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The New Kid To South Park

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Being a new kid in town in highschool was hard.
Being a new kid in a small town was harder.
Being new when everyone was presenting and/or already presented was even harder.
Being an omega in a town mainly populated by alphas had to be the hardest part though.
This was all Tweek was thinking of as he was forced to move with his mother and father to the small town of South Park, Colorado. He didn't want to move, he was anxious enough in a big town, but being in a small town made him stress even more. If he messed up once, then the entire town would know.
He was thrown into the new school his first day in the town, his parents saying that it would be best for him to socialize with kids the same age as him as fast as possible. Saying something about making friends. They didn't think of every possible situation that could go wrong. But Tweek did. He thought of every little thing.

What if his body decided to have an early heat due to the stress of moving? What if his distressed scent caused a chain reaction? Or made alphas try to comfort him? What if some asshole alpha tried to force himself on him? Or tried to make a move on him despite him not being interested? What if he was marked or raped?! Tweek gave a startled yell and pulled at his hair, "Oh god! Ngh! I want to move back!" He had been enrolled in an all omega school, while the teachers were betas and omegas, the students were all omegas. His parents told him it would be fine, but he should have known than to listen to them!

Tweek was currently in the midst of panic, and the culprit was a chubby alpha who had him pinned against the wall. Where the hell was everyone?! Tweek bit the inside of his cheeks to avoid letting out a pitiful whine, though his scent gave away any panic he was feeling. His scent was sour and strong. The alpha above him snarled and yelled at him to stop letting out that smell and that it was pissing him off. Tweek wanted to yell back, but found himself frozen in spot, his breath came in short fast breaths.
A hand laid on the brunette alpha's shoulder. "Hey. Aren't you supposed to be in class?" A nasally voice said in a monotone voice. Tweek's eyes snapped to the new person and he felt his body stop shaking. The brunette scoffed and turned his head to look at the black haired kid that came to Tweek's rescue. "Tch. Aren't you supposed to be in class Tucker?" "No. I have to talk to Mackey again." Craig's scent was relaxing, but daring the other to do anything. The brunette rolled his eyes before looking back at Tweek, "You're lucky this shit showed up in time.. Next time you won't be so lucky omega." Tweek felt disgusted at the way he called him an omega, he froze in place as he watched the alpha walk away.
"I wouldn't pay attention to fatass. If he tried anything again just punch him. He's a pussy." Craig's voice was still as monotonous as it had been earlier, but his scent had changed into one that was wanting to comfort and not scare someone off.
Tweek felt his body want to relax more around him, this alpha had just came out of nowhere and saved him. But he knew better, alphas were tricky animals. "Agh!" Tweek twitched, his shaking starting up again, "Th-that's easy for y-you! You're an- ung!-alpha!"
"Cartman gets his ass handed to him by an omega almost everyday. Though I never said anything about you're secondary gender anyway. Come on." Craig said as he turned towards the way he had just came from.

"Why? Ng. Wh-where are you taking me?" Tweek stayed where he was, watching this kid with a cautious gaze.

"To the counselor. Cartman needs to learn his place and he shouldn't be doing that to new kids anyway." Craig said as he only stopped for a second to look back at the other, before he turned to walk to Mr. Mackey's office with, or without, Tweek. Tweek was in his own dilemma on if he should trust this alpha or not, but when he thought about what Cartman did he gave a startled yell and slightly jogged to catch up with this "Tucker" kid. He could feel the alpha's eyes glancing back every now and again to see if he was still following him but he never made any eye contact, not knowing how this alpha would react to that. Soon enough, the blonde was running into the alpha's back when he stopped in front of a door. Tweek felt his heart drop when he ran into the built body and quickly jumped back, "Ah! Ngh! I-I'm so-sorry! I didn't mean to-!" Tweek was cut off by a hand patting his head, "Hey. It's fine. It was an accident. We're at the office now." Craig said with a monotone voice and opened the door.Tweek flinched back at the hand on his head, thinking that the alpha was going to pull his hair, or smack him or something of the sort. That’s all he was taught to believe alphas would do if an omega did something wrong.He just stared at the dark haired alpha in disbelief when he didn’t do anything to him.

When Mr.Mackey seen Craig he sighed, "Oh goddamnit Craig.. Why are you back so soon again?"

Craig just blinked, this was normal and he held the door open for Tweek. "Cartman was being a fucking prick again." Tweek was shaking as he walked in, his eyes darting around anxiously around the room. “He had the new kid pinned against the wall using his scent to threaten him.” Craig didn’t skip a beat in shutting the door once Tweek was in the room.

Mr.Mackey looked at Tweek, “M’kay.. Is this all true.. Um… What’s your name again?”
“Ahh! Agn... “ Tweek flinched and twitched when Mr.Mackey focused his attention on him, he could feel his skin getting cold but sweat run down his back. “I-I.. Tweek! M-my name. Oh god, this is too much pressure!” Tweek pulled at his hair as he shook. Craig glanced away from Tweek and towards Mr.Mackey, who looked like he was concerned but didn’t know what to do.

“Um, Tweek? M’kay… It says here… Omega… Oh, you’re parents said you have ADHD and Anxiety. M’kay. Tweek, can you tell me what’s too much pressure?”
Craig never knew anything about anxiety, but had enough common sense that you don’t keep asking the questions about it.

Tweek could feel his mind race more when Mr.Mackey had said what was wrong with him. Now Craig would go and spread rumors about how the new kid is fucked up in the head, hell maybe that omega that beats up the alpha would come after him! “Oh god..!” Tweek was shaking so much and pulling at his hair so much that some of it was starting to come out. “Ah! I pulled out my hair!” Tweek noticed that he was pulling his hair out but couldn’t stop himself from his actions. Craig hesitantly approached the omega and took his hand in his and tried to gently pry the shaking hands away from the blonde’s hair.

“Tweek. No one is going to say anything and nothing is going to happen to you. Everything will fall back on Cartman.” Craig said in a steady voice as he kept his blue eyes on Tweek’s green one. Tweek wanted to push him away, wanted to desperately fight him, but he couldn’t. His inner omega purred at the attention, but the inner Tweek was freaking out. On the outside, Tweek stopped shaking and pulling his hair and just stared back at Craig, a wave of somewhat calmness rushed over him. “You just have to tell him what exactly happened, alright?” Tweek could only nod and try to swallow the lump in his throat.

“I was looking for my next class and I accidentally bumped into his shoulder, I tried to apologize but he pushed me against the wall and started going off about how omegas should know their place.” Tweek wanted to tug at anything, to dig his nails into his legs, anything but the grip of Craig kept him from doing so. Why hadn’t the alpha let go of his hands? But he didn’t want to question it too much or his mind would be racing like it had a habit of doing.

“M’kay… Well, I’ll tell the principle and we’ll look over the video tapes and I’ll see what we can do.” Was all Mr.Mackey could say, “We will send Eric home today and decide what to do with him today as well.”

Craig dropped Tweek’s hands once he deemed the other calm enough. Craig felt… weird, around the new kid. He didn’t know what this feeling was, so he decided to push it down and ignore it like every other emotion the kid had. “Can I get a note explaining why I was late so Mrs. Bacone doesn’t get pissed off that I was late?”

Mr.Mackey nodded and wrote a note quickly for him, “Oh, Tweek? What class do you have next as well, so I can just go ahead and get it written out as well, m’kay?” He said as handing Craig his. Craig took it and left the room.

“I-I have..” Tweek glanced at the paper that was in his binder and twitched. Oh god, the only way he would know to get there just walked out of the door. “Mrs. Bacone..” Mr.Mackey nodded and wrote another note quickly. “If you hurry, you might be able to follow Craig and get to class, m’kay.” Tweek nodded and took the note in shaking hands and went out the door to see if he could catch up with (More like trail behind) Craig. Tweek seen the alpha and slowed down once he was in sight. He wasn’t trying to be secret about it, even if he was trying to, there was no way he could be. His twitching and jumping at the smallest of things was a dead give away of if he was there or not. Craig only glanced back at him once before rolling his eyes and continuing on his way to his class. Craig walked in and handed his note to Mrs. Bacone, only to notice Tweek following on after him and handing a note to the teacher as well.

“Why didn’t you get it on the same note?”

It was a simple question really, but to Tweek it made his world pause. He swallowed the lump in his throat. “I..I didn’t know we had the same class…” He tried to control his scent, he always tried, but it never worked. A stressed scent came from a coffee like scent. Craig couldn’t place what coffee it smelt like, he didn’t drink coffee, but the stressed scent sent his instincts into protective mode. Thankfully, he was able to control his body and didn’t show any emotions or release any scent. Other people in the class, on the other hand, wasn’t able to. Some of the omegas looked like they were about to jump up and comfort the twitching blond, and the alphas looked like they were about to start fighting anything that moved an inch. Craig looked out the window, attempting to ignore everyone in his classroom and not get up and comfort Tweek, some of his friends were in this class and he still had a reputation to hold. That was until he saw someone get up and approach the blonde at the front of the class. His attention turned on whoever was getting up to approach Tweek. Craig kinda felt himself relax when he saw that it had been Token who decided to do something about it, but when Tweek jumped and turned on his heels as fast as a hare, Craig found himself standing up as fast as Tweek had moved. While Craig didn’t have his lips pulled back in a growl, his scent was strong and daring.

Token looked over at his friend with wide eyes, when his landed on the blue of his friends, he understood and averted his gaze and lowered his head as he went to his seat. Craig kept a blank face as he walked up to the front of the class and grabbed Tweek by his wrist and pulled him to the back of the class near his seat and made Tweek sit down. Craig didn’t know what else to do, so he stood there with his head held high and glaring at anyone who looked at Tweek. And after a few minutes, no-one would look back or over at the two. Craig huffed and looked down at Tweek. “You should work on controlling your scent. That could have caused a huge problem.” Was all he said before he went back to his desk and sat down. Tweek didn’t know how to respond to that. He wanted to lash out, but he had already caused enough of a scene today. So he turned his head down and started writing notes with shaky hands. That class came and went. At the end of the class, he made his way up to Mrs.Bacone and tugged on his shirt. “Um.. Do.. Do you know where..” He glanced at his paper, “Mr.Casar’s class is?” Tweek twitched at the end, happy that he had gone through a full sentence without completely freaking out.

Mrs.Bacone looked up, “I do believe Craig has that class next, that’s the one who took you to your seat, if you catch up with him, you can just follow him.” Tweek nodded, “Thank you..” Tweek said before leaving, looking for the kid he had been following all day long. Once he saw that hat he followed from afar behind him. When he walked into the class, it was nearly packed. He was hoping this class wouldn’t have many people, at his other school there was hardly anyone in his science class so everyone could have their own desk. There were twelve of the long black tables that the kids used as a desk in the room. Tweek stood at the front of the class while trying to find an empty seat. He didn’t know what seats were empty or not, not knowing if some people were late or absent.

Tweek glanced over the room again, Craig had someone sitting next to him so that was off the table, even if it was, Tweek didn’t think he would be able to sit next to him. That’s when his green eyes landed on a hand that was waving at him. A blond.. Alpha. That made him weary, but he walked over and sat down by him. This guy was tall and it was clear under his orange coat that he was small, but still had muscle on him and would most likely beat the shit out of someone. Though, some of that was just Tweek using the stereotypes for alphas. He could feel eyes on him the entire way over to the desk, though he didn’t know who or how many, he kept his eyes down till he sat down. When he sat down, he knew that the alpha that had called him to sit with him was staring. Tweek took a deep breath and gained enough courage to look over at him. He was greeted with a huge grin. “Hey there~” The alpha said in a flirty tone. “Name’s Kenny. Kenny McCormick. If you ever need help with anything including biology I will be happy to show you~” Tweek couldn’t help when he flinched back with an “Oh god!” and a nervous twitch and started shaking. A male with a green ushanka leaned back and smacked Kenny in the back of his head. “Stop messing with the new kid! Sorry about him,” The small male’s attention was on him now, and Tweek could tell just by looks that he was an omega. “He just thinks with his dick. He won’t do anything, if he tries anything just get me or Stan and I’ll beat the shit out of him.”

Kenny gave a gasp and held his hand over his heart in fake surprise, “You would really say that stuff about your dear friend Kyle?” Kyle just stared at him blankly, not wanting to give him an answer to that. Kenny clicked his tongue. “You have a good point. But Buttercup is the only one I’m after.” That seemed to get the attention of the raven haired boy next to Kyle and had him turn around.
“You’re still after Butters? Seriously? This is like, the longest you’ve tried to get someone.”
“That’s because I actually want Butters for him, not just his ass.”
Tweek looked away, he feels like he should not be hearing this conversation, but it seemed none of the other boys seemed to care if he heard it or not. “So, how are you liking the new school so far new kid?” Tweek jumped when he was talked to again. He was getting used to not being in the middle of the conversation. It was the omega who said something to him.
“I-it’s -ngh- it’s fine…” Tweek mumbled, he didn’t want to say all the bullshit that went down in the short time he has been here and that he wanted to go back to his all-omega-and-beta school.
Kyle smiled and chuckled, “Then you haven’t met the schools asshole yet.” When the ginger seen the confused looks he got from Tweek, “Eric Cartman.” Stan, Kyle, and Kenny seemed to all say at the same time. Tweek felt the blood rush away from his face. More like from his whole body. Was it suddenly chilly in here?
“A-actually… I’ve already met him… If you could call it that..” Tweek looked away from the group of boys and started fiddling with his fingers.
“Ugh. What did that fatass do?” Kyle said, the venom in his voice could practically be felt in the air. “I’ll kick his ass for you if you want.” It was then that Tweek connected that Kyle was the omega that Craig was talking about earlier.
“Nothing r-really.” Tweek tried to fight the urge to pull at his hair. “Uh.. He just said something and -oh god- pinned me against the wall.” Tweek was shaking and twitching every now and again, Tweek tried to fight the urge to pull at his hair, but in the end lost that fight as his hands found their way to his hair and pulled on the blonde mop. “S-someone came by and helped me, then t-took me to the counselors..”
“Dude... “
“That fucking fatass needs his ass kicked and expelled.” Kyle was pissed at what had happened, but he gently took Tweek’s hand and pried them away from the others hair. “You don’t need to pull your own hair out. You should pull his out.” Kyle said as he tried to comfort the twitching omega.
“No way man! That’s -ngh- way too much pressure!” Tweek said with wide eyes, his hands shaking, he made a fist so that his nails dug into his palms.
“Who saved you fr-” Kenny didn’t get to finish his sentence before there was someone else standing over by them. Blue eyes stared down at them. Thankfully, Mr.Casar was one of the teachers that just did his job and let the kids decide if they wanted the grade or not. So it was a class they typically talked quietly in, then got the notes off a friend.
“What are you guys doing to Tweek?” The voice, still having no expression in it, spoke from behind Tweek. Kyle looked up at Craig with a raised brow. “All we did was ask him if he liked the school and what fatass did to him. I don’t see what our conversation has to do with you.” Tweek didn’t even need to see that Craig was the one behind him. He didn’t think anyone would ever be able to match his voice. Tweek could feel his body start to slow with the shaking, even though it was still there, it slowed down a lot. Kyle, being the observant one, noticed this change and looked back to Craig. Kyle let go of Tweek’s hand.
Stan puffed himself up and was ready to stand up himself if Craig tried anything. “We were just talking. No need to get all defensive of him. He’s old enough to make his own choices.” Craig turned his attention to Stan, he wanted to say something, but decided against it. Craig shrugged, “You’re right.” Before he left and went back to his seat. Clyde asking him what that was about and Craig just giving some half-assed answer.

Kyle looked at the calmer Tweek, “Is that who helped you with Cartman?” Tweek only nodded, not trusting his voice. Tweek had glanced back to where Craig sat and felt his face go red when he saw the boy who sat next to Craig looking at him.
“Holy shit. Tucker actually did something? Typically he just… ignores everything.” Kenny said as he looked at Tweek, his eyes looking the other up and down. “Though I can’t blame him for doing something. I mean, you look amazing, if I had been the one to find that, I honestly would have beat the shit out of Cartman.” Tweek suddenly wished he wore a coat or someone would give him theirs, and was suddenly glad that Kenny hadn’t been the one who found him. If he would have started a fight, he thinks he might have full out lost it and would have ran home with his tail between his legs.
Kyle held his hand out, “Can I see your schedule?” Tweek stared at the hand for a moment before he pulled the paper out and handed it over, the piece of paper shaking in his hold. Kyle took it and looked it over. He grimace, “Well… Good and bad news. You have the next class with me and Stan, but fatass is also in that class. And no Craig.” He added that last part quickly after he saw the look on Tweek’s face. “If he does try anything in class, just tell me and I’ll punch him for you.” Tweek could only nod, not sure how to exactly respond in this situation. They all stopped talking and started taking notes in the middle of class.

Science came and went, and soon enough Tweek was waiting for Stan and Kyle to follow them to Mr.Gaeth’s History class. Tweek took packing his things slow, as to try to not make it seem like he was going to follow them. It might have seemed weird if he asked them if they could show him the way to his class, so he was going to just follow them like he had Craig.

When Kenny left, he ran his hand through Tweek’s messy hair and winked at him, which caused Tweek to have a mini freakout, but he couldn’t help the blush that crossed his face. He slowly regained himself and rubbed his face, trying to will the blush to go away.
What surprised him even more than what Kenny had done, was when Kyle turned around to look at him, “Hey, Tweek. You wanna walk with us to class?” Tweek glanced at Stan to see if it was okay with him, but his blue eyes were locked on Kyle’s head, only going to leave when he did. Tweek nodded and started gathering his stuff up faster, trying to get everything so they could leave sooner. In his haste, and with his shaky hands, he had accidentally dropped his pencil. Kyle leaned down and picked it up and handed it to him with a smile. Tweek took it and put it up, “Thank you..” Tweek managed to get out and picked his binders up.
Kyle looked over at Stan, “You ready to go Stan?” Stan nodded and picked his backpack up, throwing it over his shoulder. “Yeah, ready whenever you are dude.”
As the trio walked out of the room, Tweek tried to ignore some of the lingering eyes, keeping his head down as he trailed after the two friends that was leading him to his next class. Kyle and Stan were talking amongst themselves before Kyle turned his head to look back at Tweek, “So why did you guys move here?”
Tweek jumped and let out a startled yelp, looking up at the omega. “I -ngh- I think my dad just wanted to move somewhere smaller since -agh!- since a bigger coffee shop moved next door…” Tweek bit the inside of his lip and looked away from their gaze.
“Oh, so your family has a coffee shop? That’s cool. Do you guys do pastries and other stuff?” Kyle didn’t show any acknowledgment to Tweek’s twitching and Tweek was thankful of that.
“Er.. Y-yeah.. We do.. We have hot chocolate and some pastries..” Tweek could feel his body release it’s tension and a familiar scent flooded his nose. His green eyes looked over the halls, not letting his eyes linger on anyone for a longer time than necessary. When he didn’t see the person who was responsible for the scent, he shut his eyes and tried to place what exactly the scent was. It reminded him of water, like being in a meadow, surrounded by trees with a flowing river in front of him. It was a relaxing scent, and it had.. A free feeling to it, like the one who was letting it out did his own thing. He was brought out of his thoughts by slamming face first into something. He jumped back when he realised it was a person. “I-I’m -ngh!- I’m sorry!”
“Oh! Token, that’s the omega who I was telling you about!” Tweek felt his heart drop. People were talking about him, “Y’know about Craig?”
Tweek looked up, expecting to see this “Token” kid, not Craig himself. Tweek didn’t know what to say or do, he did notice that Kyle and Stan had stopped a few feet ahead. Craig stared down at him, “Watch where you’re going.” Is all the taller male said before he walked away from him. The two that were with Craig exchanged looks, the brown haired guy, Tweek was positive he was a beta before he saw the patch on his neck, jog to catch up with his friend, saying something about Craig’s freakishly long legs. The other alpha, Tweek assumed was Token, looked at him, “Sorry about that. Craig’s just… terrible at showing his emotions. Just give him a chance. I would love to talk more, but they won’t wait up.” He said before he was also rushing away. Tweek could only blinked as he waited for what all had happened to completely catch up with him. Tweek bit the inside of his mouth to keep from screaming and just started walking past Stan and Kyle.

Stan and Kyle exchanged a look with each other, Stan being the first one to open his mouth, “Should we te-” “No.” Kyle shook his head as he said this, “He would freak out more than he already is. We should tell him he just walked passed our class though.” Kyle said before he rushed off to grab Tweek and take him to class. Stan wanted to tell him what Craig just did, whether subconsciously or not, but he didn’t want to uestion his friend, so he didn’t.

Tweek jumped when he felt hands grab at his arm, “Gah! What do you want?!” Tweek yelled as he turned around, only to find Kyle with his hands held up. “Oh. -ngh- sorry about that..”
Kyle nodded, he could understand why Tweek was jumpy. “You passed the class.” “Oh. Th-thanks..?” Tweek didn’t mean for it to come out as a question, but it did. He turned and followed Kyle back to the room, Stan had already went into the class and had taken his seat. Kyle went and sat next to him, Tweek wasn’t very good at knowing how people felt about each other, but he knew the look Stan gave Kyle was more than a ‘Super Best Friends’ look.
As Tweek looked around to see the open seats, he only seen one. And it was directly in front of Eric Cartman. He could feel cold sweat run down his back as he gulped but quickly went and took the seat, trying to ignore Cartman behind him. But soon, he couldn’t do that. Because Cartman decided to sniff at him, before loudly exclaiming, “Holy fuck!” Which made Tweek flinch, “Did you and Tucker fuck?!”
Tweek started shaking and pulling at his hair, “Oh God! No! I bumped into him!” Tweek’s mind was running wild, what if all the kids now thought they had fucked and he was loose?!

“Eric!” Mrs. Gaeth yelled at him, she had just gotten to the classroom.
“What?! I’m just trying to see if the new kid is just like other omegas!” That statement made some omegas look away, and others pissed off. Tweek was one that tried to get away from the screaming alpha behind him, Kyle was one that got pissed off.
“Oh shut the hell up fatass! You’re just pissed that no one in their right mind wants to fuck you!” Kyle yelled as he looked over at Cartman.
“Fuck you, you damn Jew! No one wants to fuck you because you Jews steal money!” Cartman turned his attention back to Tweek. “If you two didn’t fuck, then why do you smell like him, huh, slut?!”

“Eric!” Mrs. Gaeth yelled again, she didn’t say anything when he and Kyle was going at it because she knew Kyle could take up for himself. Plus, she’s had to help another teacher and Stan physically remove the ginger away from Cartman before. Tweek’s eyes widened as he sniffed himself, he did kinda smell like Craig- Oh God! That only helped Cartman’s point! “I -Ugh!- I only bumped into him! He-He must’ve rubbed his scent on me, or it -ah!- happened by accident when we bumped into each other!”
Cartman was getting pissed at this point, “Oh stop trying to hide that you’ve already fucked Craig!” Tweek was about to get up and leave, but someone- well, Cartman- grabbing the back of his shirt collar and yanking him back and trying to look down his shirt made him freeze. He honestly felt like his world stopped, Tweek was tense and his breath was coming out in short burst, he knew this feeling he was about to have a panic attack. He didn’t hear people yelling at the bigger of the two, how Mrs. Gaeth was calling the Principle, or how Kyle and Stan said they were both going to kick his ass (More Kyle yelling it and Stan agreeing on the sidelines), or the other comments from the other kids in class that he didn’t know. He did, however, notice when the door was slammed open and he first seen Craig, then the two that was with him from before trying to hold their friend back.

“Craig, I don’t know what the hell is happening but I don’t...think…” Token was saying as he looked into the room and saw what was happening. Token wanted to ask how Craig knew what was going on, but couldn’t find the voice. He and Clyde exchanged looks before both of them moved their hands away from Craig and let the alpha loose. Craig, feeling he was freed from their grasp, went flying towards Cartman and quickly tackled him to the ground and started wailing in him.

Tweek was still frozen in place, only moving when Kyle moved him away from the area so he wouldn’t end up getting hit. He wanted to run back home and never leave, but his fear kept him locked in place. Clyde and Token was over by them now, “Hey dude, you okay?” He never heard this voice before, or he didn’t know their names. It was the kid that was with Craig and Token when they bumped into the hall.

“God dammit Craig! Fuckin- Stop!” Cartman was wailing under Craig who was still beating him over, and over, and over. Too many things were happening at once and he couldn’t keep track of it all. Token, Clyde and the teacher was trying to remove Craig from Cartman, but he wasn’t budging. That’s when the Principle walked in, “What in the world is going on here?!” She yelled as she looked around the classroom to see Craig beating the shit out of Cartman, an omega having a panic attack, and a teacher and two students trying to split up a fight. “Craig! If you don’t stop right now you will get suspended!” Tweek’s eyes widened. Craig didn’t deserve to get suspended, he was just doing this because Cartman was being a creeper- and though Tweek had no clue how Craig knew something was happening, he was grateful for it. If Craig got into trouble for helping him, Tweek would feel like shit. “Wait! Un! Craig didn’t do anything wrong. Ca-Cartman was..” That small burst of confidence he had went down the drain.

“He was trying to look down Tweek’s shirt, ma’am. Not to mention, Cartman was threatening Tweek this morning.” Kyle said as he stepped up to speak for Tweek. Craig had stopped his punching by now and stood up, leaving Cartman a bloody mess on the floor.

Craig slowly walked towards Tweek and looked at him. “He didn’t do anything else did he?” Tweek shook his head, not trusting his voice in this situation. “Are you okay?” Tweek took a minute on this one. Mentally, no. He never was, physically, he was. He supposed. So he nodded his head. He had to block out the “aww”ing from the girls in the back (He thinks he heard the brown haired one as well, but he wasn’t for sure).
The principle sighed. “Okay. Tweek, Craig, go to the nurse then to Mr.Mackey. Cartman will be going to the nurse as well, but he’ll get picked up by his mother.” The principal said and Tweek could only nod. He didn’t know where the nurse’s office was, but he was hoping that Craig did. They all had to walk to the nurses office together. Well, Cartman in the front and Tweek and Craig walking beside each other from behind him.

Tweek looked over at Craig’s fists that were bloody and bruised. “..I’m sorry.” This brought Craig’s attention from making sure Cartman was a goods way away to Tweek.
“Why?” His nasally voice was calming to to the omega.
“I almost got you suspended from school. You don’t even -ah!- know me.”
Craig shrugged, “It’s fine. It wouldn’t be the first time. But I didn’t so it's fine.”
Tweek wanted to argue, but couldn’t and looked away. Soon enough they came to the nurse’s door and walked in. The nurse was busy with Cartman and only glanced at the pair of boys. She smelt that Tweek was an omega, “Oh! Honey, could you take care of Craig while I deal with this one? His doesn’t seem to be as bad as his..” Tweek jumped and didn’t know what to do, so he just nodded his head.
He led Craig to the sink and made him run his hand under the water before grabbing some paper towels from the dispenser and turning the water off, gently Tweek took one of Craig's hands in his and dried it off while wiping the blood off. Craig did whatever Tweek wanted, watching how the jittery blond was calm while focusing. Sure there was a nervous twitch then and again, but the little noises Tweek made was kinda… comforting to Craig. “You seem used to this.” Craig’s sudden voice made Tweek jump, “Ahh! Ng… I get burned, a lot, when I work at my parents' coffee shop..” Tweek said while he continued to dry his other hand off.
“Oh? Coffee Shop?”
“Yeah.. We moved here after -ngh- a bigger store moved next door..” Tweek said as he looked around and stared opening drawers, soon pulling out a few alcohol pads, gauze, and tape. He opened one of the alcohol pads and looked up at Craig, “This is -ngh- going to hurt.” Tweek said before he started going over the small scrapes on Craig’s fist.
Craig flinched but busied himself with trying to learn more about Tweek. “Is that why you’re scent smells like coffee, or is that just a coincidence?”
“I smell like coffee? I think it’s just -ngh- a coincidence though.” Tweek said as he repeated what he did to the other fist.
Craig leaned forward a bit and sniffed. “Yeah. Definitely coffee. It’s ironic though. Is the shop named after you?” When Tweek went quiet, he thought he did something wrong. “Tweek?” It was when he looked at Tweek, he saw that his green eyes were focusing on his hand, the tip of his tongue stuck out from the corner of his mouth as he wiped and bandage his hands. Craig stopped talking, just watching him concentrate. “Lunch is next. You can sit with us. Clyde hasn’t shut up about you.”
Tweek finished wrapping his hands as this point and he jumped. “Ungh! Are you sure?” Craig nodded, “If Clyde doesn’t get to talk to you, I think he might go crazy.” Tweek gave a small smile, “Alright…”

After that talk, they went to see Mr.Mackey. When they walked on, he looked up from his papers and looked at the two boys,. “Oh. You two are back. M’kay.. What happened?”

“Cartman was trying to look down Tweek’s shirt and I beat the shit out of him.”
“Oh. M’kay…. Craig, do you know why you have been fighting everyone?”
“It hasn’t been everyone, it’s been Cartman. He’s being an ass.”
“...M’kay… I think I know what’s going on here. Craig, we’ll act like this didn’t happen. Go to lunch. Tweek,” Tweek jumped when the attention was on him again, “Maybe you could try to get some scent patches, m’kay? I think it’ll be best for both of you.” Tweek could only nod, “Y-yes…” He said and twitched slightly.
Once they left Mr.Mackey’s office, the pair walked to the lunch room together. Tweek tried to ignore the stares, as Craig successfully ignored it and walked to his table, Tweek followed him closely. When they both sat at the table, Tweek was almost tackled by the brown haired boy.

“So how do you know Craig?”