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The Truth Stings but Lies Hurt Worse

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Bella pov 
I was in the forest sobbing. Edward had broken up with me in the most horrible way and he left me broken. After a bit I dried my eyes and got myself together. I had to leave. Now. I needed to get to Volterra to contact the Volturi.

I went home and got the money I had saved then packed some clothes and stuff and left. I left a note for dad telling him I needed to get away and I would contact him later.

Once I landed in Italy I got a taxi and went to Volterra. It was very cloudy outside today. Perfect. I walked around for a little bit before I decided to sit down on a bench and take a break. Suddenly a hand was placed on my shoulder. 
"Are you alright dear?" I looked up to see a woman standing there. She had strawberry blond hair which was in a braid. She had a black cape on and I saw her red eyes. I sighed in relief. 
"Are you part of the Volturi?" She looked shocked then looked softly at me. 
"How do you know that child?" I looked down. 
"It's complicated." The woman smiled then held out a hand to me. 
"Come. We can talk more but we must go away." I nodded and took her hand. I saw two people with her get my luggage at her request. 

We traveled for a bit before we made it to a large tower. We went in and made it to a elevator where we went down. 

Once we stepped off she put her hood down. I saw the others bow to her. 
"Ma'am." She nodded her head then smiled gently at me. 
"What is your name?" 
"Bella. Isabella." 
"It's nice to meet you. I'm Adalet though I typically go by Ada."

We talked as we walked and eventually we stopped at two large doors. Outside a man with dirty blond hair and red eyes was waiting. He bowed. 
"My Queen." Ada held a gentle smile on her face towards this vampire.
"Demetri. Are they in?" 
"Yes ma'am." Ada nodded her head and Demetri opened the door. She gently nudged me in and I followed her in. I saw four thrones and off to the side was a table with four chairs. I saw three men standing there. A man with long black hair and red eyes smiled when he saw Ada. 
"Amore." She smiled and walked over to him placing a gentle hand on his cheek. 
"Aro." He took her hand in his gently and I saw his eyes loose focus then he smiled and looked at me. 
"Hello little one." Ada had slipped towards the blond man and had her arms around his neck. I noticed the other man hovering close to her as well. Aro went to me. 
"How do you know of us young one?" I took a deep breath and spoke. 
"The Cullens." With my words everyone froze. I heard the blond man growl. 
"Again?! They dare defy the law again?!" Ada moved to shush him and calm him down. I saw the pain in her eyes though. Just then the man who had not spoken yet spoke. 
"Aro." Aro turned towards this man and went to him. Aro took his hand then looked shocked. He looked at me softly. 
"It's alright Isabella. We won't hurt you." Ada came over to me and gently took my hand. 
"He's right child. You are too special to us for us to ever hurt you." 
"Special?" Ada nodded her head and put a gentle hand on my cheek. 
"You have a special bond with my mates and I. It's a soul parent-child bond. Besides that you are mated to some here though that is their place to tell you." She took my hand and smiled. 
"Why don't we go walk around and then we can talk later?" I nodded my head and followed her.

She ended up taking me to her wing of the castle and gave me a room not too far from hers. I couldn't believe it. I had come to find myself and revenge and ended up finding a family. A real family. One that would not abandon me like the Cullens had done. 

Adalet pov
Once I had settled Bella in I went to find my mates. I found them in our large shared study. I smiled and went over to Marcus wrapping my arms around his neck. He smiled and patted my hands. Aro spoke. 
"Is she alright?" I sighed and sat down next to Marcus. 
"She will be once we help her but right now her heart holds so much sadness and hatred I am not sure she is alright." Marcus took my hand and rubbed it gently. 
"Everything will be fine Ada. Trust me." I smiled and leaned into him.
"I hope so. I really do."