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Yandere BNHA Series

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This is just a bunch of story little stories that I have complied. 

Stories will usually range between 200-1000 words. 

It's very short. Apologies. 



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Chapter 2


You had been doing so well for the past couple of weeks. You packed all your stuff and moved out of Musutafu, Japan and moved five hours away to a more remote area. No one knew who you were and you settled down to becoming a teacher in the countryside.

You loved it. He wasn’t there to harass you. You ran. You packed and ran and you knew he was probably angry.

But now that two weeks have passed, it was likely he finally gave up on you. You were finally enjoying your freedom. At age 19, you were ready to explore the world without him constantly hovering over you.

Meeting him had been a mistake.

You thanked the lady, and grabbed your groceries. The remote area was filled more with quirkless people but that was alright with you. It was a good change of scenery away from the big city.

You placed down your groceries, digging your key. You opened your apartment door to a sea of thousands of roses. Dread filled your stomach because you knew it was from him—he had found you.

Something warm was breathing down on your neck and you whimpered as familiar arms wrapped around your waist. “I finally found you, (Name).”

“M-midoriya.” His grip tighten and you quickly corrected yourself to prevent the boy from getting angry. “I mean, I-Izuku.”

He kissed your neck, “I missed you. I missed you so much.”

You shivered, he definitely had gotten stronger in the past two weeks and perhaps even bigger. He tilted your head to the side and you met with his dark emerald green eyes. A gentle smile that you knew held sinister things, “Are you done playing hide and seek?” He closed the distance between you, placing a sweet kiss.

The sound of you two parting was oddly loud, your cheeks flushed as he licked his lips, “My apologies for not coming faster. Some villains came and I had to make sure that there was no harm that can get to you. Shall we head back tomorrow morning?”

You whimpered. Gently pressing at his chest. Of course, he wouldn’t budge. He grabbed your groceries and lifted you up with one arm, your feet dangling as he shut the door behind him with his feet.

Resigning to your fate, at least you lasted two weeks away from him.


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Chapter 3


You listened quietly. Making sure that he had closed the door and drove off. You remain seated until you were sure that there wasn’t a single noise on the other side of the room. You gently played with your shackles, listening to the soft click before the chain came off your feet. You tucked your bobby pin away. Your legs tremble. Fear eating you out but you needed to do this. Your legs struggled under your weight after being forcefully shackled to the bed for almost two weeks now. You pinched yourself and walked over to his closet and grabbed the first yellow shirt you could find.

Despite being a symbol of peace, the way he forcefully caged you in wasn’t so heroic and no one was going to listen to your stupid story—your best bet was just to run away and never be found again. Just run away and never look back. 

You slipped on his large yellow formal shirt, you were surprise to feel the shirt slip off. You sighed and your shaking hands trying to finish buttoning up the shirt. You weren’t going to bother with pants, just think of this as a dress. That would help. Plus, you didn't want to spend anymore time in this psychotic person's house. 

You pressed your ears against the door. You stayed there for a while and sure enough there wasn’t a single sound.

You internally cheered, grabbing your bobby pin and picking the tiny lock wedged between the handle. You struggled a little before you finally heard the click—this was it! Your freedom!

You opened the door, faltering when you were greeted with a thin figure. You rubbed your eyes to make sure you were seeing what you were actually seeing. 

Toshi!” You screamed, scrambling to him. His thin arms wrapped around you.

“What’s wrong, (Name)?”

You felt your eyes sting, rubbing them furiously. Relief flushing you now that you saw someone that could help you, “That All Might—he’s crazy!” You stressed out, voice cracking as your hands crumbled Toshinori's neatly pressed shirt. “H-he kidnapped me a-and chained me to the bed. Toshi, you have to help me out of here…Away from him.”

Toshinori rubbed your head affectionately, kissing the crown of head as he wrapped his arms around you. You twitched when Toshinori suddenly didn’t feel so lanky anymore but rather muscular. You pressed on what was supposed to be a lean chest was now a barrel of muscles. You flinched as the grip on your forearm tighten. 

“T-toshi?” You looked up, your face fell apart, fear creeping up as Toshinori disappeared and was replaced by your worst nightmare. Your voice cracked, “Y-you’re A-all might?!”

You smack his chest, trying to scramble away from the number one hero. You let out a pained cry when his grip tighten and you were sure that if he placed a little more pressure, your bones would break. His smile seem have grown even more sinister if possible.

"Never fear (Name), for I am here." He easily lifted you up. You winched as he spoke close to your ears. 

You whimpered. The only thing you feared was him and surely there was no symbol of peace that would come and rescue you. 


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Chapter 4

It’s eerily quiet and you don’t like it one bit. The only noise only seems to come from your erratic breathing, in and out—trying to keep yourself warm as you fuddled into a ball. Your only saving grace was the large white button up shirt that he had allowed you to wear on a daily basis.

You’re not exactly sure how long you’ve been inside your bedroom. Todoroki had turned your bedroom into an ice festival when he had heard you call out a name that wasn’t his. He locked you inside the freezing room with nothing but a thin button up shirt.

You shivered, quietly keeping to yourself, but you could feel yourself slowly losing it.

“Shouto…” You cried out softly, lips cracking open but you didn’t even flinch away from the taste of iron in your mouth. You just wanted to get out of here. You wanted to be somewhere warm.

The door clicked open, the cold air rushing out. Your chest tighten, getting up to your wobbly feet. You barely felt anything anymore. Your pale purpling legs staggered to the taller boy.

The chain on your right feet scrap against the ice floor, and you clung onto his uniform.  Just like that he appeared, just like that, your hero appeared, “What is it (Y/N)?”

You whimpered, lifting your near frozen arms towards him and he bend down to allow you to wrap your arms around his neck. You willingly kissed his neck, peppering his pale neck with affection, “I’m cold. Please…”

Todoroki hummed, a sinister gentle smile on his face, his right side fuming to warm you up, “Of course. Anything for you. Promise me you won’t let anyone’s name slip off of your mouth?”

“O-of course,” You buried your face into the crook of his neck, enjoying the burst of warmth. “I-I’m s-sorry, Shouto…it won’t happen again.”

Shouto hummed, his large hands snaking through your white button up shirt. You released a content sigh as warmth through your freezing skin.

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Chapter 5

As soon as the words left your mouth, you regretted it but you could only stay sane for so long as being held against your will by your own fucking boyfriend. You are pretty sure that he isn’t your boyfriend anyways but he had ingrained it into your head that you never broke up with him prior to him locking you inside his apartment.

He seem extremely content with fucking locking you inside while he was going around joining ‘find (L/N) (F/N)’ parties. It was stupid and you knew what he was doing and he wasn’t dumb. There was no way anyone would make that connection. No way would anyone believe that Bakugou Katsuki, the boyfriend of (L/N) (F/N) would do such a horrendous thing. No. Not the number 2 hero.

His nose flared and you flinched, stepping back until you hit the wall preventing you from escaping from the taller boy.

“Say that one more time and I’ll make sure you can never walk again.”

You whimpered. You knew it wasn’t an empty threat. He’s done it before when he caught you escaping in the middle of the night. He broke your right leg, snapping it without as much as a care but you knew he snapped it properly. You knew because you were part of the medic team. It took months to heal, to properly heal so that you weren’t limping around the house anymore. He stepped closer, his voice uncharacteristically low but dangerous, “This time, I’ll break both of them.”

You gritted your teeth. Fuck. There really wasn’t any way out of this.

Large hands wrapped around your thin neck, feeling your breath hitched as he continued to speak. Your mind racing that just one move could easily trigger him. He whispered lowly into your ears, “I could fucking kill you right now, you know that right?”

You paled, shivering when his hand tighten around your neck. Bakugou laughed, enjoying the dreadful look on your face. He pulled you towards the couch and wrapped you into a tight hug, peppering little kisses all over your neck.

Fuck. Chewing on your lips, you tried to think of a way. Any way to get the fuck out of here.

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Chapter 6


You were just assigned to him because your teacher recommended you to him. You have heard about him—he was part of the BIG 3 during Midoriya-senpai’s first year in U.A. You only heard good things about him.

So, you were a little surprise to see that he had accepted you into his agency. He was as phenomenal as everyone says. He had incredible strength and a heroic mindset.

But there was something a little weird about him. You didn’t find out until a just a little over five months over your internship and four months into your relationship with the older boy. Mirio had asked you out and you didn’t feel much with the older boy nonetheless you accepted.

It started with little touches on your shoulders—you didn’t think much of it since you were boyfriend and girlfriend. Skinship was a normal part of any relationships. He was simply pulling you out of danger and sending you affection.

But, then his touches seem to linger even more.

You simply brush it off as him being a little clingy with you. Since he also did the same with his other close friends. Then his touches got lower and lower and lower until he began to naturally rest his hands around your waist. Tugging you away from reporters when they got too close to you.

You tried escaping once. He scolded you. You weren’t even sure why you got scolded that day but you knew for sure that you didn’t want him to get mad at you after that.

“(Y/N)-chan?” Your friend called out, pausing in the middle of her sentence. You stared at her and she cocked her head to the side. “I think he’s here for you.”

That was another thing about Mirio-senpai, he was constantly hovering you like one move you make would just bring nothing but trouble. Or like he was watching your moves 24/7.

You sighed, giving your friend a straining smile. “I’ll see you later?” You weren’t even sure if you were going to see her later but at least you could hope. It was starting to become suffocating. You weren't sure how to break this to him.

“(Y/N)!” Mirio called out, beaming his usual smile. “How was your patrol?”

“It was great, senpai. How was your meeting?”

Mirio was about to answer before a reporter shoved his camera in front of you two. The black haired reporter throwing questions, “Are you two dating?! How does it feel to be dating a pro hero?!”

Your cheeks flushed. Mirio crashed the camera in his hands, and gave the reporter a chilling smile. “I thought I told you to stay away from (Y/N)?”

The reporter stumbled back, stuttering out an apology before he was gone. You stared at him with disbelief and looked at your senpai. “Mirio-senpai?”

He grinned down at you, “I know you want to keep our relationship a secret but I think it’s best we let people know so that they don’t touch what’s mine.”

“Err…I don’t think now is the right time, senpai.”

“Shhhh.” He pressed his fingers on your lips and tugged you by the waist. “I want to tell the world that I love you until my throat bleeds.”

Your breath hitched, trying to pull away from his tight grip on your waist—Perhaps trying to break up with him would be like a death sentence for you. 

For now, you were just going to grit through your internship and just leave the country. It wasn't like he would be able to find you...right?

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Chapter 7

You honestly didn’t think Uraraka would get any cuter but she did. You had met Uraraka by accident when you bump into the girl on your way out of the bathroom.

Her quirk activated and you found yourself floating. Her cute little round face looked horrified when you found yourself attached to the ceiling.

Needless to say, she was overwhelmingly sorry. You had brushed it off. You were in the general studies and you were used to your classmates’ uncontrollable quirk and the worst part was that many of your classmates were rowdy so there really wasn’t a day where you didn’t come out without a quirk accident.

Uraraka came to your classroom the next day, brought you food as an apology and you really hit it off with her. Then she came the next, and then the following day. You were a little worried that she would become isolated if she hung out with you too much since she was in the hero class.

When you brought up your concern, she brushed it off and fed you another one of her home cooked meal. You never brought it up again.





You guys continued being friends for the last couple of years you had left at U.A High. You graduated at the top of your general education class and Uraraka also became a pro hero. You both promised to move in together.

Found a little apartment in the middle of downtown—it was a bit expensive but worth it since you could literally just take a five minute walk to your workplace.

You and Uraraka slept in the same room. It didn’t bug you as much but there were times where you found yourself unable to break out of her hold when you needed to use the bathroom. Or other times, Uraraka would make you cancel your lunch with your co-workers because she wanted to spend her lunch with you.

It starts out cute and because Uraraka is cute, you often did as she wanted. She demanded your attention often and you easily gave it to her but she never became too overbearing so you brushed off as nothing even when your co-workers brought it up. 

They were probably just jealous that you were best friends with Uravity. Or maybe they were jealous by the amount of kisses you got from your best friend. You weren't sure when this whole platonic kisses started. You tried to stop it but Uraraka looked so disappointed that you finally accepted it as part of your daily life. Morning kisses, and good night kisses. Even a little sneaky kisses during your lunch out with Uraraka. You were pretty sure that the minimum amount of kisses per day was five.




“You’re being too friendly with them, (Name),” Uraraka comments, her eyes darkening when the barista took a little too long to pass you your drink.

You giggled, hugging your best friend, “Is my little Ochaco jealous?”

She gave you a fake smile.




Ever since your little comment, things haven’t been the same. You were growing utterly frustrated with everything. First, work was being exceeding overwhelming, then Uraraka keeps visiting you every day during lunch—you’d think that she wasn’t even a pro Hero. She visited you every single day at work and became increasingly more demanding and erotic with her kisses. One time, she shoved her tongue into your mouth and French kissed you for a solid minute leavingyou breathless. You squirmed, gently pushing your best friend. You felt a dreadful shiver run up your spine when you parted from Uraraka's lips. The loud obscene sound of you two breaking your kiss was oddly erotic combined with the string of saliva connecting both your mouths. She looked satisfied, pecked your swollen lips that she had ravished your lips.

Your swollen lips obviously didn't go unnoticed by your co-workers. Much to your embarrassment. Then it gets progressively even worse.

The boiling point was when you saw that most of your outfits were gone—your favourite black dress, your comfy jeans and most of all your fuckin’ shoes all mysteriously vanished so you couldn’t even step outside the house. You growled when you saw your broken phone in the garbage bin.

“Ochaco?” You finally called out to your best friend, brushing your hair back in frustration, “Did someone rob us?”

Uraraka stumbled out of the bed, pulling you into a hug, mumbling into your neck “You’re not allowed to see them anymore.”

“W-what? Not allowed to see who?” You squeaked, trying to remove the pro Hero’s hold on you "I have to go to work, Ochaco!"

Uraraka easily pulled you into your shared bed, locking you into place by tangling your feet together. “I told your workplace that you quit.”

“W-why would you do that?!”

“So, I can have access to you at all time.” Uraraka seriously answered, kissing you on the cheeks and covering you both with the blanket. She buried her face into your neck.

You shivered, feeling her hot breath on your neck, the colour of your face being drained—what the fuck just happened? Where the fuck was the sweet little Uraraka you once knew?



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Chapter 8



You twitched, turning around but there was no one there. You shook your head, you were probably just feeling paranoid after the continuous attacks from villains. You continued your walk to your apartment but the feeling didn’t stop.

You scowled, rapidly turning around and throwing your fist—

Woah there!” A flutter voice called out.

You blinked your eyes, seeing feathers fluttering around you. You stared at your ex-boyfriend, and growled “Takami…”

“Aww babe, did I get downgraded from Keigo to Takami now?” He lifted his visor up, giving you a naughty grin.

“For fuck’s sake. Get over your head, Takami-san. We’re not in school anymore and I am not your girlfriend anymore. We broke up already.” You scoffed, turning around to head back before your husband comes home.

“(Y/N).” A shiver ran up your spine and you gritted your teeth, glancing over to see his playful expression turned serious. 

“Takami-san. No. I have to get home and cook for my husband.”

He smiled and you didn’t like that one bit. He stepped closer to you and dropped something. Your mouth open to let out a screech but he wrapped a large hand over your mouth.

Tears gathered around your eyes, your sobs muted by his gloved hand, your eyes blurred, seeing your fucking husband’s head rolling on the ground.

“I thought I told you I don’t like people being around you?” He purred, and you dropped your groceries.

Dread filled you.

“I heard you’re pregnant with that bastard’s child. But don’t worry, I’ll provide for you both,” He kissed your cheeks. This guy was crazy—bloody insane. “So, you don’t have to worry anymore.”

“Y-you sick bastard! W-why can't you just find someone else?!” You screamed, tears rolling down your face.

He gripped you by the chin, shoving you against the wall and your shoulders throbbed. “I only want you, (Y/N). If you leave me again, this time I won’t hesitate to kill that baby inside of you, (Y/N). Either you come with me or I’ll force you.”

You gritted your teeth. You knew that if you tried to escape, there was no guaranteeing the safety for your unborn child.

“Don’t make me hurt you.” Takami cooed, his wings expanding as you reluctantly wrapped your arms around his neck.

You could only hope that he kept his promise to not kill your unborn child.

Bile raised in your throat as Takami took off, his hands gripping your thighs too hard.

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Chapter 9


See, you weren't a bad person. You were just cautious about the people you meet and of course you loved your brother a lot and pretty much are protective of him. So when Tamaki came home with a 'friend', you were really ecstatic. You both were fraternal twins, and basically polar opposites. 

You were afraid that Tamaki wouldn't find a friend but thankfully, a blond boy had followed him all to the way to you. 

You gingerly smiled at him, "Hello, my name is Amajiki (Y/N)."

He stared at you for a while before a big smile spread on his face, "Toogata Mirio."

You both shook hands, but for some reason, he wouldn't let go of your hand until you finally ripped it out of his hold. 

You were seven years old when you met Toogata Mirio, your brother's best friend. 




It doesn't stop there. 

Only because your brother's friends were also your friends so you were pretty welcoming to anyone that came and introduce themselves as Tamaki's friends. But for some reason, Mirio was starting to get on your nerves. 

He was constantly around you. 

Around your brother. 

You simply gritted your teeth because this was your brother's friend. 

You weren't jealous that your brother's attention was somewhere else. 

You tried your best not to brush off Mirio's arms around your shoulders. 

You were 10 years old, and you still didn't like Mirio one bit. 





You always planned to get into U.A. That had been your dream so when your brother, Tamaki came home, beaming about the fact that he applied for U.A, there was only one thought running through your mind--Mirio was likely going to be there too. 

You nervously bit on your nails, for the past four years you have been avoiding the taller blond but now that all three of you guys applied to U.A. there was no way you could avoid him espeically if you both ended up in the same class. 

You could only hope that wasn't the case. 




First year of U.A. you ended up in a different class from Mirio, much to your relief. 




“I’m home, onii-chan!” You called out, entering the house. You cracked your neck, feeling tired out by school. You paused at the entrance of the hallway when instead of your older twin brother, a blond haired boy came out to greet you instead.

“(Y/N)-chan!” Mirio called out happily, going over to give you a hug.

You stiffly returned the hug. You didn’t know what was wrong but ever since you were kids, you have been trying to avoid the happy go lucky boy. Your guts always twisted whenever he was near you and you always fled the scene.

Much to your disappointment, Tamaki had chosen to make him his best friend and you weren’t about to prevent your shy brother from making the only friend he could.

“Toogata-san.” You replied, getting out of the hug that was lasting way too long.

Mirio pouted when he released you from the hug, “Your brother is coming home late. He asked me to look after you. (Y/N)-chan, call me Mirio like you did when we were younger.”

You gave him a fake smile, “Right, Mirio. I think I’m old enough to stay in the house by myself.”

“Are you kicking me out?” Mirio gave you his puppy dog eyes.

Your stomach twisted. You sighed, and shook your head, “Do you want some tea?”

Mirio nodded and you headed to the kitchen, and started boiling water. You tried to think of the first time that you knew being around the taller boy was a bad idea—it must have been when you and Tamaki met him.

Tamaki immediately attached himself to Mirio but there was just something about the way Mirio constantly bore a hole into your back that felt off. You took out your phone to text your brother.


You: Nii-chan, did you send Mirio to watch me?

Tamaki: Of course not. You’re only 5 minutes younger. You can take care of yourself.


You blinked your eyes, about to respond before your phone got stolen, a serious look on Mirio’s face as he looked over your conversation. He sighed, disappointed and caged you in between the counter and his body.

“(Y/N).” Mirio’s voice dropped, you shivered. “Why are you being such a difficult girl?”

“W-what the fuck is wrong with you?!” You shoved him. “I’ve had enough! I don’t know what the hell you want and I don’t care if you are Nii-chan’s best friend but you better stay out of my lane!”

He growled, lowly bringing his face close to yours, his blue eyes darkening, “I want you. Ever since, I laid my eyes on you, you have belonged to me.”

You curled your fist, throwing it only to be caught. You snarled, pushing him away, “Get the fuck away from me!”

“I love you so much, you have no idea to what limits I’d go to prove that to you.”

“You’re fucking crazy!” You screamed, wishing your goddamn brother had chosen another friend to call best friend.

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Chapter 10



“Please, n-no more.” You begged, staring at his turquoise eyes. “I-I’ll b-be g-good. I p-promise!”

He frowned, looking at the mess you made. He sighed, “(Y/N), all I ask is for you to be good. I just had to visit my wife because of protocols.”

You were the one responsible for reporting about him and yet you got caught up in this mess. Bile rose up in your throat--did he not feel any guilt?!

He had a fucking wife, and children, he had his whole family and yet why was he keeping you here? 

“I-I didn’t mean to, Endeavor.” You turned around, knowing you couldn’t fight back with the older man.

“Good girl.” He lifts up the belt and you winched feeling the leather ran down your back. You could feel the old scars opening right back up and the dry blood. He kissed the back of your neck, “I need to break you so I can forge you into the perfect lover.”

You mean side chick, you bitterly thought but held your tongue because you certainly didn’t want to double up on your punishment. You could barely take 20 hits with his belt—the worst part is that he made sure the metal part, the kanji for fire, hit you over and over again in the same spot.

You braced yourself, biting your lips.

The pain came, nearly breaking you apart.

You screamed as he snapped the belt down again. And again. And again.

You sobbed into the pillow. You didn’t know what you did to deserve this. Your mama always told you to live a good life and to be nice to everyone. You minded your own business and didn’t do anything that would have been considered ‘sinful’…maybe being a reporter led you to your downfall, maybe being a reporter was devil’s work?

Maybe that’s why you were suffering from the man you were assigned to.

Why were you suffering like this? You didn't want this anymore.

The hits kept coming until it wasn’t coming anymore. You cried uncontrollably, your hot tears leaving a spot on the pillow.

He grunted in approval, lifting you up from your position and sat you on his lap, you whimpered at the scorning pain when your naked ass made contact with the fabric of his pants.

He brushed the strands of hair sticking to your wet face and burning red flames appearing in his hand, “Red is the perfect colour on your skin. Are you ready?”

You didn’t respond and whimpered when his hand landed on the growing scar on your stomach.

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Chapter 11



You have only met him once because Todoroki err…the youngest Todoroki, your dear friend, invited you, Bakugou and Midoriya over for dinner.

He looked nothing like your friend Todoroki and dinner that night with the Todoroki family had been really intensely awkward. On top of being attacked that night, nothing was going your way.






The second time you met him had been by accident.

He tapped you on the shoulder and gave you a grin. You stepped back, and politely reintroduced yourself, “My name is (L/N) (F/N), Todoroki-san.”

He’d scratch his head, “Yeah. My brother talks about you guys a lot. You can call me Natsuo.”

Your cheeks flared up because this was a bit too intimate and you haven’t even called youngest Todoroki by his first name. You quickly shook your head, “I couldn’t.”

“I insist.” He gave you a cheeky smile then stared at your attire. “Are you on patrol?”

“Yeah. Endeavor is with the boys right now. He sent me off by myself.”

Natsuo’s eyes narrowed, “Might if I keep you company?”

You hesitated but then again, it wouldn’t hurt to try and befriend your friend’s family. “I guess but I’m still on duty.”

He nodded.

He spent four walks going on patrol with you until his friend came out from their school and dragged him back to school by the ear. You waved him off.

He was nice. But he was way too nice for your taste. You didn’t press any further.






It was nice to have an older friend. He was carefree and nice to you, always buying you things but there were times where he was a little too suffocating.

“Who was that?”

Your breath hitched, and you turned around to see Natsuo standing there in his light blue jacket. You pressed a hand on your heart, “You scared me!”

“Who was that?” He repeated.

“That was your father’s newest recruit. He placed 1st during the U.A. Sports festival.” You explained, zipping up your jacket.

He nodded, and dived into a different conversation. Every day, it was like this. He’d come and pick you up after your intern with Endeavor and then walked you all the way home.

You really like Natsuo, he was such a gentlemen and always eager to please you plus his easygoing personality really clicked with yours.






“(Y/N)?” Youngest Todoroki was standing over you.

“Yes, Todoroki?” You replied, looking up.

“Are you friends with my brother?”

Your smile grew, “Yeah! Turns out we really clicked. He’s so different from you and your father.”

He narrowed his eyes, “He’s a little…” He trailed off, narrowing his eyes, “Different. Be careful around him, (Y/N).”

You blinked. That was weird.






It wasn’t until you graduated and secure a job with Endeavor that you understood what youngest Todoroki meant. You double checked your appearance in the mirror, making sure the black dress wasn’t wrinkled.

You stepped out of your apartment only to bump into someone.

“Where are you going dressed like that?”

“Natsuo!” You wrapped your arms around his neck as a greeting and he pulled you into a hug. “I’m headed to a party.”

He titled his head, “No. You’re not.”

You falter, “W-what?”

“You’re not going anywhere, (Y/N).”

“Dude. You’re starting to creep me out. Listen, I have to go.”

His hand wrapped tightly around your wrist and you were very tempted use your quirk but you didn’t spend 4 years of your life trying to get your pro-hero license for nothing.

“Why do you let others stare at you like that?” You shivered, feeling his hot breath fanning your ears. “Do you like the attention?”

“Natsuo, you’re creeping me out here. I don’t know what’s gotten into you but I really have to go.” You twisted your wrist away from his hold but he caged you between the door and his body.

Keep calm, (Y/N). You can’t just blast off using your quirk. You worked hard for this. You though to yourself, trying your best to keep your temper to yourself.

“(Y/N), you’re not going.”

“Who the fuck do you think you are to tell me what to do?” You fumed, pushing at his chest, your hands sparking up.

His smile twisted, “Don’t use your quirk on a poor civilian, (Y/N). You’ll get your license revoked. Come on, love. Let’s get back inside.”

“Love?” You repeated, looking at the ridiculous man that must have hit his head on his way to your apartment. “You’re delusion!”

“Come on, you agreed to be mine, so you gave me the right to do whatever I wanted with you.”

“When did I—” Then it clicked in your head. All those walks and waiting on her. This little fucker just decided out of the blue that they were dating. You let out a ridiculous laugh, looking at this idiot. “Are you dumb?”

He only gave you a smile and you let him push you back into the apartment. You grabbed your phone to call youngest Todoroki because he doesn’t grab his older brother—he might not even have an older brother anymore.

“Hello?” The phone got picked up.

“Todoroki, you have to come and get your shitty br—”

“(Y/N)?” The voice panicked. “(Y/N)?!”




Beep. Beep. Beep.




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Chapter 12



You stared at the ceiling, listening to the quite snoring beside you. You have been here for about two years or at least that’s your best estimate. Being a captive can really messed up one’s mind. But, you’re not entirely sure of the time since he might have brainwashed you and now that you guys have gotten older, his control was superb and you weren’t going to deny him that.

The snoring stopped. You flinched, trying to remain calm.

“Good morning, (Name).”

“G-good morning, Hitoshi.” You closed your eyes as he peppered your face with little kisses. His hand getting too dangerously close for your liking.

“Did you have a good sleep?” He purred, eyes glinting when you let out a yelp as a flush spread on your face. You removed his hand from your behind, cheeks flaming.

“Hitoshi, stop.” You whispered, his arms wrapped tightly around you tried to put some distance between you on your bed. Of course, he wouldn’t budge. You stopped resisting knowing it was futile.

His chest rumbled with pleasure. You took a shaky breathe, “C-can I got out with you tomorrow?”

You winched when his grip on your neck tighten, shivering when you met with his dark eyes, “Why?” He sat up, easily tugging you up so now you were both sitting on your shared bed. He titled your head up, dark eyes penetrating you down. “Are you planning to leave me?”

“O-of course not…” You mumbled, perhaps this wasn’t a good idea. “I-I just wanted to help you with the groceries.”

He looked surprised. A smile spread on his face, “Dear (Name), did you not think I wouldn’t notice you planning your escape?”

You flinched, jerking away from him, “(Name). Don’t leave the house.”

You gritted your teeth. All thoughts of leaving the house was gone. “(Name), come here.”

You came back to the bed, and he pulled onto his lap. His hands touching you all over, pleased at the flustered look on your face. He could never get tired of it, never after two years.

“Why would you want to leave me when I could give you everything you wanted?” He caged you into his arms. Your mouth open, trying to find an excuse. He sighed, and pulled you into a hug, reassuring you gently that you wouldn’t want or need anything with him around.

You sighed, hugging the taller boy back. Succumbing to your faith.

“I’m sorry, Hitoshi. I won’t do it again.” You apologized.

“No. (Name). You have disappointed me enough.”

Shaking his head, he lifted a silver chain and attached it to your thin ankle. You sighed, it looks like you would have to be chained to your bedroom for another three weeks before you could earn his trust again.  



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Chapter 13



Tamaki stared at you, waiting for you to finish your idle chattering with some of the younger students. Finally, you bid them goodbye and walked towards him, affectionately wrapping your around arms around his waist.“Ready to go, Tama-kun?” 

He pretended not to be effected by it but the faint colour on his cheeks were a dead give away. He grumbled something under his breath and you didn't pay too much attention to it.

You both began to walk towards your house. Ever since you guys were children, Tamaki had always walked you to your house, even if he did have to stay behind a little longer. It was worth it. Knowing that you were safe inside the comforts of your house. You grin at him and cutely winked at him, “You did so well in today’s training. Mirio was crazy today but you really kept up with him. Did Recovery heal you yet?”

He nodded.

You continued to chitchat with him, where he occasionally gave one or two short answers. You both turned a corner and some old man bumped into you, nearly causing you to fall on your ass. Tamaki reached out to catch you before you fell to the ground. The old man glared at you and huffed small curses under his breath and Tamaki glared at him.

“Watch where you’re going next time, dummy!” You shouted at the old man who's lips curled into a sneer and he simply gave you the middle finger. You shook your head, stepping up to your house. You gave your friend a hug, “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Tamaki nodded, watching you as you enter your house, energetically giving him a flying kiss before you finally shut the door close.

As soon as he was sure that you were gone, he turned around and bolted towards the direction of the old man. He bit on a piece of octopus that he had kept on hand and went inside the alleyway where the old man had gone. Sensing something wrong, the old man turned around and saw Tamaki, he growled under his breath and Tamaki merely tilted his head, staring down at his opponent.





"Should have thought twice before bumping into (Y/N)." Tamaki said, crushing the old man's skull. Blood spluttering all over the walls. 





You sat anxiously in your seat, your eyes going back to the door every single time it opened, hoping to see your friend. After waking up to the news of the some man getting murdered near you, it was scary. This was occurring so often now that you were really worried for the safety of everyone. 

“Tama-kun!” You screamed, tears brimming your eyes, “Did you get home okay?”

“Yes. Why?” Tamaki basked in the warmness of your hug and your sweet concern for his safety.

“I saw the news. You know the guy who bumped into me? Apparently, they found him nearly dead under the bridge. Some are saying he got murdered while others think he might have had some brain problems. I was worried about you since you went home by yourself.”

Tamaki gave you a barely noticeable smile, “Don’t worry, (Y/N). I’ll be okay.”

“I know. But this time, I’ll walk you home.” You insisted, pulling him to your seat so you can make more idle conversation while Tamaki just drowned in your presence. He closed his eyes and basked in your presence as you animatedly told him your amazing plan to get him home to safety.

He would do anything for you.

Anything to keep you by his side.



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Chapter 14


Yamada closed the water, guiding you back to the chairs so he could bandaged up your hand. You were in the middle of cooking when the mailman came to ring your door. Yamada had arrived by then and he saw the mailman holding your hand.

He had pushed you back into the house. You got angry at him and stormed off to the kitchen where your fight escalated some more and he had pushed you towards the stove which was cooking your dinner and your hand landed in boiling hot oil.

The sounds of the faucet running and your soft, muffled sobs filled the silence lurking inside the house. Tears streamed down your face as another hand gently guided your red hand under the cool running water. You whimpered, loving the way the cool water helped with the burning sensation on your hand.

“Baby, I asked you a question. If you know what’s good for you, you better answer me.”

Your lips remained tight. He wasn’t going to believe you anyways. Your eyes flick over to green eyes, lips pursued. “I was just going to answer the door, I swear.”

His eyes darken and you stiffen under his hold. His hand squeezing tightly on your burnt hand and you whined loudly, trying to remove your hand from his. You could feel his growing anger, his body pinning to the sink but he still didn’t shut off the water.

You watched in horror as your hand went from pink, then an angry, and then to an angry red. Your breath hitched when his grip tighten and his lips turning down into a frown.

“Don’t test me, darling.”

“I’m sorry!” You whimpered out, trying to work through your mind. You didn’t know what else to do in order to calm him down. He was so set on thinking that you were planning to leave him. “I swear, Hizashi, I wasn’t going to leave. I promise! You saw the mailman!”

 “(Y/N), be good for me, baby. Don’t ever open the door for anyone else, understand?”

You gave a nod, the pain still throbbing and you knew that it was going to leave a mark on your skin.

“We wouldn’t want to see those tears again.” Yamada kissed you and went to finish making dinner while you rested with your bandage hand.