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Please Stay Forever With Me

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Chapter 1


"Vic come here for a minute, I have some exciting news to share," Kellin calls out to Vic who's in the other room getting ready for signing.


"Just give me a minute."


"Hurry up!" Kellin shouted, growing impatient.


"Okay, okay I'm coming."


Vic comes out of the room and plops down next to Kellin, "what's your exciting news?" 


"I'm touring with Bring Me The Horizon in three months! That has been my dream for years and It's finally happening!"


"Three months after our anniversary right? You know how important it is to me and I want you to be here with me."


"We've been together for over 2 years, do we really need another anniversary?"


Vic gave a look of hurt and confusion, "why wouldn't we? Don't you care?"


"Of course I care Vic I just don't understand. Anyways that's not the point. I'm touring with Bring Me The Horizon and I'm excited. Are you excited for me?"


Vic looked down and fiddled with his fingers, "yeah I guess so...Anyways I'm going to finish getting ready."


"Good luck, have fun and don't get mobbed. Oh and text me when it's over!" Kellin shouts from the other room.


[3 months later]


Vic and Kellin's anniversary is tomorrow but Kellin is also performing with Bring Me The Horizon is his hometown which Vic wasn't happy about but at least it was close to where they lived so they could spend some time together before and after the show. Or so Vic thought.



Vic sat on the couch of the tour bus endlessly scrolling through the channels, trying to find something to watch but there was just nothing. He finally gave up and turned the tv, sighing as he got up and went to go bother Oli.


He knocked on the door that led to the beds and called for Oli but didn't get a response. He knocked again and opened the door, "Oliver?"


He instantly regretted opening the door when he caught sight of Oli jerking off. He couldn't help but admire what he saw but knew it was wrong at the same time. Kellin slammed the door shut and went back to the couch. So many thoughts instantly rushed to his head like how hot Oli looked and how he wished he could help. What would Vic think though when he found out? Or maybe the real question is did Kellin even care?


A few minutes later Oli came out of the room, too ashamed to even look Kellin in the eye. He sat down next to him though, head still down and took a deep breath.


"I'm uh....really sorry for what you had to see. The lock to the door is broken so anyone is able to come in at any time and I forgot to warn you about that..."


"I'll keep that in mind next time the door is closed even though what I saw....was kinda hot not going to lie...."


Oli was shocked, "you're kidding right? No this has to be a joke. Before you wanted nothing to do with me but as soon as I publicly come out as bisexual you want to be all over me."


"No that's not it at all. I have always felt attracted to you but the way you were coming off I felt like you would have something against me because of my sexuality so I just avoided you at all costs but when you came out I felt like I would have a chance." 


Oli turned to face Kellin and scooted closer before sighing, "I....was confused about my own sexuality so I will admit I did purposely come off that way. It took awhile to come to terms with it so for a while I was harsh towards everyone and even to myself because if I was already hard enough on myself nobody else would have to be."


"I understand."


Oli bit his lip and gave a half smile, "thank you."


"You're welcome." Kellin says as he looks away and blushes.


"Just do it, you know you want to."


Kellin looked back at Oli and smiled before pressing their lips together. Simple kissing turned into making out and the next thing they knew Kellin was on top of Oli. He was getting ready to take Oli's shirt off when Jordan came in.


"Shit guys, get a fucking room."


Kellin gets off of Oli and fixes his clothes, "sorry. I'm just uh....gonna go shower." 


Kellin leaves and Oli clears his throat, "you know this is the second time I had someone walk in on me, let's not make it a third time."


Jordan nods his head and walks away, "noted."