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The Unknown One

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Chapter 1: The Pilot




Five Years Ago:

"It's still alive. Hurry up! Hurry up!"

"How's it even possible?"

"Will you just SHUT UP and hurry up. Give me the scalpel."

The surgeons opened up a young woman's pregnant belly. A dead young woman's pregnant belly and they pulled out a living breathing and bawling baby from inside. The surgeons sighed out in relief once the baby was out and safe.

"It's a girl!" The nurse exclaimed out loud. The baby was slowly stopping to cry as she got to breath in the fresh air.

"It's a fucking miracle, is what it is. How long has it been since the mother officially died?" One of the surgeons asked.

"Almost twelve hours surgeon" informed the nurse.

"This body actually came in for autopsy" said another surgeon.

"This is bloody impossible" said an young assistant surgeon among the group. They were still having a hard time believing that the baby was really alive. It wasn't like the mother's heart was still beating or she had any advanced support system helping her keep the baby alive. She wasn't only brain dead. The mother was completely dead by brain and by heart. The baby should have died within three minutes.

"Well Billy, miracles happen in this operation theater every once in a while. But I must say this-" the senior surgeon took the baby from the nurse's hands and looked at her quite affectionately.

"This is a real miracle. Something I haven't witnessed in my entire career and believe me I've seen a lot of things in my life."

"Sir, what's going to happen to this baby now? Her mother is already dead and we don't even know this woman's name let alone anyone related to her" said another young nurse with concern in her voice. She was feeling very sorry for the newborn baby. Rumors had it that the woman was staying at a cheap motel room with fake name and ID. The cleaner found the body couple of hours later the woman died with the baby still inside her.

"Well in that case, she's going to live in an orphanage until a nice family adopts her" said the senior surgeon sighing out heavily.

"We can only wish her the best. I've a feeling she is going to become someone great one day. She is after all a miracle."

"Can we at least name her?" asked the young nurse. Her voice was overflowing with emotions. She was already feeling so attached to the baby. If she could she would've adopted the baby herself.

"Do you have a name in your mind?" Billy asked curiously. The nurse looked at the baby and thought about it for a moment.

"Well since it's clear that she is a fighter and quite a strong one." The nurse said.

"Yes. So what do you think?" Billy asked.

"I think I've a perfect name for her. Valerie. It means strong in Latin." The nurse explained.

"I like Valerie. And she is indeed strong and healthy" said the senior surgeon.

"Well Valerie it is then." They all agreed.