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Chains of Fate: The Beginnings

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Kurapika had a rough day at work. He's never had such a difficult client in all his time as a bodyguard, and it's a miracle he didn't lose his cool and quit already. How was it possible to be so unreasonable as to ask for something as priceless as the statue of Liberty? No one could do such a thing! And no one should expect such a thing!

How on earth did Kurapika survive this spoiled brat? He didn't have time for this. None at all. He had his own issues and was completely over it.


Kurapika loosened his tie as he entered his bathroom. Turning on the light and seeing himself in the mirror, he could have sworn his reflection was some kind of ghost. He looked so... lifeless! The only other color on his face being the dark grayish purple bags under his eyes. He was absolutely beat, and had no intention of working himself up by thinking about today's events.

Unbuckling his belt and letting his pants and underwear slide down his legs to the floor, Kurapika stepped out of them as he unbuttoned his shirt. Then, sitting on the toilet, he noticed something. A tiny amount of something clear and slimy looking could be seen on his underwear on the floor. And, when he shifted a bit, he could feel that the area in between his small little booty cheeks was a bit... slippery, than it should be. Yes, unfortunately, he was coming on his preheat. No wonder he's been so irritable.

I guess I'll have to get a slick pad...

Reaching for the cabinet under the sink, Kurapika felt for slick pads that he usually put in this exact spot. But there was no more... that really sucked.

Ah! Damnit... so I need to get some more?

Yes. He did need to get more, since he didn't have any left and he absolutely had to have slick pads, or he'd be soaked all day every day until his preheat and heat were over. That meant a nice trip to the good ol' convenience store, where he could get everything he needed for his preheat.

He'd have to go tonight or else his sheets would be soaked in the morning. So, after hopping into the shower really quick, Kurapika slipped on his casual pants and shirt, making sure to grab his house keys and wallet before sliding on his crocs and heading out.

The beauty of a convenience store was that it lived up to its name of convenience. Being only a couple buildings down the street across from Kurapika's apartment building, he could just roll out and be back in less than 10 minutes. When he got there, he quietly entered the store. There were more people in there than usual. One man looked so big that Kurapika wasn't sure he'd fit between the aisles.

As Kurapika looked around at the other customers, he noticed how strangely out of place they seemed. They were dressed oddly, one only having a tshirt and some sort of bearskin skirt. And the big one had long earlobes. Kurapika admitted that these people were probably up to something. Is that something bad? He couldn't figure out. But they obviously weren't shopping.

Heading over to the personal hygiene section, Kurapika found a small boy with blonde hair that he was certain came with the rest of these weird people. Being an omega buying things that was obviously for their heat was already a bit awkward, and being a male omega doing these things was EXTREMELY awkward. So when one is shopping for the proper products, one does not wave to another who is shopping for the same products. And this is what the other blonde omega did.

Kurapika gave him an uncomfortable, almost horrified look. But because he was such a polite person, he returned the wave and then immediately tried to pretend that the boy didn't exist.

I should probably get out of here soon...

Scanning the section, Kurapika realized that they didn't have what he was looking for exactly... no overnight slick pads, no scent masking soaps or perfumes that were actually effective, and where are the pain killers and birth control pills?! Kurapika began to worry. He hadn't really gone a heat without these things. But it wasn't too serious. He'd just have to visit a grocery store. They would have it there for cheaper anyway. Grabbing one box of the "ultra thin, wingless" flexible slick pads that were designed for physically active male omegas, Kurapika continued to the front desk to make his purchase. Those were literally all they had, so he would need to make due with that.

In the line, there was an angry lady who seemed to be yelling on the phone and acting hysterical. Stomping, making gestures with her arms and hands to no one in particular, and pacing back and forth in the small space that she had in the line. Kurapika cringed every time she almost hit him. Why was she acting this way? An Alpha female who was angry was never a fun thing. The scent she gave off was of burning wood, which meant she was absolutely furious. Kurapika subconsciously tried making himself smaller.

But of course, this wouldn't help. After all, the world was actively trying to test his patience with these outrageous people. The lady had bumped into Kurapika multiple times already, and she didn't care. It was rude and annoying... and Kurapika's resolve was slowly fading. Then, one huge STOMP on this poor, irritated omega's foot, and he lost it.


As loud as he was in an otherwise quiet store (aside from the screeching banshee on the phone), Kurapika's cry was heard very clearly. Everyone looked, but the Alpha males immediately became alert. Their instincts told them an omega nearing their heat was in distress! Time to save them! But, the Alpha woman's reaction was completely different.

She looked at him, almost to say "how dare you raise your voice at me?" Hanging up her phone, she towered over the boy and growled lowly. Her display of dominance only angered Kurapika, since his emotions were already out of control. He didn't cower away or back down, which surprised a few.



The woman began to yell at Kurapika just as she yelled on the phone. Kurapika was fuming! His eyes shone bright red as he vibrated with anger!

Chrollo stood in front of the refrigerators that held his favorite drinks. They had a lot of flavors today, so he contemplated on which to get. But then, a sudden feeling washed over him. It was a calling, and it undoubtedly said Protect.

Chrollo immediately looked in the direction he heard a yelp of pain from. His instincts drew him to an omega in distress. Who was making him so upset? What caused this omega to shout in such a manner? Looking for the culprit, Chrollo laid eyes on Kurapika and the lady who towered over him. An aggressive alpha baring her fangs at an omega approaching his heat? Chrollo nearly jumped her. How dare she.

Of course, this was his alpha talking. He felt extremely out of place knowing that the omega was upset by another alpha, as did nearly all the other alphas in the store. But as Chrollo took a look at the omega in question, he seemed to be hypnotized.

... Red eyes? How strange. He thought.

As Kurapika got angrier, his eyes glowed more vibrantly. Chrollo couldn't help but stare. Shalnark took notice and quickly called him out.

"You're staring so much boss!"

"... That omega has red eyes. They glow brighter as he gets even more upset."

Shalnark followed his gaze, and sure enough, there they were. The crimson eyes. They were beautiful. Chrollo continued to watch, hoping that the argument would end peacefully, but also wishing he could steal this person.

Beautiful... what a gorgeous human being...

All that he could think of was beautiful. Kurapika is so beautiful. His angry face is beautiful. His flushed skin is radiant, his hair is made of gold silk, and his eyes... they were out of this world! This treasure was the rarest of them all. Chrollo knew that there was nothing else like him on earth. Complete perfection personified in this beautiful omega.

Chrollo was in love. He wanted all that beauty for himself to behold every day for the rest of his life. Shalnark stood, watching his friend fall in love in mere seconds, just from watching this rarity go at it with an alpha on his preheat.

"Very pretty. Do you want him?" Shalnark asked.

... Do I want him?

The question had an obvious answer. Of course he wanted him. But Shalnark asked in the same way he did whenever Chrollo saw something he'd plan to steal. As if he were talking about candy in the store or a toy in a toy shop... but Kurapika was unbelievable. Chrollo had become obsessed with the idea of making him his the moment it was put into his head.

"Yes. I want him very, very much."

As the woman who had been yelling at Kurapika was escorted out of the store, Kurapika bought his preheat items and left without another word. Shalnark went to Uvogin and whispered something in his ear just as Kurapika left. With the expression he gave Shalnark, Chrollo was sure that he'd end up getting what he wanted in the end. All that was needed now was a way to get close enough without alarming Kurapika. But oh, the things Chrollo had planned for once he finally had him. The list was almost endless.

The first step: research. Learn as much as possible before approaching him.

Kurapika returned home out of breath with extremely furrowed brows. That woman sure pushed him and tested his patients. Attempting to calm himself, Kurapika headed to his kitchen and started a pot of tea. While it was heating, he went to the bathroom to put on the slick pad that he bought from the store. They were small, which meant that he'd have to use two to make a longer one to somewhat resemble the overnight pads. Kurapika sighed. A bratty client, a hot headed alpha, and no overnight pads or painkillers, with no way of masking his heat scent? This day needed to end before it possibly got any worse.

Shalnark sat at the computer desk scrolling through a wall of text. There was a picture of Kurapika, and the document listed his full name, date of birth, height, weight, and gender.

"Hey, boss. This says he works as a bodyguard under an agency ran by the Hunters Association. A master nen user... conjurer? And a specialist when his eyes are red. Member of the Kurta clan, Kurapika Kurta. Born April 4th, standing at 5'7", weighing in at 129.8 lbs, blood type AB, 19 years old... he's young. Unmated male omega."

Shalnark sat back in his chair as Uvogin brings him an ice pack. Shalnark's bond mark has been bothering him lately, feeling rather swollen and sore. So his sweet alpha was taking care of him by providing some kind of relief.

"Ah! Thanks Uvo~"

As Chrollo listened about Kurapika, he processed the information and thought about what he'd just learned. An unmated male omega was indeed quite uncommon. Usually male omegas would be mated early in life or captured and sold on the black market. But, seeing as he was a master nen user, it made since why his new obsession hadn't fallen victim to omega trafficking.

"Kurta clan."

"Yeah. They're a clan known for their scarlet eyes that only transform when they're excited. It says here that it's an endangered clan, with a little over 100 members and just 37 of them possessing the scarlet eyes."

"Ah. So, not the only person with scarlet eyes like I originally thought. But still a unique treasure."

Chrollo sat on the windowsill with a small book in hand. Machi and Pakunoda sat at a small folding table playing cards, while Shizuku, Franklin, Bonolenov, Nobunaga, and Phinks all sit in the livingroom. There is a man's bloody corpse in the corner next to Feitan, who was sitting on a crate, reading a book.

"Are we taking his eyes?" Feitan asked excitedly.

"No. We're taking him. Alive."

Chrollo stood from his seat to announce his plans.

"No harm is to come to this omega. He's mine. I'll be taking him myself, and I need no assistance."

"Wait, boss. I don't think this is a very good idea..."

Bonolenov spoke up before Chrollo could leave to conduct his plan. Standing up to face Chrollo, the alpha explained.

"He's a tribe's omega. It's not going to be that easy to capture him. He's a master nen user, and he was raised secluded from the society that we know. He isn't your typical omega. He's gonna be tougher, and harder to get. Let us help you out so things happen smoothly and according to plan."

"... Bono. You're mated to a tribe's omega, correct?"

Chrollo paused and thought long and hard.

A tribe's omega could be different from one raised under society's view of an omega...

"In small tribes like the Kurta clan, omegas are treasured. They're important to the survival of the tribe. So omegas there are taught to fight at young ages, so they can protect themselves while their alphas are away hunting. Kurapika won't be a weak omega. We have to plan carefully. He'll fight back like an alpha would."

"... Shalnark. Find more information on the Kurta clan. Nobunaga and Machi will go find the omega and watch him. Tell me everything you can. Don't get caught."

A collective "yes boss" from everyone with a job to do.

This mission will be quite interesting. Chrollo thought to himself.

"I wanna help too boss!" Uvogin suddenly exclaimed.

"You're too reckless."

Without a second thought, Chrollo dismissed Uvogin's offer. And he was wise in doing so. Uvogin was FAMOUS for making a big scene! He'd get himself killed. Kurapika would be able to smell him from a mile away, the way his pheromones would be screaming DANGER! DANGER! IT'S COMIN' FOR YA! To any omega who smelled it.

"Besides Uvo, you've gatta stay here and be my man servant! This preheat is really killing me... I need painkillers. They didn't have any at that convenience store."

Turning in the computer chair to give Uvogin the biggest puppy dog eyes he was capable of, Shalnark smirked while holding the ice pack to his neck.

"Could you get me some of those really good painkillers from that place we went to that one time? Please?"

"That's all the way across town!"


"Why do I need to go that far for some painkillers?!"

"Because your omega is in pain and those are the only ones that work for him!"

"You haven't even tried the others!"

"I'll give you a big present for doing this for me."

Reaching up to cup Uvogin's face in his small hands, Shalnark placed the sweetest kiss on Uvogin's cheek. It melted his heart, and he gave in rather quickly.

"Sigh... I'll be back."

"Thank you Uvo~"

"You two are disgusting." Feitan snarled from his spot in the corner.

"You should be the one to talk. Feitan, who enjoys reading books next to rotting corpses."

Phinks lets out a small chuckle from across the room. Feitan ignores the both of them and continues to read his book.

"Corpses are good company. They never interrupt your quiet time by talking."

And with that last remark, Shalnark made a face and continued on with his assignment. Soon he'd found documentation of the Kurta clan and their customs, traditions, and all the important things that make them unique.

"Boss! There's a book written by MLFC. It's called The Clan with Scarlet Eyes."

"Where can I find that, Shal."

"Looks pretty popular. You can probably get it at any Library. I'll check to see if it's in one of the closer libraries here."

"I'll get it myself. Feitan, come with me."

With that, the two left, and Phinks, Franklin, Shizuku, Bonolenov, and Shalnark were left in the apartment.

The next day, Kurapika woke up with the worst preheat cramps he could have ever imagined. He had trouble getting up from his bed, but he had to go to work to get his next assignment. In about three days he'd have to go on leave for his heat, and he'd need the money for the whole week that he'd be out. He would have to power through the pain and make the most of these three days. Getting up from the blankets, Kurapika cringed. His makeshift overnight slick pads had shifted to the side. So, his clothes and bedsheets were soaked.

"Augh! No!" He whined.

This day was already off to a great start. Looks like Kurapika was in for another long, exhausting day. Hopefully he'd have a better client today than before. Grabbing the sheets and destroying his perfectly crafted nest, Kurapika placed the sheets in the washing machine. After starting it, he headed straight to the shower where he would wash all the slick off him and get clean before he left. He was going to stop at the grocery store on his way to work and get his preferred pads and the rest of his necessities to help him get through this day.

After a long, relaxing shower, Kurapika got out of his bathroom and patted himself dry with his favorite fluffy towel. He rubbed the towel on his face for longer than he usually did, purring happily as he sat there, clean and naked. He didn't snap out of it until after a couple of minutes. But when he did, he suddenly felt a sense of dread. His symptoms were becoming more prominent and harder to control by the minute. This preheat was particularly unforgiving. But, at least his cramps faded a bit from the warm water in the shower. If his morning coffee and warm breakfast could take care of the rest, he could hope to be rid of his morning pains! That'd be one misfortune taken care of, and one less issue ruining his day.

Kurapika got dressed in his suit and tie, and then started a pot of coffee. For breakfast, he made an egg and miso soup with the leftover tofu he had from dinner about two days ago. This soup always managed to hit just the right spot, and it became Kurapika's favorite breakfast, especially during mornings in which his preheat cramps were at their worst. The warm soup and hot coffee did the trick, and soon those pesky cramps were gone. Kurapika enjoyed this meal so much that he packed some to eat for lunch today.

After he finished cleaning up, Kurapika took the time to check on his sheets. They should be done by now and ready to go in the dryer. And, sure enough, they were. So he put them in the dryer and when he returned from work, they'd be dry and he could reconstruct his nest that he had to destroy. Of course he was extremely sour about that. But any omega would be, especially when they're nearing their heat. The nest was important if you wanted an easy, smooth ride through your heat. It was unheard of for an omega to go a heat without a nest or to destroy their nest during their preheat. The preheat was the most painful part of this whole thing! What's worse is that this time, Kurapika has started his preheat in the middle of the week. It would have been a blessing if it started on a Friday, ended on a Sunday, and then he could call out for the following week for his heat. Too bad it didn't happen that way.

But, life goes on and so should Kurapika. With everything done and his morning routine finished, he left for the grocery store.

Machi and Nobunaga moved as soon as Kurapika walked out of the apartment building. They followed him all around, and even entered the grocery store.

"It looks like he's on his preheat."

"... so?"

"So he's gonna be super weak! Let's take him now. Skip all the extra stuff and make the boss happy."

"Stick to the plan Nobu. Remember what Bonolenov said about tribe omegas."

"Oh come on! Look at him! He doesn't look like someone who can even stand a chance against one member of the Phantom Troupe, let alone two. We could do it!"

"You're an idiot if you go by looks alone. Let's see where that gets you in the future."

"Aah, whatever."

Nobunaga's attempts at convincing Machi to kidnap Kurapika now had failed. But, that didn't mean he couldn't try to show her how easy it would be to approach an omega in their preheat. His superiority complex was almost unbearable whenever he knew he'd be in an unmated omega's presence. Thank god the only omega in the troupe was already mated. He'd be a complete jerk all the time if Shalnark was still single.

Why the hell is he like this every single time?

Machi wondered. She already knew she was in for a long, stressful, and irritating day with Nobunaga.

"He's moving. Let's go."


Dialing a number, Nobunaga put the phone up to his ear and waited for an answer. The two followed Kurapika in a crowd and made sure to stay at least a two person's distance from him to avoid suspicion. It was better to be safe than sorry, because as soon as he felt their presence and intent, they'd surely be in for some trouble. As Machi focused on Kurapika, Nobunaga spoke on the phone.

"Yeah... he's not active just yet. We don't know how he uses them... Can't we just take him? What sense does it make to wait until he can actually beat us? He's weak now! His guard is done! The opportunity needs to be taken before it's gone!"

Rrrr... shut UP Nobu! You're drawing too much attention to us! Machi thought rather angrily.

Machi elbowed Nobunaga in the stomach. He might not have been paying attention, but Kurapika was currently very aware of them. And it would only be a matter of time before he realized that they were following him if Nobunaga didn't shut his big mouth.

"Stop! What's he gonna do? Look at this little pipsqueek! Boss, we can handle him! We can bring him back to you and you'll have him TODAY. Skip all that research bullshit! You're the top alpha. You should have any omega you want!"

Machi considered sewing his mouth closed. Many omegas in the crowd shot them funny looks and scoffed. Kurapika glanced back to see who had the nerve to make such comments in public. It was repulsive. His way of thinking was a bit out of date and he should really shut up. Machi was worried. The mission was at jeopardy now, because Kurapika was actively trying to avoid them. So not only was he aware of them, but he was trying to get away from them. If they gave chase, he'd know immediately that they were following him, and then he'd fight. Machi didn't like to fail missions that Chrollo specifically assigned to her. If she was going to have to leave Nobunaga in this crowd, so be it.

"Nobu. Shut. The fuck. Up." She whispered threw clenched teeth. Of course, she went unheard.

"You can read about it later. At least you would have him by the time you're ready to get busy."


"Nobu. Stick to my plan and don't act out of place. I don't care what you say. I won't risk it."

Shalnark listened to the call as he laid in his nest. They had taken over a few hotel rooms to prepare for his heat, as well as Kurapika's arrival. Chrollo would be in his own room that he would share with Kurapika, and Shalnark and Uvogin shared their own room. Uvogin sat in a chair next to the nest, making sure that Shalnark was comfortable.

"Uvo, why don't you sit in here with me?"

"... I was making sure you were good first before I go get something to eat and then take a shower."

Shalnark was nicer to Uvogin when he smelled fresh, since his scent was very strong and would often mix with the smell of blood or other things that Shalnark didn't find so attractive. Uvogin loved to be in a nest that Shalnark had made. It was always neat, clean, and warm. It smelled like his omega, and it soothed his nerves to be so close to his mate. So, if there was anything he could do to make his presence more welcomed by his omega, he'd gladly do it.

"Oh! Yes. Take a shower first. Please."

Shalnark turned in his spot to lay on his stomach and bury his face in a fuzzy pillow while Uvogin left to find something to eat. Meanwhile, Chrollo scolded Nobunaga as he made a scene on the other side of the call.


"Machi and the omega are both gone boss!" He screamed, as he looked around, bumping into people and shoving others out of his way. He looked like a fool! Machi had turned a corner that Kurapika took to get to the building of his workplace. Nobunaga was too busy being an ass to realize that they were both going a different direction.

Kurapika entered the building and immediately turned to a room that said "employees only" on the door. Machi couldn't go in without raising all kinds of alarms and drawing attention to herself. She'd have to wait in the lounge area for him to come out and follow him then. From what she was told, he should just be taking a job offer from here. He'd go carry out his job at the indicated location, which she hoped was a public setting outdoors somewhere.

Taking a seat, she decided to just wait. But as soon as she settled down, her phone rang. It was Nobunaga. She knew he'd scream her ear off if she answered it, so she didn't. She just wanted to sit in peace and gather her thoughts. Maybe she could ask Chrollo to change her partner for this mission. She knew Bonolenov would be a perfect partner, but Chrollo would need him to help with his research on the Kurta clan. Literally anyone but Nobunaga would do the job. He needed to be separated from all omegas in her opinion. This mission was not meant for him at all.

After a couple of minutes passed, Kurapika could be seen walking out of the room, laughing and talking with a smaller, bald, bunny-tooth person. Machi moved to follow them shortly after they left the building. When she got outside, she groaned. Kurapika had got into a car with the other person. She'd have to get up higher to keep track of the car. Grabbing her phone from her pocket, Machi dialed Chrollo's number to let him know she lost him. He picked up his phone almost immediately.

"Boss. I lost him." She said.

"He got in a car."


"That's fine, Machi. I have what I need. You can come back. We're making our move tonight."

Chrollo hung up after giving Machi her new orders. Shalnark sat on his phone while Uvogin took his shower. On the phone's screen was a video of Kurapika using his nen abilities.

"He's really dangerous boss. You're in for a treat!"

"I can handle it."

"I don't know. You've got your work cut out for you, that's for sure."

Chrollo turned to look at Shalnark. A feeling of excitement rushed through him. He's found something quite extraordinary, and he couldn't wait to get his hands on it. 

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Kurapika was exhausted. His cramps had unfortunately returned in the middle of his job. But this time, he had to suffer a headache because his client was a mother and her new born baby. Since he was an omega, she was more comfortable with him handling her baby. So he had become the designated babysitter, and while his preheat made the presence of a baby somewhat appealing to him, the baby hollered the entire time because of his unfamiliar scent.

By the time he could get time to himself, the job was done. And, it was nearly lunch time by then. So, because he wanted to avoid another painfully loud situation, he took his painkillers. And then something that could be nothing short of a miracle happened. Kurapika got two more offers! Offers that would cover the three days worth of pay that he would need to take his leave for heat! He accepted the job with pleasure. But there was something they didn't tell him... and that was the fact that the jobs were all child related.

Kurapika would spend the rest of his day babysitting children because his clients all preferred omegas to see after their children. The last one spilled into overtime. So, a days worth of stupidly painful cramps, headaches, and babies screaming, crying, biting, sneezing, drooling, and being overall  tiny demons. He deserved a week's worth of pay. But he got three days worth, plus overtime, and a bonus for reaching his goal of 50 jobs done in 3 months. Honestly, it was worth about 3 times more than that. But he took it happily. He'd have a good heat this month. He thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take off for the rest of the week and the entire week after. He could afford it now, after all. He needed the break.

Now that it was nighttime and basically Friday for him, Kurapika headed straight for the shower. He'd get clean, eat dinner, and then go to sleep. In the morning he would wake up and go back to the grocery store to fill the apartment with food for his heat. And then he'd go pamper himself. Ideally, he would be pampered in his home. But he didn't exactly have anyone to help him do that at home. So, the next best thing was a preheat spa. Kurapika couldn't wait to relax and just sit back while someone else makes him feel good.

Kurapika stepped out of the shower and headed to the kitchen in his towel to start dinner. He was craving nothing but unhealthy comfort food. But, all he had in the house at the moment was a couple of cans of chili. Oddly enough, there was a little bit of sour cream and shredded cheese  left in the fridge, which would go great with his chili. Opening the can, he poured the chili in a pot to warm it up on the stove. While that was cooking, Kurapika went to the dryer and got his bedding out. He would build his nest up again and eat his comfort food chili dinner in his room while he found something to watch on TV. Placing the blankets on his bed while they were still balled up together, he left to check his chili.

Shizuku and Pakunoda sat in the front seat of a delivery van, dressed like delivery workers. In the back, Feitan and Nobunaga stood over a lifeless body, which seemed have once been the driver of the van. Grabbing a random package from the very back of the van, Pakunoda listened to a voice from her phone giving her orders.

"Bonolenov and I are on our way. Wait for our signal. All you need to do is make sure you keep his attention for long enough."

"Got it."

"Don't try anything stupid. Nobu is to stay in the van with Feitan to prevent any misfortunes."

Feitan looked at Nobunaga menacingly as Chrollo finished his statement. 

"This needs to be a smooth and quick process. Keeping the time it takes to a minimum will ensure that we can catch him before he realizes what's going on. Don't mess this up."

With that, Pakunoda hung up the phone and waited for the signal.


Bonolenov and Chrollo arrived at the apartment building shortly after the call. They would stay low and keep their presence hidden before approaching the window that they would use to get into the apartment unit. After reaching the roof of the building, Chrollo and Bonolenov prepared themselves to enter. Once they were ready, Chrollo pressed a button on his phone.

A few moments later, they could see Pakunoda and Shizuku enter the building. Chrollo could see inside through the window. Kurapika was still in his towel. He looked like he was making his bed, so he didn't notice anything just yet. That meant the plan was working. Hopefully the next part would go as planned too.

Kurapika stopped building his nest to go and check his chili. At this point, it should be ready to stir. The smell was just starting to really come out, and it was making him hungry. Grabbing a robe to put on, he went to the kitchen and stirred his chili a bit before placing it on low heat. He'd add the cheese soon. After he was finished stirring, Kurapika could hear a knock at his door. It was almost 10 o'clock. Surely most of the people in this building were asleep or preparing for bed at this time. Especially since it was the middle of the week. Who could it be? It was unlikely that it was one of his neighbors. Setting down the spoon he'd been using, Kurapika went to answer the door.

"Who is it?" He said from inside.

"Hello! We have a package for apartment number 466."

A package, huh? That was interesting. Kurapika opened the door.

"Hello... I wasn't expecting a package today. Are you sure you have the right door?"

"Ah, yes sir. Are you Mr. Kurta?"

"Hmm, yes that's me. But where is this package coming from?"

A woman with blonde hair spoke with Kurapika while the other woman with glasses stood there. They discussed the package, and how it must be a mistake. This went on for about a minute.

"No sir, this was sent from out of the country. This is your online purchase from the International Hunter's Association club in Australia. See?"

The woman glanced at the back into Kurapika's home for a short moment while he looked at the address on the package.

"Um, this says it-"

Suddenly, Kurapika felt something like a blanket being draped over him. He couldn't see anything, but he felt like he was in some kind of sack. The sack swayed a bit, and then it felt like he was sat down on a flat surface. Kurapika was terrified. What the hell was this? He began to panic and squirm around a bit, trying to make sense of what just happened.

The plan was a complete success. Chrollo held in his hands the fun fun cloth ability that he stole. Inside laid the most beautiful and priceless treasure he could have ever imagined. A male omega, who was unmated and a member of the Kurta clan. And to top it off, he had the gorgeous scarlet eyes that made Chrollo fall in love. Admiring the fun fun cloth as its contents were something extremely precious, Chrollo stared for a moment. Then, with a satisfied smirk. He spoke with confidence.

"We did it. Now, Let's go back. I want to take my new possession and be alone to admire him privately." He said, making his way out of the front door.

Bonolenov gave his boss a worried look. Things won't go so smoothly once Kurapika is let out. Stressing out an omega close to their heat was one thing, but doing so with a tribe's omega was an entirely different thing. And because Kurapika seemed to have a short temper, Bono feared that he'd hurt the boss. Pakunoda, Shizuku, and Bonolenov all followed after Chrollo, leaving the apartment as is. 

Back at the hotel, Shalnark and Uvogin had been cozied up in their room. They'd be like this for about one more day until Shalnark's heat began. Uvogin stroked Shalnark's bond mark lovingly, causing his omega to purr happily. They laid in their nest, relaxed and content. But, this was short lived, because their comrades were unfortunately their hotel neighbors. Phinks and Feitan in the room on the left, and Chrollo with Kurapika on the right. It would definitely be an interesting stay this time around. 

Shalnark could hear Feitan and Phinks having a rather serious conversation. They've always been an odd couple. A beta and alpha couple wasn't uncommon, but they were odd in their own right. Feitan was cold natured, and Phinks short tempered. They make a terrifying pair. Shalnark chose not to eavesdrop on their conversation, for fear he'd hear something that would ruin his precious time with his mate. But, he'd send his hopes to them that they can work it out and be as happy as he was at this moment. Shalnark buries his face in Uvogin's chest.

"You smell good." He said.

Phinks sat on the bed while Feitan undressed. Whenever they'd go to hotels like this, Phinks couldn't help but think about Feitan. Many people with mates chose to have their heats in hotels, and the sounds would go through the walls. From screams of pain to screams of pleasure, these sounds struck a feeling within the both of them. Phinks, being a romantic gentleman at heart, did eventually develop a taste for Feitan's rough and violent nature. And in turn, Feitan craved a bit of romance with his play occasionally. So, they'd fill in when they needed to.

Being friends with benefits was completely fine with Feitan. But Phinks wanted something more traditional and official. And so, this is exactly what they were talking about.

"I have plans for the future. Our future. I imagine you with me, and we're in a relationship. An official, solid, and legitimate relationship."

"I can't. I'm sorry."

"What do you mean? Why can't you?"

Feitan sighed as he turned to face Phinks. His hair was a bit disheveled and his shirt was missing, but he looked troubled. Something was bothering him, and this always seemed to be the case when they talked about their relationship.

"Isn't what we're doing enough for you?"

"No. I love you. I want to move on from this phase in our relationship."

"Well I don't."

"... but why? Don't you love me too, Feitan?"


"Answer me. Right now. Don't you feel anything for me?"

"... You're an alpha, Phinks. It's in your nature to claim something you think is your's. But I'm not your's and you can't claim me. I'm not an omega. I can't give you what you want. So find somebody else who can."

Phinks' heart sunk.

"What do you mean you can't give me what I want?"

"You want a mate. You want a family. You want the ideal life that every alpha wants, and being with a beta won't get you that perfect life. We can't even be real mates, Phinks. We can't even form a bond like an alpha and omega can."

"We don't need to form a bond to be a couple."

"Yes, we do. Because we don't belong to each other if we don't have a bond."

Feitan's tone was final. And with that statement, he turned off the light.

"Good night, Phinks."

Chrollo treated the fun fun cloth with extreme care. But, he was quite excited to let him out and finally speak with Kurapika. Setting the cloth down on the floor, he released the tie and out came Kurapika. His eyes shone the same beautiful crimson that it did yesterday. He was frightened, on high alert, and he looked like a cat that was on defense against a threat. Slightly trembling, completely confused, and extremely upset. Chrollo couldn't help but admire the person before him. He was so gorgeous! A smile crept onto his face.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?! WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME?!" Kurapika shouted. Almost immediately after that, he summoned his chains and prepared to fight for his life. And with that, Chrollo began the second part of his plan.

"You have no need to worry. I don't intend to harm you in any way."

Chrollo put his hands up and walked to a chair, where he would sit.

"Please, have a seat. I would like to discuss with you exactly what you're doing here and what I want with you."

Kurapika looked shocked. He couldn't sense any ill intent on the man he saw before him. He spoke a calm voice and a kind expression, while promising no harm to come. It was extremely suspicious.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Chrollo Lucilfer."

Kurapika took a look at Chrollo. A good, long look at him. And then, he summoned his dowsing chain. If he was going to get information about this situation, he might as well make sure it was true. 

"Okay... I'll sit."

Kurapika's voice was laced with confusion, caution, and hesitance. But, he did take a seat eventually. With his dowsing chain ready, they began to talk.

"May I ask what that is there? The chain you're holding?"

"... this is my dowsing chain. It tells me if you're lying or hiding something. Now tell me why you brought me here."

"Hmm... I brought you here because I like you. You're very pretty, and so I wanted to admire your beauty for a bit."

Kurapika was disturbed. What kind of psycho creep was this Chrollo guy? His face contorted into something like disgust and his eyes glowed an even brighter red than before.

"Is that ability the only one, or is there more?"

"There's a lot more. Hopefully I won't have to use them. Where am I?"

"YorkShin City, in MLFC hotel. Can I see how your other chains work, please?"

Kurapika became more and more disturbed as his dowsing chain had yet to indicate that this man had told a lie to him. He was answering his questions honestly, and without hesitation.

"Why do you care?!" He shouted.

"I'm very interested. Of course, you have no need to be so cautious. I intent to leave you be after this."

The dowsing chain stays still. At this point, Kurapika couldn't believe that this man really intended to just talk to him. It was weird and creepy. He had committed a serious crime when he could of just knocked on his door and asked to have a talk with him. He'd report this man to the authorities once he got out of here. But, for now, he supposed that humoring him wouldn't hurt. And so, he proceeded, with caution, to show Chrollo each of his chains and their functions. 

By the time he was finished explaining what each chain did, he was completely calm. His eyes were no longer red and he was relatively relaxed, considering the situation. But, he couldn't help but notice a change in Chrollo's vibe. Before, it was like he couldn't trust him, but only because he's crazy and weird. But now, it was like he couldn't trust him because he's up to something that he hasn't told him yet. And that made Kurapika want to leave.

"... Okay. I think I'll go now."

"So soon? You wouldn't like to stay a bit longer?"

"No." Kurapika said immediately. Obviously he didn't.

Chrollo stood up and spoke again.

"Well then, I'll show you out. You should be careful! An omega all alone at night in only a robe would give people the wrong idea, after all."

Only a robe?... oh... HE WAS STILL BUTT NAKED! Kurapika's face flushed bright red as his eyes began to glow a bit. How embarrassing. And he hadn't even noticed! And to top that off, his chest was a bit exposed from squirming around in that sack. Kurapika couldn't look him in the eyes! 

"Uh- I..." was all he could mutter out.

As Kurapika closed his robe to cover himself even more, he moved toward the door, with Chrollo guiding him out with his hand. And then, he couldn't remember much else. Everything went black, and he fell into Chrollo's arms, a sharp pain in the back of his neck.

Shalnark could feel the cramps start to kick in. His preheats were always so brutal to him. But, having a mate made it significantly easier to handle. When he started to feel discomfort, his alpha could tell exactly what was wrong. And Uvogin was the best alpha, so he even knew what to do to make it better. Shalnark smiled, thinking about how lucky he was.

"You're the best mate in the world Uvo." He said, for about the third time that night. 

Uvogin knew that this was just his preheat making him extra loving to his alpha. But, he loved it so much. He adored his omega and would gladly give him all the love and attention he wanted. Shalnark, however, was very independent. He didn't like to be smothered by hugs and kisses all the time. So, Uvogin cherished the times that he did. 

After a while, Shalnark had fallen asleep. With Uvogin's strokes, his cramps didn't get too bad. But this put Uvogin in a place of discomfort. He could sense that if he had to stop, they would begin to bother Shalnark. Not to mention that Shalnark hasn't eaten anything yet, and he would be hungry soon. So, not only did he have to get up and get him something to eat soon, but he'd have to stop stroking Shalnark's bond mark, which would cause his cramps to wake him and cause him pain.

Uvogin hated doing this, but he would have to wake him up.

"Shal... you have to get up."


"Shal, you need to eat." He said, gently shaking him awake.


"You need to eat and take a painkiller, Shal. Let me get up."



"I'm sleepy."


Uvogin lifted Shalnark and carried him in one arm. He'd just take him to the painkillers, and he'd make him his favorite sandwich to eat.

"... it's really quiet. What do you think everyone is doing?" Uvogin asked Shalnark in attempts to keep him awake.

"Oh, the boss could be with his new omega. I doubt they're doing anything but talking though."

"But he was so press for him. Why wouldn't they be doing anything else?"

"... Chrollo is very misunderstood. Even among the people who know him the most. He isn't so fast to claim something like most other alphas are. Not in that way, at least. I doubt that he'll even mate with Kurapika. After all, it's not like he loves him. He just likes the way he looks."

Uvogin shook out a pill from the bottle. A couple more pills fell out than he intended, so he separated one of them and put the rest of them back, making sure not to lose any. They were very valuable, after all. Then, he took a paper cup that was provided by the hotel for those who made coffee and filled it with tap water. 

"But Kurapika is about to start his heat. No matter how much control he has over his instincts, he won't be able to fight the urge to mate once he gets a whiff of those pheromones."

"Yeah... but I have a feeling that he won't be mated just yet. In fact, he might just let him go after he gets bored."

Uvogin handed the pill to Shalnark, who put the pill in his mouth. Then, he handed him the cup of water, and Shalnark drunk the water to swallow the pill. It left a bitter taste in his mouth from being in there for a couple of seconds, but the water washed away a bit of the taste.

"It kind of makes me mad, ya know. I mean, as an omega."

Uvogin cringed. He knew that Shalnark was especially sensitive about this topic during his preheat. Of course, he was an advocate for omega equality and empowerment no matter what, since his omega was so important to him. But it was different for Kurapika, right? It's not like Chrollo wanted him because he's an omega...

"He wanted him because of his eyes, right? Because he's pretty?"

"That's not the only reason. He likes him because he's 'rare'. He's a male omega from an endangered clan who just so happens to have crimson eyes." Shalnark air quoted the word rare while making a silly sarcastic face.

"I bet you he'll get used to how pretty he is and then all he would be to Chrollo is an omega."

"Well, I don't think he'll get used to him. I mean, if they don't end up mated by Saturday, it would be a huge surprise."


"Because surely he won't be tired of him by then. His heat starts Saturday, right?"

Shalnark became worried. If Chrollo can't control his urges like Uvo says, then Chrollo could end up forcing himself on Kurapika. And, because he is an omega, Shalnark couldn't think of anything worse than that. He wouldn't wish that on anyone, to be mated forcibly to someone you don't even know.

"Do you think I should tell Chrollo to let me help him with his heat on Saturday?" He asked, worried and unsure.

"Are you sure? I mean, you'll have your heat the day after. And I don't want to have some other omega in heat with us while you're in your own heat. I'm sure you wouldn't want that either."

He was absolutely right. Shalnark would hate that, and he'd be mad at Kurapika for even existing if he were to get his scent on his alpha. But he couldn't help but feel like he needed to protect Kurapika. Of course, it was his omega instinct to help a fellow omega, but how would he be able to help? What could he do? As he thought about it in silence, Uvogin made him a ham and Turkey sandwich with cheese, mayonnaise, and mustard. He made two, since he knew that Shalnark would probably want to eat more because of his preheat. Then, he popped the two sandwiches in the microwave to warm it up just a little bit, because Shalnark liked his sandwich a little warm, but not warm enough to melt the cheese.

"Maybe a beta would be able to serve a similar purpose..." he mumbled to himself.

"... a beta, Shal? You have to be careful with them." 

"I know! But, like... maybe Franklin? Because remember that time that I was in heat and you were gone on a mission in another city? He helped and it was so good!"

Taking out the sandwiches and placing them on a paper plate, Uvogin began to look for a plastic knife.

"I'd rather not remember that... hey, where'd we put the knives?"

"I know it wasn't good, but it WAS good because he kept me calm and I was able to make it through the heat without you!"

"Oh, they're right here... But yeah, maybe Franklin. He's more experienced in dealing with omegas in heat."

"I KNOW! So, we can ask Franklin and then ask the boss and if the boss doesn't want to, we can have Franklin talk some sense into him and take care of Kurapika!"

"Here's your food. You should eat. You'll be hungry soon if you don't eat now."

Shalnark took a slice of the sandwich and bit into it while thinking about the plan he had just came up with.

"I just hope that the boss isn't one of those kinds of alphas..."

Uvogin yawned.

"... this is delicious! Thank you Uvo!"

Feitan and Phinks laid in bed. Feitan faced away from Phinks, far away from him on the other side of the bed. He slept soundly, while Phinks laid facing him, awake and unable to sleep. Their talk didn't end on a good note. In fact, it barely even had any closure. A solution to their issues had yet to be found, and it bothered Phinks that something like that was the reason his love didn't want something solid with him.

The bond between an alpha and omega is unlike any other. The biting process makes it so that the fluid injected by the fangs of an alpha interacts with the scent glands on the base of the omega's neck to cause a chemical change in the bodies of both. This chemical change is what we all call the bond. It is why the scents of each mated alpha or omega differs from when they weren't mated. Why it seems like they can connect emotionally and psychologically. And, as long as the bite mark doesn't fade, this bond will last forever.

But betas don't have the necessary scent glands at the base of their neck. They can't form bonds with an alpha like an omega can. Feitan is convinced that the two will never be a couple if they can't form a bond the way an alpha is supposed to when committing to a lasting relationship. He wants to experience the same connection as Omegas do with their alphas. And if he can't, it didn't matter to him. 

Phinks let out a sigh. He didn't do well with issues like this. There was no clear answer. How was he going to be able to fix this? All he knew was that he loved Feitan and wanted something official. He wanted to show him off to everyone as his lover. 

A mark. A deep and lasting connection. That's all it is. He thought to himself.

Phinks would figure something out for the two of them. He had to, because Feitan was in all his future plans as his life partner. 

The next day, Kurapika woke up in a different bed. Instead of his robe that he wore last night, he wore nothing but a pair of underwear and a slick pad. It wasn't an overnight one, but it did the job. He was cuddled up with a white button up shirt and a long coat that had white fur on the hems, as well as a large, upside down cross on the back area covering him like a blanket. On his wrist, he felt something uncomfortably cold and hard. When he moved to stretch, that something made a noise that he was very familiar with.


Sitting up, Kurapika rubbed the sleep from his eyes with his other hand as he tried to make sense of the chain. Why was it there? Looking around, he noticed that he wasn't even in his own house. This alarmed him. 

"W-" he stuttered.

Just then, he laid eyes on the man from last night. He was shirtless, but far away from the bed. He leaned on the wall just outside of the doorway, sipping on a cup of coffee.

"Good morning." He said.

Kurapika felt many things. The fact that the man had managed to escape his dowsing chain and lie straight to his face about leaving him be had deeply disturbed him. 

"You're a filthy liar and I should kill you, you bastard." He said. His voice was very low and menacing.

"Liar? At what point in our conversation did I lie?"


As Kurapika became angrier by the second, Chrollo smiled. And as his eyes glow brighter, his smile grew wider.

"They glow an even brighter shade of red with every word you say." 


Chrollo sat his cup down on what seemed like a counter top behind the wall he was leaning on. Then, he walked towards the bed that Kurapika sat on. As he drew closer, Kurapika began to tremble with fear and anger. 

"Stay the hell away from me." He demanded.

"Beautiful. You're amazing."

Chrollo gently caressed Kurapika's cheek as he looked deep into his crimson eyes. He admired his features, and how they came together to create such a perfect being. 

"The most brilliant work of art I've ever laid eyes on."

Kurapika blushed at the touch. These words were very sweet. But they meant nothing to him coming from this man. He was angry. Angry that his body betrayed his resolve by reacting so positively to this alpha's affection.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" He shouted.

At this point, Kurapika became frustrated. Something was wrong. From the moment he woke up and laid eyes on this despicable man, he had tried to summon his chains. But they wouldn't appear. His nen wasn't working at all anymore. Why?

"Don't worry. I won't hurt you. Not ever."

"Why should I believe you?"

Chrollo looked Kurapika in the eyes for a moment.

"Because you're mine now." He said.

Kurapika was so infuriated that he resorted to biting his hand. He felt powerless. His freedom had been take away from him, and he did nothing to deserve it. 

I don't belong to anybody. I'll never belong to anybody! He thought.

Kurapika felt on his neck as he tried to bite Chrollo's hand. Chrollo eventually left him alone after a few failed attempts. He went into the kitchen area. But after a couple of minutes passed, he came back. This time, with a tiny bottle of liquid.

"... do you know what this is?"

"..." Kurapika kept silent.

In his hand was a glass bottle. It was unlabeled.

"The eye drops that have the ability to keep your eyes their crimson color after they've been transformed." He explained.

"I would like you to apply them as often as possible to ensure that your eyes stay the beautiful shade that they've become."

"I'm not doing that."

"I wasn't asking for a favor. I was giving you an order."

Kurapika's natural omega instinct was telling him that he should listen to this alpha's commands. But he knew that it was because today was the last day of his preheat. He'll be damned if he was going to spend his heat with this creep.

"Who the hell do you think you are?"

Chrollo stared at Kurapika for a little longer than a moment this time.

"... my apologies." He said suddenly.

Kurapika was confused.


"I really wanted to be able to see your crimson eyes for as long as possible before I leave. But if you really don't want to, I won't force you."

"I really don't want to be here. Will you let me go home?"

Chrollo smirked.

"Nice try, omega."

Then, he made his way toward the nightstand near the bed. Setting down the bottle, he spoke to him one last time before leaving to get a shirt on and go out for a bit.

"In case you change your mind about these."

Kurapika looked at him with hatred as he walked casually out of the room.

Chrollo made his way out of the hotel building to meet with Bonolenov. They'd agree to meet up today and talk about Bono's concerns with the way Chrollo treats Kurapika. As soon as Bonolenov saw him, he tensed. But as he drew closer, Bono let out a sigh of relief.

"Why so tense?" Chrollo asked.

"Ah, nothing. I'm just relieved that you aren't mated yet."

Chrollo continued to walk as he listened to Bonolenov.

"... so, boss..."


"What exactly are you planning to do with Kurapika?" 

"I plan to keep him and admire him for as long as I want."

"Well, I don't know if you're aware of this, but he's going to be in heat tomorrow. And there isn't much you can do against the pheromones of an omega in heat."

"He's already mine. Why does it matter if he's in heat or not?"

"... boss, mating is a huge deal. You can't take it lightly. It's permanent and it can ruin your life forever if you mess it up."

"... I don't want to let him go back home right now."

"Alright... so...."

"So what do you suppose I do?"

"... If I were you, I wouldn't be in the room when he has his heat. Let someone help him get through it."

"... okay."

"But that won't be enough. You captured him, took his nen, and you won't let him go. You've messed up a lot already."

Chrollo listened to Bono's input, taking into consideration what he did that might make it worse that Bono didn't even know about yet.

"... if this is a commitment that you want to make, make sure you're serious about it. I'm warning you because you're family. It won't be a good time if you don't change now... learn as much as you can. You've done right by getting that book on his clan so far. But if you're going to mate him, learn it first hand. Connect with him through his tribe's traditions and customs. Don't make it worse and do right by him while you still can. Before it gets to the point where he can't forgive you."

Chrollo really thought about Bonolenov's words. He considered the mated life, and how it wasn't exactly one he saw himself in. But this was the first time he's ever showed an interest in one specific person. Sure, it might be infatuation with physical looks, but this was an omega. A different kind of omega. One that wasn't bound by society's ideals. He's never dealt with someone like this before. But this fact only made Chrollo like Kurapika more. He's such a unique treasure. There couldn't possibly be anyone else on earth like him. And if mating him was the only way to truly claim such a treasure, he would most definitely do it. Besides. No matter which way you look at it, he already loved Kurapika, whether it be for his eyes, his unique characteristics, or his personality. 

"Thank you, Bono. This conversation was very enlightening."

"... yeah. Sure thing, boss."

Bonolenov took one look at Chrollo and had a bad feeling that what he said didn't really get through to him. But, all he could do now was give him the guidance that he would need to try and fix the mistakes that he might make. He prayed to God that it wouldn't be so bad that he couldn't fix it.

Chapter Text

Kurapika sat on the bed that he remained chained to. After Chrollo left, he found that he was able to relax a little more and think clearly about this situation. By now, it was clear to Kurapika that Chrollo had somehow found a way to cancel out his nen. Which meant that he wouldn't be able to get out of this without any help. 


Kurapika was very stressed. His head was beginning to ache from the strain he was putting on his eyes. The thought of him putting in eye drops to strain them even more was absolutely insane. But, he would expect nothing less from someone like Chrollo. Looking back at the bottle of eye drops, Kurapika scowled as if it were Chrollo himself, sitting on the nightstand.

Just his luck. Getting kidnapped and having his nen stolen while he was so close to his heat was the worst thing that could possibly happen. He was physically weaker during his preheat, and nearly immobile during his heat. There was no way he could get out of the chain he had on his wrist right now. The feeling of being trapped and deprived of his freedom to go where he wanted was one that he hated with a passion. 

Kurapika looked around the hotel room. It was a really nice room, now that he took the time to really look at it. The bed was comfortable, and the natural light coming in was warm on his exposed skin. Now that he was able to relax with Chrollo out of the room, Kurapika felt a strong urge to build a nest. He started to fluff the pillows and place them down in certain areas of the bed. It became second nature, and he didn't even realize what he was doing until his nest was almost done. 

... what am I doing? He thought to himself.

Suddenly, dread filled his heart. Today is the last day of his preheat. Tomorrow is the first day of his heat. He's going to be here still, and he's trapped in a room with an alpha who kidnapped him. Kurapika began to panic. He was certain that he'd be forced to mate with Chrollo.

He began to hyperventilate, his eyes darting all around the room.

No... no no no NO! What am I going to do?! I need to get out of here! I can't be mated, I don't want to be mated yet. I'm scared. I'm scared!

Soon, his eyes would glow again. But this time, his eyes watered as he realizes just how bad this was. He felt hopeless. His entire livelihood would soon be destroyed beyond repair. Any plans he had for his future were going to be thrown away. He cried silently to himself as his fate seemed to become inevitable. 

It'll hurt so much... I'll never be happy again... I'll never see my mom and dad again. I'll never get to see my friends again. My life is over.

Kurapika buried his face in the nest of pillows. 


Nobunaga walked down the hall to Chrollo's room. He knew that he wouldn't be there, because Bonolenov told him he'd be out with the boss today. But, he couldn't help but be curious about the omega that Chrollo likely kept in his hotel room. As he got closer to the door, he could smell what was undoubtedly the scent of an omega in distress. 

The scent pulled at Nobu's heart. It almost made him sad, because it was so strong. He felt that someone needed to relieve this poor omega of his worries, and calm him down. Someone needed to tell him that everything is okay. Knocking on the door, Nobunaga listened for an answer. There was none.

... Is he okay in there all by himself?

"Open the door, omega." He said, assuming that he didn't hear the knock on the door.

When he heard nothing, he became a bit annoyed. Doesn't this omega who is clearly in distress want an alpha to make it better? Why is he ignoring him, an alpha who intends to help him feel safe? He knocked again. No answer.

"Open the door right now." He demanded.

When no one answered the door, Nobunaga became irritated. He opened the door with the key card that was given to him in case Chrollo's plan to steal Kurapika's nen abilities had failed. How dare this omega ignore his concern for his well being? He'd tried to be polite. But obviously, the omega didn't appreciate it.

"Don't ignore me, omega." He said as he barged into the room.

Kurapika jumped at the sudden sound of an unfamiliar voice. He looked up from the pillow to see who had come to torment him now.

"I'm here to help you." Nobunaga said to Kurapika.

"You need an alpha to help you feel better, but your alpha isn't here right now. So I'll help you until he gets back."

Kurapika stared at this man for a few moments. He sounded quite familiar, now that he thought about it. That tone of voice. He remembers it from somewhere.


"Come here, little omega. It's alright, I won't hurt you." He continued. His voice turned gentle as he tried to reassure Kurapika. But, Kurapika didn't care for the gesture. Not one bit.

"No, thank you. I'm fine." He replied.

"What do you mean you're fine? You're obviously in need of an alpha's care. You're distressed. Come here, so I can help you calm down."

"I don't need your help."

Nobunaga's brows furrowed. He didn't understand why this omega was refusing to accept his help when he clearly needed it? 

"Come here. I promise you that you do need my help."

Nobunaga sat close to Kurapika, stretching his arms out for him to crawl into. Kurapika's mood changed rather quickly. This was the same man he heard yesterday, talking so badly about some omega in a crowd FULL of them!

"I said I don't need your help. Go away." He said in a rather harsh voice.

Nobunaga became angry. He's gone out of his way to help this omega and now he's being treated like he's done something wrong! What kind of alpha would he be if he ignored a distressed omega nearing their heat? He'd be a shit alpha, because it's his job to make the omega feel safe and comfortable. Why was he being treated so rudely for doing what he's supposed to do?

As Kurapika shifted to get away from the man, his chains made a noise that caught Nobunaga's attention.

"Ah, so that's why you didn't answer the door. Chains on the first night?"

"... what?" Kurapika asked, disgusted that he'd even assume such a thing.

"Why are you so upset, little omega? You have such a respectable alpha giving you all you could ever want! You have a nice comfortable bed, food to eat, and soft materials for your nest. Your preheat needs are being met! And once you're mated, you'll get to have pups and take care of them in your new pack! That's all an omega could ever ask for!"

Kurapika gave Nobunaga the meanest, nastiest look he could ever make. This man was a complete asshole. Sure, what he was saying didn't match what Chrollo DID to him, but it came pretty close. What time is he living in? Who raised this man? Even though this is the real world and not his clan, Kurapika knew that society didn't still see omegas the way this man seems to view them now. Housewives who want nothing more in life than to be mated to an alpha and have their children. There's more to omegas than their ability to bare children. There's more to them than their ability to be mated to an alpha. Anyone with common sense could tell this much!

Kurapika slapped the man without a second thought. Maybe that would knock into him the common sense he was obviously lacking. 

"... You're the worst kind of alpha. You're the reason so many omegas despise alphas."

Kurapika's voice was harsh and low, slightly trembling with disgust and anger. But soon, that anger would turn into one of fear, as he caught a whiff of something burning. The scent that was undoubtedly one of an alpha who was furious.

Nobunaga's eyes were filled with anger. How DARE this omega slap him?! Him, who expressed concern for this omega's feelings. Him, who came to help this omega calm down. Him, who tried to lift this omega's spirits by telling him how great his life will become when he is mated to his boss. He tried to show him kindness and be welcoming to this soon-to-be new member of the troupe. But obviously, it wasn't appreciated. So now, he won't be so gentle.

Nobunaga slapped Kurapika back with stronger force than he intended. The slap left a bright red mark on his cheek that stung. And then, Nobunaga hit him again.

"HOW DARE YOU! YOU UNGRATEFUL BITCH! YOU'RE LUCKY THAT YOU AREN'T MY OMEGA!" He shouted, slapping him one last time before standing to look down at Kurapika. 

"STAY IN YOUR PLACE!" He said. Then, his expression softened a bit as the scent of distress met his senses once again.

Kurapika laid on the bed, sobbing. The slaps hurt so much that he couldn't hold it in. If this were any other place at any other time, he'd be able to take it and serve this man an even harder blow. But he couldn't. Nobunaga sat back on the bed and gently placed his hand on Kurapika's shoulders, trying to apologize and make sure he wasn't hurt too bad.

"Hey hey, shhh... it's alright, I'm sorry. I didn't think about how badly it would hurt you.. Please don't cry! Shh shh..."

Kurapika jerked himself out of the man's touch, making him feel worse about the entire thing.

And then, he heard a voice coming from the door. An angry, low growl that he knew all too well.


"... Boss..."

"Get away from my omega, before I hurt you." Chrollo said, bearing his fangs in one of the most deadly expressions Nobunaga has ever seen him make in all his years working with him.

Nobunaga left without another word. He knew saying anything would make the situation worse. He regretted what he's done. But he would need to find the right time to apologize to Chrollo. 

Chrollo stared daggers at Nobunaga with every movement he made until he was out of sight. Once he was gone, he slammed the door shut, causing Kurapika to jump. The smell of burning wood and smoke was so strong that it nearly took his breath away! This alpha was beyond furious. His scent was among the strongest Kurapika has ever smelled before. When Chrollo's eyes turned to him, he froze. He was petrified. Tears ran down his cheeks even more as Chrollo hurriedly made his way to him.

"I'm so sorry, Kurapika. Your face is hurt." He said, his hands hovering over Kurapika's cheek, so as not to touch it and make it sting even more. 

For some reason, the change in his tone of voice was reassuring. He felt an odd relief in Chrollo's presence, and he wished that he didn't. He didn't feel this before. Chrollo left him to go into the kitchen, where he got a towel and wet it with cold water. Kurapika could do nothing but stare in silent shock as this man scurried around to help him. Chrollo gently dabbed away the tears on his face before slowly pressing the towel on his cheek.

"Is that better?" He asked with worry in his eyes.

All that Kurapika could do was stare back at him. He subconsciously leaned into the towel that Chrollo got for him as he lightly nods to answer the question. He felt safe now. He felt cared for, and he shouldn't. This man was no good. He's the cause for his pain because he trapped him here. But that fact had no affect on the way he felt at this moment. 

This preheat will be the death of me. It has to be the preheat.

Deep down, something told him it wasn't, though. Something was telling him that this was how it was supposed to be. And as much as he hated it, this felt right.

Chrollo was still absolutely furious. Nobunaga has done a lot of things in the past, but none of them made him this angry before. Seeing Kurapika's tear stained face made him almost rip Nobu to pieces. Nobu, one of his most loyal comrades in the troupe. Why did he feel so angry? Well, that was obvious. It was because Nobu was hurting something that was Chrollo's. But why was he so worried about Kurapika? Why did he care if he was crying or hurt? 

Chrollo figured it was because of the scent of distress. But something in him told him that it was because of something else entirely. Chrollo wanted nothing more than to hold Kurapika. Comfort him, make him feel loved, safe, and cared for. He wanted to  caress his cheek and kiss away the pain he was feeling. It was a completely different feeling from that first day he saw him. 

The two stared into each other's eyes for a moment, trying to sort out their thoughts and feelings so that they can understand what was happening. It felt like hours before one of them broke the silence.

"Come here." Chrollo said. His voice was gentle, soft, and it made Kurapika only want to do as he said.

He knew he shouldn't trust him. Trusting him was the very reason he got into this situation in the first place. But right now, he really, really wanted to go to him. And before he could even think about what he was doing, his body moved. He leaned into Chrollo and allowed him to hold him in a warm embrace. 

Being so close to Chrollo melted Kurapika's worries away. He felt like this was right, even though he knew it wasn't. Chrollo had a firm hold on him, carding his fingers through Kurapika's hair. Kurapika laid his head on Chrollo's chest. He could hear his heart beating, a sound that soothed him. They were content with this. It felt right.


They stayed like that for hours. Chrollo took great pleasure in taking care of Kurapika. After Kurapika finally fell asleep, Chrollo felt it was okay to leave the room. But not for too long.

Chrollo put Kurapika in the nest he had built. As soon as he touched the pile of pillows, he curled up with the shirt he'd been cuddling with earlier. The shirt that Chrollo gave to him to surround his new possession with his own scent. Seeing him reach for it while he was still asleep made Chrollo's heart swell with pride and love. It was one of the few things he would never trade for anything. Before he left, Chrollo made sure to cover Kurapika's small body with his signature coat.

Chrollo would leave to confront Nobunaga. He was still very angry and wanted some answers.

Where's the first place he'd go when he knows he fucked up? Chrollo thought.

It took a few seconds, but he finally had an idea. His best friend, Uvogin. The complete opposite kind of alpha.

Chrollo made his way to Shalnark and Uvogin's hotel room immediately. He knocked a bit harder than he thought he would, but he was angry, and he didn't care. 

"I know Nobunaga is in there." He said.

"... Uvo, I'm going out." He could hear Shalnark say from inside. A few seconds later, Shalnark opened the door slowly, peaking his head out at Chrollo.

"... Hey boss."

"... Hey, Shalnark."

"... Is it alright if I go see your new omega?"

Shalnark looked worried. He couldn't look at Chrollo, because he knew he was angry, and he felt uncomfortable. Chrollo felt bad. He isn't mad at Shalnark. He didn't want him to be this way around him.

"... yeah, sure. But he's asleep. Don't wake him."

Shalnark perked up slightly at the change in tone. 

"Thanks!" He said, slightly happier than before.

The small blonde practically skipped down to the next door, opening it cautiously and stepping in quietly after glancing at Chrollo one last time.

Chrollo knew that if he'd leave anyone with Kurapika, it would be Shalnark. He knew Kurapika would be both safe and taken good care of if he was with Shalnark. With the extra reassurance that his omega would be fine, he considered taking more time to properly bite off Nobunaga's head.

When Chrollo stepped into the room, he was faced with Uvogin's large build standing in between him and the man he wanted to speak with.

"... I assume you're serving as the defendant's attorney?"

"No. I'm his lawyer."

"..." Chrollo disregarded Uvogin's remark. He knew that he was just nervous for his best friend. This was common whenever he was nervous and separated from his genius omega.

"Nobunaga." He began.

"You've got some nerve, laying hands on my omega."

Uvogin tensed a bit as he listened.

"I'm sorry, boss. He just made me angry, and I lost my temper. He stepped out of line, and-"

"No. YOU stepped out of line."

Chrollo's tone was serious. 

"I don't care what he did. He's in preheat. How dare you hurt my omega while he's too weak to even fight back?!"

"Boss, I was just trying to help him. He was so sad and upset. I couldn't stand the scent he was giving off. I just wanted to make him feel better while you were unable to."

Chrollo could appreciate that. He wanted to help his omega while he was gone. Any alpha would be grateful about that. But he couldn't move past the fact that he hurt HIS omega. Someone who he trusts because he's a part of the pack. 

"You made him cry. His face is sore and stained with tears. He was hurt and scared and YOU HIT HIM MORE!"

Chrollo's voice turned into a growl as his scent turned into the same smokey, burning one from before.

"Hey, boss. You should calm down. Hear him out. He isn't a bad guy. He's just stupid."

"SOME LAWYER YOU ARE!" Nobunaga shouted at Uvogin.


"ALL I SAID TO HIM WAS THAT HE SHOULD BE HAPPY AND NOT SAD! HE HAS EVERYTHING AN OMEGA COULD WANT!... He shouldn't be sad. I just wanted to let him know that he'll be happy in our pack."

"... You said something stupid. You had to have said something stupid." Uvogin said.

"I was just trying to help."

"Hitting him will never help. Don't you ever lay your hands on MY omega again." Chrollo said through clenched teeth.

"... sigh. Nobu, you've got to do better. You HAVE to do better. You won't ever find an omega who will take your old school bullshit. You can hold onto those values without being a complete ass!"


"... Kurapika won't take your shit, and he won't learn to deal with you like Shalnark did." Uvogin continued.

"... which is why, if you can't change your ways... I'm going to send you away. You'll go somewhere and you'll learn to fix your problems on your own."

Chrollo knew this would hurt Nobunaga. After all, he was one of the most active members of the troupe, and one of the most involved. He loved this pack, and he always said that he couldn't live without his pack... but if he can't be civil with the omega that the leader of this pack chooses, he shouldn't be in it. He'd have to learn on his own. That should motivate him to be better than this. 

Shalnark sat on the edge of the bed. 

"Hm. He's actually really pretty up close... I guess the boss just has a good eye for beauty." He said to himself.

He watched Kurapika sleep soundly, curled up with Chrollo's signature coat and button up shirt. He was cute. Shalnark smiled fondly at Kurapika. He already cares for him, and they've never even spoken to each other yet. Maybe it was because they were both omegas in their preheat. But he knew that he'd care about Kurapika a lot in the future. 

Gently touching his head, Shalnark rubbed Kurapika's hair. 

He's so cute. Like a baby~

Kurapika began to purr in his sleep.

"Ah! So cute~ you're adorable!" He said to Kurapika, even though he knew that he couldn't hear him.

Shalnark thought about everything Kurapika has gone through up until now because of the idiot alphas in his pack. He felt bad. He was partially the one to blame, after all. And he did help Chrollo in Kurapika's kidnapping. This made him feel horrible. This poor omega must be feeling terrified of what's to become of him.

"... I'm sorry, Kurapika." He said in a whisper.

Then, he could hear Nobunaga's big mouth yell through the walls. His own alpha's big mouth followed soon after. 

"Geez! I'm so sorry about those animals. You're gorgeous. Of course they'll be fighting over you. Alpha guys only think with their penises sometimes." He said.

"... but not my alpha. He's not fighting over you. He's fighting FOR you. Because he's a sweetheart~"

Kurapika stopped purring and shifted.

"Oops. Did I wake you?"

The unfamiliar voice startled him. But, he didn't feel threatened. He could tell by the scent that it was a fellow omega in preheat.

"Hello cutie~ I know who you are, but you don't know who I am~" 

Kurapika finally opened his eyes to see who was talking to him. To his surprise and confusion, it was the boy from the convenience store. 

"... I've seen you before..." he said in a sleepy voice.

"I know. Small world, huh?"

"... why are you here?"

"I wanted to make sure you were okay."

"... what is this, an open house? Why is it so easy for other people to get into this hotel room?"

Kurapika rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he sat up. The chain on his wrist made noise that made Shalnark cringe.

"That idiot chained you to the bed!" 

"..." Kurapika stayed silent.

"Here, I'll get rid of this for you." 


"It can't be comfortable. I'd have kicked him  smack dab in the middle of that tattoo of his, if I were you."

Shalnark removed the chain with ease. The feeling was refreshing and it made Kurapika extremely happy.

"Thank you so much!" He said.




Shalnark grabbed Kurapika and gave him a big, strong hug that almost suffocated him.


"Oh... I can't believe how pretty and cute you are. I feel so so bad for what's going on right now."

Shalnark squeezed Kurapika's hand affectionately with a worried expression on his face.

"... how are you holding up?... I mean, with your current situation."

Kurapika thought about the events leading up to this point. His eyes glowed as he flashed back to every moment. But then he remembered the moment he had with Chrollo. The moment that confused him the most. Remembering that moment made him feel a little happier than he wanted to admit. He should be furious. He should be trying to escape right now. But, something deep within him was telling him to stay for just a little longer. For his own good. What on earth has gotten into him?

Shalnark noticed that Kurapika was silent for quite a while. His eyes would glow occasionally, and Shalnark realized that the answer to his question was complicated.

"... hey... I..." he started.

"I just want you to know that I'm here for you. And if you're scared and you don't want to be here, I will help you."

His tone was sincere and his eyes were serious. Kurapika couldn't possibly think that he was deceiving him in any way.

"... your heat starts tomorrow. Mine does too! We're heat twins!"

Kurapika looks at Shalnark.

"...what's your name?"

"... I'm Shalnark. But you can call me Shal for short. And I'll call you cutie~"

Kurapika smiled at his remark as he looks down to the shirt he was holding. 

"... Now, tell me.... what do you want to do?"

Just then, Chrollo entered the room. He was calm on the surface, but it was obvious that he was cooling down from the talk he had with Uvogin and Nobunaga. When he looked up from entering, he saw that Kurapika was awake and Shalnark was looking at him.

"... um, excuse you. Get out, we're having a serious talk."

"... Me? Get out of my own room? YOU get out."

"You don't need to be in here to hear this."

"To hear what?"

"... look, Chrollo."

Kurapika tensed a bit and turned his head to look the opposite direction from Chrollo. He noticed immediately, and felt a bit sad that his omega didn't want to talk to him.

"... You shouldn't be here when Kurapika has his heat. Not unless he wants you to be here."

Chrollo's eyebrow twitched.



"What does he want?" Chrollo asked, a hint of urgency in his voice.

He couldn't imagine not spending his heat with his omega...

... My omega?...

Why was he acting this way all of a sudden? Why was it suddenly so important to him if Kurapika wanted to spend his heat with him or not?

"What do you want, Kurapika?" He asked again.



Shalnark snatched the shirt Kurapika had in his hands away from him and yanked the coat off of his body.

"Gimme that! This is preheat horniness fuel too!"

Then, he stomped towards Chrollo and shoved him.


Kurapika was impressed that Shalnark got rid of Chrollo so easily. But he didn't appreciate that he took the shirt away from him.

"... I don't think I like you very much right now..." he said quietly.

"I'm sorry cutie. But you'll thank me later when you're able to make a decision that you'll be able to live with for the rest of your life."


"Now. Think long and hard. What do you want?"

"... I want the shirt."


"..." Kurapika's eyes began to water. He really did want the shirt back. Right now, he felt alienated. He wasn't comfortable, and he had to think about what he wanted.

"I need you to give me a serious answer. An answer that is your own choice, not influenced by other things around you. Do you want to spend your heat with Chrollo and be mated? Is that something that you want?"

Of course it isn't. Kurapika knew that for a fact. He didn't want to be mated yet. Not to a stranger he barely knew. In fact, he was still frustrated with himself because he didn't feel the hatred towards him that he did earlier. This man kidnapped him, took his nen, and chained him to the bed. He took away his freedom... but Kurapika couldn't forget about that weird, but wonderful moment that made him feel... RIGHT. He's never felt such a thing before. Such a connection with another. It was fascinating. It was magical. He wanted to go home, but he also wanted to explore this feeling.

"... Shalnark..." he finally said.

"... I don't know what's wrong with me... I should hate him. I hated him before. I hated him just a few hours ago. But then, after that man left and I was hurt, he came and he made it better..."

Shalnark listened intently. 

"I felt so safe with him after that. I felt like he cared about me. I felt loved and I..."

Kurapika searched for his next words.

"I tried to hate him then, but I couldn't. Something was telling me that it was right. That I should like this, and I did. But I shouldn't have. HE KIDNAPPED ME! I SHOULDN'T BE HERE! I SHOULD BE AT HOME RIGHT NOW!... but for some reason, that doesn't make me angry anymore. I want to be angry."

Shalnark became worried that he'd burst into tears. But, he listened, and didn't dare to interrupt.

"... but I felt so right with him then. He took care of me like he knew exactly what was wrong and how to make it better. It was like he could feel what I felt, and he knew how to help me. And I could feel what he was feeling. I felt that he cared about me so much that he was so angry at someone who was family to him... he wanted nothing but to love me. That's what I felt."

Shalnark's breath seemingly stopped.


Suddenly, he reached out to rub Kurapika's neck.

... no mark. He isn't mated yet...

After that, Shalnark's heart began to swell with happiness. His eyes seemed to sparkle. He knew exactly what this was, and he couldn't be more happy with it. 

His excitement was hard to contain. Now he understood exactly why Chrollo HAD to have this person. But he also understood that now that they've met each other, they will always come back to each other. And if Kurapika wasn't ready now, he'd meet Chrollo again when he was. 

"... So, what do you want?" He asked again.

Kurapika really thought about it. That feeling deep inside himself was telling him that he wanted Chrollo. But, he couldn't get over the fact that this man caused him all the stress and pain he went through by doing what he did. He couldn't forget about how he tried to take his freedom and choice. How he took away his nen and deceived him. 

...But he wanted to be with Chrollo. That's what felt right.

"Kurapika. Listen to what YOU feel is right. What do YOU want? How do YOU feel?" 

"... I feel right with him."

"Are you sure?"

"... No... I don't know."

"Alright then. Tell me. What do you feel when you think about the future? The future, but with Chrollo?"


"... I feel really happy..." Kurapika admitted with a small smile on his lips.


"... mhm..."

"Alright. Now think about right now, if you go home without him. How does that make you feel?"

"... It makes me feel bad."

"Are you sure?"

"... no..."

Kurapika wanted to just be completely sure of what he wanted. He was tired of going back and forth with himself. 

"... I want to spend my heat with him. But I don't want to mate with him... I don't know if I can live with that."

Shalnark gave Kurapika a knowing look.

"Then you don't have to worry. You won't be mated."

Kurapika wanted to know if this feeling was something he needed to explore to know more about. And spending his heat with Chrollo was how he wanted to do that. But he didn't want to mate with someone he can't trust. Someone he knows nothing about, and someone who harmed him like he did. That was exactly what he felt.

Shalnark knew that if he truly felt this way, that they wouldn't be mated. Their connection would be the communication they needed. Chrollo would be able to control himself.

"Sigh... Cutie, you're really complicated. But I understand you anyway."

Kurapika was relieved that he had someone who could understand his feelings. It was weird, because he barely knew him. But he trusted him with confidence. Sighing, Kurapika laid his head on Shalnark's lap. Shalnark stroked his hair affectionately.

The two would sit in silence until both of them began to feel sleepy. Kurapika's purring made Shalnark want his alpha. But, he didn't want to leave. He had grown attached to this little omega in just a little over an hour.

... Let's just hope things go smoothly from here... he thought to himself.


After a few more minutes, Shalnark decided that he'd leave Kurapika alone for now. His alpha was probably dying without him, anyway. It was about time he went back to love on him. Checking to see if Kurapika had fallen asleep, Shalnark gently lifted his head and replaced his lap with a pillow. Then, he quietly left the room.

Outside, Chrollo sat on the floor next to the door. He looked exhausted. But as Shalnark closed the door, Chrollo perked up and looked at him expectantly. Shalnark gave him a smile.

"... he hates you and he wants to go home." He said bluntly. Chrollo visibly sunk.

"... Just kiddinggg~" he continued as he walked back to his room. Chrollo looked at Shalnark with an irritated glare.

Before he reached his room, Shalnark stopped and looked back to Chrollo.

"... Don't do anything stupid, boss... I'm with cutie."

Chrollo felt an indescribable relief at the implication. He was so glad that Kurapika didn't want to leave yet. It was night already, and all he wanted was to get in bed with his omega. Getting up from his spot on the floor, Chrollo went inside the hotel room. As soon as the door closed, he began to take off his clothes. He wanted to jump in the shower before getting in bed with Kurapika. 

Thinking about Kurapika was completely different for him yesterday. Then, it was like thinking about an art piece that no one else could have. A treasure to be possessed. But now, thinking about Kurapika made him feel... in love? His heart fluttered at the thought of holding him. He was excited. He absolutely adored him. Genuinely. He loved Kurapika.

Once he was done showering, Chrollo dried himself off and threw on some underwear to sleep in. Then, he hurriedly made his way to the bed, where his precious omega laid sound asleep. His purring made his heart explode. He couldn't believe this beautiful being was his. Carefully climbing into bed as to not wake him, Chrollo made sure to keep the nest in tact. As soon as he settled, Kurapika shifted, clinging to him shortly after stretching. Chrollo was in heaven.

He wrapped his arms around Kurapika. The vibrations from his purring soothing his nerves. Tomorrow was the beginning of his heat. Chrollo felt a sense of panic and excitement mixed together! He didn't know how things would turn out, but he was happy.

Shalnark entered the room and was immediately bombarded by hugs and kisses from his beloved alpha.



"... how did things go with Kurapika?"

Uvogin took Shalnark and carried him to the nest. 

"He's the cutest, most precious thing on this earth, Uvo. He's tiny and he really is pretty up close!"

"Did you get to talk to him?"

"... yeah. And I'm really glad I did."

Shalnark thought about what he learned during his talk with Kurapika. It made him smile, and Uvogin noticed this immediately.

"What is it?"

"... Kurapika and Chrollo... they're fated mates."