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Drop in a ocean of blood

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~It was a peaceful night. The sky was clear, not many car drivers going past the limits. It was, quiet.

Ocean reflected the bright full moon, while the waves hit the rocky cliff side. If you listen and focus on the sounds, you could hear through the waves crashing, a faint, but audible sound of coughing.~~


4 months earlier
Keith's POV

"I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!" I mentally screamed.

I'm 18 years old, student. I don't live in the town, even though I maybe should. I live in the woods that are near the beach, but so far, that I can only hear the crashing sound of the waves. I live alone, and I'm orphan.

I don't exactly mind my life outside of school, it's peaceful. But in school, I think it would be the same as stepping right inside a hell on earth.

What's worse, it's my first day.
Yeah funny right? I mean, I've literally been living in these woods my whole life, but now in the middle of the year, I start in a different school. That's because I haven't attended in school before, I was home schooled by my parents friends sons friend, Adam.

I don't exactly know the towns people, I only leave the woods to go to the store or just for a ride with my motorcycle called Red.

Right now, there's a new reason for me to leave these woods, school. My first day, and classes start in ten minutes. I'm gonna be late.

I quickly grab my stuff and exit my small, but homey house, locking the door behind me. I go and take Red out of the garage. I put on my helmet and climb on top of Red, I put the key on the keyhole. Red purrs to life.



I ran to the schools big and wide class doors, just before the school bell rings. I already had my schedule in hand, and now I just run in the hallways, trying to find my first class, history, teacher Mr. Wimbledon Smythe. He also teaches Physique.

I slowed down to walking when I found the class. The hallway was empty, except me, and the running tap tap, that echoed behind me. I didn't manage to turn around when I was just then pushed down. Apparently I hit my head quite hard on the floor, since I was able to hear a faint 'I'm sorry' before I blacked out.

Lance's POV

"Quiznak! I'm late." I said while I ran through the hallway. "Damnit!"

I'm the schools jock and the lover boy. You could say I'm wanted by everyone. I'm popular, handsome, tall and in the best shape a 19 year old could be, not to mention I'm know for my rebellious side, sure I attend classes and have average grades, but I'm also a gentleman with rebels acts. And I'm gonna be so late, again.

Last week I was late from Mr. Wimbledon Smythe's history class and that wasn't the first time, so he said: "Lance, if  you're late one. more. time, it will be detention and call to your parents".
      If my mama hears that I've been late and skipped class more than once, I'm gonna be in trouble.

I was almost at the door to the classroom when I hit something, or more like someone, and I unfortunately fell on top of them.

"I'm sorry, I didn't watch where I was going. I-" I stopped talking when I didn't hear any kind of response. I glanced down and carefully moved away from them.

The person was laying on their stomach, so I rolled them over so I could face them. I quickly noted the person's dark clothing. Dark red hoodie, that was a lot bigger than the short, skinny guy. Black  skinny jeans, that definitely looked awesome on him. Red, used Converse.

I looked at the guy's face, his ears were decorated by black and shiny diamond earrings. His skin was pale porcelain. Lip side pierced by a tiny ring. He had long eyelashes, thick eyebrows that were perfectly shaped. He had shoulder length raven colored hair-

"Wait, is- is that blood?!" I said.

I looked at his face again, now more carefully. His nose was bleeding.
The last bell rang.
I made a quick decision. I got up and walked to the door and knocked. Mr. Wimbledon Smythe answered it.

"Ah, Lance McClain. What a joy that you chose to join us. You alone? This time you aren't the only one who's late."

"I'm sorry sir, but I'm very much afraid that I have a reason for my tardiness," I said and turned to look at the boy laying on the floor behind me.

"My goodness. What happened?" Mr. Wimbledon asked while he walked next to the boy with wide steps.

The loud ruckus of students talking, went silent and stayed silent. I could feel everyone's eyes on my back.

"Explain yourself young man," Mr. Wimbledon said with a stern voice.

"I was trying to get to your class, sir. But I wasn't looking where I was going, so knocked the boy over. Apparently he hit his head on the floor, sir," I said while hanging my head.

"McClain, you can have the honor and take young Mr. Kogane to the nurses office," Mr. Wimbledon said with concern lacing his voice.

"Yes sir," I said and nodded.

I walked next to the boy and picked him up in bridal style. I could hear the giggling and snickering behind me. I paid no mind, and started to walk to the nurses office.



Keith's POV

The cold suddenly turned to warm. I felt myself move, but my body was still. Was someone carrying me?

Soon enough I felt something soft beneath me. A bed, maybe? I didn't care. I just wanted to sleep.

'My head hurts'. I thought to myself.
'My nose hurts'. I wanted to complain, but opening my mouth was too much of a bother.
You see, I'm mute.