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Legend of two butterfly

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Qi Heng have meet Pei Wende during one of his travel and he was glad for have helped him.

He becomes really interested by him where he have searched to know more and that little by little have arrived into his land.

He comes like a bodyguard for Qi Heng because his life was in danger because he was the future Emperor.

They had been threatened because of some demons and also people who were against him.
Pei Wende have done his best where all the time Qi Heng was grateful to him.

They have finally by fall in love when Pei Wende was injured "You could have died for me"

"I know and I regret nothing, my lord"

They had their first kiss like this and little by little they had begun their relationship.

Unfortunately, their relationship was not really appreciated by lots of people at the court.
He was supposed to be a scholar and find the good way but it's was complicated.

"You shouldn't marry to him, you should marry the princess Weinang"

"No since I don't like her, I have only one person in my heart and it's him"

Unfortunately, one démon arrive in the lands that Pei Wende chase, and Qi Heng was trying to help by fighting a little.
What they didn't know is that the demon was sent by the guys against him.
Where they both wanted died.

So they have flighted hard but it's was successful, they die in one land where they had their hand linked.

During the spring, flowers arrive near their tomb with a butterfly who was flying.
People were saying that their reincarnation will be soon.
In the hope that they will be together soon and happy