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Drop in a ocean of blood

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Keith's POV

I had spent two weeks at Shiro and Adam's house after 4 months of going to school. And today after school Adam and I spent some time together and after Shiro arrived home, I spent time with him and Adam for couple of hours more.

At one point they were talking about something and they were so into it and excited about it, that I took it as a chance.

I slowly and silently got up, took my stuff and put my red Converse on, followed by my black, with red sleeves, leather jacket.

I lastly grabbed my helmet and very slowly opened the door, I halted my movement and listened...
Shiro and Adam were laughing, whole hearted laugh.

Slightly I hang my head and stepped out on the clean porch, closed the door carefully and softly hopped down the few steps.

I walked to Red and stared to walk her away from the yard and along the sidewalk.

Once I calculated that I was far enough, I hopped on Red and pulled her keys out of my jackets pocket.

I turned the keys in the hole and she purred softly. I placed my helmet on my head and drove away.

I drove off the opposite direction of my shack. Silent tears fell down my face as I speeded up.

You see, today it finally hit me...


This, two weeks, I've gone to school, had spent a lot of time with Lance and his friends, like, a lot, even if unvolunteraly.


Lance and his friends, Pidge and Hunk, think that I'm just a shy, quiet kid, and haven't questioned my lack of talking, and I'm grateful. Of course I know it's rude that I don't tell them that I'm mute. I just don't want them to hate me...


What's worse? I think that I've grown to have some feelings towards the Cuban. Even worse, is that the fact that Lance has a girlfriend, there is no luck for me.


Now days, I wake up with 'Forget-me-not' flower petals on my pillow, and I don't know where they came from.


Also, I have this very heavy pressure on my chest and my lungs feel like they are on fire.


I don't question it much, because it's quite every day thing for me.


There is this thing that only my mother and I know about, well, only I know about.


I've always had a poor health. And it's not because I moved around a lot, nor because I was sensitive to cold, no.


One time mother got really worried about my coughing and brought me to the doctor...


The result wasn't the best...




That one is a bitch.
One that will be the end of me, since after few weeks I started to see the doctor less and less, I've ignored the instructions and I have ignored the calls from the hospital until they stopped calling.


Finally I could hear it. Few seagulls screaming, the wind whispering nothings to the ones who listened.
In all and all, it was quiet and peaceful night, not many car drivers going past the limits. It was, quiet. The night sky was clear and covered by the millions of stars and a big moon sat at its highest place, proudly coloring the earth in its cold blueish light.

Ocean reflected the bright full moon, while the waves hit the rocky cliff side. I drove near the beginning of the soft sand beach and got off Red. I put her stand down and removed the key.
I slowly started to make my way down the beach towards the shoreline, my feet sinking down to the warmth of the yellowish light brown sand.

I dropped my dark crimson colored helmet midway to the cliff side.

The tightness in my chest got tighter and tighter, my lungs burned, I couldn't breathe, my heart beat was wavering and losing its steady rhythm.

I finally found myself at the Rocky cliff side, where the waves were hitting it like a hell was let loose. The crashes were merciless.

I found a tiny hole in the wall that I was abel to get in. It wasn't very big, but a perfect fit for me. It was high enough that the waves couldn't reach me...


I broke...


I coughed and coughed, the end of it was nowhere in sight. I quickly reached my hands to my mouth.


Lance’s POV


The night was so beautiful that it made me wish I was spending it with someone. My girlfriend was busy, Pidge was working on something called "Rover" and Hunk had promised to help his mom out with the restaurant his family owns.


And Keith... Wait.... I hadn't heard from him since we separated after school.


Lance took out his phone quickly and was ready to call him, but the Cuban remembered that Keith doesn't like talking, so Lance opened the text messages.


Heyy, Keithyyy! Im bored and ur the only who ain't busy, soooo, wanna hang out with meh???
Delivered 18:34


I waited and waited for a response, but after an hour and Keith hadn't even seen the message, I got a bad feeling in my gut and for once I decided to follow it.


It was now 19:37, but I just knew something was wrong. I ran out of my house, but stopped when I got outside. I decided to just go for it and call Keith.


I dialed Keith's number...


The phone rang...


I waited for almost 3 minutes, that felt like hours...


"H-hel *cough* lo?"


I heard a quiet, so so very quiet almost unnoticeable, broken response from the other side of the line...


"Keith!! Where are you!?"


"L-l-la *cough cough* ance?"


I listened for a background noise and I heard it...
A faint, but very noticeable crashing of the waves.


Keith's POV


"I'm going to come for you, stay right where you are!"


I heard Lance yell from the other side of the line, my only response was coughing and I hang up.


About 20 minutes later I heard Lance yelling my name at the beach, I was unable to yell back, since I've already used up my strength to talk, so only my very loud coughing echoed through the little cave and out to the back.


I heard the crunching of the sand and soon the older male appeared in front of me.


In Lance’s eyes, Keith did not look okay.


Keith was curled up in a tiny cave that was in the cliff side. Keith was wet from the sea water and blood. Tears still streaming down his face like a waterfall, big puddle of blood in front of him and streams of blood still dripping from his mouth. Keith's hands were all covered in blood and he held his hands tightly closed.


Keith was indeed a sad sight...


"Oh Keith... Come on, let's get you out of here..." Lance purred softly to the younger and trembling boy.


Keith only nodded...