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Brother Mine

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Bored. - SH

Well, I'm certainly not. Could you refrain from texting me while I'm talking to Mr. Draghi? - MH

No. - SH

Bored. - SH

I'm serious, Sherlock. - MH

Me too. - SH

Bored. - SH

Why don't you ask the stewardess for a nice, age-appropriate colouring book? - MH

Like the one you got me for my 5th birthday? Unusual malformations of the human body? - SH

You're never going to let that go, right? Besides, it wasn't a colouring book. - MH

I coloured it anyway. The illustrations were terribly inaccurate. - SH

Good to know you stoped pretending that you're not capable of texting and blathering at Mr. Draghi at once. - SH

You're misunderstanding. I'm just busy at talking to people more important than my annoying little brother. - MH

Annoying? Tell me, brother mine, why the sudden outburst of emotion? Is Mr. Draghi being difficult again? - SH

Indeed. He still wants us to join his little club of broke states. I thought I had been brusque enough the last time we dicussed this issue. - MH

No brusque enough, it seams. But let's not talk shop, when I'm on my way to vacation. - SH

Do I have to remind you, that the destination of your flight is an international warzone? - MH

Warzone. Such an ugly word. I'm sure I'm going to have lots of fun. - SH

As long as you don't forget to put on your bulletproof vest, you can have all the fun you want. - MH

That was one time, mummy. - SH

What a silly coincidence that this was also the first time you got yourself shot. - MH

Don't dramatize. It doesn't suit you. It was barely a graze. - SH

Never mind the graze. I was refering to the personnel issue. You made four nurses quit until I sendt one that could stand you. - MH

I apologize for causing you such inconvinience, my dear sir. - SH

If only you'd use 'apologize' without sarcasm for once. We could have averted so many crises. You plane is about to land. Be a good boy and obey the stewardess. - MH

If you insist. - SH

I do. Take care. - MH

Will do. - SH