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Preferential Treatment

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Jungkook clenched his teeth in pure irritation as Taehyung kept bouncing all over his bedroom. On his bed, on the bean bags, on his desk chair, on any pile of dirty or clean clothes.

He took a deep breath as he tried concentrating on his game. He didn't always get the chance to play Overwatch, so when he could, he took the chance happily. It was just like Taehyung to come bother him.

"Jungkooook~ Come watch One Piece with me!" Taehyung sang as he bounced repeatedly on Jungkook's bed as if it was a trampoline.

Jungkook rolled his eyes at his annoying hyung. Sometimes he wondered if he was truly the maknae or if it was Taehyung.

"Come on Jungkook! You've been playing for over two hours." Taehyung complained as he began to pout like a man child.

"Go away hyung." Jungkook answered plainly, not even bothering to look at Taehyung.

Taehyung crossed his arms in frustration before his eyes lit up. He had an idea, not a great one, but it just might work. Or fail miserably. He wasn't one to think negatively.

Taehyung bounded across the room towards the front of the flat screen TV as he started to wave his arms around like a maniac. The long sleeves of his shirt waved around everywhere covering most of the screen.

The sound of his character dying was the last metaphorical straw. Jungkook stood up and quickly walked towards Taehyung. Everyone knew better than to bother him while he played Overwatch.

Jungkook picked Taehyung's squirming figure and slung him over his broad shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

"Hey! Wait up, Jungkook!" Taehyung yelped as the younger man left his room and headed straight towards Taehyung's shared bedroom.

A pained groan left Taehyung's mouth when Jungkook roughly threw him on his bed. The bed squeaked loudly under the force of the throw.

Jungkook gave him a hard glare before leaving the room with a harsh slam of the door.

"That brat...freaking muscle bunny." Taehyung huffed before he rolled off his aching ass and back.

Later on, in the day, most of the members were out doing who knows what. Jungkook took this as an opportunity to play Overwatch in the living room with the ultra HD 70" flat screen TV and surround system.

"Damn it..." Jungkook grumbled loudly as he pressed buttons on his controller intensely.

Jungkook was so into his game, that he didn't notice Jimin and Taehyung coming back home from one of their many best friends dates.

"Jungkookie!!" Jimin said happily as he skipped his way towards the slightly annoyed maknae.

"Jimin I don't think-," Taehyung started to say, but was ignored.

Jimin wrapped his lean pale arms across Jungkook's broad back as Jungkook continued to focus on his game. Jimin cuddled closer as he mushed his face into the place where collarbone became shoulder.

"Hyung...pleasee," Jungkook whined as he halfheartedly tried to shake Jimin off of him.

"Jimin, maybe you should stop before Jungkook loses it." Taehyung said pointlessly as he was only ignored once again.

"Kook-ah," Jimin says with a cute pout.

Jimin brushed his dainty fingers across Jungkook's neck, a place that was very sensitive. Jungkook had to bite his bottom lip to hold in a deep groan as his eyelids threaten to close shut.

His character died. Taehyung paled at seeing the screen. He shuddered remember what happened to him when he made Jungkook's character die.

"Jimin, watch out he's gonna-," Taehyung started, but slowly trailed off.

Jungkook set his controller down gently as he calmly stood up and turned to face his tiny hyung.

Taehyung expected something worse than what happened to him. At least with him, Jungkook was angry and glaring. Now, he was terrifyingly calm and even smiling.

What the actual...what was happening? Was Jungkook gonna kill Jimin?

Just when Taehyung was debating grabbing a shoe to smack over Jungkook's head to give Jimin the chance to escape and live. Jungkook ever so gently picked up Jimin in his arms bridal style.

Jungkook held Jimin as if he was delicate porcelain doll worth thousands of dollars. He cradled Jimin close to his muscular chest as Jimin cuddled him. Jimin even giggled.

It was safe to say, Taehyung was more than a little confused and offended. Like really, what was happening!?

"Woah...I see how it is." Taehyung grumbled just done with Jungkook being some sort of Jimin stan.

Jungkook walked towards his bedroom planning to leave Jimin there. He wanted his Jiminie to be nicely bundled up and smelling like him.

Jungkook did just that. His hyung looked so cute practically drowning in the soft blankets. The cute pout still on his face as he looked up at Jungkook with wide brown eyes.

"Come cuddle with hyung, Kookoo-ah." Jimin said softly as he snuggled his face into Jungkook's pillow.

"Hmm...maybe later. I haven't finished playing." Jungkook answered.

Jimin's pout grew even larger. Eyes instantly became watery and bottom lip trembled. He brought his arms up as if to coax Jungkook into cuddling.

Already, Jungkook could feel himself wanting to say yes. There was no better place than Jimin's arms, but he also really wanted to play Overwatch. In the end, he gave in, just like he always did.

"Fine..." Jungkook huffed out, not sounding as annoyed as he should be.

Jimin was smiling brightly. The lip tremble and sad teary eyes gone in a split second. The younger man shook his head in exasperation. Of course, Jimin was faking it all.

Surprisingly, Jungkook didn't mind one bit. He cuddled himself closer to Jimin, his sweet cherry blossom scent perfectly mixing in with Jungkook's own winter pine.

This was home. Not their dorms in Seoul. Or his parent's two story house in Busan. Home was the warm space between Jimin's arms.


"Hobi hyung! Please stop," Jungkook groaned as he tried to push Hoseok away.

Hoseok could be too touchy and clingy at times. Some could argue that Jimin was the exact same if not worse, but that wasn't the point.

Hoseok hyung was constantly messing with his styled hair, squeezing him from behind, or pinching his cheeks. Usually, Jungkook didn't necessarily mind the excessive affection, but he wasn't in the mood today.

He had barely slept the night before because the others prohibited Jimin and him from sleeping together. Saying that they kept everyone wake up with their shenanigans and what not. Taehyung had smirked at them when saying "what not..."

It wasn't like they were having sex. Jungkook wished, but Jimin probably didn't feel that way about him. Jimin probably saw him as his younger brother that followed him around. Satellite Jeon as some fans took to calling him. And Jungkook didn't disagree.

That night, Jungkook didn't sleep a wink because he didn't have Jimin's sweet scent or soft humming to soothe him. It was amazing how much of an impact Jimin was in his life. This is all lead to the dark rain cloud currently hanging over his head at the fan signing and overall crankiness towards Hoseok hyung's clinginess.

Jungkook pushed his tongue inside his cheek as Hoseok hugged him from behind and chattered away in his ear. Many fans were screaming at the cute moment. Jungkook was not feeling it all.

"Hobi hyung, I'm not in the mood." Jungkook whispered, aware that fans could overhear and seen as a rude dongsaeng.

Unlike Taehyung, Hoseok could take the hint. He gave Jungkook one last pinch to the soft skin under his chin before scurrying away to bother Yoongi.

Both Hoseok's and Taehyung's favorite target. Jungkook was almost 100% sure they both held feelings for Bangtan's resident grumpy cat. Yoongi did for sure. He had told Jungkook one night when he came home drunk. But you didn't hear that from Jungkook.

It wasn't long before another member came bounding over to bother Jungkook as he signed a fan's Map of the Soul: Persona album.

He was busy having a nice conversation with the fan when he felt someone begin to mess with his dark hair. They were rubbing his hair rapidly getting it to stand up straight. Jungkook was ready to reach up and swat their hands away when he saw their hands slip down to his neck.

These were hands Jungkook was very familiar with. Hands that Jungkook has caught himself staring at for hours and memorizing every nook and cranny of.

Jimin. It was Jimin.

Almost instantly, the frown creeping up onto his face turned into a big grin. He was sure he looked like a love sick fool.

He didn't notice when the fan moved on to the next member and the next one came. He was much too busy turning around and falling into the chocolatey depths that were Jimin's eyes.

Jimin was smiling brightly as he proceeded to rub soft fingertips down his brows then the corners of his eyes and cheekbones until he ended up brushing against the turned up edges of his lips.

They were so lost in each other. In their own little world. Neither of them notice fans recording their every little move or Namjoon hyung quickly approaching them in a panic.

"Earth to Jimin and Jungkook." Namjoon whispered-yelled at them.

They both snapped out of it as twin blushes crept onto their cheeks. Jimin had the decency to look somewhat ashamed, but Jungkook just smirked internally.

"Jungkook, people are gonna notice that you only let Jimin touch you. Keep the preferential treatment to a minimum, okay?" Namjoon scolded, but the amusement in his eyes told Jungkook he wasn't actually mad.

Jungkook didn't think he was being that obvious, but he didn't care. If he could, he would scream to the whole world that he loved Jimin. So at Namjoon's words he only smiled "innocently" and nodded in assurance.

Jimin, on the other hand, looked thoughtful. His eyes were glazed over as if he wasn't really there. Jungkook didn't get chance to ask if he was okay when the fan in front of him coughed to get his attention. Jimin quickly left after that with a cherry red blush and shy smile.

For the remaining time of the fan signing, Jungkook could not get that look out of his mind. Jimin, his cute face stained red as he tried to hide behind his little hands, key word: tried. That shy, sweet smile and scrunched up button nose. But most of all, his sparkling chocolate brown eyes full of realization and love.


The knock that came to his bedroom door as the clock hit midnight came to a complete surprise. Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows as he walked to the door.

Must be Seokjin hyung wanting to do a late EatJin. Or Jimin. But the other members have prohibited them from being together at night. So no, probably not Jimin. Although, he hoped with all his heart it was the older man.

Jungkook opened the door getting ready to see Jin hyung, but instead it was Jimin looking down shyly at his slippers.

"Jimin hyung? What are you doing here?" Jungkook questioned.

The older man took a deep, gasping breath before he pulled Jungkook down by the collar of his loose collared white t-shirt and planted a big one on his mouth.

The kiss was soft, yet bruising in it's passion. Their lips were intertwined in a sensual dance of their own making. Jimin tasted so sweet, and his lips were plump consuming his own thinner ones. Jungkook was in heaven.

Just when Jungkook's hands found their way on Jimin's slim waist, Jimin pulled away a mere centimeter away. Their ragged breathing could still be felt on each other's kiss swollen lips.

"I like you too Kookoo-ah." Jimin whispered shyly.

"What?! What do you mea-," Jungkook started, but was cut off.

"See you tomorrow! Sweet dreams!" Jimin quickly exclaimed before practically running away into his room that he shared with Hoseok hyung.

"Hyung wait!!" Jungkook pointlessly yelled as Jimin already slammed his door shut.

A loud shush from somewhere else in the house made Jungkook made yell a quick sorry before scrambling back inside his room.

Jungkook threw himself on his bed hiding a large exuberant smile into the many soft blankets he had.

Sweet dreams, indeed.