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Markiplier Fluffy Collection

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Date: 10/11/19
Time: 7:45 am - 9:45 am

Matthew hated Ethan and Tyler with a passion when they suggested making an apology video for all the promises he broke. He hadn't known they were going to dump freezing cold, ice water over him for 26 minutes (more like an hour and a half) if they thought his excuses weren't good enough. 

By the end of it was he was shivering so badly he could barely speak, no one seemed to realise just how cold he had gotten. Ethan was alarmed when he saw black tentacle-like shadows leak from the bathroom mirror and wrapped around himself, but Mark and Tyler. Mark was the first to disappear then he and Tyler disappeared a few seconds later. 

They didn't get the chance to scream as they were pulled ... somewhere, it felt like they were being squeezed through a tube, the air was thick and heavy. Ethan was confused when he found himself standing in a vaguely familiar kitchen. It looked like the one from Who Killed Markiplier but that wasn't possible. 

Ethan and Tyler were shocked when they finally registered who was in the kitchen. Mark was being held by someone who looked exactly like him but maybe a little younger or older. Ben had been concerned when Matthew had appeared shivering and unable to speak without stuttering. 

Matthew hadn't had any reason to be scared of them in a long time. He seemed to curl in on himself when the shivering got worse. Ben ran a scan when he saw Matthew's lips start to turn blue and was horrified when he realised how cold Matthew was. He pulled his creator into a tight hug turning up his core temperature trying to get him to warm up a little. 

Matthew leaned into Ben. His face buried in Ben's neck, his face was just as freezing as the rest of his body. His shivering got worse despite Ben's efforts. He looked up when he heard someone enter the kitchen. What were Tyler and Ethan doing here? They looked shocked, they clearly hadn't known Ben and his fellow egos existed. 

The entire time Matthew hadn't said a word. He was too cold and every time he tried, it come out nearly unintelligible due to him stuttering so badly. Matthew leaned more into Ben, trying to absorb as much of the android's body heat as he could. He was still painfully cold and just wanted to curl into a little ball. 

He knew Tyler and Ethan had been brought with him but he didn't care at the moment. He was cold and it was their fault. They should have stopped when Matthew got too cold. If they were paying attention, which they likely weren't. They tended to get a little too involved in what they were doing. 

"Care to explain why Master is so cold? He's nearly hypothermic?" Ben demanded, glaring at the two humans. They seemed to be going into shock, it was possible they hadn't known about the existence of the Iplier egos. Ethan opened his mouth but closed it again and continued to stare. Ben rubbed Matthew's arms when he started to shiver harder. 

"We were just making an apology video. Every time his explanation wasn't good enough he'd get dumped with ice water. It was just harmless fun," Tyler explained quickly, not wanting to anger the android, unsure of what he would do to Mark if they did. Ben glare sent a cold chill down Ethan and Tyler's spines.

Matthew turned to look at them, his eyes were glassy. He looked out of it. Tyler wanted to laugh but knew it probably wouldn't be a good idea. 

"Didn't you bother to check if he was getting too cold?" Ben demanded again, he was concerned when Matthew's condition didn't improve. Before Ethan or Tyler could say anything Dark and Wilford walked into the kitchen. They didn't seem to notice Ethan, Tyler or Matthew until Dark's inky aura reach out and wrapped around Matthew, covering him almost completely, making him melt into Ben's hold. 

It was so warm and he wanted more. Wilford froze and turned to look at Matthew very much alarmed when he saw his creator cuddled against Ben who didn't look pleased. Wilford knew it had to do with the two humans. Matthew seemed to be boneless, the only things keeping him standing were Dark's aura and Ben's arms around his waist. 

His glassy eyes and continuous shivering made Dark realise the human was dangerously cold. He would have to be for Dark's aura to feel warm. It normally felt cold to the touch. 

Ben quickly filled Dark and Will in on what was going on before Tyler and Ethan got sent back to the human world. Ben knew they had to warm Matthew up and fast. He knew a perfect way and shared his idea with Dark and Will. They were more than willing. Ben was a little surprised when he walked into the living room to see Eric dumping and arm full of blankets onto the living room on top of a huge mattress. 

Ben figured it was Howl and Arthur's doing. 

"Howl said it was bad but I didn't think it was that bad. We need to get him warmed up and fast," Eric commented when Ben and Matthew walked into the living room. Ben didn't know why Eric was so panicked until he remembered Eric had spent around 6 to 8 months on the streets thanks to Derek. He knew it had been painfully cold due to the cold burn scars Eric had on his back and on his shoulders. 

It didn't take long to the other egos to arrived with more blankets and clothes to fill in the gaps in the giant nest of pillows, blankets and clothes. It was big enough for all of them. Ben carefully slipped Matthew of his shirt and pants, leaving him in his underwear. Matthew's shivering got worse until Ben pulled him into the middle of the blanket nest quickly removing his shirt and pants and slipping behind Matthew. 

Ben carefully stripped Matthew of his shirt and pants, just leaving him in his underwear. His shivering got worse until Ben picked him up and put him in the middle of the blanket nest, quickly removing his shirt and slipping in behind Matthew. The other egos quickly following, Eric was cuddled against Matthew's front, his head buried in Matthew's neck, Wilford was behind Eric. 

The other egos quickly following. Eric was cuddled against Matthew's front, his head buried in Matthew's neck, Wilford was behind Eric and Dark was behind Ben. The other egos jitted themselves around Wilford, Eric, Matthew, Ben and Dark removing most of their clothes and finding a comfortable spot. 

Beta, Gamma, Ryo and Epsilon were dragged downstairs and into the cuddle pile by Bing, they were still getting used to not being punished for giving their opinions or making a mistake and being rewarded for little things. They had never been praised so much for a very long time as Beta had been active or that's what he thought anyway. 

He couldn't remember his Master being any different. he had always been cruel and demanded impossible things from Beta knowing he would never be able to do them, he had tried though. He didn't want to be punished. Beta, somehow knew that there had been a short period of time where he hadn't been punished before the conditioning.

That soon changed. He couldn't remember why though. Maybe he had done something wrong. He, however, couldn't remember a time the conditioning hadn't been there, but he knew he wasn't built with the conditioning. He had found old files on his personal encrypted server, one his Master didn't know about.  

He had found old files stored in his personal encrypted computer that he had no knowledge of ever making. Notes and other plans he had no idea if he had completed, he had even managed to find some videos that appeared to be memory back up but it was hard to tell. Matthew had been so kind and caring when he had first met Beta and his brother. 

Notes and other plans he had no memory of creating or completing, he had even managed to find some videos that appeared to be memory backups but it was hard to tell. Matthew had been so kind and caring when he had finally been introduced to Beta and his brothers. Beta's Master had always told them their created them didn't care for them.

That would be on the streets, surviving on their own if he hadn't brought them together and protected them. After meeting three different versions of Matthew, he knew his Master had been lying. Matthew did care about them. They were his children for a lack of better word. he was incredibly protective and possessive of them and would do anything to ensure they were safe. 

Even at the cost of his own health and sanity. They were never punished and were allowed to do whatever they wish, within reason. It was strange having so much freedom after so long of have so many restrictions. They were used to only being allowed to be in their office. Only being permitted.

They were allowed to make and experiment as much as they wanted but had to run it by their Master first. Not doing so lead to unpleasant consequences that made his internal components freeze up in fear. Beta and his brothers had noticed how close the egos were with Matthew (Wilford, Arthur and Howl in particular). The Manor seemed warmer and brighter when Matthew was around.

He had seen Matthew and Wilford curled up cuddling up on the couch. All the egos were close even if they argued. Curling up in the cuddle pile felt amazing, a strange warm feeling washed over Beta. It wasn't something he was familiar with. Yet. Eric was nervous about being this close to Matthew. 

He knew he didn't have to be nervous but he was. He still wasn't used to getting open affection even though it had been close to 130 years since Derek had been ... dealt with. At least in void time. He still found it hard to wrap his head around that one month in the human world was 20 years in the void.

Matthew had been so kind and understanding had had legitimately looked like he wanted to murder Derek when he found out what his father had done to him. He found neither Wilford, Howl or Arthur could completely lie to Matthew, sure they tried but it was clear it was incredibly hard. 

Eric found himself snuggling against Matthew more and relaxing. Wilford pressed more against his back, one his legs hooking over Eric's legs, his hands rubbing Eric's chest sending shivers down the younger egos spine, his hands glowing pink. He wasn't alarmed, just relaxed. Eric had noticed Wilford's aura had a calming effect on whoever he touched depending on his mood. 

The slow, building pleasure was wonderful. Eric gasped a little when Matthew shifted, his leg slotting between Eric's legs, Wilford's leg hooked over the back of Matthew's leg as Matthew pulled Eric closer, everyone shifted to be closer. It was a wonderful feeling. Matthew's eyes had turned a reddish-brown colour

Eric, Beta, Wilford, Arthur and Howl gasped when Matthew's aura spread over the cuddle pile, wrapping around them and sinking into their skin. Eric pushed himself closer to Matthew as Wilford's hands slowly rubbed over his chest. It was delightful. Matthew pulled the blanket wrapped around him, Ben, Eric, Wilford and Dark tighter and flared his aura a bit listening to his egos gasp and moan at the feeling. 

It had been a long time since he had gotten the chance to relax like this. He was thankful dark had sent Ethan and Tyler back to the human world. he knew they wouldn't understand the relationship he had with his egos. They were his children but somehow more. They were parts of him in away.

He only created their basic character, they did the rest of the work themselves which was why he was so disgusted with Derek. The man had chosen to beat his son, that was something Matthew would never condone. There was nothing his egos could hide from him. He knew when they were lying. 

If something happened, he would find out one way or another. He knew by their reaction to his aura he had been away for far too long causing a high amount of pleasure when they come in contact with his aura. He had found Wilford, Arthur and Howl, in particular, were the most affected if he had been away for too long. 

He didn't mean to be away for so long. It might only be two or three months for him but for Wilford, Howl and Arthur is the 30 years. Sometimes he was away for longer and Dark's aura would drag him to the Manor. That was always fun. He hated needly his egos were after he had been away for a long time. He knew they were like that because he wasn't around enough. 

The neediness was different for each ego, but the most common symptom was that would try and touch him as much as possible. He had noticed if he had been away for a long time Wilford, Arthur and Howl were far more clingy. He knew he had been away for too long when he felt an unbearable urge to "Go Home". 

If he ignored the feeling (which was incredibly hard to do) or he wasn't able to get to Manor for some reason then Dark's aura would drag him to the Manor, he was long overdue for a visit. It had been close to 7 months for which meant it had been close to 140 years for his egos, which was insane.

The one good thing about time passing much faster in the void was that he could stay in the manor for months resulting in him only being gone for a short time in the human world. Matthew sighed when he had to go to the bathroom. He didn't want to get up. He was comfortable and didn't want to get up. He felt a strange tingling and no longer felt the need to get up and knew it was Arthur's doing. 

"Please don't go. Can't you stay for a little longer?" Eric pleaded, his arms tightened around Matthew, he was surprisingly strong, his eyes were clouded with the innate pleasure that came with being so close to Matthew. There was nothing sexual about it. It was the best sort of feeling and one Matthew had very much missed. He nodded and settled down. 

"I won't. I'm sure Mark wouldn't mind taking my place for a little while," Matthew replied, snuggling into the blankets, pulling Eric closer and kissing the side of Eric's head, he knew his Uncle wouldn't mind pretending to be him for the next few weeks. It was something he greatly enjoyed doing and his fans never noticed... a few of them did but it was rare that they did. Mark was that good of an actor.

If a lot of people noticed he did a "Darkiplier" video as an explanation for the strange behaviour. Dark sometimes even made an appearance to make it seem more believable which he greatly enjoyed. Matthew was glad Dark enjoyed helping out with the 'take over' of his channel when really they all owned his channel and he let them make videos whenever they wanted. 

Eric settled down, reassured Matthew wasn't leaving. They had panicked when he made to get up. Even though they knew realistically he wasn't leaving, their minds were convinced he was. they hated being so needy when he hadn't been around for a long time but they couldn't help it, the only way to prevent it was for him to visit more often which wasn't always possible given how busy he was. 

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Date: 01/12/19
Time: 6:59 pm - 9:01 pm 

"If youse keep wriggling, I'll drop you. You're not a child anymore" Yancy stated as he walked into the kitchen holding what looked to be an oversized, rolled-up blanket. Ed stared, at the ex-convict not sure what he was seeing. The blanket seemed to be moving, Yancy appeared to be having a little trouble keeping his hold. It was only when he put the oversized blanket into a chair did Ed realise it was actually Eric.

He had been rolled up in the fluffy blanket, his arms crossed over his chest, his feet weren’t visible. Eric grinned sleepily and waved; the tips of his fingers were just visible from inside the blanket. He started wriggling again when sat next to him with a bowl of soup and started to feed him with one hand while eating a sandwich with the other.

"What's going and why is Eric wrapped up in a giant blanket?" Bim questioned walking into the kitchen and stopping when he saw the strange scene. Yancy sighed and glared at Eric who just grinned sleepily but didn't reply just staring at Yancy with big puppy eyes, he groaned and let Eric finished off the rest of his sandwich.

"Eric's feeling cuddly, unfortunately for me. You are way too hold for this," Yancy answered, jerking his hand back when Eric licked his fingers and grinned at him. Bim and Ed shared a confused look as Eric finished off the soup, and Yancy put the bowl in the sink before picking Shushi Eric up and walking into the living room and settling in front of the TV.

"Don care. I wan snuggles," Eric answered, his voice muffled by the blanket. Yancy had only been at the manor for three weeks and he hadn't gotten to spend much time with his big brother. He wanted snuggles and he was going to get them. It had been a long time since he had gotten Shushi Snuggles from his big brother.

Yancy sighed, lying down on the couch with Eric lying between his legs, his head on Yancy's chest. Despite the fact, Eric was far too hold to have Shushi Snuggles Yancy didn't mind. He hadn't found the time to spend with his little brother despite being in the same house as him for almost three weeks.

Things were absolutely insane here. He still wasn't used to being able to do what he wanted without the fear of being thrown straight into solitary if someone got upset. He finally had a real bed again. He hadn't realised how horrible the ones Happy Trails were until he had climbed into the huge bed in his room at the manor.

It felt like he was floating on a cloud, it was wonderful. He hadn't wanted to get up. He hadn't been surprised when Eric had joined him in his room and they spent the night curled up in his giant bed. It was wonderful. Breakfast the next day was chaos. That was the only way to describe the experience.

It was strange not waking up in his cell and having to drag himself out of his nice warm bed for roll call. The food was a thousand times better as well. He had gotten used to the food the cooks served at Happy Trails and over time even come to enjoy it. He had been embarrassed at how much he had eaten. He was so hungry and he didn't know why. 

The food he had at Happy Trials was enough to fill him up and leave him content but now that he had food cooked in the manner he felt starving, the normal serving he was used to eating didn't fill him up anymore. The other egos hadn't said anything about how much he was eating just gave him more food. It was embarrassing. 

It was always so hard to stay awake when cuddling with his little brother, at least that hadn't changed. Yancy was nervous about falling asleep, it was something that he would have never done at Happy Trails no matter how tired he was. Falling asleep outside your cell was dangerous and invitation for the 

He tried to stay away but it soon become too much, and he fell asleep. Wil was surprised when he walked into the living room to see Yancy asleep on the couch with Eric, rolled up in a giant fluffy blanket asleep on top of him. It was something he never thought he would see and couldn't help but feel concerned. 

Apparently, he wasn't the only one. Ed, Bim, The Google's, Bing, Silver, Illinois and Host discussing it and all the things they had observed about Yancy since he had arrived. They had all noticed little things about the ex-convict in the last three weeks and some of the signs were worrying and alarming. 

They had all noticed how hungry Yancy seemed at every meal like he had only just realised how hungry he was. Eric had been much the same after his short stay at Happy Trails, he hadn't been quite as hungry as Yancy was but he still at a lot more than was normal. It wasn't until he explained the food at Happy Trials was designed to fill the inmates up. 

It wasn't good food but it was okay and something he had gotten used after around a month but 'real' food was so much better than anything they had served during his 8-month stay at Happy Trails which really wasn't that long. It was a marical Yancy hadn't recognised him during that time. 

The most concerning thing was how obedient Yancy was. He did what he was told without question, it was alarming. He appeared to be scared of Dark and never looked directly at him. He had looked terrified when Dark found him going through a box of broken stuff he had found in the attic.

Like he was expecting Dark to yell at him and lock him in his room or send him to the void, a place Dark would sometimes send them when they were frustrated so they wouldn't hurt anyone. It often happened to Dr Iplier, Ed and Bim. They hadn't gotten around to explaining what the Void was to Yancy and Illinois as there had been no need for Dark to send anyone there. 

He would constantly ask permission to do things even though there was no need. It was going to take him a while to get used to no longer being in prison anymore. It was clear that his time in Happy Trails Penitentiary had not been easy. They knew from Eric that he was the Prison King-Pin. 

The Prisoners did exactly what he wanted without question but he was clearly scared of the Guards and the Warden, there had to be a reason for that. Eric had told them the guards that had been there the longest let the prisoners get away with whatever they wanted as long they behaved themselves. 

The newer guards were the ones who expected complete obedience from the inmates. They worked for the Warden. It was best to keep your head down and stay out of their way. Eric had done just that in the 8 months he had spent at Happy Trails before Dark and Will had come to retrieve him. 

He had told them about the way the Warden's guards treated the prisoners, Yancy specifically. They beat him up and lied to the Warden about Yancy attack a guard even though the guards had attacked Yancy first. Yancy never argued. It only got him a longer stay in solitary. Things were always quiet and tense when he was. 

The Warden and Guards didn't seem to notice the change but the other guards certainly did and tried there best to make Yancy's time in solitary as easy on everyone as possible. It wasn't just a punishment for Yancy but the rest of the inmates as well. Eric had mentioned the one time one of the newer inmates had done something to upset the guards and as punishment Yancy had been thrown in solitary. 

Needless to say, no one had been pleased with that specific inmate. The Family had made things very clear to the inmate about what would happen should he do something that resulted in Yancy ending up in solitary again. The entire week and a half Yancy was in solitary the inmate was watched closely and was only given the 'correct' amount of food by the cooks. 

It was nowhere near enough to make someone feel full but that was that inmates punishment for getting Yancy thrown in solitary, they're punishment had lasted even longer when it came out that the inmate had been put up to it by the Warden's guards for a reduced sentence and the chance of parole. 

Yancy had no been ... pleased when he had been told the reason behind his stay in solitary as he had done absolutely nothing wrong. He had made sure he followed all the rules and yet he still ended up in solitary. That inmate had an ... accident soon after Yancy got out of solitary and wasn't seen for a few months. 

That's what happened when you upset the Prison King-Pin. It was better to do as you were told and not listen to the guards. Listening to the guards led to a very long and painful stay in medical. They had all been shocked when Eric had told them what his time in the prison had been like. 

His time there had changed him, the way he moved had changed, he was nearly soundless when he walked and had developed a habit of fiddling with a rather deadly looking knife when he was board. He was also a lot more muscular, not that he hadn't been before but it was more noticeable now. 

Despite there time apart Yancy and Eric were incredibly close and would, when they had the time, curl up on the couch and sleep or just cuddle. They had been surprised when they found Yancy fixing a bunch of broken items Eric had apparently been keeping. He had seemed annoyed but they could tell he was pleased. 

He was always humming or fiddling with anything he was holding. It had taken them a while to get used to, it was perfectly normal according to Eric. Yancy had always been like that. He was very good at fixing things thus the box of broken things he had given his brother to fix. He had to do something with his hands. 

"PRINCE, YOU BASTARD, GET BACK HERE WITH THAT," Eric yelled, from the living room as Prince darted into the kitchen with Eric's pocket knife clutched in his claws. He looked smug. Eric stalked into the kitchen, the blanket half draped over his shoulders. He had started to curse more after coming back from Happy Trails. 

It was easy to see he was related to Yancy when he was angry. Host shook his head and continued to eat wondering what King was thinking of stealing Eric's pocket knife. He would have a chat with his surrogate son later about his habit of stealing shiny things from people when they were relaxing. 

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Date: 14/12/19 – 16/12/19
Time: 11:16 pm – 12:17 am

Dark had felt a strange presence in the manor had gone to investigate, it felt similar to when someone from another universe was transported to the manor, he was concerned when he found Yancy curled up in one of the spare rooms with nothing more than a worn blanket and ratty pillow. He was shivering and looked terrified when Dark walked into the room.

"Yancy, what are you doing in here?" Dark questioned walking over to the ex-convict slowly, Yancy didn’t answer, just curled into a tighter ball, pulling his thin blanket around him more, trying to hide as Dark walked closer. It took Dark a few seconds to realise this wasn’t their version of Yancy but a different version. If the lack of scars on his arms and the brown leather collar he was wearing.

It had two D-rings on either side and a thin rectangular box held in place by another leather band. Dark knew he had to be careful, he didn’t want Yancy panicking, particularly if he, like their version had wings. He had seen the sort of damage Yancy’s wings could do to someone.

"I-I'm sorry, I'll do a better job next time, I promise, I'll do anything you want, can I please go back to my cell," SC Yancy pleaded, his voice a horse whisper. Dark felt sick and his resolve to kill Warden Murder-Slaughter in a very painful way got stronger. It seemed the Warden was only a respectable person in one universe, in the rest he was an abusive arsehole who put Yancy (and likely the other inmates) through hell.

Despite being in charge of looking after and providing for them during their stay in Happy Trails State Penitentiary.

"You have nothing to apologise for. You're safe now," Dark reassured, kneeling next to SC Yancy gently pulling him into a hug, the young ego tensed though soon relaxed when Dark started to run his back and hum softly. SC Yancy soon slumped against the person holding him, feeling safe for the first time in a very long time.

He was finding it harder and harder to do so and soon fell asleep against the man. He had no idea how he ended up in this room, he had been in solitary with nothing more than a blanket and pillow. The room was always cold, the blanket being nowhere near thick enough anymore to be even remotely warm, but it was something.

He leaned more into the man holding him, they were warm and solid and far more comfortable than the ground.

He tried to keep his eyes open but was finding progressively harder to do and soon fell asleep. Dark stared down at SC Yancy and sighed sadly wondering what sort of hell his version of the Warden had put him through. He smiled when he felt the soft brush of feathers against his arms and gently started to comb his finger through the unseen feathers.

He clicked his fingers and warm and fluffy blanket appeared and he carefully wrapped it around SC Yancy and picked him up and walked out of the room, ensuring the ego in his arms remained asleep wasn’t’ difficult as he walked into one of the spare bedrooms. Yancy was about to start drinking his coffee when the tattoo on his right hand started to burn and tingle.

He put his cup down, closed his eyes and held his hand, breathing through the pain, hoping it would pass soon. Before he went on parole and come to the manor he had no idea what his knuckle tattoos burning and tingling meant but he did now. Dark was angry about something. He traced Dark’s name, hoping it would calm the entity down. It only worked some of the time depending on how upset he was.

Finding out Yancy from another universe had appeared in one of the unused rooms wasn’t exactly a shock but it expected either. They had visitors from different universes all the time. It was something they were used to. It took a few days for the ‘Main’ egos to finally SC Yancy, when they did, they noticed the differences right away. SC Yancy wasn’t as muscular as Yancy nor was he as tan.

He has the same tattoos as Yancy, but they were different somehow, standing out more against his pale skin. He had brown leather cuffs around his wrists. The way he held himself was different as well. Even though he wasn't hunched like Eric was when he first arrived, he was still noticeably shorter than Yancy.

It was only when Yancy got up and stood next to him did they realise it was because he was younger than Yancy which was mind-bending and confusing but something they had gotten used to.

"How can he look younger than you?" Ed questioned staring at the two-winged men, readjusting his hat when the slight wind from Yancy’s fluttering wings made it tilt over his eyes. It had taken them a while to get used to Yancy having wings and the unique problems that come with that. Thankfully Yancy’s wings were often intangible making things easier though there was almost always a slight breeze from his wings flapping and fluttering.

Yancy laughed, shaking his head as he walked over to the fridge. His wings continued to shift and flutter. They flared briefly as he started to rummage around in the fridge trying to find something. It was easy to read Yancy’s mood if his wings were visible. It had taken them a while to understand how Yancy’s wings reacted to his moods. The near-constant breeze had taken some getting used to.

"I'm only 34, I’m not that young," SC Yancy replied staring at Ed, he looked remarkably like Eric when he was annoyed with them. SC Yancy looked like he was maybe a year or two older than Eric. The younger ego had stopped hunch so much after Google had given new prosthetics. It was startling to realise just how many of Eric mannerisms were dictated by his prosthetics.

"That would mean youse are 13 years younger than me and 11 years into youse 24 year stay at that Hell Hole people call Happy Trails Penitentiary," Yancy commented absentmindedly as he dug around in the fridge trying to find something. His wings puffed up in annoyance as he moved things around, he leaned more into it. They had found their fridge could a ridiculous amount of food.

It was bigger on the inside, much like the TARDIS, except for food. Ed, Google, Eric, Bim, King, CJ, RJ, Host, Reynolds, Dark and Wilford stared at Yancy as he finally pulled what appeared to be cupcakes from somewhere in the fridge. Bim frowned, he didn’t remember baking any cupcakes recently. The plate of cupcakes were frosted and much bigger than the ones Bim usually made. Reynold's eyes lit up as soon as he saw them.

"Yancy, that doesn't explain how he looks younger than you," Bim stated, Yancy, closed the fridge with his hip and turned to face them, one cupcake already in his mouth. Eric had to stop himself from laughing at the sight. Yancy glared at Eric, holding the plat closer to him when Eric started to make grabby hands. Bim had to stifle his laughter when Eric pouted, crossed his arms and glared at his brother.

He really was too cute.

"I may look 30 but I'm 47. I tend to look younger than I am," Yancy explained munching on the cupcake. Eric lost his battle and started to laugh at the shocked look on everyone’s face. A lot of people had always said he looked a lot like his brother. He had no idea what they had meant. He didn’t look anything like his brothers. The only person he looked like was Yan.

"It’s true. Yan looked like he was 23 when he was 18 and 18 when he was 23. It was hilarious. Hand over the cupcakes. You can't hog them all to yourself," Reynolds answered holding out a hand for a cupcake only for Yancy to glare at him. Bing had noticed how possessive and protective Yancy was of anything given to him, be it blankets, clothes or food. He wanted to know why but didn’t want to find out at the same time.

“No, it wasn’t Voorhees, it was beyond irritating.  People generally don’t believe them when someone who looks like their 18 and should be in school that there is something seriously wrong with their car. I can and I will,” Yancy snapped, Reynolds sighed, shaking his head knowing it was hopeless to try and get food off of Yancy.

If he had thought Yancy was protective of possessive of his food and bedding before he went to prison, it had nothing on when he got out.

Reynolds had always put it down to Yancy having 13 younger brothers and having to put up with them stealing his food and bedding but hadn’t thought much of it after that. It was only after Dark and Matthew had rescued him did he start to suspect the Warden had taken away his food and bedding at times as a form of punishment when Yancy did something wrong.

The thought of Yancy got getting anything to eat or having to make do with a very thin blanket in a very cold cell made something cold settle in Reynolds stomach. He knew the Warden abused Yancy not only physically but emotionally and mentally. 

Playing with Yancy's expectations, saying he would punish Yancy for doing something wrong one time and not punish him and then punishing him the next time he broke a 'rule' (whether known or unknown) even though he said he wouldn't. It had seriously messed with Yancy's head. He never believed anyone when they said he 'wasn't in trouble' because of the Warden's treatment.

Reynolds knew from Eric had told him of his eight-month stay in Happy Trails Penitentiary that the inmates were only allowed a certain amount of food for each meal. If they did something wrong their food would be restricted or they would be given more if they had been good. He had mentioned or more than one occasion that the Warden would often restrict how much Yancy could eat for weeks at a time.

Forcing him to rely on the other inmates to get him enough food. Then there were times where he was given more than he could handle but he ate it anyway because he had no idea when he would next get to eat that much. It was horrible and depressing but explained why Yancy, for his first week at the manor and after he had come back from Happy Trails would eat a large amount of food faster than a normal person.

Even though Yancy knew he was going to getting another meal, Dark had repeatedly reassured him he would never be hungry while he was in the manor, he still did it anyway because he wasn't convinced Dark would actually let him eat during the next meal. It was something they had learned after Dark and Matthew had retrieved him from Happy Trails after he disappeared.

The cautiously hopeful look on his face when Will had given him some bread and soup (he hadn't eaten much during his three-week disappearance thus couldn't stomach much rich food) was heartbreaking. He acted like he expected Dark to take away his meal at any minute something Reynolds was sure the Warden had done to Yancy.

Thus he learned how to quickly eat his food so the Warden wouldn't have the chance to take it away from him. SC YAncy appeared to have been treated the same but on a more severe level. He would eat his food as quickly as possible but not as for more even though it was clear he was still hungry and wanted more but was afraid to ask. 

Very afraid. Yancy had been nervous and cautious about asking but he had never been outright afraid to ask for more of anything. 

“Do you want some more?” Wilford questioned when he saw SC Yancy staring at the stew. He opened his mouth like he was about to say something when he stiffened, he eyes widened and his wings appeared flapping and fluttering. He stumped after two minutes, his wings folded against his back, shivering. Not once in those two minutes had his hands moved from the table, or did he make a sound. 

He was shivering, his wings and arms would occasionally jerk.

“N-no, I-I’m not hungry,” SC Yancy answered, his voice horse and thin, Wilford knew it was a lie. He knew SC Yancy was still hungry and wanted more food but wasn't going to ask for anymore. A bread roll appeared on his plat, he went to reach for it but stiffened again, it last longer this time. Each time he tried to reach for the bread roll he was offered. 

Each episode lasted long and long, he eventually let out a painful sounding whine and started to tug and scratch at the collar around his neck.

Soon enough the scratch marks started to bleed. Yancy stalked over to CJ and RJ when he heard them giggling and grabbed the black remote they were holding and switched it off. SC Yancy slumped against the table sobbing a little. CJ and RJ looked alarmed when they found themselves staring up at a clearly very pissed off Yancy, his wings flared out on him either side of him making him look bigger and threatening.

“What do you think you’re doing and where did you find this?” Yancy demanded, holding the black remote like the thing was going to bite him, the twins grabbed the remote and pressed something before darting out of the room. SC Yancy let out a pained whine, his fingernails digging into his neck, his legs kicked against the chair.

Yancy growled and crushed the remote, SC Yancy slumped, tears leaking from his eyes as he stared at the table. Yancy walked over to the younger convict and easily removed the collar revealing what appeared to be two strange dots on the side of his neck along with what looked like scratch and cut marks.

He flinched when Yancy touched his neck and unbuckled the collar. He removed the trap holding the rectangular box and throwing it in the trash before putting the collar back on gently though not before putting tissue between the collar and cleaning and bandaging the scratches before putting the collar back on. 

“What the hell is that thing?” Eric questioned staring at the strange collar. The look on Yancy's face was frankly scary. SC Yancy flinch and looked like he wanted to pull away but didn't. He wrapped his arms around his waist and seemed to curl into a little ball. It was painful. Wilford wanted to give SC Yancy lots of hugs. 

A cold feeling settled in his stomach when he saw the blank look on Yancy's face. 

He had improved a great deal since Dark and Matthew had gotten back from Happy Trails Penitentiary. He didn't act like that very often, but it was jarring when it did happen. It was almost like he was a completely different person. He acted a lot like Richard. Reynolds had mentioned that was how Yancy had acted before he had gone to prison. 

The timidness as a result of Derek's treatment of him and his time at Happy Trails State Penitentiary 

“That, Eric, is a shock collar. Come on, those scratches need to be clean out,” Yancy answered flatly before grabbing a few bread rolls, pulling SC Yancy out of his seat and out of the kitchen, likely heading up to his room which had its own bathroom. As he led younger convict out of the room Wilford and had noticed the cuffs around his ankles.

Sharing a worried wondering how much Murder-Slaughter had abused this version of Yancy as he stumbled, his legs not working correctly, Yancy sighed and wrapped an arm around his waist as he led the younger prisoner to his room. SC Yancy stared in shock when he was led into a nice-looking room with dark walls, extremely soft carpet and a huge bed. 

He flinched a little as he was led into the bathroom and his collar was removed again and the scratches were cleaned again, bandages were wrapped around his neck, but the collar wasn't put back on.

“He’s not going to hurt you again, not if Dark and Matthew can do anything about it. They not going to stop you from eating,” Yancy reassured after he walked back into his bedroom with a spare set of clothes. The younger convict took the clothes with a smile and quickly changed, trying to stop his limbs from shaking. it was embarrassing that he even needed help at all.  

“A-are y-you sure?” SC Yancy questioned, his voice thin and horse thanks to the shock collar. Yancy nodded, dragging him over to the huge bed. The growled when he saw the cuffs around SC Yancy's tights and just under his knees and knew exactly what it was for, knowing his version of the Warden likely chained him up, either to his bed or in solitary using the collar and the cuffs.

He crawled into bed and pulled the 34-year-old into a hug, encouraging him to curl against his chest as he wrapped his wings around him, completely covering him. 

“Quite sure. They’re not like the Warden.  They do care about us. You might not be from this universe but while you’re here your safe,” Yancy replied shifting a little as the younger man got more comfortable, his arms trapped between his and Yancy's chest. SC Yancy looked up at him, it was strange seeing his own face looking down at him yet not recognising it.

“S-So I won -won’t be tied up every night?” SC Yancy asked timidly sighing and snuggling closer when Yancy just nodded. The Warden used his collar and cuffs to tie him to his bed every night. He was unable to move or stop anyone from doing what they wish to him if they entered his cell. He was usually tied up with his back facing the bars.

He learned to eat all the food given to him as quickly as possible before the Warden or the guards got impatient. He never asked for more, if he did then he would be shocked. The other inmates had taken to feeding him when the guards weren't looking knowing they were allowed to eat as much as they wanted. 

Yancy was the only with the food restriction. He knew he would never escape Happy Trails State Penitentiary. The Warden would never let his pet go no matter how much he begged and pleaded. He was just thankful he still had his wings. He had no idea what he would have done if the Warden had removed them. 

He had noticed the scars and bite marks on Yancy's arms and couldn't help but wonder where they had come from but didn't dare ask, he didn't want Yancy angry with him. He knew very well what he was like when he was angry.

CJ and RJ were alarmed when they were dragged to the meeting by Dark's aura. They had no idea why the 'Main' egos were upset with them and knew as soon as Dark started asking questions that they had blacked out again. It had been happening more frequently recently. Dark did not look pleased when they told him they didn't remember leaving their room to go to breakfast. 

They didn't want to hurt anyone and yet it somehow kept happening. From hurting Prince to tying Yancy to a chair and leaving in a cold dark room for hours and now they had electrocuted a badly abused version of Yancy, it didn't matter that he was from another universe. It was alarming but they had no idea how to stop it. 

It was like they were puppets and there was nothing they could do but dance to their master's tune.

SC Yancy jerked awake in the middle of the night, he didn't remember falling asleep. It was dark and warm which immediately had him on alert, his cell was never warm. He couldn't move, whatever was wrapped around him was tight but not uncomfortable. He tried not to panic but it was impossible, he thought he had finally escaped but he could still feel his collar and cuffs. 

Whatever was holding tightened when he started to struggle. He stopped when he felt something pressing against his face and opened his eyes to a dimly lit room when he felt the warm weight move off him and saw his own face staring back at him. It took him a few seconds to realise where he was and he relaxed knowing he was safe but he could still feel his collar and cuffs. 

"Hey, calm down, your safe now. He'll pay for what he did,"

Chapter Text

Date: 06/12/19 – 22/12/19
Time: 1:05 pm – 4:24 pm

Matthew gagged almost immediately after he started drinking his coffee. It was incredibly bitter. He wanted to tip it down the drain but drank the entire cup even though he knew he shouldn’t. He had probably made it too strong. The horrible bitter after taste didn’t go away. It only seemed to get stronger of the following 8 hours.

He felt horrible but continued to make videos, he knew he should rest but it felt like something was forcing him to keep moving. By the time he collapsed from exhaustion, he was crying, moving hurt and he had thrown up at least four times, he couldn't keep anything down.

Tyler and Ethan had asked if he was alright when they saw him rush to the bathroom. He wanted to tell them what was wrong but found he just couldn’t. They shrugged it off, not bothering to check if Matthew was actually alright. They knew he had a tendency to lie about his health and yet still took his word that he was alright without check to make sure.

Matthew groaned when he felt his bed disappear from under and he landed hard on the manor cold kitchen floor, his head slamming against the tiles, making his head hurt even more. He opened his eyes when he heard someone rushing over to him. All he could see were legs before he was turned onto his back, he groaned and tried to curl into a ball.

His stomach hurt and the next thing he knew he was standing and leaning over to the skin to throw up yet again. His arms only barely able to hold his weight. He flinched when he felt a cool hand pressed against his back, rubbing between his shoulder blades. If he felt nice and he wanted it to continue. Tears dripped down his face as he gagged again, there was nothing in his stomach.

He went limp when arms wrapped around him, pulling him away from the sink, he was unable to hold himself up anymore. Eric was alarmed when Matthew appeared in the kitchen looked pale and shaky. Yancy stared at his little brother wondering who the man was and why Eric looked so panicked when he threw up in the sink. Eric carefully rubbed the man's back, pulling him away from the sink and supporting his weight when he went limp.

Eric somehow managing to stay upright and not stumble. Yancy had known his brother had gotten stronger but he hadn’t thought Eric would be able to hold up someone’s dead weight. The man was a little shorter than Eric and looked to be very heavy and yet Eric had no problem holding him up. Eric had changed a great deal since he was 6 years old, but that was too expected.

Reynolds had sent him updates on Eric and the rest of his “brothers” through letters. He had occasionally included letters. Something he had learned to hid in the loose bricks behind his bed. It was the place he knew the Warden or his Guards would look. He had made sure to hid it perfectly, so those letters and pictures where never found.

Something he had learned go hid in the loose bricks behind his bed. It was the place he knew the Warden or his Guards would look. He had made sure to hid it perfectly, so those letters and pictures where never found. He took the letters with him when he left making sure whoever was in his cell next could find the place and the guards wouldn't. He didn't know what the Warden or the guards would have done if they had found the lettered and pictures, but he knew it wouldn't be anything good.

He took the letters with him when he left, making sure whoever was in his cell next could find the place and the guards wouldn’t. He didn’t know what the Warden or the Guards would have done if they had found the letters and pictures but he knew it wouldn’t be anything good. Yancy watched as Eric easily picked the man up and dashed out the kitchen.

Instead of going to Dr Iplier’s office as Yancy expected he ran straight past it, stopping for a few seconds before using his foot to kick the door to the meeting room open, Yancy belatedly remembered it was the meeting room and couldn’t help but feel nervous. Dark reminded him a little too much of the Warden, it was clear he was the one in charge and Yancy really didn’t know the demon would do to him if Yancy went against his rules.

“Doc, we have a problem?” Eric yelled as he kicked the door open, knowing he wouldn’t he heard over Bim and Ed’s yelling otherwise. Things always got a tad heated and someone always ended up yelling. Ben, Host, Will, Ben, Dark, Ed, Bim and Dr Iplier fell silent when Eric stepped into the room with Matthew, Yancy quickly following clearly nervous. Dr Iplier was on his feet and over to Eric as soon as the shock wore off.

“What the hell happened?” Dr Iplier demanded, Matthew looked horrible, pale and shaky and was staring at Edward with a glazed look in his eyes. He was running a fever; how high Edward had no idea. He would have to in his office in order to run some tests to find out what was wrong with their creator but didn’t want to wait. He looked up when he heard a whining sound.

Ben looked distressed, his logo and eyes had turned into a multi-coloured flickering wheel of blue, green, red and yellow which only ever happened when one of the units comprising Google was experiencing too much stimulation or they were stressed and couldn’t handle it. Ben appeared to be trying to figure something out. It was Dr Iplier remember Google kept a cursory eye on their vitals so he could prevent any situation from becoming dangerous.

He couldn’t help but wonder had panicked Ben enough to make merging back into Google something he thought necessary. It didn’t happen very often though it had been happening more since Beta and his brothers had arrived in the manor.

"Google, what's the matter?" Dr Iplier questioned, turning his attention to the blue unit. Google turned to look at him and shear panic in his eyes was disconcerting. It took him a lot to phase Google; he had seen a lot, but it did on occasion happen and it left them feeling cold after because it would have to be serious to affect the supercomputer.

Dr Iplier questioned, Google looked at him and the shear panic in his eyes was disconcerting. It took a lot to phase Google; he had seen a lot but it did, happen on occasion and it left them feeling cold after because it would have to be serious to affect the supercomputer. Google didn’t answer, just scanned Matthew, his face blank of any emotion.

Google didn’t reply, just scanned Matthew, his face of any emotion. He was sitting stiffy in his chair which wasn’t … unusual but Dr Iplier knew he was usually more relaxed than that. Ben knew the moment Matthew appeared in the kitchen, his aura curled tightly him, ready to protect him should anyone touch him which it never did, there was no need for it. Matthew was safe in the manor.

Ben knew something was wrong the moment Matthew appeared in the kitchen, his aura curled tightly around him, ready to protect him should anyone touch him, which never happened. Matthew knew he was safe in the manor. He scanned Matthew as soon as Eric kicked the meeting room door open (a habit he had always had according to Yancy, one that had come back after Google had redesigned his prosthetic’s of which he had two pairs).

He scanned Matthew as soon as Eric kicked the meeting room door open (a habit he had always had according to Yancy, one that had come back after Google had redesigned his prosthetic’s. He now he had two pairs. His blades and normal prosthetic’s that looked like perfectly normal legs). He had to get Dark to time warp his workshop in order to work out all the kinks before he gave Eric his two new prosthetics’.

Google had asked Dark to time warp his workshop, so he had more time to work out the kinks and bugs with Eric’s new prosthetic’s. Ben had heard the frustrated yells from Eric’s room in the morning or the middle of the night or when he overbalanced. It wasn’t easy for him to put his prosthetic’s on or take them off quickly. Eric had lit up a Christmas tree when Ben had given him his new prosthetic’s.

Ben had heard the frustrated yells from Eric’s room in the morning and the middle of the night or whenever he overbalanced. It wasn’t easy for him to put his prosthetic’s on quickly or take them off for that matter. Oliver had tested them out as he was the one that was closest to Eric in height and weight being made of the lightest material, it had taken a lot of trial and error to get them correct but they had finally managed.

They had noticed a change in his behaviour and realised just how many of his mannerism were dictated by his duct tape wrapped prosthetics. It had gotten a little better after Google had fixed his blades so they weren’t held together with just duct tape but it hadn’t been permanent and they could break if he moved too quickly. Due to the fact they had been held together with duct tape it had caused Eric to walk and hold himself in a certain way.

Eric had lit up like a Christmas tree when Ben had given him his new blades and prosthetic’s. They had noticed a change in his behaviour and soon realised just how much of his mannerism were dictated by his duct-taped wrapped prosthetics. It had gotten a little better after Google had fixed his blades so they weren’t held together with just duct tape but it hadn’t been permanent and they could break if he moved too quickly.

He had gotten so used to compensating for the lack of balance he had and the fact if he moved to much they would break. It took Eric the better part of six months to get used to having stable prosthetic’s again and not having to worry about him falling apart if he moved wrong (he had been wearing his old prosthetics’ the day Yancy and Illinois had arrived as his new ones had been in to fix some minor connection problems)

They had noticed Eric started to stand straighter and wasn’t always so shy. He was surprisingly tall when he stopped hunching and looked very muscular. His whole demeanour had changed, there were times he was still shy and nervous, but he seemed more confident overall. The first time they had seen him kick a door open when his hands were full like it was the most natural thing in the world was a little jarring.

“There is so-mething wrong with him with MaSter. He has a high fever,” Google replied, his voice and face emotionless and robotic, the only indication something was wrong with him was the lack of use of Matthew’s name. He only ever called “Master” when he distressed, upset or angry. It was alarming when it did happen because he was far more protective of their creator and tended to become violent if he felt any of them were threatening Matthew in any way.

Dr Iplier shared a concerned look with Dark, Wilford looked panicked not that the Doctor could blame the pink-haired show host, he was the closets to their creator and like Google would do anything to protect Matthew, his aura was addictive, particularly if had been a long time since he had last visited.

They loved him a great deal and would do whatever they could to get him to relax. He often overworked himself and never took the time to relax. The only time he ever truly relaxed was when he was forcibly pulled to the manor by Dark’s aura.

Wilford wanted to comfort Matthew but didn’t want to hurt him.

“Do you know what’s wrong with him?”

Chapter Text

Date: 31/12/19
Time: 7:57 pm - 8:40 pm 

Damien sighed as he walked out of his office and made his way to the kitchen, even though he was hungry and wanted something to eat he was too tired. His cane tapping against the tile leaned his cane against the bench as the kettle boiled. He needed coffee. He ran his hand through his slicked-back hair, he hated having it slicked back all the time but it got in his eyes and made it hard to do his paperwork. .

He sighed and shook his head a little, blowing his hair out of his eyes, wiping the gel off his hand on a t-towel, made his coffee and walked into the living room and flopped down on the couch, he didn't care that his suit was getting rumbled. He just wanted to go to sleep without having to worry about the amount of paperwork he had to get done for the next day and if the twins were going to ruin it again. 

He sighed as he took a sip, looking up when he heard someone coughed and cursed rather colourfully and flopped back onto the couch, his coffee somehow not spilling as his shell cracked and someone appeared, send over his arms crossed staring down at Damien with a raised eyebrow. Damien just flipped him off. 

"You're lucky, you just have to deal with the manor paper. This the fourth time this month the Jim's have fucked with my paperwork. You can explain it to them. I'm going to catch up on some sleep, its the least you could do Tena," Damien snapped, clicking his fingers and stretching as his clothes changed to Matthew's clothes. He scowled and glared at Damien.

"What is it with you lot and stealing my clothes. Just give them back when you're done," Matthew complained, Damien opened one eye and stared at Matthew, a grin slowly making its way onto his face as he stared at Matthew than stretched.

"So what if they are, they're far more comfortable than anything from the 30s. I might, I might not, you'll never know," Damien replied closing his eyes he relaxed. It wasn't long before he was fast asleep, Matthew turned his attention to Tena, who was leaning against the back of the couch. CJ and RJ silenced themselves when they walked into the living room and saw the look on Tena's face.

"Wake him up and you'll be a world pain. We're from a different universe. He didn't die, well he will if we were to separate. I've shared a body with him since he was 18. Not that his father knowns. I'd father he never find out, unlike in this universe Wilford is his father... well, adopted father" Tena explained gently running his hand through Damien's hair.

It was clear the demon was fond of the demon. Dark stared at him. Wondering how things had turned out in his universe if Celine was still alive or if she had died. Things would have undoubtedly changed given he had shared a body with Tena since he was 18.

"Things were interesting, to say the least. The manipulative, horrid bitch he calls his sister is dead. Our universes version of Mark is still alive. He both the Mayor and has met the egos but hasn't met our version of Matthew yet. The joys of cross-dimensional time travel. You'll be seeing more of us," Tena explained, smiling as Damien leaned against his hand, finally looking completely relaxed and not anywhere near as stressed as he had before.

Chapter Text

Date: 25/12/19
Time: 5:45 pm - 7:41 pm

“Leave him alone, he didn’t do anything to you,” A voice yelled, it sounded like Dark, but not at the same time. Silver, King, Wilford and Bim shared an alarmed look ran into the entryway just in time to see someone fall over the banister, hitting the ground with a sickening crunch. The man's neck-breaking on impact

Silver scrambled away from the man when he realised it was Matthew, well the person looked like Matthew. He looked up to see Damien standing at the banister staring down at him, a horrified look on his face, the familiar ringing sound was defending as Matthews walked out to see what was going on. Stopping in front of his look-alike, crouching down and cursed.

He looked up at who was standing near the banister. Silver looked up and saw Dark, except he didn't like exactly like the Dark they knew. He looked horrified and just shook his head a little backing away from the banister, his eyes starting to water before he disappeared and Matthew's look-alike got up, cracking his neck and looking at his hands. Tears started to leak down his face. 

Silver caught him when his legs gave out. He had no idea what was going on but whatever it was, it was serious, otherwise, Matthew's look-alike wouldn't be crying. He didn't appear to be aware he was doing it as blood dripped down the side of his head from a wound. Silver could feel him shaking. He appeared to be going into shock 

Matthew reached to touch him but stopped when his look-a-like shook his head. Matthew pulled his look-alike into a hug, he buried his head in Matthew's shoulder as Matthew looked up at Damien, who was leaning against the banister in shock. Silver had no idea what was going on but knew whatever it was, it wasn't good and had to do with the person he knew was standing just out of his sight.

He could hear their heartbeat. It was slightly elevated, but they didn’t seem anywhere near as shocked as everyone else.

“What the hell where you thinking Celine?” Damien finally got over his shock, turned to glare at Celine, who was standing behind him with a smug look on her face, she seemly completely unconcerned. Anything Celine could have said was cut off by the loud pained scream, she leaned over the banister to stare down at Matthew’s look-a-like, he was slumped on his knees screaming.

Celine looked pleased with herself.

Silver, King, Wilford, Bim and Damien were forced to watch as he collapsed on his side before going to completely still, his eyes turned black before fading. Dark appeared again, coughing up blood before curling into a ball, his eyes were flickering. Matthew kneeled next to Dark and gently pulled him up, he didn’t put up any resistance, just burying his head in Matthew’s shoulder, closing his eyes.

You’re a sick twisted bitch, you’re not going to get away with it,” Dark stated, it sounded like several people were speaking at the same time even as tears dripped down his face, Celine just laughed. Damien looked like he wanted to punch his sister, the only thing stopping him from doing just that was how close they were to the banister. Matthew had a cold look on his face as he stared up them.

“Get away with what.  I haven’t done anything wrong,” Celine answered, she only laughed when Damien glared at her. Bim stared at him wondering how Celine thought she was going to get away with this. It was clear by Matthew’s reaction or lack of reaction that Celine had done something wrong.

Dark was smirking up at her like he knew something she didn’t as the shoulders seemed to bend her and Damien.

We’re aren’t in our universe; this is the main universe. Good luck explaining to Matthew and Cu what you were planning on killing our universe version Mark. Time to pay the piper sweetheart. Did you really think you’d be able to get away with it forever without someone finding out,” Dark replied, Bim stared at him wondering why it sounded like several people were speaking through Dark.

It took him a few seconds to realise that was because several people were speaking through Dark. Google and Bing grabbed Celine before she could say anything, as soon as she was gone Damien collapsed against the banister and Dark started to sob quietly, it sounded strange. Bim stared at the three wondering what the hell was going on.

There was clearly something going on that they didn’t know about.

"We're different. Unlike in this universe, I'm am an ego. Sort of. We're parts of his personality. The Author, Actor and "William Barnum" didn't exist in the real world. He was all of them. Markiplier was a personality he created. Celine made sure Mark was shot in the chest, falling over the banister after having acid thrown in his face.

We had no idea until shortly after Eric and his father were created. Derek was "unwritten". Something about that made Markiplier start to fade. I don't really understand it. Mark was ... different from Markiplier. It took us a little while to get used to the change. We had to figure out a way for him to continue making videos when he was blind.

We figured out a slightly unconventional way to make it work. We would partially possess Mark allowing him to use our eyes while he played the game and did the commentary. It took a lot of practice to make it look natural but we managed. Not ling after that Damien come to visit. He never died.

Well, he did get shot but that's because he was being an idiot-" Dark was cut off when Damien started laughing, he turned and glared at him. There was something so startling about this version of Dark, he felt different.

"It wasn't my fault someone decided to steal his gun, I still don't know how they even found it. I know Mark made sure to lock it in a safe so something like that couldn't happen," Damien answered rolling his eyes as he walked down the stairs.

He looked older than their Damien.

"Celine was likely the one who got into the safe. She did go through *all* of his paperwork. Are you really surprised that she found the pin to the safe? It wasn't exactly the best," Dark replied, he looked like he was contemplating hitting Damien. Not that Matthew blamed him. Damien was staring him then paled, he looked alarmed.

"Are you certain, she went through all of his paperwork?" Damien questioned, he looked worried, Dark stared at him wondering what was so bad about that. Mark had kept all his sensitive information in a place Celine could never find it and a place she would never think to look. He got the feeling Damien was more worried about Mark's personal information.

"He got incredibly upset at her for going through the stuff in the filing cabinet he kept in your office. The one with all the information about his scripts and that leather-bound manuscript he freaked out over you touching" Dark answered, his voice sounded different. It took Matthew a few seconds to realise Wilford was the one speaking.

Chapter Text

Date: 22/11/19
Time: 11:10 pm - 1:17 am

Only a select few knew William James Barnum was female despite the fact she acted and dressed like a male. Damien and Mark would have never found out if it hadn’t been for the camping trip where a certain giant red, black, grey and white fluffy squirrel ‘accidentally’ knocked a jar of Arthur’s ink onto Will’s clothes.

Will of course panicked and quickly removed her shirt revealing what at first appeared to be a white crop top but when Damien looked closer, he could see three rows of looked to hook an eye clasps on the side of the crop top under Will’s right arm. It didn’t take long for Damien, Arthur or Mark to figure out what the ‘crop top’ meant and by the time they had Will had realised which she had done.

They promised not to tell anyone and spent the rest of the ‘camping trip’ figuring out how to stop other people from accidentally finding out William James Barnum was actually Wilhelmina Jemima Barnum the rarely seen but very beautiful heiress. Arthur created several clothing items that would help Mina appear male.

Soon enough people started to notice William always seemed to be wearing a white or black tank top underneath his clothes but they thought nothing of it, he never went completely shirtless, it was a little strange but no one dared to say anything after some unlucky sod said the wrong thing to William and ended up getting punched. In the face.

“Oh you’ve got to be fucking kidding,” the person cursed, they were soaking wet, their black hair plastered to their face, they paled when they saw The Jim’s, Bim, King and Eric staring down at them, they opened their mouth to say something when the front door opened creating a draft and the person shivered.

“Are you alright?” Eric asked trying his best to keep his eyes on what he could see of the persons face rather than their very naked body as they curled in a tighter ball sighing a little when Dark finally pushed the door shut before turning his attention back to the person curled up on the floor shivering from the cold. He clicked his fingers and a huge, fluffy towel appeared. He wrapped it around their shoulder’s.

“Thank you. At least one of you has some manners. Eye’s on my face Trimmer. I’m fine for the most part other than wanting to strangle the person responsible for sending me here,” the person answered as they wrapped the towel around them and stood with Dark’s help smiling. They brush their hair out of their wet hair out of their face and Eric realised how much they looked like Darkling.

“You’re welcome. I do try. How did you end up here?” Dark questioned and the person sighed clearly annoyed about something. A pale pink aura flickered around them and for a few seconds, they looked like Wilford before their appearance returned to normal. They growled and looked like they wanted to murder someone.

“I have no fucking idea though I suspect it has to do with my friend sister who is a fucking bitch in more ways than one,” the person answered as Wilford walked into the living room scribbling notes down on a piece of paper as he walked but stopped when he heard the person speaking and cursed after a few seconds.

“She didn’t take the news so well then? What did they say?” Will questioned, the person shook their head, he clicked his fingers and the personal appearance changed to look like Will but only briefly which was trippy but something they were used to. They had met several different versions of their surrogate father over the years.

“No, she didn’t. She fucking childish when she bloody well wants to be. No idea what she did to my powers though. They’re shot to hell at the moment” the person answered brushing their hair out of their face yet again before sighing in irritation, pulling a hair tie off their wrist and tying their long curly black hair into a messy twisted bun so it was out of their face and of their neck.

Bim stared at the person for a few seconds before looking down, noticing the way the towel clung to their body and realised that she was female

"Keep your eyes on my face Trimmer"

Chapter Text

Date: 22/09/19
Time: 6:55 pm – 7:43 pm

Mark was terrified when he walked into the kitchen to see a man who looked like the Host but not at the same time. He was wearing a button up grey shirt and a familiar trench coat was hanging over the back of the chair he was sitting in. He was scribbling something on a piece of paper.

Mark went to alert the other egos he was back.

"What are you doing here?" Dark demanded, staring at the Author who looked up and jerked like he hadn't known they were there. He opened his mouth to answer but nothing came out. He dropped his pen and rubbed his throat, wincing. He picked the pen up again and scribbled something on the piece of paper.

Dark tensed when he felt the Author's powers work and sighed when a huge cup appeared next to him. He took a sip and sighed closing his eyes.

"I'm from a…diff…erent universe. God fucking damn it … I'm going to strangle Matthew when I get home. We've told him repeatedly to not overwork himself, but he never listens," the Author answered, coughing several times. His voice was scratchy and painful like he was close to closing his voice. Dark stared at him, he felt like he should know who Matthew was but didn't.

"I take it Matthew's hasn't been looking after himself again. What are you doing here?" Wilford questioned look in his face when he walked into the kitchen. The Author nodded and opened his mouth to reply but started to cough instead. He curled in on himself, the cough fit shaking his shoulders.

It sounded painful and far deeper than it really should have, the Host stared at him with a strange look on his face as the Author continued to cough only just barely able to breath.

By the time he was done, he was paler and there was blood splattering his hand and the piece of paper. Tears leaked from his eyes. He winced as he took a quick sip of whatever was in the cup then started to cough again. The coughing fit lasted for 10 minutes. It was clear he was in a great deal of pain. The egos could feel his powers wrapping around them, but the grip wasn't strong enough to hurt.

He didn't have any control over his powers. Wilford gently rubbed his back. He looked down at the piece of paper and founded at what he saw. The Author wrote something down. His handwriting was messy.

Wilford found he couldn't read whatever the Author had written. The coughing fit had ended. The Author's rattling breaths sounded painful, but they couldn't bring themselves to care. He had hurt all of them. It felt like something had taken his voice and narration. He felt like drawn to this man.

He could feel a part of himself starting to wake up and couldn't help but feel strange. He had told the other egos he was gone. They didn't know he was just 'sleeping'. The stories the other egos had told been told the Author never seemed right. There was something wrong with the Author wasn't like that.

"Stop forcing him back to sleep. I know why he acted that way and whose responsible. They're gone. He'll be fine but confused. He was sleep the entire time and has no recollection of what happened," the Author stated, his voice rough and raspy and thin sounding. Arthur stared at the Host who nodded who nodded and watched as the younger ego let go of his hold and The Author appeared, unconscious and a little bruised and worse for wear.

Arthur watched as the Author groaned and sat up. He quickly used his powers to fix any injuries he might have. Every ego tensed, Arthur guessed Celine had been less than kind to them as he used the Author as a puppet.

"What happened…he's not happy why?" The Author questioned and Arthur laughed and took a sip of his tea. He wasn't surprised the Author could feel Cthulhu was doing. He sighed as he felt the Author add his own powers to the shield he was putting up to keep things contained.

"Celine decided you would be the perfect puppet and used you torture them. He found out that the priest were hurting Sean and Matthew without his knowledge," Arthur explained.

Chapter Text

Date: 25/02/20
Time: 2:21 pm – 4:02 pm

"Bad things happen when Mark gets hurt"

Dark hadn't thought much about what Arthur had said but it suddenly made sense. Dark stared in horror as Mark was shot in the chest then in the head by the Jim’s before Sil could touch him, Dark watched as Mark’s body fell into Sil’s arms, he stumbled and slid to the ground, tears dripped down his face as he hugged Mark’s body.

Bim and Ed had never really believed Sil when he told them he was Dark from another universe, but it was very believable when his eyes bled black, his scream was entirely demonic, a sound that would haunt them for a long time, his shell cracked, his double was silent, a blank and frankly terrifying look on his face.

All light disappeared as black, ink-like shadows seemed to leak from Sil’s back, wrapping around Mark’s body as he looked up, looking straight past, Dark, Wilford, Bim, Ed, The Google’s and Bing and straight at the Jim’s, they appeared to be frozen in place. Sil tilted his head and the Jim’s slammed into a wall, hard enough to crack their skulls open.

Arthur had not been joking when he said bad things would happen if anything happened to Mark. Dark could feel Tenebrae reacting. It left him feeling cold and sick. He could feel Tenebrae’s powers sinking into Mark’s body, spreading through him and healing his injuries and stopping him from bleeding out, forcing his heart to start beating again. He was still alive just unconscious.

He like Sil would likely die should he be separated from Tenebrae. Dark was brought back to reality when he felt Wilford’s aura wrapping around Mark and sinking into his body and doing … something. He couldn’t figure out what Wilford had done before his aura withdrew and he turned his attention to the Jim’s.

They glowed briefly before collapsing to the floor, in their place was someone who looked like Celine. She looked alarmed. Wilford didn’t move as bright pink rope wrapped around Celine holding her in place. Dark shivered as Celine tried to get out of the rope but couldn’t.

He’s not dead, just unconscious. He will be fine once he wakes,” Wilford stated pulling Sil into a hug and letting him sob into his shoulder. Dark knew his husband wasn’t the one holding Sil but someone else, someone you did not want to piss off if you wanted to live. Sil sobbed harder, not saying anything.

Dark carefully picked up Mark’s body well aware of the eyes watching him like a hawk as he placed Mark on the fold-out couch. Sil curled up around them, hugging Mark close and ignoring everyone. His double standing behind the couch glaring at anyone who got too close.

The Google, Bing, Ed, King, Bim, Eric, Dr Iplier, Yancy, Illinois and Dark followed Wilford when he stalked into the meeting room dragging the bound and gagged Celine behind him. Yancy was alarmed for a completely different reason. The sinking feeling, he had gotten when Arthur had told them about Sil was back.

“What the hell was that,” Bim demanded after Wilford disappeared. Yancy sighed, his wings fluttering behind him before folding against his back. He had no idea how the egos didn’t know Sil was Dark from another universe, then didn’t believe him when he told them who he was. It was obvious. He was Dark but not anywhere near as cold.

“Are you seriously surprised. Arthur told us something bad would happen if something happened to Mark. She really should have known better. Arthur has every right to be scared, Matthew can be tarrying when he wants to be,” Yancy answered, the egos turned to look at him, they had forgotten he and Illinois were. He looked pale.

Sil pulled Mark closer to him, pressing Mark’s face against his chest, trying to reassure himself that Mark was still alive, but he couldn’t. It had been too close. He had no idea what would have happened if Tenebrae hadn’t done something. Tenebrae stared down at Sil and Mark sadly.

He hadn’t known how Wilford behind Sil’s father instead of his friend would affect this universe. Some things changed but some things stayed the same. They still went on ‘camping trips’ and got into trouble, Sil became the Mayor, Mark became an actor. He hadn’t anticipated Sil being shot when he was 18 and nearly dying. He had done what he could to stop that from happening.

Possibly the biggest change was Sil falling for Mark who had never loved Celine and had only put up with her for Sil’s sake. Tenebrae couldn’t help but wonder if Mark had ever loved Celine and the real people he loved were Damien and William. It was a strange thought but it made sense. Damien, Mark and William had always been close, far closer than any normal friends.

Maybe things would have turned out differently if Celine was so cold-hearted and bent on keeping Damien for herself. Tenebrae knew He wasn’t going to be pleased when he found out. He was horribly possessive and didn’t like when they got hurt. Tenebrae, unlike the humans and egos, had no problem with the idea of belonging to *him*.