. “We don’t tell them. Do you understand?” He said sternly, Clyde just huffed and nodded. “Of course not. I want to see how this plays out.”
Tweek was watching them nervously from the bed, not knowing what they were talking about or what was happening with himself or Craig. “Ngh What did you guys find?” When the three only glanced at him and shook his head, he started freaking out. “Oh god! Am I dying?!”
Clyde shook his head again, “You’re not dying Tweek, we just can’t tell you what’s happening. You and Craig have to figure it out yourselves.” Clyde said as he closed the window he was on and getting up from the chair and going back to the bed. “But remember what I said about Kenny before?”

Tweek thought for a moment, “That he’s a flirt and too ngh stay away from him, and.. If I need any Agh! relationship advice go to him?” Clyde nodded and grinned at him. “Yup. Just tell Kenny everything you just told us and what happened. He’ll tell you what to do.”

“Dude. We just said we weren’t telling him.”
“I’ll tell Kenny not to say what’s happening, just give him tips, y’know?” Clyde said as he waved his hand at Token, dismissing him as he looked at Tweek, “So tomorrow in one of your classes, ask about it, alright? I did the thing he told me to do..” Clyde said that last part in a whisper, so no one could hear him aside from Tweek. Tweek bit his tongue and nodded, “Fine… I will…” “Good.” The day came and went with no other issues coming, they watched some comedies and other movies till it was almost dark out before anyone left.

“Here, let me give you guys a lift home. Where do you live Tweek?”
“I-It’s Ngh Just down the road and you can drop me off at ugh at the coffee shop.” Tweek told him and Token nodded as they all got back in the car, the same way they had earlier, but Tweek was in Craig’s spot behind Token. The ride was silent on the way there, when they dropped him off he said his good-byes with them and walked into the shop, his parents still at the store.

“Hello son, where have you been?” His father asked when Tweek walked into the shop. Tweek jumped slightly when he heard the voice, he thought they would be at their home already. “I made some friends and they asked me to go hang out with them.”
Mr.Tweek nodded as he handed over a broom, “Alright. Can you sweep? We’re going to be opening up tomorrow, so be here after school. See if you can get any of your friends to come in.” Tweek only nodded and took the broom from him and started sweeping the floor. He could only think about how he was going to bring this up with Kenny the next day in class.

Chapter Text

That night came and went, Tweek only had a little bit of a problem heading to sleep and when he got up for school the next day, he could feel a spike of panic when he looked out the window and seen a different scenery until he remembered that they had moved. He got ready for school and got on the bus. He sat in the back, trying to stay away from everyone. Also trying to figure out just how he was going to bring this up to Kenny. When he walked off the bus and into the school, he bumped into someone, clearly caught up in his thoughts to even pay attention to his surroundings. “S-sorry! I wasn’t looking where I was Ngh! going!” Tweek started, not even looking up at who he bumped into, that was until he heard the figure chuckle and patting his head; “It’s okay there, Tweety-Bird~” When Tweek looked up at the taller in disbelief, all he got was; “Sorry. It’s the best I could come up with on the spot since Tweeker is used for drug addicts.” Tweek really couldn’t believe it. It was the guy he wanted to talk to, but he didn’t know what to say yet, or even how to bring this up.

“Wh-what?” Tweek gave a nervous twitch, “Ngh No. The nickname is- Fine, I suppose.” Tweek was still shaking, his hands fiddling with his shirt and pants. “I actually wanted to mng ask you about something?” Tweek himself didn’t sound so confident.

Kenny looked him over with a grin, “I would ask if you decided to take me up on them biology lessons I offer~, But you seem like you wouldn’t be down for that.” Kenny hummed and crossed his arms, “So what is it? I’m the master of stuff~” Kenny winked at him.

Tweek jumped and shook his head, “N-No! Ngh! I don’t want your- Gah! lessons! I… I need to ask you about.. Something personal... “ Tweek looked around them, looking to see if anyone was around them or listening to them. “So.. Oh god! ” Tweek tugged at his hair, “I can’t talk about this here! What was I thinking!” Tweek pulled more at his hair and Kenny patted his shoulder.
“Woah.. easy there dude… If you want, we can meet up out of school somewhere private?”
Tweek seemed to think about this for a minute, “Ngh After school, at the coffee shop.. We aren’t that busy in the afternoons.. We can talk there.” Kenny grinned and ruffled his hair, “See you there Tweek~” Tweek sighed as he watched the other walk off. Now he just had to explain what had happened the night before.

The school day flew by, Tweek was wondering of it felt like that because of his soon-to-be chat with Kenny after school as he walked to the shop. He told token and them that he needed time to think about something and he wanted to walk to try to level his head a bit. When he arrived at the coffee shop, he could see Kenny already inside sitting at one of the tables. Tweek entered and clocked in, putting an apron on before walking over to Kenny. “Sorry it took so ngh long.” Tweek looked over at the counter to see his parents were already gone so he took a seat in front of Kenny.

“It’s not a problem Tweek. I wasn’t here long. But tell me, what’s been going on for you to seek out the love master~?” Kenny wiggled his eyebrows as he leaned forward with a smirk.

“Oh God. Never ngh Never say that again.” Tweek’s eyes looked around rapidly before locking with Kenny’s. “You won’t say anything to anyone, right?”
Kenny nodded and pulled his fingers over his lips and threw the ‘key’, “My lips are sealed. Half the school has come to me and I haven’t told anyone, about anybody. No matter how much the offers are.”
Tweek leaned back and took a deep breath, “Fine… fine. I know I shouldn’t be feeling anything like this. I’m new, I shouldn't ngh like anyone. I don’t even Ah! know if I like them!” Tweek said as he waved his hands in the air. “He-He just acted…” Tweek sighed and looked at Kenny, his eyes searching for the truth in the other males. “So… You won’t tell? No matter who the other Agh! person is?” Kenny shook his head, Tweek sighed and looked at the table. “...Craig…” He mumbled in a whisper.
Kenny just gave a soft ‘ah’, “Honestly? Not surprised.” Tweek looked at Kenny confused and surprised, “What? I mean, Craig who doesn’t do anything for anyone aside from his pack members, suddenly has a stare down and battle of scent with Cartmen, then beats the shit out of Cartmen for him messing with you? I feel like I know what exactly is happening, but I think that’s what Clyde told me to keep silent about earlier. I can give you some advice, but won’t be able to tell you. They said you have to figure it out yourself.” Kenny hummed softly as he recalled the words from Clyde, “He said it would be great and funny to see how this plays out. So..” Kenny shrugged and grinned, “I can give you some advice.” Tweek nodded as an answer. “Alrighty~ Hmm… I would say to do what Clyde did, but I doubt you’d go to his room..” Kenny seemed to think for a minute. “How confident are you in yourself?”
“Little.” Tweek’s voice was speaking before he could really process what he was saying.
Kenny gave a small chuckle, “That was a fast answer for not being confident. Let’s see…. Oh! Do you think you could get him to your room?”
“Oh God! Ah! N-no way! I’m not doing that!” Tweek yelled and tugged at his hair.
Kenny shook his head and held his hands up, “As much as I would do that, I don’t expect you too. You can get Clyde to go with you if want. If you take the rest of the group, watch how Craig acts around Token. He shouldn’t care about the other two being in there, but he might. But just tell me how he acts, alright?” Tweek nodded, “Sweet. Give me your phone.” Kenny said with a grin and took Tweek’s phone when he handed it to him. Kenny messed with his phone for a minute and when Tweek got it back, it was on an added contact. “That way, it’ll be easier to talk about it and if something goes wrong, you can call me. Also, see if you can get them together tonight.” Kenny said as he glanced at his phone before sending a text to someone.

“Okay..? I-I’ll see if agh if they want to meet up at my place.” Tweek looked at his phone, looking for any of their contacts before he sat it down. “I don’t-” Kenny was taking his phone and entering yet another number, and presumably sending off a text, before handing it back to Tweek. Tweek looked at his phone and seen that Clyde’s number was now in his phone with a text that read; Hey, it’s Kenny. Gave Tweek your number. Figured you would have already forced him to put it in your phone. <3 Also, little solid you can do for me (And well Tweek) could you convince the others to go to Tweek’s house to hang out after his shift? Thank you~ <3
Kenny grinned and winked at him as he stood up, “Good luck~” Kenny waved as he headed to the door, “Wouldn’t run but I promised Butters I’d take him on a picnic. Tell me how it goes over text or later tonight.” Kenny left the shop and Tweek sighed as he looked at his phone to see Clyde messaged back. Oh, hey tweek, (or kenny, whoeves reading this) Yeah, I can get them together. What time do u get off?

‘I get off at 5, what would you guys want to do? I can find a movie or something. Or if you want, I have an Xbox, one of you guys could bring a newer game?’

U should do both just in case we get bored or something. I got them to agree, jimmy said he’s staying home since he has something else to do. Prob comedy runs. Anywayz, shouldnt you be working?

I am. I’m getting ready to leave. See you guys later?

Yeah, also : Craig’s number, U’re welcome ;) 719-XXX-XXXX

Tweek stared at the number for a second before locking his phone and setting it down and working. The day seemed to drag, it seemed like that all day, Tweek thought as he cleaned the coffee maker and getting the four cups for the goth kids that were sitting at a dark-ish corner of the shop. Tweek walked the coffee over and sat it down for them, “Alright. Here’s your coffee. Ngh If you guys need anything else just tell me.” He was waved off by them. Tweek walked back behind the counter and looked at the time on his phone. Barely past three. Tweek inwardly groaned as he continued to work. After the goth kids left, only a few more people came in. It was now around four thirty and Tweek could feel panic start to rise in his chest. What on this wide earth was he doing? He was inviting two alphas and an omega in his personal space. Clyde was fine, but Token and Craig? It seemed like an awful lot of people in a short time. Tweek bit his tongue and shook his head. No. He was going to go through with this, he needed to understand what everyone knew that he didn’t. All Tweek knew was the fact that it involved him and Craig. What if Craig was his-? Tweek shook his head and started refilling the coffee maker. No, there's no way. Tweek could feel his hands shaking and the bag he was holding feel to the ground, his hands shaking too much to hold anything now. Tweek too a deep breath, trying to calm himself. There’s no way that Craig was his ‘fated pair’. Those were just fairy tales that gave kids hope that they would find theirs at any point in their lives. Tweek didn’t want to be randomly paired with anyone, anyways! What if he didn’t even like Craig? “Hey.. You don’t even know if Agh! if that’s what it is. You don’t know what the signs are Mng! that you’ve found them… Kenny’ll tell you if you bring it up and he knows…” Tweek took his phone in his shaking hands and looked up how to tell if someone you met is your fated. He clicked on so many links and skimmed through so many pages, he wouldn’t be surprised if he was standing there for a few minutes looking at the stuff. So far, all of it lined up. “Oh God!” Tweek yelled as he dropped his phone and jumped. “I don’t Agh! want a fated pair! Especially someone that I just Ung! meet!” Tweek yelled as he pulled on his hair. He needed to calm down because in less than ten minutes, he was going to have Craig, Clyde, and Token all in his bedroom. Oh god, what was he thinking! It’s going to be weird now that he even thinks that! It’ll be fine, Clyde’ll be there and if anything, he could just tell them to leave, right? Or maybe tell Kenny to call him and say something happened with Butters. But then he’d be ruining their date night. Maybe tell his parents to call and say they needed help at the shop? That seemed like a good idea. He would have to text them, because Clyde, Token and Craig all just walked into the shop. Mr.Tweak following them close behind.

“Hey Tweek!” Clyde greeted him grinning and waving his hand like a mad man as he held up his other hand holding a new game, “Look at what Token just bought for us to play!” Token rolled his eyes at Clyde with a smile as he waved at Tweek. Craig looked at Tweek and nodded.
Then he was lifting his head up a bit and sniffing the air, Tweek felt himself shiver when he swears he saw a look of anger cross his face for a split second before Craig looked at him and locked their eyes. “What happened?”

Tweek looked off to the side. He didn’t want to, he knows that makes him look like he’s lying, but with the thought that Craig might be his fated pair was still… weird? Is that what he was feeling? Tweek didn’t know how to explain what he was feeling, sure he didn’t exactly want this, but out of everyone he’s met so far (That’s been alphas), he’s glad it was Craig that was his mate out of all of them. Token was a great guy, but it was clear he and Clyde was a thing/dancing around being said thing, and the same went for everyone else he had met. “Nothing… I just dropped my phone when I was checking the time and thought I broke it.” Tweek was chanting in his head; “Please believe it.. Please believe it..” as he could feel Craig’s gaze still on his head. Then he glanced over at him and, once again, made eye contact. Tweek’s face started to turn red and Craig shrugged his shoulders and accepted the excuse.

“Alright! Let’s go head to Tweek’s house and start playing the game!” Clyde said holding his hands up, his grin never fell from his face. Clyde and Token went out to Token’s car while Craig waited for Tweek in the shop.

Mr.Tweak looked at Craig then at his son. “Son, you can go now if you want.” Tweek nodded before taking his apron off and walking to the back to hang it up, Mr. Tweak looked at Craig and put his hand on his shoulder. “I’m glad my son is making friends, but I’m not completely stupid. I know that look you was giving my son. Now, I’m not as good at this as making coffee, but if I figure out you hurt him,” Mr.Tweak gave Craig’s shoulder a squeeze, “I will tell my wife. And she will make sure you know you’re place.” Craig wanted to laugh at how he had threatened him with his wife of all people, but the chill that went down his spine prevented him from doing so.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not interested in Tweek dude. He’s just a friend.” Craig pulled Mr.Tweak’s hand off his shoulder. “I won’t ‘do’ anything, especially not to hurt him.” Craig kept the part about him already ‘saving’ Tweek twice now to himself.
Before anyone could say anything else, Tweek walked out from the back room and looked them over. “Do.. Do I even want to Ngh know?” Craig looked over at Tweek and shook his head, he walked over and grabbed his wrist. “No. Come on. Clyde might die if we don’t hurry up and play the game.” Tweek nodded and followed Craig to Token’s car. Tweek gave directions to his house as Token drove, soon they arrived at his house.

“Oh wow dude. I live right down the road. Why didn’t you tell us where you lived earlier?” Clyde said as he looked at the house as they all unloaded from the car.
Tweek looked away and gave a soft chuckle, “Aha… I guess I didn’t really think about it. To be honest, I Ngh mainly live at the coffee shop with how much I work from getting Ngh out of school.” Tweek said as he unlocked the door and opened it. “I think my mom’s off talking with the other women of the town. So you guys can get mad and yell if you do that, just don’t break anything.” Tweek said as he took his shoes off at the door and sat them off to the side, the other three did the same before following Tweek to his room. “It’s Ngh a little messy, but I didn’t get to clean it beforehand so ung ignore the mess.” Tweek said as he went over and started plugging the xbox in. To plug the Xbox in, he had to bend down and reach to the back to the wall.

Craig was looking around the room before he looked back at Tweek to see him bent over squeezing his thin body under the desk his TV and Xbox was at. Craig couldn’t help his eyes when they started to rake over Tweek’s body. He also couldn’t help the voice that was going on in his head, a chanting of; “Yours.. Yours.. Take. Yours to take. Mate.” Craig didn’t know where the voice was coming from, but he had mixed feelings about it. He was snapped out of his thoughts by a hand making contact with his head. Hard. “Ow. What the fuck Clyde?”
“You know what. Stop doing that to him.” Clyde said as he shook his head. Tweek was getting up now having already plugged the gaming system back in. Clyde opened the game and put it in the system. He plopped down on the ground and grabbed a controller. Tweek dared a glance over at Craig to see him staring at him before Tweek promptly looked away and sat beside Clyde and stared at the TV as Clyde started to get the game set up. Token was getting his own controller hooked up to the Xbox.

“You have a nice place Tweek.” He said and gave a smile to the twitchy blonde, vaguely noting the look that Craig gave him for a split second before it went back to the blank look that was typically on his face.
Agh! Thanks. It’s nothing impressive, but..” Tweek shrugs and tried to force his body to relax. This wasn’t as bad as he thought it was going to be. No one was forcing anything, no one was stepping out of line. Well, Craig was walking around his room and looking at his stuff and that was honestly starting to make Tweek freak-out, but it was fine. He was just… looking at his room. It’s not like he had anything to hide. Everyone was acting as though they belonged there and nothing was awkward. Tweek was watching Clyde and Token play the game, and Craig had taken a seat on the edge of the bed. After half an hour, Tweek stood up and looked at the three in his room. “Does Ngh anyone need anything to drink or snack on?”
“Sure, thanks. I’ll be fine with a cup of water or a water bottle if you have any.”
“Yeah. I can-” Craig was saying as he was starting to stand up but Clyde was jumping up and shoving the controller to him.
“Sure, I’ll help you bring some snacks and stuff up here Tweek.” Clyde grabbed Tweek’s hand and quickly pulled him with him, not even bothering waiting to hear what Craig wanted. Tweek jumped when he was getting pulled from his room. They rushed down stairs- well, more like Clyde did and Tweek would just pray that he didn’t lose his footing and fall down to his death or get hurt. That fear only lasted a few seconds though as they quickly reached the bottom of the stairs. “So... “ Clyde dragged out and looked at Tweek as the latter started grabbing drinks and snacks, “What did Kenny tell you to do?”

Tweek’s head snapped up and banged on the self that was above him. “Shit!” Tweek exclaimed in pain as he rubbed his head, Clyde jumped at the sudden noise.
“You guys okay down there?” It was Token’s voice who yelled at them, concern in his voice.
“Yeah, we’re fine! Tweek accidently bumped his head!” Clyde yelled back and that seemed to be fine with the other two as they stopped yelling at them.
“Nothing!” Tweek said as he sat the stuff he had gotten onto the table. “Nothing Agh! helpful though. He just said to invite you guys here and tell him how Craig acted..” Tweek looked away and glanced at Clyde, he took a deep breath. “I think I Ugh know what you pulled up…” Tweek said as he bit his tongue. “You think we’re… y’know. Fated…” Tweek’s face was red as he looked away. He didn’t know if that’s what Clyde thought or not, but he just said it.
“No way man. How’d you figure it out? And how are you not freaking out?” Clyde said as he sat down at the table and looking at Tweek in disbelief.

“I was.. I still don’t Ngh think that that is what any of this Ugh is. I was freaking out about it before you guys came to the shop to get me.” Tweek said as he started to gather the stuff up again, not wanting the two that they left in the room to get worried that they actually did end up hurting themselves somehow and came down looking for them and hearing them talking about the fact that Tweek and Clyde both thought that Craig was Tweek’s ‘fated pair’.

Clyde shrugged, “I think it is. If I were you, I’d love to find mine. Well..” Clyde hummed as he picked up some of the chips, “I dunno about that anymore, but it would have been romantic if I didn’t already have someone I like.”
“See? Ugh Even you wouldn’t want to go with some rando you met!”
“Wait, no no. If I didn’t like someone, and I saw my fated pair, and he, or she, was nice and attempted to sweep me off my feet, I would go without a second thought.” Clyde said while sighing dreamily before laughing. Tweek just rolled his eyes with a small smile and chuckled, shaking his head. “But in all seriousness. What do you feel about him?”

Tweek frowned a bit at that. How did he feel about Craig? “Ugn Well, one side of my brain is screaming a mix of; ‘Mine, yours, mate’, but the mng logical side, is screaming what the hell are you Ngh thinking? He’s an alpha and can kill you in a second or anything. Plus, I don’t know him that well.” Tweek said as he stared walking up the stairs.
“I get why you’re scared of alphas, since like. Eric was the first person you ran into when you got here, but Craig wouldn’t hurt a fly- Well.. Not really. But he wouldn’t hurt you unless you did something like Cartman did. Even so, before you came, he never really did anything.” Clyde shrugged, “It’s weird to see him even expressing himself. Let alone beating people up.” Clyde opened the door once they reached it, when he walked in he attempted to hold up the goods in his arms, dropping a bag of chips, “We got the goods!” Clyde yelled as he sat the bags down on the floor next to where they were still sitting, he went and got the bag and sat it in the pile as well.
Tweek sat his stuff down and handed Token a bottle of water, “Here.” Token took it and smiled at him, “Thanks, dude.”
Ngh No problem.” Tweek said as he was grabbed again, by Clyde, this time he was pulled to the bed. Clyde quickly crawled on the bed and got himself comfortable and Tweek got on after him, only to have Clyde lay out on him in a second. Tweek didn’t know Clyde for that long, but he could tell already that Clyde was an affectionate person. So he had, surprisingly, grown used to the ton of affection in a short time. He let Clyde lay out on him and started running his hand through his hair. “Your hairs soft… Like…” Tweek said, humming as he tried to think, “Ngh Like silk. But fluffy. What do you Ah! do with it?”
Clyde looked up at him, “Hmm… I think a lot of showers and conditioner.” Clyde grinned, and Tweek felt his heart melt. He had an urge to protect that smile from anything, it was a common feeling between omegas in packs. Clyde reached his hands up and put them in Tweek’s hair. “Hmm…. Soft, but I think mine is softer.” Clyde said before he let his hands fall from their places in Tweek’s hair, careful enough to make sure he didn’t accidentally pull on it.

Token looked back at the pair, “Tweek?” Tweek looked over at him and hummed, “You wanna play?” Token said holding the controller out towards him.
“N-no I’m not really ngh good at games…” Tweek said as he looked away, “Expeccially shooting games.”
“Come on, we can teach you how to play. I’d feel bad if you don’t play the game but we do and eat your food.” Token said, still holding the controller towards Tweek, but now Craig was looking back at Tweek.
Tweek glanced down at Clyde, who just grinned up at him and got off of him, “Token won’t stop till you go over there and play the game.” Tweek sighed before he got off the bed and walked over to where Token was sitting and sat down. Token handed him his controller with a wide grin. “Alright, so too shoot you hit this button, and..” Token went on explaining how to play the game while pointing at the buttons and triggers on the controller (A/N: Sorry XD It’s been 2+ years since I last played Xbox and last game I played was AoT xD) Soon enough, Tweek managed to pick up the game and Token had went and joined Clyde on the bed.

Token hummed as he watched the two play with each other, “He’s going easy on him..” Token said in a whisper.
“I know… I suppose it’s part of being truly loved by a Tucker.” Clyde whispered back and laughed, he cuddled closer to his ‘friends’ body and tried to ignore the hotness of his face. Well. Of both how hot Token looked and the growing blush on his own.
Token chuckled and laid his arm over Clyde’s shoulders, “Part of being loved by a Tucker. Craig’s ‘Tough Love’ is saved for his friends, the other love is saved for other people.”

Tweek and Craig could hear some of their conversation, even though the two was being ‘quiet’. Craig rolled his eyes as he listened to the two. “I’m not going easy on you. Just so you know.” Craig said as he stared at the screen and shot and killed Tweek again.
Tweek looked over at him, “I really don’t think you are. You have killed me like ten times since Ung I’ve been playing. Plus,” Tweek glanced over at the TV, “If you were going easy on me, I would be Ugn pissed. Just because I’m not ung used to this, you don’t have to go easy.”
“I wouldn’t dream of going easy on anyone.” A silence fell between the two and all they could here was the game sound effects and Clyde and Token talking and laughing in the background.
Tweek dared a glance back at them before snapping his eyes back to the TV, seeing that he was still, somehow, alive on the game. “They best not Ugn get to carried away on my bed.”
Craig gave a soft chuckle, “The worse they do it cuddle. They won’t start doing anything else on your bed.”
“Ew, first off, and I meant if they start getting their scents all over my stuff Ung I don’t mind if they do, but if my parents smell them, they’ll think one of Agh two things. One, the fact those two might have Ugh been fucking on my bed, or two, I let you guys come in here and spread your scents, then you guys get harrassed by my parents to Ah! give me your stuff.”
Craig hummed and nodded, “I wouldn’t blame them. Also, I’m pretty sure Clyde would be all down for giving you his stuff. You’d have trouble getting something that’s not covered in Token’s as well.” Craig paused the game and stared at Tweek, then at his desk where there was framed pictures of Tweek and a girl. “So, did one of those things happen to you?”
“The second one did.” Tweek said with a smile as he stood up and walked over to the framed picture and picked one up before walking back and sitting closer to Craig, “With her, actually. She’s a friend from my old school.” Tweek chuckled as he stared at the picture, he could feel his heart start to sink. He missed her, she was his only anchor when he was there. “We’d move before, and that was my new school and I had been Ngh getting picked on due to my… twitching, and she had came out of nowhere and Ugh beat the shit out of them and we just stayed close after that.” Craig glanced at the picture then at Tweek before he patted his back awkwardly.

Clyde and Token had stopped talking when they saw that Tweek and Craig had stopped playing the game and had been listening to Tweek. Clyde frowned and went to get up, but was stopped by Token who just shook his head when Clyde looked back at him.

Craig didn’t know what to do in these situations. Typically, it was Clyde who was upset and he’d just get Token to deal with it. He didn’t want to have to always get help from Token, but he also didn’t know how to calm people down. And at this moment, he was regretting every life choice that had left him like that. Craig didn’t know what to do, he just put his arm around Tweek and pulled him into his side. Which it, thankfully, seemed to work. Tweek had his eyes shut and was breathing in Craig’s scent- As weird as that sounded, Tweek loved it. It smelt so… Free. The forest-y smell was relaxing, reminding him of the time he would light candles and would play forest noises in the background while attempting to meditate. Tweek’s mind seemed to go blank as he relaxed into the tallers side. His body was relaxing more and soon enough he was pretty much putty. Tweek was so content he couldn’t help when a low rumbling started in his chest, it wasn’t a deep throaty growl, but a soft purr, about like a cat. Craig was staring at the blond, he could feel his own purrs try to rumble in his chest but he choked them down, remembering that Token and Clyde were still in the room and were very much watching the two on the floor. So, Craig did the second best thing. He released a scent that was ‘I comforted my pack mate!’ proud, it was rare that anything came from Craig, so when Clyde and Token got a whiff of it, Clyde was damn near squealing and Token just gave a proud smile.

It only lasted a few seconds though. Almost as quickly as it had happened, Tweek was snapping out of his trance like stage and shoving Craig away and standing up fast, taking and putting the framed picture back on the desk, “Ah! What- what the hell was Oh God! Was that?! Why didn’t I have control of my body?!” Tweek said as he pulled on his hair.
Craig seemed shocked for a split second before he was grabbing Tweek’s hands and gently prying them away from his head. “Calm down Tweek. It’s just something that happens.” Craig tried to explain it the best that he could, “Token and Clyde do it all the time.” Craig added like that would help anything. Which it honestly did. Tweek stared at Craig and just thought; ‘Is this common around alphas?’
“It does. If you like them or trust them.” It was when Clyde answered, Tweek was realizing he had asked that outloud.
Tweek’s face went red and he coughed as he moved away from Craig and got on the bed. “One of ngh you guys can go play now. I’ll take a break for now.” Tweek said as he pulled his covers over his body. Token and Clyde stared at each other before Token was moving off the bed and to the spot where the other controller was. Clyde ran his hands in Tweek’s hair, just trying to get the other calmed down completely. It was clear that Tweek was more used to omegas than alphas and his old school (Or even his parents) had forced the thought that alphas were bad onto him. Clyde was hoping that being around (most) of his classmates, they would help him know that not all alphas were assholes. An hour later, Clyde realized that Tweek had been relatively silent and glanced down to see him asleep. Clyde smiled before shifting a little bit and shutting his own eyes, starting to doze off.

Token and Craig had noticed the two had gone quiet after a minute and looked back at them, seeing the two cuddled up together and the alphas shared a glance before getting up and walking to the bed. They shook the two awake, Token was the one who asked first, “Pack cuddle? Well, almost pack cuddle. We’re missing Jimmy.” Clyde smiled and nodded, Tweek looked a bit more hesitant, but the tired look and need for sleep made him also nodded his head, anything that would let him go to sleep faster. Craig was debating getting under the covers, but decided against it, as did Token, since both Tweek and Clyde were under the covers and didn’t want Tweek’s parents walking in and getting the wrong idea. Craig was laying on his back just having his side pressed against Tweek, while Token decided to lay on his side with his arm around Clyde’s side. Tweek glanced around at the other three on his bed, he felt… safe? He sighed softly before he shifted back a little and shut his eyes again, sleep taking over fast.

A few hours later, he was being shaken awake by two figures in the room. Craig opened his eyes to see Tweek’s parents waking them. Mrs. Tweak was smiling at him and he was confused to why, until he noticed that in his sleep, he had turned to his side and had his arm wrapped around Tweek’s waist. Craig jumped up and away fast as he woke up quickly. His hair was sticking out from his hat that was surprisingly still even on. Craig was realizing his mistake as he fell on the ground with a painful thud! and a groan from him. His sudden movements had made a chain reaction happen on the bed, Tweek was the first one jumping awake and away from the other two who was still on the bed, he scrambled backwards till he was falling off the bed and directly on Craig, earning a pained groan from both of them and a startled yell again from Tweek and the blond jumping away. Clyde and Token on the other hand, yawned and sat up, rubbing their eyes as they looked around and seen Tweek’s parents in the room and the other two wasn’t on the bed anymore.

Mr. and Mrs. Tweak started to laugh at how their kid and his friend had reacted to getting woken up. “Now, now. If you act like that, we won’t help it if we get ideas that what you guys are doing aren’t completely pure..” Her voice was teasing, but Craig could hear the underlying threatening tone in her voice. She looked over them all, “You guys seem to be close…” She said as she hummed softly, “When can we expect our house to smell like you guys?”

Tweek’s face went red, “Mom!” He yelled as he wanted to hide under his blankets. Or if a black hole could open up and suck him out of existence, that would be great too.
Clyde seemed to perk up immediately at this, “ASAP.” Clyde said while grinning, “Whether he likes it or not, he’s been adopted by us. He’s not allowed to leave me as an only omega again.” Clyde chuckled and pulled his phone out. All his joking went out the window as he jumped up and trampled over Token’s body, making the other grunt in pain. “Shit! It’s damn near ten, my dad’s already freaking out asking if I was kidnapped. Sorry guys but I gotta go.” Clyde said as he quickly called his dad and explained what happened, he waved good-bye to the guys and left.
“He’s a hyper one.. Looks nothing like an omega though.”
Token was getting up now and gave a smile to Mr. Tweak, “No one ever thinks he is. Not until he takes his patches off.” Token glanced at his phone to see his parents texted him a few times, nothing like Clyde’s father did to his son- For clear reasons. After the loss of his wife, Mr. Donnovan had become overly protective over Clyde, even going as far as asking Token and Craig to make sure they kept an eye on him during school. Token texted them back telling them that they had all fallen asleep. “I should probably get going to. If you need a ride, come on Craig. I’ll wait for you at the car.”
Craig nodded at him as he left. Craig looked at Tweek who was currently staring at the floor. Blue eyes flickered over towards the two adults in the room and Craig was wishing they weren’t there. But he was glad they were. If not, Tweek’s room would probably just smell like Craig by now. “See you tomorrow in class. Hope Clyde didn’t manage to scare you off with his comment.” Craig ran his hand in the blond’s hair leaning down in front of him, meeting his gaze. “If you need anything, you can tell any of us. Clyde’ll’d most likely give you anything you want. So will Jimmy and Token. And if not, Clyde’ll just steal it from us.” Craig said in a low whisper so the two adults couldn’t hear him. Craig stood up and nodded at him and walked down the stairs and after sliding his shoes on, outside.
Token sniffed at the air and gave an airy laugh, “Done saying bye to your boyfriend?”
“He’s not my boyfriend. He’s a pack mate.” Craig rolled his eyes, “I did the same thing with Clyde.” Not entirely true, but not a lie either. He did scent Clyde’s room, but not too much as to not piss Token off (Even though Token would decline that he would even get mad about something as simple as that).
Token just rolled his eyes with a smile before starting the car and driving towards Craig’s house.

Tweek’s parents were staring at him now, Tweek didn’t meet their gaze. He was too scared too. No, his parents didn’t hurt him, he just knew what they were thinking and going to say. “So…” Tweek flinched at his father’s voice. “They seemed nice.” Tweek’s head was jerking to look at his parents. Well that’s something he wasn’t expecting.
“Yeah, that Clyde kid.. He seems like a good omega. Though I feel bad for anyone who likes him. So young and already has a mate.” Mrs. Tweak said and sighed, “Though that other boy… What’s his name Tweek?”

Tweek jumped as his hands started shaking, “Ngh A-actually, Clyde and Token aren't Oh God… mates.” Tweek said first before glancing over at his bed where Craig had just been, “You mean Ngh Craig?”
Mrs. Tweak nodded, “Yes… That alpha, don’t be around him alone, okay?”
Tweek’s brows furrowed and he tilted his head. Typically he would be all aboard with this, but Craig hadn’t done anything to even make him doubt his motives. “Why?”
His parents exchanged a look before his mother was stepping closer, placing her hand on his shoulder. “Um… Sweetie… You probably can’t tell since you were all just together, but he was scenting this whole area. I can hardly smell you through his scent. I don’t think he knows he was doing it, but still be careful around him..” Tweek sniffed himself and it smelt like the normal amount he would figure cuddling with an alpha would end with, but he just nodded. Mrs, Tweak smiled and patted his head, “Alright. Go back to bed Tweek.” Tweek, once again, only nodded, knowing if he were to talk his parents would just stay there and he wouldn’t get a wince of sleep. Once his parents left, he crawled back into his bed and laid there. It felt… colder without the heat from Clyde and Craig’s body. He sighed as he wrapped the blankets around himself tighter and slowly fell asleep to the somewhat familiar smells in his bed.


The next morning he got up and got ready for school. After he was done he went to the bus stop and was just thinking about what all he had thought about last night. Craig was possibly his fated. As much as he didn’t like the thought of being randomly paired with a stranger in the universe, he was glad it wasn’t someone like Cartman. Tweek wasn’t really sure how he felt about Craig. He had just met him the other day, and Craig’s first impression of the blonde hadn’t been that well.
Tweek got on the bus when it had gotten there, almost missing it due to being caught up in his head. That single thought was the only thing running through his head as he walked down the halls. And they all tied back to one single source Craig. How did he feel about this? What would he do if either of them said anything about it? Would Tweek freak out? Would Craig kick him from his pack?
Tweek wasn’t paying attention to where he was walking as he felt panic rise in his chest and kept his gaze on his feet before he was bumping into someone. He seemed to be doing that a lot here. Tweek jumped and looked up and then lowered his head when he saw it was an alpha he didn’t know and muttered a sorry. Tweek could feel the others eyes raking him before they hummed and ran his fingertips over Tweek’s cheek to his chin to make him look up. Tweek could feel the panic grow as the alpha spoke. “Don’t look away from me. Angel~”