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god has left the chat.

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Michael Cera was driving down the street after getting his new role in the MCU. After Jeremy Renner’s exposure with his family, the MCU left the role for Hawkeye up for grabs, and now it was Michael’s. As he turned the corner, he caught sight of a familiar face. He rolled down his window, and leaned out to speak.

“Well, well, well. Look who it is. Misha Collins himself! Hey man, it’s Michael!”

Misha turned around in shock. The last time he’d seen Michael must have been years ago.

“M-Michael? I haven’t seen you in years! How are you man?”

“Ah, it’s been pretty crazy lately with all the press and the Hawkeye series, but that’s just how it is sometimes.” He shrugged nonchalantly, trying not to seem too cocky of his new role. Suddenly, his eyes lit up with an idea.

“Hey, how about you hop in and we get outta this dump.”

Misha gestured to Jensen and Jared next to him. “Ah, Michael, I would love to! But I’m currently hanging out with Jared and Jensen, could they come along too?”

Michael exclaimed “Of course!”, and unlocked the car. He looked at the fellow actors through his rear-view mirror and introduced himself.

“Jared and Jenkins, I’m Michael Cera.” Jensen gave Jared a look at the sound of his mispronounced name, and Jensen spoke.

“Hey Michael, we’re Jensen and Jared, but it’s fine, you can just call us Jensen and Jared. We were planning on going to eat later, would you like to join us?” Jared added on with, “We’ll block you from the paparazzi.” Michael agreed, and off they went.


As Michael practically chowed down on his meal, Jensen, Jared, and Misha shared a look. Michael burped, and then spoke.

“Ah, this food is del-i-cioso!” Michael looked past the trio in fear. “Oh no. Is that...” Misha turned around to see what had Michael so scared. Misha’s eyes narrowed in confusion.

“Is that Amy Schumer across the street from us?” Michael shook his head and gestured to the other side.

“No, on our other side. Look over.” The trio looked over and saw none other than Jeremy Renner himself. Jeremy felt the group’s stare, and looked up.

“Oh no! He saw us. Quick, act casual!” Michael exaggerated as he looked around, as if he were recalling something. How he became an actor is still a mystery to many.

Misha, always trying to lighten the mood, added on with, “I hope he doesn’t notice.”

As the group continued to ignore Jeremy’s presence, two figures cast shadows upon their meal. They looked up and saw Andy Bean and Wyatt Oleff standing at the foot of their table.

“Gentlemen. We’ve been asked to escort you as you’ve made the Germ Runner uncomfortable. Please cooperate or else you all will be jailed.”

Jensen saw Misha’s jaw clench, and spoke quickly. He leaned over and whispered to Misha, “Don’t cause a fucking scene. Let’s just go.” Misha dabbed at his mouth with a napkin, and continued.

“Send our sincerest apologizes to Jeremy, we’ll just grab our things and leave.” He said as he packed up his belongings and paid for the meal.

As they passed by Jeremy’s seat, Jeremy spoke.

“That’s right, run. Run like the little cowards that you all are.”

Misha stopped immediately and held onto Michael. “Michael. Hold me back.”

Michael shook his head and smiled. “There’s no need. Supernaturals, attack!”

At Michael’s ungodly yell, Alexander Calvert stopped walking down the street. He saw the actors, assessed the situation, and joined the group.

“Let’s beat his ass.”